Super Bounce Ball Maze

Super Bounce Ball Maze is a casually paced puzzle game for Windows 10 where you guide a bouncy ball across twenty-seven gaming levels. The catch is that you roll the ball, relying on its momentum to clear dangers instead of bouncing it around the platform puzzles.

Controls are simple, graphics have a slight old-school (somewhat minimalistic) appearance and the puzzle levels plenty challenging. Super Bounce Ball Maze is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 (including low-memory devices).

Super Bounce Ball Maze's opening menu offers you the option to jump into gameplay, mute the sound, visit the game's Facebook page, an option to rate the game in the Windows 10 Store and a set of links to other games by the developer. Gameplay is spread across twenty-seven levels with indications that more levels are in development.

Super Bounce Ball MazeSuper Bounce Ball Maze

The first few gaming levels are tutorial in nature where you become familiar with the gaming controls. The goal of Super Bounce Ball Maze is to guide your ball across the platform and reach the red flag. Rolling your ball to the right is done by tapping/holding the lower right corner of the gaming display. Rolling your ball to the left is done by tapping/holding the lower left corner of the gaming display. The longer you hold the screen, the faster the ball moves and when the screen is released, the ball's momentum keeps it rolling. You can tap the opposite directional control to slow the bouncy ball down to avoid rolling off the platform or into a danger.

The gaming levels include various jumps that can be used to cross pits of jagged spikes, jump across gaps and send your ball through holes in walls. If you need to slow down your ball in mid-jump, tap the opposite movement control. For example, if your ball is jumping right and you need to shorten the jump, tap the left corner of the gaming display. Time the shift in direction just right and you can reverse the direction of your ball's jump in mid-air.

Super Bounce Ball Maze

As you advance through the gaming levels, the puzzles become more challenging to solve with moving platforms to jump across, crates to move into place to create bridges over dangers and multiple jumps that have to be timed just right. Super Bounce Ball Maze tests your skills at timing, strategy, a soft touch and in many respects luck.

Super Bounce Ball Maze isn't a very complicated game to pick up and play. Gameplay does take on a casual pace with no timer, items to collect or lives to lose. If your ball meets its fate, you simply start the level over. Graphics are minimal, but look good with clean lines and just enough color to give life to a grayscale game. I would have liked to have seen the option to change up the appearance of your ball. The yellow smiley face ball works but a psychedelic (tie-dye) ball or a choice of colors would give the game a bit of variety.

Super Bounce Ball Maze

The free gaming title is ad supported with the banner ads vanishing when you start your ball in motion. This is a nice touch and keeps the gaming screen free from distractions. Super Bounce Ball Maze is available for Windows PC and Mobile, as well as Windows Phone 8.1.

The Windows 10 game may not have a lot of flash, but I found it to be a fun game to pass the time with. The only downside to Super Bounce Ball Maze is that the twenty-five levels can go by quick. Here's hoping the developer updates the game with more gaming levels soon.

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