TVCatchup ( has released an app for Windows Phone 8. We previously looked at the app a few days ago and AAWP stated that it would only be a matter of days until consumers would be able to download and enjoy streaming television on Windows Phone - sure enough, it's now available for download.

To quickly recap on what TVCatchup is all about, it's not a catch up service despite the name. The app only offers streaming of television shows that are currently on air. As well as actually viewing shows, users are also able to check out what's coming up on Freeview channels with the interactive guide.

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TVCatchup App

Live Tiles can be pinned to the start screen for individual channels, with support for multiple sizes. It's a nice complementary app, which will help waste time on those long journeys. There's also an app available for Windows 8 / RT as well as the web client on the official website. 

You can download TVCatchup for free from the Windows Phone Store (region restricted). Thanks, Steve, for the tip!