Surface app updated with new battery level section for Microsoft accessories

Microsoft's official Surface app (opens in new tab) is already a handy tool for customizing different settings for your Surface device, but a recent update has also made it a little handier for any Microsoft accessories you might own. The latest version of the Surface app now includes a dedicated battery level section for Microsoft Bluetooth accessories, letting you get an overall glimpse at how much longer each has left before it's in need of some more power.

On the new page, represented in the sidebar by a battery icon, you'll see any currently connected Microsoft accessories listed along with their battery level listed as a percentage, a serial number (if applicable), and the time since each was last checked. Compatible accessories include things like the Surface Pen and Surface Dial, as well as the Microsoft Surface Mouse and Ergonomic Keyboard.

It's a small addition, but a nice feature to have nonetheless. It looks as though the new page started rolling out with an update within the past couple of weeks, but it would likely be easily missed if you don't spend much time in the Surface app. In any case, if you own a Surface and want to check the new page out for yourself, make sure to grab the latest version of the Surface app on the Windows Store.

Thanks, Viktor, for the tip!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • For the pen, it looks like you need SP4 pen or newer, as the SP3 pen is not detected despite being paired over Bluetooth. Also they changed teh Pen presure configuration, with advanced mode and basic mode. Complete with pen presure graph
  • Have had this for weeks 🤔
  • Have had this for weeks 🤔
  • The app does indicate that it won't work with the original pen. My SP3 has the pen that came with it.. S3 has a thinner version of the pen that I purchased along with the S3. It, too, is the old version with the two buttons on the side. Interestingly enough, neither of my Arc Touch Mice are detected by the app. Like the pens, the mice were bought along with the other items. So...either the ATM doesn't share info via Bluetooth, or, the mouse was updated at some point to share data with the device that it is paired with. So, as things stand, the new feature won't add anything to either of my Surfaces without me having to purchase a new pair of pens, and possibly, two new ATMs.
  • I've seen the battery indicator on my Surface 3 with my pen for a few months now.  Not exactly sure what pen it is, but it's a few years old.