Is it still worth getting the Lumia 1520?

Is it still worth getting a Lumia 1520 now? That is a question being discussed over in the Windows Phone Central Forums and has a personal interest as well.

WPCentral Forums Member johnj2803 brings up the topic of discussion wanting to avoid buying the 1520 now and in a few months seeing a newer model released. The question takes a personal note because with the price points of the 1520.3 going sub-$500, it's awfully tempting to pick one up.

Most of the comments praise the 1520 for being an awesome device, maybe the best Windows Phone on the market.

There are a few members suggesting patience and waiting a few months to see what new Windows Phones come to market. We've seen signs of a Lumia 730and even the Lumia 1525 is hitting the rumor circuit. Even HTC is getting back into the Windows Phone market with the release of the One with Windows Phone 8.1. But only the latter two would meet or exceed the Lumia 1520's specs. Plus you have the unknown as to which carrier or market will get any of these new Windows Phones beyond the initial release.

Personally, I have my reservations on the Lumia 1520 due to its size and use of nano-SIM cards (majority of my phones use micro-SIM). I have started using the Lumia 925 as my daily driver and continue to think a 5" screen may be the ideal size.

However, while I have my reservations on the Lumia 1520 I would be remissed if I didn't recognize it as a quality Windows Phone and likely one with plenty of staying power. Many comments in the Forums discussion echo that sentiment and when you combine the sub-$500 deals on the 1520.3, it may very well be the best deal for a high-end Windows Phone out there.

But what say you? Is there still life in the Lumia 1520? Would you pick one up today, knowing that there could be a comparable device a few months away? Gather your thoughts, jump on over to the Forums and jump in on the discussion.

George Ponder

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