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Street Fighter outfits and new difficulty modes are coming to Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 fans are in for a bit of extra challenge and some Street Fighter fun in the game's next update. Launching on January 30 (opens in new tab), the update is set to bring not only new difficulty modes to the game, but also a set of Street Fighter outfits for everyone.

In all, there will be two new difficulty modes that should ratchet up the challenge for any seasoned Dead Rising veterans. Not only will zombies do more damage, but weapons will break faster and food will restore less health than in other difficulties. If things get too difficult, you'll also be able to toughen your (imaginary) resolve with new Street Fighter outfits that make Frank look like Guile, Zangief, and other characters from the long-running fighting franchise.

Lastly, a new 60-minute timed trial experience for the game will be available on Xbox One starting on January 31. This will let new players try out the single player and multiplayer before deciding whether they want to go all-in and buy the game. January 31 also happens to be the day Dead Rising 4 will go on sale digitally in Germany.

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  • Haven't played a Dead Rising game yet, but I'm def. gonna have to give this a shot when the trial launches.
  • Season pass stuff?
  • This is like a mockery for SFV being PS4 exclusive..
  • Agreed. But I guess it goes both ways with this being an exclusive. I'm not sure if it's timed or not.
  • Considering how badly SF5 was received and how poorly it sold do people really care for this? Maybe they should have collaborated with Rare and put Killer Instinct stuff in. That has over 7 million sales as of January 2016.
  • boycott capcom.  Let them die already, theyre so close into bankrupting.
  • microsoft need to just buy them already and acquire all of their IP's.  Just imagine Mega Man or the whole street fighter within Killer instinct world. 
  • Frank west was on ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3. This is just returning the favor for making an appearance