Former CEO Steve Ballmer believes Microsoft 'has to chart a direction in mobile devices'

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks that the company he used to lead needs some direction when it comes to the mobile devices business. Ballmer expressed these views, and many more, in a new interview.

The chat, as posted on Business Insider showed that while Ballmer thinks that Microsoft is headed in a good direction on a number of fronts, including its Surface and Xbox product lines, the mobile phone business needs some guidance under current CEO Satya Nadella.

"And the company really has to chart a direction in mobile devices. Because if you're going to be mobile-first, cloud-first you really do need to have a sense of what you're doing in mobile devices. I had put the company on a path. The board as I was leaving took the company on a path by buying Nokia, they kind of went ahead with that after I told them I was going to go. The company, between me and the board, had taken that sort of view. Satya, he's certainly changed that. He needs to have a clear path forward. But I'm sure he'll get there."

Ballmer still owns a large percentage of Microsoft shares and has a lot of contacts in the company:

"I talk every quarter to the CFO. I meet with Satya what probably amounts to four or five times a year — either to brainstorm something or just as a shareholder, we'll sit down and chat. That's always quite helpful for me and hopefully him in terms of thinking things through. I still have a number of friends and colleagues who occasionally want to brainstorm or chat about something, and that's always fun."

He left the CEO position in 2013 and stepped down from the Microsoft board of directors in 2014. Since his August 2013 departure, shares of MSFT have climbed 44% and Microsoft's quarterly revenue has grown by 27%.

Source: Business Insider

John Callaham
  • He's right they are all over the place right now
  • Ballmer made mistakes, but he's right on this subject. I know people prefer the villain/hero myth, where the person you like always right and the person you dislike is always wrong, but that's for children. In reality, our hero's make mistakes, like Satya in mobile. And, the people we don't like... well, you get it. Ballmer is right on this one.
  • I totally agree with your statement
  • Windows 10 desktop is what will create a mobile path for Microsoft.  If it becomes popular enough and more and more apps come as UWP, then by default mobile will have the apps.  This is Satya's way of solving the app problem and it's his best bet. People won't just build apps for mobile with little share.  The goal is to develop apps for something that has big share, and that's the windows 10 desktop.  And it all trickles down once it is capable of running on everything as a single core.  This is a brilliant idea.  So if Desktop seems to get more focus, this is why.   The next step is taking tech into another direction with phones.  And tech is the limiting factor.  Whether Microsoft is working with Intel or even AMD to get a more powerful phone out there.  AMD does have the low nm FinFet process that could be a help in phones.  Intel is also working with MS on something.  Intel wants into mobile just as bad as MS.   
  • I agree. I feel as Windows 10 picks up momentum and regains attention on the desktop, those users will look for ways to continue work on the go. The direction and goal of Windows 10 will provide what they're looking for and mobile sales will begin to increase, especially with Universal apps. Real, full scale, third party programs rather than a closed and limited system like their competition.
  • Apple has had Continuity between desktop, phone and iPad for two years with two OS cores. Microsoft can't do this with one OS core, it's shameful. Where's Nadella's mobile payment service for Windows? If you want one thing as a "Mobile Experience", you'd think a mobile payments would be a priority. Again, rivals solved this years ago. Satya's great, I'm not picking on the guy, just pointing out he has weaknesses too. He has failed on the Mobile First half of his pledge. No Microsoft apps are top iOS or Android apps, Windows Phone was at 4.4% and rising, now its in freefall. Ballmer admits he was stupid to laugh at the iPhone, and that he underestimated the importance of Mobile devices to the future of tech. PC sales continue to fall, while Mobile sales rise. Nadella will talk for hours on cloud, but sounds vague, if not ambiguous, on mobile. Windows 10 was out in July. When will Windows 10 Mobile be official? Who knows? Priorities come from the top, this is obviously not one of them. It's a mistake.
  • One OS for all devices is more than just continuing your work on another device. You still have iOS only apps and OS X only apps - majority of which are made by Apple only. Having the same apps on all devices is a nice goal. Mobile payments existed long (years) before Apple made trendy. Frankly, mobile payments is just another way for people to hack your finances and I could care less about it - that's just me though. It doesn't pain me much to grab my wallet instead. I realize others have been told they need it now and MUST have it or else. So yeah, Microsoft is far behind on that. Satya needs to go. Things do seem in chaos at Microsoft and they need to get things streamlined and on point more than anything.
  • Pc sales continue to fall but have you paid attention that phone sales are also falling? Like with pc. Once you have a good phone there's no reason to buy another one really. And we have reached that same area with phones. Did you also know that 2-in-1 sales are sky rocketing? Even with luster iPad sales the iPad pro sold like crazy as did surface line and other brands. Phone as we know them have stalled. Ms is positioning themselves for the future so they are taking their time to get it right. And all they have to do is keep mobile alive for fans. And they can use the fans to develop a perfect process for whatever they plan for the future. We are Guinea pigs, and a lot of us don't mind. We get to watch ms develop their future. Mobile is just a term. Doesn't necessarily mean windows phone. They can put all their resources into windows phone and it would still not gain much ground. They need to reinvent. Continuum is a first hand look on what they actually want to do. Just like surface replaced having two separate devices. They want your phone to do the same. The ultimate would be a phone that can play triple a game titles. Everyone would want one. This triple a title would also work on your Xbox and pc and tablet. Obviously the graphics wouldn't be as glorious but look at asphalt 8. Pc version is so gorgeous, mobile is pretty spectacular too. Gaming sales are the biggest in the store. I hope that they buy valve. Instant huge catalog available to you. Developers would also add features because it could increase sales. There's a lot that can be done. But what windows 10 is doing is positioning itself for this future. They know the hardware is not there yet, but sept 2016 could change that. Even amd has been able to develop their new finfet process which in itself is a big victory for mobile tech. Intel could also have their new process ready by the end of the year. Ms doesn't care about the now. It has no chance. None. They don't need another phone, they need something revolutionary. And they have changed their view of what success it's. It's not about the phone having market share. It's about windows 10. Whether it be a phone, iot device or anything else. Market share in all categories, not just one. Even Google has changed direction because they know ms is doing the right thing. So google is following their foot step with creating a new os that will work across devices. Stop thinking in such small terms.
  • Yeah, but you're not supposed to let the competition, start working on something after you and beat you to a polished product Ahmed catch up to you or exceed you.
  • iPhone sales dropping because older models still work excellent get updates to ios9 too. Tech is moving fast. They don't sit still like MS and wait for something to happen. You watch when older models become obsolete, 2 year contracts are up, and the iPhone 7 sales will surge! W10 and 10m will still struggle to get apps. Frankly why you need app on PC ?
  • That's right iphone 7 has to do something different to inspire sales. The iPhone 6 added screen size, so sales surged. Who needs apps on a pc? Umm your entire pc is apps. It's just using a different api. W32 will be phased out eventually. And apps are better than a browser because they have smaller mem footprint. They are contained, so hacking the browser won't affect the app. And they can be optimized to run better. I use my banking app now and never go through web browser anymore. It has a friendly ui to make things way easier and more convenient. And don't have to worry about a browser exploit ever causing issues. Granted I'm lucky my bank has an awesome app.
  • Windows tablets...much rather a touch designed app for a tablet.
  • Stop thinking in such naïve terms.  Big ideas are nice, but they are worthless without features people actually value.  Xerox invented the mouse, desktop, and icon UI.  They thought big, but it didn’t matter.  Microsoft was in phones and tablets before Apple, but these big ideas didn’t mean anything until someone made one that consumers valued.  Big ideas are great goals, but if you make “Universal” apps for desktop and a dying mobile platform, then you aren’t really doing anything but making desktop apps.  That’s why Ballmer, and most people both in and outside the Microsoft mobile world, say this won’t matter until they have a plan for the mobile platform.  Be a fanboy, but don’t be stupid about it.
  • That's cute. As soon as I read someone using the term fan boy, I usually just stop there. No point in continuing an exchange of ideas.
  • I agree that uwp without a mobile offering would be silly. But ms has a mobile offering and its growing. It's actually one of the few things growing at all in the hardware space. It's the hybrid tablet devices. So windows tablets are growing in general. And people want to use uwp on tablets :). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well yeah.? Tell you what, windows 10 mobile os in a horrible state, apps are still missing and microsoft isnt investing in the mobile os enough, then the devices are horrible looking and cheap made and still too expensive. And so on. .
    Win10 desktop has some issues but at least it runs perfectly fine
  • Nokia has still a great brand image outside of US, but MSFT couldn't use it rather went to wrong direction. And unfortunately the price of lumia outside of US is skyhigh. why people buy a phone with such a high price which has huge app gaps. lumia sells under 50 at US, but its 300 dollar in many countries, i know carrier subsidy is there, but I don't believe carrier provide subsidy more than 20 on this and then why it cannot be sold at 100ish in other countries? This strategy is totally damn wrong. I know they now streamline mobile focus on three segments budget (550) value (650) high (surface) but 550 and 650 are shame in terms of hardware compared to price and given the android OEMs are selling phones at crazy cheap and with impressive hardware.....let alone...appp gap issue....   I don't know know the market behavior, but at least i know some of friends who has soft corner to wp (outside of US) but reluctant to buy because its still pricy and no good apps. In US many people can afford high-end phone, and apple did a nice job offering something thats good in every sides: design, OS, hardware (May not that great but works good), awesome sync with other apple device, marketing, brand image, status symbol, good quality, seamless carrier compatibility (even no carrier logo). And people are used to it, why people would swithc? Developed country: NO good high end wp 950 950XL is very poor design wise Developing country: Lumias are pricey, a lot more budget android phone  MSFT (or nokia) could not offfer a phone which is great design wise and also great hardware...may be they are existent in separate device..just pathetic    
  • We're in America, America sets the trends for the rest of the world!
  • WP is at 10% in EU, 1% in US, not following luckily :)
  • That sums it up. I used to live in a devloping country and Lumia were considered expensive phones back there, all the more affordable smartphones are Android only filling all the gaps. Expensive smartphones are mostly iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series filling up the expensive niche marketshare. This leaves Lumia in confusing middle where it was too expensive to even try Lumia and not too many cool flagship devices to offer on flagship, or also same price level to iPhone or Samsung but unfortunately WP doesn't have alot of apps to offer. Alot of my friends considered Lumia kind of a "status symbol" simply because of its cost, even cheapest Lumia 520 is kinda expensive at that time. While tons of Android devices with similar specs are cheaper (but not necessarily high quality but it works for most people and they're familiar with Android).
  • Those apps won't come to mobile if sales keep falling quarter after quarter.
  • The OS has really never been the problem. i prefer the windows phone OS over android & apple. The OS is fine. Just tweek it. Mobile devices need APPS. People are not on mobile devices praising the OS. They're on the phones having fun with the APPS & the internet. This is a social media world, & Microsoft better be ready to catch up with it, or they might as well stop making phones.
  • And update them social apps. Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, even Viber.
  • I couldn't agree more.
  • Satya isn't a hero. Far far far from a hero
  • SN is like TM of apple. Good for revenue ( short run), and also good for damaging some part , mobile first !
  • Meh I like Ballmer. Not so much the other guy.
  • He'll be back, just like jobs.
  • Well said.
  • Indeed!
  • Very well put
  • Ballmer didn't get a lot of credit for the good things he did, projects like HoloLens were in progress long before Satya took over. However, Ballmer was one of those who dismissed Apple before the iPhone was launched. His actions regarding mobile set Microsoft back so far behind it's impossible to catch up now so he's better off not bringing that up...
  • Re: infostsge,
    I agree. I wish more people knew this.
  • Right now everything is going fine.. In fact, it's not the current MS who have to chart direction for mobile devices.. It was at his time in MS "mobile devices needed a direction" ... Poor fellow.. Now making unnecessary comments ... Nobody cares other than the media who likes to scratch on wound..
  • That's a pretty narrow view of the challenge being faced and proves infosages point
  • W10, W10M and UWP started under Steve Ballmer.
  • Source?
  • Ballmer is past now. What Microsoft is taking, is a visionary step. They are using the sheer percentage of PC users to make them use Windows phone slowly and in step by step way. It might seem like nobody cares about Windows phone now but will have to use one for the sake of his/her PC or Tablet or Xbox making it truely mobile in future. I know a lot of PC users using iPhone and Android. They have little knowledge about technology and goes with the flow. But proper marketing is a big factor for MS to consider.
  • There is no visionary step regarding Windows 10 Mobile. I've been using Windows Phones since WP 8 release and this whole Mobile approach starting with W10M is a total joke, it's like it's Microsoft unwanted child that they have to keep from starving somehow. There are more proofs than I can count to base my statement on, starting with the horrible horrible UX, annoying bugs all over the place and terrible apps MADE BY MICROSOFT for their OS! And if you haven't noticed, some Microsoft apps are WAY better on Android/iOS and if you at least think that this is part of some 'grand scheme' to lure users to W10M you are delusional. It will take big improvements in the dev/vision from Microsoft to keep Windows Mobile at a ~2.5% market share by 2017 and a God sent miracle to become a contender for Android/iOS. PS: Microsoft UI/Design teams should get the award for the most unconsistent/soulless mess with Windows 10. They would have been fired from most big companies a long time ago. There are A LOT of fan made renders that look incredibly better than what those overpaid douchbags do.
  • Soulless?? Yet that is what makes Wm different and apparently its good enough for even you to be on w10m.
  • Judging by it's design and user accessibility it is soulless and annoying most of the time. I'm using W10M because I lost my 820 a while back and received a 640 and I don't really give a damn about phones other than calling/texting/listening to music and casual FB (which sucks on W10M) and Whatsapp. I browse like 10 minutes per month because Edge is extremelly slow/unresponsive/buggy. Maybe if W10M had more apps that are trendy nowadays I'd be more into loving my phone, but as long as I can call/text/listen to music I'm fine. The problem is most people nowadays want to do more than that and that's why they stay away from Windows phones and I can't really blame them. Tried to lure them into this ecosystem and everybody left short after, so that's that.
  • Didn't you install w10m on it?
  • U say all that, and your still here!? It's like saying my girlfriend is a total drag in every way but the sex is great so u stay with her.
  • Lmao spot on
  • You said it... People like him left the platform a long back ago and still whining here in WC.. Move on brother.. We won't miss you
  • I'd say you need a more capable phone. The Win 10 experience is totally different than you describe on my 920 & 950. Just saying...
  • I love the windows 10 os. It is a mess but it looks beautiful and my 950 shines much more than the iPhone or the android phone. The only mistake they made is the plastic back, which is to hide the inadequacy of the power hungry soc from QUALCOMM..but if it stabilizes then heck this os if going to be awesome.
  • The UI is the issue. People don't like it. They rejected it with WP7, WP8 and Windows 8. Microsoft keeps restarting the platform by changing the kernel when the UI is the issue. The people have spoken. Microsoft needs to start over from scratch. The kernel isn't the issue. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think this is true. The UI is just great. Ios and android are just horrible, all screens crowded with icons and colored lika a rainbow in neon. I think Apple is just riding the wave and sucking the money out of their user base, like crazy. They were able to make a hype out of "being an individual" , so every body wants to be an individual and showing ut by using apple. Eventually someday people will realize that they are not so individual any more, as most people have an iphone and see how much money they pay for something that is not there anymore. Android is just for the masses, who do not know better, than using a cheap phone, with services they do not have to pay for. These people do not care about if its apple or android, they just do not want to have problems with their phone. If the apps that are missing will come to win10, and get also available to win10m, then the phones may get more acceptance. I already like the feeling of using my PC, my tablet or my phone, and every device working in a similar way and synchronizing data. Most of all, I like my lumia 830, running Win10m.
  • I'm a novice and I don't see Windows UI is an issue. I just love and enjoy the life tiles.
  • That is awesome you guys like it, but the market has spoken. 5 years on and Windows Phone hasn't had any success. 1.7% market share after 5 years. If people liked the UI then they would have gained at least some traction, especially when the market was still young and Android was kind of a mess. Even then Windows Phone 7 completely flopped. If it wasn't the UI, which is the common denominator between all 4 platforms, then what was it? Microsoft needs a full reboot of the UI and marketing. Especially the name. Get rid of the Windows stigma and allow Android apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Re: Bleached,
    The UI is not the problem, it is a feature. How many years have you been using Windows phone? Ban the XP chicklet OS from days gone by.
  • If UI was so improtant Android would've been dead and buried by now. MS half-assed approach to marketing and support was what killed the platfrom.
  • Exactly kram, for those who are saying the win10m ui is what has been rejected you are smoking something!... So if I could press a button and remove all iOS apps from the store, you are telling me that iphones will continue to sell???? Let's say I do this and leave android out of the equation. You think iPhone growth will continue?!? And lets then say the next social media app is born and it's called talksmack, talksmack grows in members almost overnight, the app is on android but not on iOS, you are telling me people will still buy an iPhone that devs say they will never port to iOS. You are telling me that iPhone growth continues, letsalso take out the subsidaries and marketing. Are you still telling me iPhone growth continues?! Colorado ain't got nothing on you guys....
  • Android originally had an App gap and went head to head with Windows phone at the time. People rejected Windows phone, even then. If it wasn't the UI, then what else is it. The UI is the most user facing feature. You can't say Android's UI is bad. Android's UI can be anything. It can even be identical to Windows phone quite easily. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android and Windows Phone were never head to head when it came to apps. Android always had more support and more public awareness via marketing. Windows Phone had basically nothing. It still doesn't. Android's UI used to be ass before they "borrowed" flat design.
  • Guys let's be honest, @Hermes 100% is correct and the reason we are here is because we are MS fan and not tech freaks else there are more famous websites like Gizmodo and The verge to read news. I started using windows phone since it was born with Lumia 800 and probably tried each high/low end Windows phone including lumia 550. I am still waiting for the Wow feeling in UI and MS apps. Sometime i feel even i have better ideas to make the UI look better. JK. Let's not talk about apps or best hardwares because as MS fan, I can live with that. Let's just talk about Windows mobile software ,No mobile payment(which i anyway dont use but people do), no phone with finger prints scanner, no iMessage or face time application( I am not sure how hard it can be to make skype like whatsapp and Facetime applications?) I know so many people they use apple devices just because how easy and flexible facetime and imessage is to use.  
  • You say "proof" when you actually mean "opinion"
  • Can you say "denial?"
  • Agree 100%!
  • With who?
  • Microsoft UI/Design teams should get the award for the most unconsistent/soulless mess with Windows 10
  • Re: AgentTheGreat,
    I agree.
  • W10M UX is basically lost its direction since its inception, and I think the new Microsoft Design Language as a whole. Alot of things in the Windows 10 UI (that includes W10M) are still inconsistent mess with different style and theme that they're feel like developed by a different company despite that fact they're Microsoft apps built-in in the OS. Hamburger isn't bad but the implementation is horrible. The lack of universal swipe gesture to open is been a glaring issue since the official implementation of Microsoft, that gesture already exist on Android and some 3rd-party iOS apps (Apple don't officially use Hamburger to their own apps). This is why its Hamburger in W10M is harder to use and clunky. Not to mention the inconsistent behavior and looks in different apps. Some have slide animations, some don't, some fill the entire hight on the left pane, some don't, etc. We've come from Windows Phone though not perfect, it was praised by its design and consistency, we got W10M in a flick of an upgrade to a whole bunch of UX mess. I'm thinking that they do have good UX designers, maybe the management don't make use of them and put in the actual developement. Probably UX designers in Windows team we're only present in earlier pre-development stages and its now a wild west, making it worse add the literall and lazy approach from Insider feedback then we put another mess. Not that Insiders are bad but how the Microsoft take feedbacks and implement them. We can't expect the Insiders to do the actual design for them. Heck I've seen alot of great design concepts, some of them can be 'easily' implemented since some are simply polished or tweaked from current design. Even the small and some thorough polishing can make alot of difference in a good way.
  • I am quoting the last line of the article. "Since his August 2013 departure, shares of MSFT have climbed 44% and Microsoft's quarterly revenue has grown by 27%." This shows how well Microsoft is doing without Windows Mobile Market Share and without apps. Whether you hate them or love them, they are in the right path to succeed in the changing tech world. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Ballmer laughed at the iPhone, and did nothing. Under Satya, there is a renewed approach, read these forums, you'll see the affect that's slowly taking shape. Had they not bought Nokia, market share would have stayed. And ms would have still came up with that surface phone idea. They didn't buy HP cause they thought HP wasn't doing enough in the pc space. Buying Nokia screwed with the formula that makes Microsoft so great. OEMs!!!! Now Nokia is written off, and the other OEMs are starting to do what now??. Make windows phones
  • Satya vision on mobile division is taking a little bit too long to materialize, but that's ok as long as company is profitable from other divisions.
  • If you read the last sentence, you can see that they are doing better than when Ballmer was CEO.
  • Have you ever use windows 10 mobile as windows on your tv without mouse and keyboard and also use voice to type in Microsoft word? Also there is a skype video app. I use it on tv to chat with my brother. I think it's way out of advance as a mobile phone...
  • Microsoft has just recently added to Android fans (me& my best friend), and now our friends & coworkers and family want Windows because they see us playing with Cortana on our 1520s. I also just joined the insider program, and joined the slow ring. W10M is actually really nice. For me at least, the UI is smooth and no glitches, Groove works perfectly, the Store & Facebook etc. All the apps work perfectly and I have had literally zero problems on my Lumia 1520. W10M could be popular. Actually even WP 8.1 was way too underrated IMO.
  • Totally true. Each os they've updated since then has half-assed ui inconsistencies
  • Balmer please
  • He's not wrong though. Not in this case. Unless you're blind, I'm sure you can see that too.
  • Ballmer stop clipping
  • Look who's talking. pffftt... dont move an inch from your retirement chair.
  • Is that last paragraph some kind of inference? Kidding, of course.
  • He is right. When he left, Windows Phone was on a slow but steady rise. Satya killed all of that progress, and now WP is on life support.
  • Only uwp strategy can help windows phone. Microsoft also needs to be ahead in IOT sector than others in mobile world. I like how Microsoft is targeting ios and android but needs to be more attractive and aggressive with it. The best way to attract ppl on play store is to release an ad blocker for all the apps by Microsoft. Millions are pissed of with ads on their apps. If Microsoft releases an ad blocker there would be millions of downloads.
  • Ad blocker is small fish
  • Its a big fish if it block all android app ads. Imagine Google's frustration then.
  • UWP 'strategy' would help if people wanted or needed app store on PC. But they do not. App stores live or die mobile first.
  • Wel, so far I guess, in early days of WP development, Satya was not offered a good spot/position @ MS mobile division. So, the revenge is here. He has surely killed WP. Those who are saying that "WP is dead", I'll stand by your statement. WP is dead & the only thing left now is, let Satya Nadella buried him(WP) down to ashes.
  • developers developers developers lol
  • Banks Banks banks
  • Go to their web app, go to their web app, for better experience than on w10m app. They said it, not me.
  • At least he was enthusiastic and emotional about his own products. Just watch Ballmer's Windows XP commerical: Something Satya is totally missing.
  • I still believe windows mobile can make it.
  • You have faith my friend.
  • Its already dead. They lost that train last year when they stopped putting as much money into mobile as in desktop. In fact I don't belive they put the same amount of money into mobile at any point to begin with. Leaving us now with the most unsatisfying and most unfinished mobile os of all time
  • Drama much? speak for yourself, this isn't a new problem. WP was burning money since WP7.5 -> 8.0 because of kernel changes (needed for the W10M vision of UWA but this left a lot of users with 7.8 phones). That was needed but put a lot of negative press on WP8 to start with. Also, you can't just throw money at a problem and expect it to get fixed. they took big names to develop apps and look, we still have Instagram BETA. Developers just couldn't be bothered. Not enough market share! Not to mention that after buying Nokia, Samsung and other oems stopped making devices because Microsoft suddenly had a monopoly. That right there put the nail in the coffin - say what you want, not everybody loved Nokia phones. In fact, they had some truely horrible phones. Lumia 950/650/550 are hard pills to swallow but remember, MS is giving OEMS the breathing room they need. MS makes overpriced and underpowered phones (sorta) and let the OEMS fill up the gaps - just as with the Surface Line. How can people not see this tactic? It's so obvious. So no, it's not dead. People like you want to see it bleed to death, thats something different. you want to see it fail, only so you can say "See, told you so" and pat yourself on the shoulder. Either that or you're so horribly dissapointed that you had to vent your frustration. There's apps flying around our ears, oems making phones and all people do is look at the current market share. For god's sake people. Are you that narrow minded? 90% Windows OS share, UWA -> W10M apps. Boom. And yes, it's already working.
  • What phones are OEMs making? Where are the LG, Samsung, HTC or Motorola phones? The big guys aren't touching it. Everyone else is just making a one off with minimal effort or support that will certainly fail. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows 10 mobile is too limited for for big OEMs to care. Samsung can't duplicate something like a Note Edge on Windows phone.
  • Microsoft makes bugs for its phone users, and applications for android and ios.
  • Last interview he offended us fans on thinking UWP strategy might not help Microsoft in mobile. Now, I want him back just to keep them going with mobile. Sigh.
  • How is that statement in any way an offense to fans? Way to take things way too personal.
  • He takes it personal because he knows it is true. Desktop will not drive app development. Websites are just as powerful as Windows apps so there is no reason to create a specific app. Your site is multiplatform as well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When need real mid range phones
  • They need phones that offer high specs to good prices. Look at the oneplus one 400$ and you get a high end phone ! Which is better as good as the 950xl and looks and handles better
  • Side-lining your former company doesn't bode well, regardless of who it is. With that said, this is the guy that took Windows Mobile from 20-30% market share to nothing. He isn't exactly the right person to speak on mobile plans.
  • He is the guy who got Nokia to make WinPhones, so I think that we should listen to him. Remember that Nadella gave all of our exclusives to the other platforms leaving us with nothing but our usual Coming Soon™, and that's why people who has been on the Windows Mobile ecosistem are leaving like me, who after owning phones from the Omnia 2 to the 1020 are now on Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Once they leave, it's hard to come back because they finally realize what they been missing for the last 5-6 years, great apps and great devices.
  • Well, Android wasn't decent until 4.4, everything prior to that was a bugfest, and until 6.0 they haven't got serious with security patches, that's the reason why I own a Nexus 6 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The direction MSs mobile division has been going is painful to watch/follow, if this hasn't been obvious to them for some time that socks need "pullin' up" then I just don't know.
  • Dead or alive Windows Phone must continue regardless market sale shares.
  • I agree..
  • They have to be persistent but also they really have to act quick and turn the ship away from the iceberg. There are lot of glaring issues to fix in W10M and they have maybe a "last" chance to release another compelling device to revitalize the platform in the mobile space. The current situation is absolutely dire, I myself already lost faith with it. Still I'm happy to see good changes but this also means other people still gonna leave the platform because of these issues.
  • Oh Christ... Balmer needs to keep his big mouth shut. His arrogance practically destroyed Microsoft's reputation. Apple and Google blew past Microsoft when Balmer was at the helm. And Balmer has not room to criticize MS with their mobile efforts. Anyone who thinks otherwise, go search Youtube for "Steve Balmer iPhone" and listen to that idiot laugh about the iPhone when it first came out. You should never dismiss your competition like that. It's THAT kind of arrogance that got Microsoft is trouble.
  • They have a direction. Unfortunately it is towards everyone elses devices. I have loved Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, but Windows 10 Mobile has so many basic issues it is hard to believe they are taking it seriously at times. This is not about the app gap, that is largely out of their control, and if you like the Windows concept you just have to get over it. This is about power management being flaky, BT not working correctly, the camera coming up with a blank screen way too often, data consumption that is excessive, failure to complete basic actions over WiFi if cell data is restricted, wordflow that has issues depending on the app you are in and is overall less accutrate than it was in WP8. Lack of profiles that allow system setting to be grouped and activated in unison or by locations or calendar events. Just a short list of things that used to work fine. Some in WP8, some in WP7, and some way back in WM6. These are now possible future updates. They need to get the current OS solid before adding esoteric enhancements, and certainly should consider their fans when adding things like multi-party mobile Skype to Android and iOS first. I have a 950 and a 950XL and I'm not giving up on them yet. They do make it difficult. Satya has said they want people to use Windows because they love it, not because they have too. Well I want them to do Windows Phone because they love it, not because they feel a need to be in mobile.
  • Well said, SvenJ!
  • Don't forget, first party apps are horrible on windows mobile os, but amazing on other os'
  • You have to keep in mind that Android/iOS haven't fundementally changed much in years, so they have created a solid base. Windows Mobile has rebooted what, three times now? Not giving them an excuse mind you. I can get a better running budget android phone at this point with more apps if I wanted, but I keep coming back to W10M with all it flaws. Something about new builds that keep improving the phone make me feel warm inside.
  • The reboot didn't change anything user facing though. They need a try reboot with a new UI and name. They keep beating the same dead horse. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think MS will provide wp apps to lagdroid.after they are habituated to such apps then MS will remove such apps so that people will switch to wp
  • That would be evil XD
  • It would be stupid, no way they're going to do that.
  • They will never do it. However MS can remove certain apps from its own platform to make Droid happy.
  • They really can't, ms is making a billion a year from licencing tech and software to samsung and other android companies
  • Hahaha :D
  • Newsflash: people have been living on Android perfectly fine without Microsoft's apps for a long time. Not a single person has ever left Android for WP "because I really need Office on my phone!". On the other hand, plenty of people have left WP because "I need Gmail/YouTube/Chrome on my phone".
  • I left android because I wanted a more Microsoft centric ecosystem, that includes office and a host of other stuff. Djcbs your position just fell flat....
  • I call bullsh*t. You had all of that on Android. You have the entire Microsoft ecosystem there and you can use it exactly the same way (no, actually, better than) you use it on WP. You may have changed for other reasons, but "wanting a more Microsoft centric ecosystem" wasn't it.
  • Yup people want Google apps on windows and that's why they stick with android. Guess what balmer could have done about it. Squat. Didn't google just sell of Motorola to Lenovo a Chinese company. Nobody talks about that. Just hate on Satya coz he isn't their idea of a CEO.
  • Funny how you keep calling it lagdroid. I switched from a (very!) buggy 950 to a Samsung Galaxy S6 last week and I have yet to see the lag. I can't believe how much I've been missing on. I do hope W10 gets back on track though.
  • Microsoft at least give a firm official date on which windows 10 mobile will be released..... That will be the first step for Microsoft in mobile device...well we see that first step for Microsoft is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... And tooooooo difficult
  • Next year. Or never. Right now its a bug, and synch lagfest
  • Any mobile strategy would be welcomed at this point.
  • ^
  • Yes, Steve is right
  • Why don't they just released a Windows 10 Mobile emulator for Android and IOS? Then you'd have access to the both stores and Windows everywhere.
  • Lumia 850 or a midranger with good specs is must for windows 10 mobile survival
  • It's going to take much more than a new phone to sort this mess out, if ever.
  • Hhhhhmmmm. Shares up 44% and revenue 27% since Balmer's departure. Seems Sayta aa a better grasp of where to take MS. Their strategy should become clear once the Surface Phone arrives. Until then we will have some pains and anguish delaying with the current offerings as they set the foundation for the future. Transition is always a bit painful but hopefully later this year we will see the vision and what the future holds. Until then the road will be a bit bumpy.
  • I swear if surface phone will be 5,7" and has round edges ... I will leave microsoft and go to apple just because, hell I even go to samsung an sell my soul
  • I don't see how surface phone can save Microsoft...why people would be wanting I where they will experience huge app gaps. Mobile is an entertainment device not productive device and no apps means hardware useless , rather focus on little bit of marketing the strength of OS, office, outlook , Cortana, negotiate with big names developers to minimize the app gap. Don't think making profit in poor coutries with enormous high price then subsidize rich countrymen. Or just give up ...make android phone or allow android apps to run in windows
  • The surface phone will, fix everything! /s
  • Dude, take Motorola ;)
  • You don't take what could be your last shot by rushing it. You have to take a step back and remove yourself from the now, I want it now crowd. You check wind, adjust your cap, lay prone, peer into that scope, place not put your finger on that trigger and squeeze, not pull when everything is lined up...
  • Believe me they ain't rushing it ;)
  • Yes . They rushed it. Well ..its a bit wiered on the one hand you cannot rush a os that is in beta state, on the other hand they released it with new phones so... Ehm yeah. The rushed it
  • Depends on which side of the coin you are looking at as to one’s perspective, half full or half empty ;)  
  • Nice philosophy bro!
  • So the assumption here by the armchair mobile experts is that MS has no direction or plan for Windows Mobile. Perhaps you can answer what Apple's plan is?  Or Samsung?  Should be just as obvious considering they have one, and that you feel you might have a grasp to percieve what that is. MS certainly knows where it stands in the mobile space. Windows Mobile is neither dead, nor is it going anywhere and the reason for this is simply because there is essentially only Windows now.  This is and will essentially always be the future of computing. This evolution has come way too late to be relevant currently in the market, but this is a very long play. We're still in the turning point of MS pivoting to change their mobile model. The reality that few understand it does not mean there is no strategy here. You don't have a flying clue what Apple's strategy is anymore than Microsoft's but clearly these companies have a certain stategy for where they want to take their mobile platforms and what they feel is currently the best approach.  Such things can change, but to say there is nothing there is obviously ridiculous.
  • "Perhaps you can answer what Apple's plan is?"   Everyone knows what's Apple's plan. Sell overpriced ardware. That's what they do. That's how they became the most valuable company on the market. They have a product with a strong brand and a strong brainless consumer base. As long as Apple continues to be able to sell the hardware to the iSheep, they'll be fine, even if their OS's s*ck or kill phones.
  • Apparently that plan as it stands now has issues....
  • Yet, any OEM could easily live with those "issues" (issues that, so far, only the media and "economy fortune tellers" are predicting. For the decline in iPad sales, Apple has made it up with other hardware sales.)
  • They have always had brilliant marketing, look at the iPod. The first releases were an inferior mp3 player to what else was on the market yet they sold like hotcakes. With a comingled third party marketplace they carved their market position there and never looked back.
  • I think it's awesome how you included that last tidbit of information at the end of the article. The part about how Microsoft has seen a growth in value since he left. It's almost like saying, "Steve likes to talk, but his words may not have any value. Because check out these numbers!"
  • He did a great job and bought Nokia. It was nokia which made windows phone familior to all. I still remeber Nokia adding missing features in windows phone through extras and apps. Windows phone market share was steady in growth. But they lacked funds at that time to meet the huge demand and were unable to produce more devices at the start. Lumia 920, a master piece from Nokia was launched late in most countries due to lack of funds. When Microsoft brought Nokia i felt this situation would change. But it made worse when they fired 1000's of employees from Nokia. Nokia at that particular moment needed support. They would have run it as a seperate division and would have allowed them to lead in Mobile devices. When they fired Elop i knew something went wrong. May be Satya is an Apple fan boy :)
  • MS did not buy Nokia.
  • steve needs to zip it. he failed to respond to iphone then android. he rode bill g's coattails from day one. total clown in terms of leadership, engineering, programming and anything other than $investment.
  • " The board as I was leaving took the company on a path by buying Nokia, they kind of went ahead with that after I told them I was going to go. "   Go bullsh*t someone else, Ballmer. You announced your departure from Microsoft way AFTER September 2013. AFTER you had signed the deal with Nokia for the sale of the D&S division. And under the terms of that deal, if Microsoft broke it, they'd have to royally compensate Nokia for it. So don't try to prented the BoD was with you on that idiotic move and then changed their minds. You shouted your way to it and then the BoD had no option but to follow through with your "master plan". Otherwise they'd be faced with: 1 - the death of WP a year sooner as Nokia would jump whip in 2014; 2 - no OEM left to carry on any mobile effort on Microsoft's part; 3 - Microsoft with no mobile capabilities to even fill the gap in the meantime; 4 - Microsoft with its purse wide open to pay Nokia the compensations for breaching the deal.   Besides, Nadella has a clear plan for mobile. Just because it's not YOUR plan, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It does and it started by correcting the stupid mistake you made when you decided to attack Nokia's D&S division.
  • agree on something...
  • Agreed..
  • I agree with this one. If Ballmer didn't acquire that... then Windows on phones will be much better now. Nadella has to do something that is much harder than Ballmer's role on mobile, especially when Windows on phones is now on a life support. His only plan on mobile is to rebuild the scrambled mobile division, while yeah, making most of MS apps to be less exclusive. And if it fails, then it will be the end of mobile division.
  • Yeah so damn true..... And I know MS is never gonna implement this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • UWP and OneCore is correct direction. However, they didn;t do enough work on Xbox and W10 M. They got less and less time for then, Windows is fading out compare with iOS on consumer level. Even Skype on W10 M is still far away from iOS version.
  • He's right. I've been with Windows Mobile ever since 6.x, I just returned my 950 and went Google, and honestly, like it a lot better. And I know, here come the "ok, bye" comments. But think about it, I love Microsoft products, and have been a hardcore MS fan for a very long time. Even hardcore fans have their limits, if more hardcore fans get fed up, Microsoft won't have a mobile division, the hardcore's are the only ones keeping their mobile platform afloat. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok,bye :p /s
  • Obviously not hard-core enough!
  • Well hard-core can only take one so far and sooner or later they see the light, doesn't take a rocket scientist to look back and see the debacle MS has created w/WM, the sad thing is they even admit it themselves in a roundabout way.
  • Windows needs a kick up the back side on the mobile front. Shocking can't really hedge your hopes on a Surface Phone and an OS that's been publically delayed several times already.
  • Wakeup MS need a good W10M update ..
  • Ballmer is right. Nadella not only lacks clear path on mobile but muddies it intentionally.
  • I'm glad he stated that he put Microsoft on a path before he left, because everything related to windows as a service, office 365, Xbox, Azure, surface, hybrid devices, the one Microsoft company reorganization, etc were all started under his tenure. Satya really has only enhanced Microsoft's relationships with salesforce, oracle, a few others and finalized the re-organization Ballmer started..... Oh and seems to be focusing on slowing the little progress windows phone was making down and it is reflected in the latest market share numbers.... That's the one thing that's been consistent under Nadella (windows phone has declined every quarter since he took controll.
  • Ballmer darned near wrecked MSFT, he should shut his pie-hole
  • I am sorry but Steve is missing the big picture.... I agree with what he has said to some extent, except that MS/Satya just haven't made the vision or direction/path that they have set clear to all. But to go and basically say there is none is wrong. It's not easy to explain to people that though everyone agrees that Windows Phones are built well, before and after Nokia acquisition, and the OS is much more stable and aesthetically pleasing plus simple to use...they can't get devs to build apps for WP/WM they devs build with their eyes shut for iOS and Android. The fix is and always was a universal platform - build one app, deploy on any form factor. I believe the flaw is the lack of adequate marketing for the "OneCore" vision. Don't just try to explain it to Devs, explain it to the average buyer that Mobile First - Cloud First doesn't just mean the physical devices, but the mobility of apps and services. The second issue is price and by extension availability. Does anyone remember when you could get a Nokia for about $20 pretty much anywhere? I know building new devices is expensive, but there should be Windows 10 devices for about $50 - not $150, not many folks are gonna invest in a Windows 10 device for that price without a full understanding what they are investing in. I hope that is fixed with the price for the 650... I said this before as well, the link between mobility of devices needs to be linked with the apps and services being offered - that old idea of bundling devices needs to be a marketing strategy (once more - as I was unaware that Xbox bundled a 635 in the past). Offer me a Windows Tablet or Surface with a 650, and show me apps and services that compliment the two. Do this until Continuum becomes more main stream, because as it stands now, without x86/64 app support (Surface Phone better fix that...), the higher associated cost (buy a monitor with your $600 phone..., plus keyboard, mouse, dock or HD adapter...) isn't worth the albeit awesome gimmicky feature.
  • This is true. We’ve been getting nothing but mixed messages for maybe the past year.
  • Waiting for Windows 10 Mobile which is coming "hopefully soon"! Or is it w10 4 fones?
  • "If you're going mobile-first, cloud-first direction you really need to have a sense of what you're doing in mobile devices"
    Seriously? This guy have no idea what he is talking about... In Satya's vision "Mobile" doesn't stand for the mobile devices... It's for MS service being mobile.. ie,MS services in every platform and is mobile using cloud...
    He is making news just like he overact during his team's match.. Never mind
  • I'm happy that he left MS.. Look at the MS's share and quarterly revenue .. He is the one who is responsible for what we are suffering now.. He should have left MS just after Windows 7 .. Satya would have then skipped Windows 8 and 9 directly to W10 ;)
  • Skipping? Why not skip windows 7 when windows 8.1 start? Why not just gives windows 10 to windows 8? Where's windows 9? You see there's many business strategies you and me wouldn't know. Steve Bellman was a Ford motor manager and he is a brilliant businessman that overcomes many businesses like WordPerfect... What now his expression is about his strategy. To my understand it's touch to challenge 2 companies, Apple and Google. If only Apple, that is not difficult. But, include google which it's only software broadly selling to many companies like what Microsoft is sharing both windows and windows mobile operation systems. It's competitive. But, the idea is .... Secrete... I can't tell. You might works for Apple or google. Which Microsoft won't tell too.
  • You haven't try it, you don't know it. You don't need keyboard and mouse and monitor. In basic, You only need a DLNA router and tv connected to the router. You can do almost every things on tv with just a mobile PC. You have microsoft word. You want to type faster? Use voice recognition. You have skype account, use skype video app to chat on tv. I did and I'm shock. The price is for a best 2.0 + 1.5 Ghz Octa-Core CPU(4x + 4x)!
  • You mean the Lumia 950/XL for that device? That's what I need for mobile being now.
  • Yes. That's what I have, Lumia 950 Xl. I have bought it when it comes with free display dock($99). Test it. Use it with my display adapter too (display adapter is not the dock). Great with display adapter too. Play videos 1080p also. Many third party apps are showing on TV. Seems growing. I'm waiting what will Microsoft do with Xbox games....
  • Exactly. I have my first impression when testing Lumia 950 (not the XL one, as it's not available in Indonesia) on a phone store. It's so gorgeous that makes me felt missed when I left the phone there. The dock, the Continuum, the seamless integration (yet it should be improved in some ways, though), makes me to choose this phone as a daily driver (and future Redmi Note 3 as a secondary phone), after I saved enough money.
  • Is it me, or does he look like Mr. Evil? All we need now is the cat.
  • - Move away from Lumia Devices. The numbering system is confusing to non-fans
    - keeping fixing up w10 mobile. The core apps are getting better everyday. Look at Groove for example.
    - Advertise the new devices not as a windows os device, but as great device period. E.g., some surface ads or the ads for Lumia 1020 ads. They are about devices.
    - stick with one plan for years and update the API regularly. No more restarts and shifts. e.g., look at surface, they failed and failed then it was good.
    - Have a little more people working on some core apps: Wallet, podcast, radio. I suspect they are neglected because their telemetry show that people don't use them. But the fact is that people don't use them because they are bad.
    - Introduce some freshness into the os. Something like interactive tiles and more advanced lock screen will give the OS a new face. Current w10 face is too similar to w8.1.
    - Release worldwide devices with good availability. No more waiting one month after release to get a device.
    - physical store presence should be bigger. Some store only have a few devices on display.
  • I agree, anyone can make a profit as the CEO of Microsoft if they simply do nothing and let the enterprise side of the business do what it always does. When the CEO creates something out of nothing (Xbox and surface) or take a dying mobile business and make a success of it is when you have succeeded. The current CEO lacks vision, and seem unable or unwilling to try to succeed in the mobile market.
  • Sure in enterprise Microsoft earns a lot of money but entertainment wise its only Xbox which needs to be the best and ahead ps4. Though I find it better. But Microsoft needs to now take on Apple TV with Xbox too.
  • Re: TheManFromEarth,
    I agree. We need to see a strategy announced to make a success of mobile, and then see that strategy work. Then, and only then, we can pat Nadela on the back.
  • Rising,
    1. It's using cooling your refrigerator.. Hydrogen take the heat and viperish. Very high tech
  • Finally some intelligence, bring back Ballmer and impeach the Indian!!
  • Haha that's cute. This coming from the guy that decided to not concentrate on mobile and put everything behind the failing Xbox instead. I'm glad Steve is gone, and the long term game Microsoft is playing will pay off in the end.
  • I might be in the vast minority but I miss Ballmer. He had a passion for the company Nadella never will.
  • You dont run a company with passion, you run it with patience. Passion can lead to costly mistakes and bad decisions. Having patients allows you to look ahead and see what direction you want to go in, instead of jumpong in head first. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft catching up developers and companies to join Windows & Windows Phone platform , but they need more struggle to defeate the current mind set of android/apple , hopefully. They will come to height with a blast
  • That's where hybrid devices come in as far as app store on PC because the device itself is more the just a PC and with Microsoft current vision, windows phones are designed to be more than just a phone. As another commenter said, it's taking too long! By the time they released a finished product, the competition will have surpassed them.
  • The issue with WP is the UI you folks over here are fans so you praise the UI but non fans users don't like the UI especially the darkness all over and the live tiles..... They should have added another theme for users to choose which one is default ( the front screen) either tiles or something wake like android ui..... Bottom line I think Microsoft of 2016 still thinks like Microsoft of 90s when it was a monopoly..... It's about time they start thinking like they are inferior to the industry they will be relevant sooner than the current situation Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I sent in a suggestion through feedback at least a year so stating that they needed a slider option within setting like XP used to have called classic mode which would remove the tiled interface and make it traditional icon based like Android or Apple which consumers are used to and another mode called modem for those who wanted the tilted interface, but I guess it feel on deaf ears.
  • Of course they should provide ability to customize the front screen......
    And as it has been proven, If they wanna cater for winfans they will always be there (2.%) if not less because windows Phone fans lack exposure at least like 60% of them so if you want to make them happy then the rest of the world would never join in because Windows Phone fans 't know what's out there at least like 60% of them Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It was never about the UI. Android's UI was garbage for the longest time. Get your head out of your ass.
  • Fans like you are killing your own platform thinking like that... All the people I know don't like so b'se of the UI... You should be the one to get it out, lack of exposure to windows fans is killing wmobile.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mobile is direction less only in smartphone phone not the mobility of the world. Surface is also example of being mobile. Now Microsoft first should target services first which they are. Smartphone they badly miss being part of mobile now future is IOT and next gen where Microsoft would target. Automobile is another sector where they should be cover . But as today everyone uses smartphone then Microsoft should be more behind ios and android.
  • David T Ng please make YouTube videos showing all of these features being used with your 950's his the TV, external monitor, etc? This is what consumers need to see from actual users, because sites like the verge, computer world, and for the love of tech, really only paint had pictures of continuum for consumer detracting from potential adaptors who see there videos. Many of these journalist use Android or Apple and will never credit Microsoft with anything positive. Ever since T. Warren was employed by the verge, he's had nothing good to say and he's a guy I respected a lot. He's not all wrong, but his attitude has changed dramatically and Microsoft is partly to blame, but do is the Verge being pro Apple and the source of his income. He had to follow the direction of management.
  • The race for the phone is over and MS has lost. WP7 & WP8 were unique. MS,couldn't sell them, not because they were not good products, but because MS has an image problem and even worse marketing. Now it's even worse because Win 10 mobile, unlike its predecessors, is a far inferior product and the rollout was somehow even more botched than before. You have two new phones with an inferior OS. The largest carrier refuses to support either, the 2nd largest only carriers one. It's an embarrassment and a failure.
  • That's one of my biggest beefs, availability, here in Canada there are limited resources for most WPs with some models never making it into our market, as I see it MS has done little to entice carriers to support the platform so it is understandable the feelings are mutual. MSs Marketing strategies haven't changed much w/WM and if anything have gotten worse, in three plus years I've yet to see another single WP out in the wild. W10M IMO has been a joke to a certain degree when we’re talking about implementation, some may choose to wait eons for it to evolve but many will have moved on by then with the stigma of the past taking long to overcome… “May the Force be with you.”
  • It's funny how every one here has an opinion on how to run a multi international corporation. But do not know how things work on such a scale. I think Microsoft is doing just fine without our help. They have been around forever and I don't see them going anytime soon. They have a plan, lets just wait and see if it pans out.
  • Thank you
  • Well if this is your idea of "fine" in regards to WM then I'm glad to have moved on, as for the "plan", waiting is all there is, has been and always will be if history means anything, can't refute the facts.      
  • Exactly what Elky64 said. There's nothing 'fine' about their mobile, which is what Ballmer is talking about. And all their plans we've been waiting on have just been one failure after another in that area. Now the 'plan' just seems to be to stick Mobile in a back room on life support with a 'DNR' sticker.  
  • Maybe MS has an attitude where iOS and Android apps are created and updated often because they "love to" work on these platforms. Heck, at work place we use Macs and Microsoft even have time for sassy update logs for OneNote. While, Window mobile is just there because they "have to" show at least show minimal presence in mobile as a tech giant :(
    To be honest I feel that there has been less care taken into the development and support of W10 mobile compared to WP7 & 8. There is less consistency through out the OS and first party apps. Seems like mobile is currently an after thought where features are only added as a trickle effect from Windows 10 desktop.
  • It's funny how Steve Ballmer is now talking about Mobile. When he had the opportunity to put Microsoft in the forefront of this technology and piss the opportunity away. The Courier was a far superior mobile device than the iPad. But he was instrumental in not having this product release. The iPad came out a week after the courier was supposed to be released and was extremely successful. Now he's talking about mobile devices! He is to blame for where Microsoft mobile device position is currently. As CEO he was not innovative and have no vision. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can understand why ppl blame Balmer as he was slow to react to the mobile and table landscape, but don't forget that WP and the Surface line were started under him. I don't feel that a lot has changed between Balmer and Nadya. The speed of development only appears faster because MS go rid of a lot of internal testers and let the pubic 'insiders' test development features. The new way appears to have slowed bug fixes in favor of experimental features. This seems good for reacting to the market, but can backfire as gaining a rep for releasing buggy and incomplete products.
  • The Windows 10 desktop and release of Lumina flagships are good example of this. Public was cautious of doing free upgrades to W10 desktop. The flagship phones have good hardware and cool features but had their rep destroyed by the buggy OS release.
  • I can understand why ppl feel that the flagships phones feel expensive even though it cost less than the iPhones. The value of W10 mobile is not comparable to the stability and app ecosystem that Apple currently provides. Also since MS are using fans to beta test, it would have made sense for the phones to be cheaper as a thank you for trying the phone and OS out. Let's be honest, the general public doesn't pay much attention to W10M and professional testers cost money anyways. If fans were impressed by the flagships, then I'm sure market share would not be dropping.
  • Sigh. Courier. My dream device. I still dream about it.
  • ROFL :D The last line of article is awesome... great pick John 
  • Post Nokia Ballmer pushed out, and replaced with someone who was against the aquistion.  The board has changed, and with Nadella they quickly sent a message that hardware was not in their core interest.  I actually think long term Ballmer was correct, but the market was not willing to put up with the short term pain. It won't be long until Surface is no longer under the Microsoft umbrella as it is sold off to an OEM who is in the hardware business.  Even with their nudge up in revenue numbers, Surface is still losing money and with short term profits being the main goal right now it won't last long.  Micro"soft"....and they are going back to being a software company.    
  • Ha that's rich! Leaves a mess when he left, then critisizes the new guy for not cleaning it up fast enough.
  • Re: DrewWin,
    Oh, if only real life were so simplistic.
  • No, life isn't this simplistic most of the time, but regarding this particular topic and the given information, I'm actually convinced that this isn't the case. Balmer can yell all he wants, but the figures don't lie. I personally feel more excited for windows 10 mobile than I ever did with 7 and 8. But hey that's just my opinion. 
  • He actually started a lot of great things and made Microsoft quite successful. He is underrated but certainly not without flaws.
  • Sure he started some great things, but he also underestimated his rivals which cost Microsoft dearly in the mobile phone market. Look, I'm well aware that you don't get to the top of a tech company by being an idiot, but I do take issue with his missteps because they were in my opinion very large ones (a product of arrogance in my opinion). Now that market share is low and Satya Nadella makes some realistic measures to get Win 10 Mo back on track, Balmer feels like critisizing him (publically, mind you, since we're all reading this article here).  I don't think Nadella isn't without fault either (Not happy with the way they handled the Lumia 950 and XL launch), but still not fair to crap on the guy who is essentially trying to clean up your mess (even if you like the mess you made). I think Balmer had his chance and blew it on the mobile front. He should stop yelling from the sidelines and lets the others do their work. Either way I suppose all we can do is wait and see. Maybe we'll all get sick of waiting and get Androids or something... Hell I've considered it a few times since 8.1. I appreciate your arguments though :)   
  • I think the biggest problem they have is that they are trying to reinvent the wheel in this regard. They don't need to, they just need some consistency regarding releasing new devices and they need to keep making news. The biggest problem even people on the fence of swapping over to WP will all be looking at it and wondering whether MS are abandoning it. Everyone knows iPhone is there to stay and new Android devices are being released almost weekly. Now while I understand that it may be more financially economical to produce lots of a few devices, meaning longer between releases, it's not very exciting from the consumers point of view. There are a few ways they could play it... Either release new devices every couple of months, bundle phones in with other Windows devices, or somehow get this out there so it can be installed on some Android phones. Bundling phones with other windows devices would be a great option. Although for the first few years the value of the phones would be pretty low, and many would just go straight on eBay and the like, there will be a flood of phones out there that will easily double the current user base, if not more. Bundle phones relative to the kind of hardware, for instance, base Surface 3 comes with something like the 550, high end Surface 3 maybe the 650, then you need a 750 to go with te low end surface pro, up to the 950 XL with a Surface Book. It's a strategy not too different from the old sell the consoles at a loss and make back the money through games etc. But MS are so far behind the mobile market, they need some aggressive strategy here to penetrate it. They seem quite happy to write off billions in those first surfaces and the Nokia acquisition, which will obviously see no returns ever. But at least giving away say $1bn in Mobile hardware will see some short term returns through store purchases and whatnot, along with some more customers that will stick with WP in the future.
  • Unfortunately, he’s right. Windows 10 on tablet still isn’t good as Windows 8.1. Microsoft brought all Windows Phone uniqueness to Android and iOS.
  • Unfortunately, the 'direction' is to be BFF's to iOS and Android, while almost completly neglecting your own platform. Yes, those platforms have the Lions share, but it's also a rather short term view. Redmond have the resources to give Windows Mobile frequently updated Microsoft Apps, or even give them to us at all (Sway etc), but they choose not to. This ultimately leads to Users and Developers going 'Well, if you don't care about your platform, why should I?'.  You piss off your fanbase enough, and they'll not only jump ship, but they'll go all in with the rivals ecosystem as well. Lose/Lose.    
  • Everyone keeps screaming... Ahhh Microsoft are dumb and wont focus on windows 10 mobile! I think that's childish, MS are working hard on windows 10, most people think they're done. I see this as a long term investment from MS not short term. I'd like to see you rebuild an entire os in a year. There is something called patience and if you don't have that switch to ios or android and never look back. (Rome wasn't built in a day)
  • Glad you are willing to take one for the team, obviously you're becoming a minority but hang in there ;).
  • I've just switched to a Lumia 950XL from a Samsung Galaxy S5 and have limited regrets. I certainly won't be swapping back. I'd kill for a Facebook app that was better than the mobile webpage, though, that's for sure.
  • The Windows 10 desktop is very popular but that it doesn't mean that the developers will create universal apps and the mobile os will become as successful as the desktop version.
  • If we worked for MS then we would know how far their plans will go, but right now we don't know. Not even Ballmer knows. It's surprising how most people can't see the big picture in blue.
  • What big picture, that most of us will be old and decrepit by the time MS figures it out, if they ever do?
  • I don't think it matters, for me using Windows 10 Mobile makes me happy, I have everything I want and couldn't care less about apps on other platforms. As long as Microsoft keeps their promise of having phones for the fans then it doesn't make any difference to my life if Windows Mobile drops to 0.1% worldwide market share. I'll grow old and die happy knowing I never had to use a ****** iPhone. That being said, I am pissed off that my carrier here in the UK doesn't stock the XL, I'm not interested in the 950 at all so will wait for my contract to expire then go get an XL at Carphone Warehouse.
  • To be successful W10M Microsoft need to give some attention to their apps like yammer and many others. Some apps give the best experience on the others mobile os and when we come to Windows is just some trash and nothing more.
  • Microsoft still has no clue on how the mobile market operates. They have yet to find a solution for the app situation, they were on the right path with android emulation then suddenly changed their mind. They need to face reality, developers don't want to code for the platform even if all they have yo do is alter some code that takes 15 mins. They continue to spend less time on windows 10 mobile compared to desktop windows 10 hence a million annoying bugs and glitches. Continuum Is a pretty looking gimmick. Limited in use and has to rely on the limited windows 10 mobile apps. This is the first time I had no interest in purchasing a windows 10 flagship phone. This can go 2 ways either Microsoft scrap windows 10 mobile and release x86 windows on a phone using Intel hardware or allow android apps on windows 10 mobile through emulation
  • Do you have one to say windows 10 mobile has a lot of bugs? I have a Lumia 950 XL but I do admit there is bugs but this is windows and I'm having apps' bugs not the kernel's bugs if you know what I mean. Many apps are developed and compiled by other third party softwares. So the bugs are not major bugs but "refining" the windows' to the best. I have tried it and I foresee the phone is a mini computer.
  • I really like this man ideas
  • Lol, your Windows 10 mobile on 820/640 is not official. It's super fast on my 950 XL.
  • Yeah its certianly changed. Although, I think Satya has done tremendous work in other sectors, he has kinda screwed mobile or may be it looks like so for time being until the plan he has gets executed completely. But anyways, Steve's suggestions would help him and they certainly do need to chart out the path and they need to tell the fans as well about it.
  • It is not Windows 10 desktop it's Windows 10 and works perfectly fine on mobile devices such as Surface and Laptops. Phones are the only current issue but that is why it has been delayed so far on older devices and I have no problem with that. I would much rather they hammer out the bugs before release.
  • They charted a course, right down the toilet.
  • Steve "loopedy-loo" Ballmer says: ""And the company really has to chart a direction in mobile devices..."  And he should know.  Under Ballmer the company charted a whole slew of incompatible directions in mobile devices.  Windows Mobile 6.X, Zune, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8.X, Windows RT.
  • The intelligent thing to do is to make the Lumia line like the nexus line. Only few products which showcase the true potential of Windows mobile and it should not have low end specs.
  • My 950XL is very nice.
  • Didn't in South Park during the Console Wars Gates killed Balmer Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Re: ajayden,
    Maybe if Balmer had stayed, he would now be the hero in addition to enjoying the fruits of the past, the 44% increase in share price and 27% increase in revenue. It's impossible to know one way or the other, but I do know it's ridiculous thinking to think Nadela is solely responsible for it.
  • Bottom line, if you're not running ios or Android on a mobile phone then you're going to fail.
    It's been proven over the past few years.
    Even BlackBerry finally realized it. If Nokia had gone Android instead of wp they'd be top of the market more than likely. Instead we all know what their fate was.
    Once Nokia starts over with Android watch how fast they grow.
    Microsoft should go Android and skin it.
    Just my opinion, don't hate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why is the guy who almost tanked the company getting any airtime. The guy is a retard
  • Actually Steve Ballmer was great in almost everything except mobile of course. Everyone seems to forget he did pave the way for Windows 8 and Phone which despite the lackluster success was actually a huge step forward and has pushed Microsoft towards the future. Yes it was too much too soon but at the same time too little too late, but I think without Balmer giving the go ahead on those products we would not have Windows 10 today. I'm happy where Windows 10 and 10M is right now because I know where it is going and I'm certain that Satya knows exactly where it is going and what direction. The problem for people outside the chain of command is we expect it to be solved and to arrive yesterday so it seems like lack of direction and indecision really I think it's perfectly clear if you just change your expectation from now to 2017-2018. We may get something great in late 2016 if the Surface Phone is released and manages to turn heads but even that won't be enough to suddenly solve the problem. The idea of OneCore is genius and it will change things for Windows 10 Mobile, however it really will take years to accomplish. The path is already set and it's a long one so people should enjoy the road or they should enjoy a road with another platform.
  • On such case it's right but windows phone by only use an label won't be popular without do publicity
  • Ballmer is right, enough said. Nutella, wake up plz!
  • PC sticks and a easy, quick data input method should be a focus. Huge AppleTV rival right there.
  • Re: nlm,
    Windows Media Center! Listen to the recent Windows Weekly where Paul Thurrott talks about this.
  • How can you chart a direction in mobile devices when there will be no separate device as a mobile phone in times to come? Satya is a visionary and knowingly or unknowingly, he has set Microsoft on the right track!
  • I agree and I prefer Steve's direction for the mobile front. Satya is lost in the mobile space. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We would not be in this mess had Ballmer not been the idiot he was. This is what happens when you give away huge leads and don't watch your competition.
  • He is SS german soldier :) Teutonic Order
  • For Starters, Can't Microsoft appoint their own APP Developer in 50-100 most wanted APPS making companies?? Using money the right way..!!
  • They can make the apps but that is not sustainable in the long term. Apps need to be constantly updated. Also, if they do it for some companies, everybody will want that. Finally, people are crazy about first party apps for some reason even though developers usually are just contracted by third party companies anyway. Look at the instagram case where we have a great app called 6tag but everybody want instagram updates. Also, Facebook where Microsoft is developing it with Facebook and people say we are waiting for a first party app and this is the first party app!
  • Doing phones for fans it's bread for today and starving tomorrow, fans usually will get an model and later don't get any other since Microsoft being updates of,OS to everyone, if want lure to people should not rely on the label "Windows" in fact that label it's stigmatized that happens, also without fix the app gap, by example in Chile even the government never released any app for windows phone always for IOS,Android, if want Microsoft be successful must start to doing apps and agreements with companies and developers, how its possible that in my country isn't any smartwatch that be compatible with my phone and have to import from USA am product that be fully compatible, while Microsoft gives all their apps for the rivals, it's ok to be an software company but have to remember that Google and Apple haven't ported any app, even Apple music isn't in Windows and in my country isn't music and video store in Windows store, of that way want to make their loyal followers pleased? Are wrong the policy of just get focused on the BRICS countries and united states where had the war lost a long time ago, just still in refuse of the reality Microsoft
  • I am just waiting for a new flagship phone, ever since my 1520. Using Android while I wait. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True Posted via the Windows Central App for Android