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StreamBox7 for streaming music from your Dropbox

There will always be an ongoing debate about which is better--SkyDrive or Dropbox--to which we really don't care to take sides on. All we know is people like options and DropBox is quite popular, so we're a bit pleased to see StreamBox7 land in the Marketplace today.

The app is simple enough: drop some music into your Dropbox root folder, fire up the app, login and you're music will show up. You can then stream the music to your device, playing it in the background with ease. We could probably do without the "pretty girl pop-star wallpaper" that dynamically changes, but it's a good idea in theory.  Overall, the app delivers as promised and is laid out nicely, so even though we prefer our Zune it is a nice option for those who want it.

The app fetches for $0.99 with a free trial if you want to give it a spin. It supports .WMV and .MP3 files, which should cover most people. Thanks, Ben H., for the tip!


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