Surface 3 receiving new firmware as part of its August update [Updated with change log]

We've just been made aware of an update that's currently rolling out to the Surface 3. According to Windows Update, we're looking at new firmware for August 8. Unfortunately, the update itself on our device is muddled with other updates that have yet to be installed from previous releases so we'll have to hold out until Microsoft updates its Surface Update history page to learn more.

Surface 3

You can check for updates on your Surface 3 by heading into Settings > Update & Security and hit "Check for updates". Let us know in the comments if you happen to have eagle vision and spot anything new post-updating.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Update: Microsoft has now revealed the change log (opens in new tab) for the Surface 3 firmware update. First there's what's in the new firmware for Windows 10 users:

  • Surface System Aggregator Firmware - v1.0.52500.0 improve proximity sensor for mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Surface UEFI - v1.51116.178.0 adds commercial UEFI features and improves stability of the on-screen keyboard.
  • Surface Pen Settings - v12.0.303.1 improves the stability of the pen settings and prepares for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • Intel(R) AVStream Camera - v21.10586.6053.549 improves the stability of the camera.
  • Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2401 - v21.10586.6053.549 improves the stability of the camera.
  • Microsoft Camera Front - v21.10586.6053.549 improves the stability of the camera.
  • Microsoft Camera Rear- v21.10586.6053.549 improves the stability of the camera.
  • Surface Platform Power Driver - v2.1.65.1 improves battery charging.
  • Intel(R) HD Graphics - v20.19.15.4424 improves system performance in some applications.

The 4G LTE version of the Surface 3 from Verizon also got this small addition:

  • Surface IA7260 Firmware Update - v1544.02.00.28 improves modem stability.

Surface 3 owners who are still using Windows 8.1 got these improvements:

  • Surface System Aggregator Firmware - v1.0.52500.0 improves proximity sensor for mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Surface UEFI - v1.51116.178.0 adds commercial UEFI features and improves stability of the on-screen keyboard.
  • Intel(R) HD Graphics - v20.19.15.4424 improves system performance in some applications.
  • Surface Platform Power Driver - v2.1.65.1 improves battery charging.
  • Intel(R) USB 3.0 Host Controller Adaptation Driver - v603.9600.2588.2097 improves USB device enumeration when the device resumes operation from sleep or hibernation.
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  • How come that the Intel display drivers are not send to other devices/PC's like the surface. All PC's i have been at i can manually go into device manager and update drivers for display adapter and surprise, there is an update for the driver. In the old windows update i could actually see then available. And since based on previous notes from here on the site, it fixes stability issues.
  • Just download and install from the Intel website. Works well, there are tutorials how to do this.
  • I know. but if they send it out through windows update, and did it in the past also, why not now. I also use intel download page, but if MS also puts them on winupdate, why not for all.
  • That usually doesn't work. At least for Surface's. Can only update through Windows Update.
  • Not true:
  • Ah, stupid me. This is just the 3 w/o the PRO (headbang). Sorry guys!
  • Bluescreened on restart =D
    Edit: Soft reset did the trick
  • How do you soft reset the S3? Or do you mean you did a cold reboot (hold the power button 30 sec)?
  • Less than 10 did the trick, but yes that's what I meant
  • Yeah, I think "30 seconds" really means "at least 5 seconds." :-)
  • Haha yea ;)
  • Hope we will get the Anniversary update for mobile phones today.
  • +1
  • +1 week
  • HeHe :)
  • Don't hold your breath maybe next week.
  • Unlocked Lumia 830 here.
  • Hope to get 950xl firmware first! Running insider so can live without RS1 flight
  • Hope we get comments completely unrelated to the article today. Oh look, we already did.
  • Fish.
  • Running AU on 950 right now!
  • What does that have to do with a firmware update for Surface 3 I wonder?
  • Will get around midnight here in India.
  • Are you confirm? What's the source?
  • Now it's confirmed that its not coming today.
  • I downloaded the intel driver update and firmware update, and have noticed some black screen-flashes like my surface used to do a while ago... So I've reset it again and am hoping it goes away.. We'll see. Anyone else have this issue ?
  • Not seeing any firmware update here. Deployment in phases?
  • Yeah, I don't have it either. I'm guessing it's being rolled out. Last fall I waited several weeks to get a cumulative update, despite having MS hardware and being an Insider. MS moves in mysterious ways. :-) But the update is available on the S3 download page:
  • Received my update last night... No issues here
    Got an intel driver update via winupdate a few days ago and nonissues there either
    Keep it up MS, loving my Surface 3
  • I had 2 bluescreens during the updates, (quite worrying,) but eventually updated properly...
  • That *is* worrying, but at the same time impressive that it completed successfully despite two BSODs.
  • What about the GB/FR update for the damned 950xl!!!! Still no sign.
  • And what about all the other updates that have nothing do with the subject of this articel too?
  • "Unfortunately, the update itself on our device is muddled with other updates that have yet to be installed from previous releases so we'll have to hold out until Microsoft updates its Surface Update history page to learn more." Why so? You can check the Event Viewer and see what the firmware update consists of in there.
  • All devices by Microsoft are getting firmware update... And here i am with 640xl which didnt get a single firmware since i bought it a year back!
  • The 640 and 640 XL did get one or two in its early days. Anyway, is there something wrong with it? Why do you want a firmware update?
  • There are few bugs. I cant hide the navigation bar for 8.1 apps even on anniversary update, the bar goes down but that space is always blank. And another issue is that the brightness goes high every time before the screen times out. And i've also seen some display issue in edge which is not fixed since first W10M launch, happens rare in anniversary update but its still there.
  • Most, if not all of those are OS issues not firmware.
  • No. I have other phones, they dont have these problems... These are device specific problems which should be fixed through firmware. Few months back Gabe Aul said that display in Edge problem had been fixed long back then how is it still there only on a specific device? Even 535 has different problems of its own which is not on my 640xl. Only firmware can fix it.
  • The navigation bar issue Which you are talking about is not a firmware problem.its common to all devices which have on screen buttons. Because they are Silverlight based apps and need to get updated for windows 10.
  • Nope. My 535 hides it completely! Without any issue. And i've seen new phones like 950s, 550 and 650 also hides it.
  • Finally the Surface logo keeps showing on the screen while the system is loading. I know that doesn't change anything, but my Surface Pro 3 always did that. The Surface 3 got a firmware update last year and it showed the Windows blue logo while loading every time.
  • My S3 has always shown the Surface logo and I've kept up with all the updates.
  • may be cooincidental but there seems to be a sleep/power problem now that I didnt have before.
  • Has anybody had any luck getting the anniversary update for the surface 3? I keep getting a not enough space error, even though i have plenty.
  • I had no problems whatsoever getting AU on my Surface 3 WiFi 4GB.
  • No problems at all with the AU or the firmware update.
  • I'm in Michigan and got the firmware update this morning. I was able to download and install without problems, although I wish there were notes as to what was being updated.
  • After firmware update I have lost all my tiles? they are sort of there but you can see the desktop through them and cant make out which tile is which just square boxes? can I roll back?? useless like this no start menu neither??
  • Updates installed fine on my S3. No problems. Now back to all the OT phone, etc comments. :-)
  • Surface Pro 2 hasn't received any firmware updates for a while, and the rotation sensor drivers could really use an update as they keep freezing in Windows 10.
  • Mine BSOD during setup as others have noted, but otherwise seems to have installed fine. I still find the Windows Ink button mapping very finicky. Nascar Raceview (a Unity3d plug-in WebApp) seemed to run moderately better in Firefox, so the IntelHD driver must have helped that.  
  • Smooth update and I am really, really enjoying.y surface 3 I won from WP. Thank you all again :). It is a daily used item, like my surface RT/2 was. I love the form and size of these... I don't really need apps other than the browser. I did not think I would get a s3 since I bought the sp3... But that was just two big for personal use... But it is docked everyday at thr office. I am happy they released the firmware updates even though they are discontinuing the s3. I will have the s3 for a long time. Btw, I am glad thr anniversary update brought back swipe to go back... Finally the windows tablet is as good as it used to be :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I bought the Surface 3 for my wife as a replacement for an old circa-2007 Core 2 Duo E6320 1.86GHz machine - both have 4GB RAM.  That old machine was upgraded with a 5-year old Samsung 830 128GB SSD in 2011.  That ancient system feels SO much faster than the Surface 3 that my wife notices it and reminds me.  The culprit is the SLOW eMMC flash that has a write speed of 30MB/s, which is VERY slow even compared to some standard HDD (non-SSD drives).  When you are updating an Excel spreadsheet with even simple formulas it takes a moment for the process to complete due to the write speed cap.  The CPU is not pegged and there is plenty of memory available - the file is installed locally. If I was aware of the eMMC speed limitations I would have saved up a bit more and bought the SP3 or SP4 (or even a refurbished SP2).  She is not a power-user by any means, but most people will notice the eMMC slowness, even compared to a 5-year old SSD on an ancient SATAII (3Gb/s) interface.  For most tasks the machine performs well enough but the eMMC choice limits the device's potential - I do regret purchasing the Surface 3 - perhaps a refurbished SP2 would have been more appropriate for a similar price.
  • I agree that the surface is pretty slow sometimes. But i bought it instead of the pro because of its size. But I will probably buy a surfacebook when (if) they arrive in sweden.
  • Yea for most tasks for the average user the Surface 3 is adequate, but there are moments where it bogs down that can be infuriating.  Good thing I don't use it myself (just to maintain it and help her with tasks).  If they do make another Surface (non-pro) I hope they use NVMe for the storage and offer options for 8GB of RAM.  These days 4GB is just barely sufficient, 8GB is great for most average users and 16GB is preferred for power users or those that use a variety of browsers with many tabs.  I like to mess with VMs so I have 32GB installed and I rarely go beyond 24GB usage.  When my son is old enough I will give him the Surface 3 as a gift and learning tool and upgrade my wife to a SP4 or better.