We’re still playing Subway Surfers every day, as the endless runner has raced to the top of our games list. But that doesn’t mean all is well with the game yet on Windows Phone.

For one, it doesn’t have 512 MB RAM support, which is becoming a bigger deal as low-cost Windows Phones become more and more frequent. The other issue is general updates. Today, Kiloo Games has released a new version of Subway Surfers entitled ‘Mumbai’ for iOS and Android. But Windows Phone won’t get it for some time.

In a tweet responding to Windows Phone Central reader Guilherme, Kiloo games noted that “The Mumbai update will not be out for WP8.  However, when the next update is out it will be available for all platforms!”

That means we have to play the waiting game, and it’s not at all clear when that update will occur, though we’re not expecting it today, that’s for sure.

It’s also not clear if this is because the Windows Phone version is just a cycle behind due to it's recent platform launching, or if this will be a regular issue for the popular runner. Hopefully 512 MB support and the new themed Mumbai won’t be too far off.

For now, you can find Subway Surfers here in the Store. Need more endless runners? Check out our best-of list.

Source: Kiloo (Twitter 1, 2); via WPCentral Forums (Himanshu)

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