Is it still worth getting the Lumia 1520?

Is it still worth getting a Lumia 1520 now? That is a question being discussed over in the Windows Phone Central Forums and has a personal interest as well.

WPCentral Forums Member johnj2803 brings up the topic of discussion wanting to avoid buying the 1520 now and in a few months seeing a newer model released. The question takes a personal note because with the price points of the 1520.3 going sub-$500, it's awfully tempting to pick one up.

Most of the comments praise the 1520 for being an awesome device, maybe the best Windows Phone on the market.

There are a few members suggesting patience and waiting a few months to see what new Windows Phones come to market. We've seen signs of a Lumia 730and even the Lumia 1525 is hitting the rumor circuit. Even HTC is getting back into the Windows Phone market with the release of the One with Windows Phone 8.1. But only the latter two would meet or exceed the Lumia 1520's specs. Plus you have the unknown as to which carrier or market will get any of these new Windows Phones beyond the initial release.

Personally, I have my reservations on the Lumia 1520 due to its size and use of nano-SIM cards (majority of my phones use micro-SIM). I have started using the Lumia 925 as my daily driver and continue to think a 5" screen may be the ideal size.

However, while I have my reservations on the Lumia 1520 I would be remissed if I didn't recognize it as a quality Windows Phone and likely one with plenty of staying power. Many comments in the Forums discussion echo that sentiment and when you combine the sub-$500 deals on the 1520.3, it may very well be the best deal for a high-end Windows Phone out there.

But what say you? Is there still life in the Lumia 1520? Would you pick one up today, knowing that there could be a comparable device a few months away? Gather your thoughts, jump on over to the Forums and jump in on the discussion.

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  • No.
  • Why, please explain. ;)
  • Too old already... Best deal will be the HTC one or wait for the next release to the 1520.
  • And what exactly is it incapable of due to its "age"?
  • My first response was heck yes! But then I realized I've had this phone now for over 9 month. In phone years that is late middle age. That said, this a great phone! And you could not go wrong with getting this one. But due to the fact if anyone would question getting one due to age. then wait (if you can) to see what is coming down the pike.    
  • Well if someone don't want to give money for it when phone got out, now he can buy it in half price. In europe it was 600 euro, now you can find new one for 300. I don't like it becouse of size, for me it's to much 6", if it were 4,5 inch, i would buy it
  • I'm all in on the 1520 for its specs and it's screen
  • I bought from Jan and the screen over sensitive issue still there
  • You have to go to settings and change the touch screen settings from high to normal
  • Doesn't matter about the SETTINS.
  • Translation, I don't want a fix I want to complain.
  • That the point. We don't know what it is incapable of because we not yet sure what is being planned for future iterations of WP. That said, for current version it is just fine. But if you're in the market for a new WP, just wait. You'll experience buyers remorse if something nifty that is unique to a new phone or partner. A few more months cant hurt. Get a 520 if you need a replacement short term. Pros and cons... The 1520 is a great phone, but it is large and unwieldy. I've had one since the get go and I've managed. But not without a healthy dose of caution. Sitting on the phone is an ever present danger. On the other hand, if large is what you want it is unlikely another large phone will be released in the short term. I plan on something similar to 930 or One M8. It just needs to have everything that is available on the market. So crappy camera (for all purpose and specialized use as far as mobile cams go), processor, construction, and value add (OIS, IR, SD), etc.
  • Updates. Just ask those of us who are still waiting for Cyan on Lumia 920's, that are less than two years old. Given the general length of a Telco contract is 24 months, I wouldn't consider getting a phone that wasn't pretty much brand new, let alone almost a year old. That would make it three years old by the end of contract. Phone updates are delayed over first wave devices once they're second wave. By the time they're third wave, forget about it.
  • Uh no, the HTC one doesn't compare to the 1520. It compares to the 930. It's not too old by any means and has at least another year or two before it becomes ancient. This isn't android, where hardware makes the os feel slow....even a 920 today is still a decent buy.
  • You are correct, I'm rocking my 920 now and with every WP 8.1 update it gets faster. Not so with my Samsung galaxy tablet which is in slow motion from all the Android updates.
  • Also got a 920 here, but my samsung tablet never gets a OS update :(
  • I'm still using my 920. I'd love a new phone, but this thing is still rocking!
  • +920, although the big'n would be interesting...
  • My 920 is packing it in.  I think i know what happened and was my fault.  But I'm looking at the 1520 right now and I'm super unsure to get it or not.
  • I think a phone is getting older by the newer models but on the wp the configuration of the 1520 it will be more than enough at least 2y...
  • Remember people thought the same about their Lumia 900. Threshold is coming.
  • Totally agree with that!
  • This. I bought a Lumia 920 one year ago and after updating to Windows Phone 8.1, hard resetting and restoring the phone, I must say it's so fast, but sooo fast it looks like a Quad Core... I mean, there is no reason whatsoever for me to upgrade, why should anyone consider an upgrade from the 920 anyway? The phone is fast, the "loading" screen is almost absent, Cortana is fast, games are fast with a good framerate, everything is fast, camera is better then the 930 in low light conditions (where it matters), again why should I upgrade? There is no reason to! I still remember when I bought the IPhone 4 when it came out. At first, it was ultra fast and smooth, but with every iOS update, it became slower and slower, until the iOS 7 update, that turned my IPhone in a slide show, so I decided to sell it and buy a Windows Phone.... I still got to sell the IPhone for an excellent price though (that's the advantage of Mac products, they hold their value amazingly well vs the competition). Regards.  
  • "Too old already" eh ? 800 x 801 isn't a much of a different if all the apps are gonna run the same way
  • Right.
  • People should realize the 801 wasn't made to be more powerful than the 800, it's more efficient and better at camera processing.
  • But i still stand correct
  • But there's techno-dorks out there that have to have the latest and greatest!
  • That's bollocks the 1520 is awesome
  • It is still the best WP device you can get... Until they come out with another 6"+ device then we can talk.. Until then the 1520 reigns supreme WP hierarchy❗ ..... The processor is capable of any modern task, the screen is amazing, five mics, slim, not too heavy, it's an all out power house.... The only thing that could come close is a 6" WM8, but we've yet to see even an AM8 ultra...
    Like I said, until then the 1520's flag fly's high... Now, of course this is just my opinion.. Lol❗
  • No, it's not just yours.
    it's mine too !
  • Goooooood❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • My 1520 is straight up legit!! My daughters both have 920 w/WP8.1 and the phone actually works faster!! Every iPhone we had with each update the iPhone got slower the same with each Android phone I've had.
  • For those who like Nokia's apps and the massive screen, it is the best WP device. ;)
  • I don't like either but this phone is a beast. Gonna have to pry it out of my hands.
  • Na, 5inch is perfect :D i like to keep phones and tablets separated :) plus ppi is higher on smaller screens!
  • I can't say what's perfect for everyone, but as far as ppi is concerned you can give me a 6.5" Lumia 1630 with a QHD display, a 41mp camera, and a SD810...... I like to keep phones, and tablets combined❗❗❗
  • +1520. Can't see replacing mine for a couple years for something "better"..
  • I was one of those who stayed away from 1520 due to it's size. But I gave in & got one 3 weeks ago. Agree it's an amazing device. Just convinced one of my friend whis is still rocking the 900 to upgrade to 1520. it's being offered for free at Amazon now. How can you not? This one will not be obselete for another year. The size does not bother me anymore. Got used to it. Great device. Takes pretty good pictures & battery is pretty good as well.
  • Just takes 2 days to get used to, then you realize that if you didn't get the biggest display then you'd be missing out.. That's what I'm trying to get these knuckle heads to understand... Sound like some little biaches... "it's too big for my little bitch hands"" lol❗❗
  • Incorrect, a better device would be smaller with the same specs. Death to phablets!
  • Death to phablets?.. Why? So many people, who don't have little pu$$y hands, love them... There's plenty of 5" phones for your doll hands than you can choose from, and more are coming... Lol!!!!
  • Insulting people is always the best way to get your point across when you're a total idiot with no valid argument to make like Rodney here.
  • I liked your original comment better where you called me a dick head..Lol❗❗❗... Anyways, yes it is an extremely valid argument.. People like you want larger phones to die out, but it's pretty ignorant to say that we should have less choices.. What's large for your doll hands might be normal for some men, or women's adult hands... It's especially ignorant to hate on larger devices when you can now get these same specs in smaller devices... What's your problem with people getting what they want? I actually want a 6.5" smartphone, so does that upset you even more❓
    This is really what my original comment said, but you're being to sensitive tonight to see it... Now, wipe those tears, and go back and read my first reply to you like a man... Lol❗❗❗
  • Are you crazy. My 5" Icon is already too small. I need it bigger. I really want the 1525. The only other option is to re introduce landscape QWERTY sliding keyboards or a dual screen slider. I had an HTC Arrive on sprint and never fat fingered anything because the keyboard was the size of the screen. Now my Icon I fat finger all the time. I'm actually not even sure 6" is big enough to fix the problem. I hate that QWERTY sliders died.
  • The 1520 is a good size... Not too big, not too small... It's a shame that so many people assume that it's too big without at least trying to live with it for a week... I bet you that more than half of those people wouldn't look back if they tried the 1520...
  • Please... Lol. Did you just say the HTC one is the best deal. That 1520 is old? Wow. Hmm. Ya no. The HTC one is only new to windows phone but is old by your standards. Has a sub par camera, and less than stellar build quality and then there is the fact it. Um ya HTC lol like LG these phone could never create a complete package that is the Lumia line. The 1520 and icon/930 both have specs that either surpass or equal the one, with only little things the HTC has the others don't. Added to the fact horrible customer support. Hey its your opinion, I just can't agree even a little. And no the 801 is not really an advancement in chips and will perform mostly the same.
  • Less than stellar build quality? You've been hitting the crack pipe a little hard. And yes, The HTC has things the others don't as well. Hold on, need to change the channel...
  • I wouldn't say "less than stellar build quality" but I personally am not a fan of the design.
  • I'll say.  At this point, the HTC ONE W8(M8) is my next Windows Phone for two reasons, the OS and the battery.
  • The OS is the same between all WPs, lol, so I'm confused on there. And I'm surprised you didn't say the speakers and the design, as those seem important too. :)
  • OS same between all WPs, but not all M8's.
  • Right..
  • The speakers are a cool addition and I'll be glad to rock those but I have to get out from under this battery discharge rate issue. The 920 holds up well but if I need to make a side trip from work, I'll worry if my battery will still be there for me when I need it.
  • He's just saying he likes WP.
  • By those two points alone your reasoning would then be hard and fast choosing the Lumia 1520. This has the same OS, but the battery is phenomanal! I haven't had to worry about battery life since having the 1520, it just keeping going. It is nowhere near outdated.
  • The Lumia 1520 was on my radar to replace my Lumia 920 until HTC made this move. I'm smitten with its business class caliber and "professional" appearance. All it needs is this bad ass WPOS on it to put the polish on.  I never said the 1520 is outdated.
  • No one can understand what you're trying to say. But if you said the M8 has less than stellar build quality, you're out of your mind
  • I guess it depends on whether the phone will be on contract or not. The article suggests non contract prices, so if that was the case, I would expect both the HTC One and Lumia 1525 to be in the 600-700 range initially, it'll take at least 3-4 months after that to be sub 500s. Also, the difference in performance between Snapdragon 800 and 801 seems marginal, its not like for example between a 925 (S4) versus 930.
  • I think the 1520 is the most future proof phone around! :D SD card, ips screen and that battery! You won't find another one for that kind of bucks! :D
  • Yep, even compared to Android handset.... That's why I don't understand why they are saying that the M8 is WP's first chance at modern high-end hardware... WTF❓
  • By modern, they mean that premium design. But the 925 and 930 look premium too (not as much metal as the M8, but still great).
  • You can get a L1520 at Amazon for FREE now with a two-year contract.  It is hard to beat "that kind of bucks".  Even they announce a new L1525 today, you may have to pay $199 for that initially.  If you keep waiting for the next new phone, you may never get one. But personally, I'm waiting for the HTC One to hit AT&T.  I'll upgrade my wife's L920 to that while I'll keep my L1020 until a successor shows up.
  • Isn't the 801 just better optimized for 4k displays. Anyways its very hard to recommend an HTC device over a Nokia. I honestly have to say if you're in a rush get the 1520 if not Wait and see if Microsoft gives us something better.
  • Yes
  • Too old man? That's insane, it's fantastic and less than a year old, LOL I Just bought a Lumia 920 and it works awesome.
  • Too old for what?!? It has a Snapdragon 800, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and it supports SD cards .... It is top notch
  • HTC one is also very old hardware?
  • You do know it's the HTC M8 they're talking about right???
  • And which spec on he HTC One beats the 1520? The difference between the snapdragon 800 and 801 is negligible. The 1520's front camera ins as good but its rear camera is better. Otherwise, they are pretty much comparable. What's the deal with calling devices that are less than a year old as being too old. If you want to wait till next summer for the next qualcom chips which will have slightly higher performance, go ahead. You think that will bring you future proofing, but you will be calling it old in less than a year as qualcom announces its next chip. A processor only becomes old when you can find a new app that can put strain on it. I have yet to find an app that strains my 920. The only improvement in upgrading is loading times.
  • "too old"? What a stupid statement.
  • Are you crazy?! There are still people buying 925s over there. How can this hardware (1520's) be obsolete? You can even say that about the 930 (although I'd disagree as well) but not the 1520. Other than it, what other WP phablet is there with a competing hardware, camera, screen, Qi wireless charging OTB, SD expansion up to 128GB?
  • Well then, you don't know jack.  The 1520 still has the best hardware out there and is still current.  the cyan update the phone is eben better, just waiting for Demin and Lumia Camera and I'm set.
  • Well for me, I would've gotten the 1520 when it came out, but it is too large for me. The 930 didn't come to AT&T and has no microSD, so I didn't get that. They are excellent phones, no doubt about it, but not for me.
  • I'm waiting for the 930 to come to ATT and then will probably ditch my 1520 for it.  I love this phone but it's just a bit too large.  Great for reading news and texting but too unweildy in the hand/very easy to drop.  I'm at $400 in repair costs for two broken screens so far.  Case on it now but with a decent protective case it's even BIGGER....
  • LTE Band 12 for starters.
  • NO. Because I am having such a bad experience with my L 1020 that I will NEVER EVER trust nokia. The low earpiece volume makes the phone not a phone.  A Nokia/microsoft administrator was kind enough to contact me after many many questions about it 2 months ago to ask where I am from and to restart the phone (soft reset) or take it to the nearest nokia support center (in my country there arent any). After research, many Nokia devices have this issue and after the visit at the support center, the issue is still there. I recommended sending me a used company phone that does not have this issue and me to send my device. And of course NO REPLY. 550 euros went down the toilet. NO. NEVER EVER A NOKIA.  
  • Have you tried a full reset?  No matter what my issue is that never seems to be corrected no matter what I try (there haven't been but a few though) a full reset fixes the issue every single time.  Try that first.  And if it's any consolation, I've had two iPhones and one Droid and all three of those had their fair share of problems, my Nokia has so far been better than those in terms of hardware/software issues.  You won't be saving yourself much if anything by switching to Apple/Android.
  • yes. tried full reset, soft reset nokia tool to restore software. Full volume is half than iphone or my previous ANY OTHER phone. Imagine not being able to hear if a small noise is around you.  If you google low earpiece volume lumia you will see thousands of complaints. I highly not recomment Nokia to anyone. At least software issues can be fixed with a restore or custom rom if you are on android. Hardware issues can be fixed either by warrantee or by paying some amount of money. And I have asked Nokia/Microsoft to send me a new device (or used) without this issue and to return my NOT A PHONE JUST A CAMERA (mine is in super mint condition). They can do it by dhl with the order to send back mine to receive it. It cost(ed) me 550 euros to buy and I need a phone. Imagine the bad advertising I make about this brand whenever someone asks me if I am happy. Too bad Nokia.
  • I have been using mine for months and it's a great phone. My wife has a 1020 and wants to upgrade gets to a 1520. All these people that say that the screen is too large are either an 11 year old or too broke to afford it and just want to try to make it sound like it is by choice that they aren't getting instead of that they can't. It's a top notch phone and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • The screen is too large, I'm 40 and my HTC M8 cost more than the 1520.
  • Starting price for HTC one is 599... Starting price for the Lumia 1530 is 650... School must have been trash in the 80s
  • There is no such thing as a 1530.  The 1520, however, is $520 on Newegg. $500 new on Amazon.  HTC M8 Windows is $600. What school did you learn math from, chief?  Apparently, my 80's schooling was a hell of a lot better than yours.
  • Lol look at you correcting typos... I said started starting price, chief. Btw the m8 is almost the same height because of the speakers on top and bottom.. I'm guessing you just wanted a narrower phone then?
  • And yet your starting price is still wrong. 1520 is 6.4" tall, M8 is 5.76", total area is quite a bit less and makes a huge difference both riding in the pocket and sitting in the hand. Which translates to: TOO BIG.
  • So if someone say's that the 1520 is too big for everyday use, they're either young or broke? You do realize that you sound very ignorant, right?
  • The size is why I chose the icon. I put a block of wood the size of the 1520 in my pocket, and it was too big for my use.
  • Do you realize that what I said its what every 1520 owner thinks?
  • Some poeple like to use phone with one hand, and have normal fingers
  • Nice haha.  That's my biggest complaint with it (and it's my daily driver).  I can use it with one hand but it's certainly not easy like a phone should be.
  • I'm surprised you're married with that narrow minded thinking. Does she know you two are married or is she too broke or young to know the difference???
  • Great comeback!
  • Lol good one bro... That last part makes perfect sense.
  • I bet it does.
  • I own one, and the screen is too large *for me*.  I love this phone but yeah, it's a bit too large.  I'll be going to the 930 or it's equivalent replacement when ATT picks it up. Not 11 and I can afford plenty of them friend.
  • T-mobile doesn't even sell it yet.
  • Yes, it is a good value, but it depends on the user. We just bought the phone yesterday for my wife. Her 920 is fine, but she wanted the bigger screen so she doesn't have to switch to her reading glasses to view a work email. Plus, the international version had Qi charging which she really likes and has been using for 2 years. She is not a heavy smartphone user - she just likes to email and txt with her family in Europe. A new top of the line phone will cost $800 and we just paid $471.  What is not to like?  We still don't know what a 1525 will bring, when it will come, even if it will have Qi charging.  Bird in the hand. For me, I'm going to wait, but for my wife, this phone will do everything she wants it to do and then some - why spend more for that?  
  • Hell no man.. Freaking too big.. I'm not carry that with me all day plus sharp corners don't look nice and overall plastic build quality looks cheap.. I'm ready to replace my 925 but Microsoft needs to launch a high end premium Lumia on att before iPhone 6 comes out.. I'm ready to buy but I feel like MS doesn't want me to buy their phone.. ANNOUNCE IT ALREADY CMON
  • Jerk. Hell yes
  • I would buy one if I had money now because I'm sure that it will get updates in future. If there is a new 6" phablet announced by Nokia then I would wait for that device to hit the market.
  • Ugh its a year old now.
  • Age doesn't really define its value. The 1520 is a very viable phone and is a worthy competitor of the newer M8. A lot of people dismiss the phone because of its size.. I'm a short guy at 5'6 and I definitely love the size of it. I thought it was too big at first but now, and I'm not saying this because a lot of people do, I can't go back to anything smaller.
  • It does define value when people are deciding what to buy on a new 2 year contract.
  • Still a nice buy especially unlocked. It's still top of the line. One of the longest battery life for a smartphone One of the best cameras in a phone SD card slot up to 128GB Snapdragon 800 Processor   The hardware is fantastic and more than enough for WP.
  • Co-sign everything you just said.
  • I love this phone it's as if it was made for me. My Asus t100 gets no love. Books,magazines, movies, emails, phone calls and texts all with the 1520 and its 6 inch stunning screen what's not to love
  • Oh, yes, I sometimes forgot that the way American carriers do these long-term contracts is utterly ridiculous.  When will your networks wake up and realize monthly recurring subscriptions is the way to go for selling network time?  
  • I suspect they are moving in that direction but shareholders want earnings from their investments. That sometimes trumps common sense.
  • It does define value if the on contract price becomes <$100 or free. You will get a low cost phone that will still run well in 2 years. I would never due this with Apple or android. I had people at work buy the 4s right before the 5 came out. They phone became incredibly slow before their 2 years was up. If you do get an Apple phone, don't install any updates after the first one. The first update is usually ok. All subsequent updates start slowing down the phone. I believe they do this on purpose since they are a hardware company and their business model is to get people to constantly upgrade.
  • The m8 is just as old, maybe older even. All HTC did was shit WP into it.
  • 1520 is older. It was released in December of last year if memory serves.  HTC M8 Android was released this year in April.
  • I can't go back to a smaller screen either.  If they never come out with a six inch screen again, I would at least need 5.5 inches.  And I actually remember when I thought my HTC Titan was huge at 4.7.  That phone was a disappointment.  Bad call quality and NO support from HTC.  I would be fearful of buying another Windows Phone from them.  That being said, I think the WP community is blessed that HTC decided to launch a premium device.  This may help drive sales.  
  • I didn't think I could either. My father's phone died so I gave him my Note 2. After a couple of weeks with a 928 I was fine again and that Note 2 now looks like an aircraft carrier to me. My dad loves that big screen though. I've since offered other hand me downs, 928, HTC M7, 929, ATIV SE... He won't part with that Note 2.
  • +1520. Agree with you totally.
  • I bought my 820 around february and it was already a year and a half old. what is people's deal with hardware on WP I don't know. the apps run great. games are ALMOST all optimized and for daily life, college and business it has been a hell of a good phone. the 1520 has very good specs, and if the screen were smaller, i'd definitely get one even after a year and a half because that thing's camera takes some damn good photos even in low light. Remember kids, you buy hardware according to your personal usage, not fads. don't be a gadget-fad chasing pleabian. if gaming is your thing well sorry to burst your bubble but no budget phone will EVER give you what you want. Ever.
  • Bought the 1520 from Microsoft website the day (about a year ago) it released and fell in love with it from the moment I opened the box but it always bugged me that AT&T downgraded this awesome phone. When Daniel told us about the 1520.3 I could not resist and bought it from Newegg for about $650 not regretted it 1 day, best money ever spent :-). So no, I would not wait for-$500 but ONLY buy the 1520.3!!!!
  • @Toraji - I did the exact same thing you did! The 1520.3 is an exceedingly awesome device! Wireless charging, 32 GB of storage and all the Antennas for GSM carriers in the USA. Awesome device! I'm a proud owner of the Att red 1520 and yellow 1520.3!
  • I miss the days when people bought a phone that was so great they held on to it for at least two years and had to have that phone pried out of their hands. These designers and admirers like myself don't make phones for consumers to trade or get rid of every 6 months to a year. True technology moves super fast these days but certain phones should have an amount of staying power. That's the kind of phone I'd like to design. When nee phones come out the user says "I'm fine with what I have."
  • Some phones are like that. Note 2 was like that for me until my father was stuck in a pinch so I gave it to him. Been searching for another that fit as well. 928, HTC M7, 929, ATIV SE... All abandoned. My new M8 checks all my marks. I don't see myself giving this one up unless an update ruins it. I won't even install Developer Preview on it.
  • That's pretty cool you feel that way about the M8. I know I couldn't settle with that camera after owning the 1020, my current phone. But the hardware is gorgeous and the features make it stand out from all the Nokia devices out there and I can see it being a future proof phone. I can almost say the same about the 1020 but I would like to have a phone with expandable storage. A 32gb phone with 16gb micro SD card would be all I need.
  • Like any other cell phone on the market, there's always a minus.  The camera is at the bottom of my list of requirements and the phone hits everything else, so it works out perfectly for me.
  • Wow! You must mean it's totally useless?
  • The 1020, 1520, Icon, and 930 are all equally useless to me. I have a real camera. No camera and a lighter phone would rank higher on my preferences.
  • But I thought 1520 was the best Windows Phone in the market !
  • I have a Lumia 920, 1020 and 1520.
    Definitively the 1520 is the best of them for my day by day use.
    Still strongly recommend to buy... ;-)
  • The phones mentioned are all good nokia wp people have different purposes for there phone needs some like sd some aren't bothered some are grateful to have a good solid capable phone no matter how old
  • Ditto. I have 920, 1020, 520 and now the 1520. Loving it.
  • Now Lumia 930 and HTC One are the best WP devices.
  • The 930 doesn't even have a microSD slot...
  • IPhone also doesn't have an SD slot, people still buy it......
  • Please we are talking about wp why drag a phone with far success in this conversation.BTW iPhones have memory options too not like L930's only 32gb i at least need 64gb for some peace of mind.
  • That's why the suck.
  • And that's the reason I switched. Apple charging 100$ for an double the storage space is not worth my money and I NEED storage, I'd get the 64GB but NOT for 200 bucks more. I love iOS but seriously, I think the premium price isn't worth it. I had the 16GB iPhone 5 as my first touch smart phone. Worst decision ever. Yes, the phone was flawless and fluid but it lacked storage space. I thought I could handle just 16GB but I was wrong.. Sold it and bought a 920.. I even had spare change and I got the 920 with 2 Nokia cases and an extra year of warranty.
  • None of the 9xx phones has one, do they?
  • And I've heard of its overheating problem as well.
  • I disagree about the 930. While not a bad device, it's not the flagship to unite under, either. It's definitely really solid, but I understand 920 users' aversions to upgrading. Personally, the 830 rumors are very enticing, since it's starting to look like what will effectively be the 935, very excited. :)
  • Lumia 930 has nothing better than Lumia 1520. On the contrary, it lacks SD support and glance ....
  • Some people do prefer a smaller sized phone.
  • No, SD slot, glance, IPS screen -all missing.
  • It doesn't need IPS.  IPS is used to fix a limitation of LCD screens.  The Icon/930 uses an AMOLED screen and it's better than the 1520's LCD.
  • That entirely depends on whether you prefer AMOLED tech. I personally do, but it's a matter of preference.
  • Sure, but also like saying someone prefers the HTC One camera to the 1520's. I'm sure those people are out there and I would nod at them politely like they're a family member who needed psychiatric care.
  • I don't like AMOLED screens because MURA effect... Google it!
    LCD has more natural colors.
  • Wait its been out to awhile.