Support ends for QuizUp on Windows Phone as developer Plain Vanilla Games shuts down

Windows Central has learned that support for QuizUp on Windows Phone will end. This comes as the popular trivial game's developer Plain Vanilla Games has announced plans to shut down its Iceland offices.

QuizUp launched for Windows Phone, after becoming a big success on iOS and Android, in June 2015. Since then. Plain Vanilla Games has released a number of updates for the app. It has also announced plans to work with the NBC TV network in the US on a QuizUp television show that would have debuted in March 2017.

However, The Iceland Review is now reporting that the NBC show deal fell through and as a result Plain Vanilla Games has decided to shut down. It received a statement from the company's CEO Þorsteinn B. Friðriksson:

"We placed our bets on the extensive collaboration with the television giant NBC. One could say that we placed too many eggs in the NBC basket. We have spent a lot of time and energy on developing the show. When I received the message from NBC that they were canceling the production of the show, it became clear that the conditions for further operation, without substantial changes, were gone," Þorsteinn stated.

The article adds that the QuizUp game itself will continue, but it's unknown how its future development will continue and at least for now, there is no more support for Windows Phone according to our sources.

John Callaham