Super Voltage a puzzling way to fight monsters

Super Voltage is a Windows Phone puzzle game where you race to solve puzzles.  It reminds me a little of the Windows Phone game Metro Pipes but instead of racing a clock, you're racing pesky little monsters.  Super Voltage features Koo Monsters who, when they reach the bottom of the screen, drain you of health point.

You are tasked with solving a series of puzzles and as you do, the Koo monsters are slowly working their way down your Windows Phone screen.  However, as you complete one of the puzzles, super voltage electricity power is unleashed that destroys any monster lying within it's path.  Again, if the monsters make it to the bottom of the screen, you lose health points.

Super Voltage is a fun, fast paced game that is full of challenge. It's a nice addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

The main menu of Super Voltage has options to play the game, access Koo World, access the game's options and view the game's credits. Gaming options include music/sound levels and a resetting option to wipe out the game's progress.

Koo World is where you will find options to view the game's story board, the How to Play screens, view a little information on each monster, and a handful of tips on playing the game.

The game screen for Super Voltage is a collection of tiles with various shapes. A handful of monsters are scattered about the playing field, occupying some of these tiles. Above the playing field is your gaming stats that include your score, level, a shop button, your health and coin levels. To help you battle these monsters, you can collect coins along the way that can be used to purchase bonus items from the Shop. The bonus items include health bonuses, bombs, super duper electrical charges and other tools to help wipe out the monsters.

Game play is simple... well... kinda.

You have tap the tiles to rotate the shape to build a connection between the two sides of the screen.  Tiles where a monster is sitting can not be rotated.  When you rotate the tiles and connect both sides of the screen, a super voltage electrical charge is released frying anything that is sitting on the connection. Preferably any monsters that might be sitting on those tiles. As you wipe out monsters and build connections, you earn points.

As you make the connection and destroy any monsters, additional tiles drop from the top of the screen and any surviving monsters inch a little closer to the bottom of the screen. There are six different monsters that each consume a different amount of health as they reach the bottom of the screen.

Super Voltage is a multi-level game and you advance through the levels as your points total increases. The levels progressively get more challenging and more nasty Koo monsters are released.

Super Voltage is a fun game for your Windows Phone. It's challenging enough to keep you interested and your game progress is saved to allow for short game spurts or marathon sessions.

Super Voltage is a free game that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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