Star Wars: Tiny Death Star updated, lets you save the game across devices

It may not be the best game out there on Windows Phone Store, but Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is annoyingly addictive and one of the guilty pleasures of several amongst the Windows Phone Central crew.

Available for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices, the game combines Star Wars with time management gameplay. Your mission is to build up the Death Star and make the Emperor happy. The retro graphics add to the game’s unique charm.

The Windows Phone version just got updated to version that brings Facebook integration and allows you to save games across devices. You’ll also be able to see which of your other friends are also playing Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. The update brings new Salvage Droids that you can send on missions deep into galaxy to collect valuable resources for your Death Star.

You can collect exclusive floors, characters, and other rewards that you can’t obtain anywhere else.

Along with the Windows Phone update, the Windows 8 version also got bumped over the last weekend to bring in the Facebook integration that saves your progress across devices.

You can download Star Wars: Tiny Death Star for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store or for Windows 8 devices from the Windows Store. The addictive gameplay will keep you hooked, and now with the ability to sync games across devices, you’d only move forward and upward!

Thanks, shmsnh, for the tip!

QR: Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Abhishek Baxi