Super Time Force

Super Time Force, one of our favorite Xbox One games released in 2014, got a major, and free, update this week that adds 50 new levels and an all new gameplay mode.

Just in case you are not familiar with Super Time Force, it's a 2D action platformer with retro graphics and some cool time bending gameplay features. So what's being added with this new Ultra update? Let's allow the game's developer Capy to explain:

This update brings you the Helladeck, 50 new super fun challenge levels that will force (pun intended) you to use your time-rewinding brain in a different way. The Ultra update also brings you the Ultra Force mode, an alternate style of time-forcing with extra-powerful, extra-asplosive versions of the Time Force team. But you gotta beat the game before you can wield this Ultra power. Oh and we added some pretty challenging achievements as well, for all you hunters.

You can download Super Time Force for the Xbox One for $14.99 and it's definitely worth checking out if you haven't played it already.

Source: Capy