Microsoft has released its latest update on the Windows Phone 7 update. Briefly put, there are no changes since the last update.

Eric Hautala is taking it on the chin this week by saying that AT&T is expected to finish update testing in early April. Apparently nobody pointed out to Eric that today was April 13th, a date many consider well past early April.

We're eager to share progress. But these tests are important, and they're just not quite done. I expect to have more to say soon—so please stay tuned.

Blah, blah, blah. Microsoft needs to stop making excuses for delays that carriers are creating and light a fire to get these updates to consumers. We know the tests are important but why is everyone else making progress while others aren't? Are AT&T engineers that much slower than others?

The only saving grace is that the current version of Windows Phone 7 is running great.  Sure, copy/paste would be nice but it'll get here one day. Thankfully this isn't a critical update needed to correct major problems with system stability.

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What concerns me is how Microsoft seems to be surrendering the update process to the carriers. Wasn't Windows Phone 7 supposed to be a more controlled environment?  If Microsoft can place requirements on Windows Phone 7 manufacturers and developers why can't they put requirement on carriers with respect to update?  A requirement stating testing must be concluded 45 days after the update is released to the carriers?

This is the first update for Windows Phone 7 and maybe we should cut Microsoft some slack.  However, if Microsoft can't get a handle on the update process, it will only create more problems down the road with future updates.  Problems that will only hurt Windows Phone 7's chances for success.

Just as a reminder, you can check the current status of the Nodo update through Microsoft's Update Page or from your Windows Phone by using the "Dude, Where is my update" app.

source: Windowsteamblog

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