SteelSeries launches new Apex 150 splash proof gaming keyboard

SteelSeries announced the Apex 150, a new affordable gaming keyboard with membrane switches to keep costs down. In doing so, the company is able to include features like splash resistance, RGB lighting (five zones) and integration with SteelSeries Engine, as well as anti-ghosting and 24-key rollover. Not bad for $49.99.

It's stated the "quick tension keys" are designed for quick reaction times thanks to the design of the membrane, which helps pull each key into actuation. The keys themselves should be good for around 20 million presses. While not being made of aluminum like its more costly sibling the M750, the design of the 150 doesn't look cheap.

It looks to be a solid basic keyboard for gamers who desire something a little quieter than mechanical switches. Stock may be limited at participating retailers while units roll out. If you're unable to pick one up through a third-party, SteelSeries has the Apex 150 in stock on the company's website.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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