If you are using a new Surface Book, or Surface Pro 4 make sure you go and check Windows Update. Each device is now receiving a System hardware update: 12/17/15 to help make their keyboards work better.

Unfortunately, neither of these updates appear to address the battery drainage issue associated with Connected Standby. However, there are some brief changelogs for each, and they seem to fix issues when removing the Type Cover and typing on the Surface Book.

Here is what is new:

Surface Book

  • Surface Base Firmware Update (v1.1.421.0) improves touchpad and keyboard experience.

Surface Pro 4

  • Surface Pro 4 Firmware Update (v1.1.420.0) enhances stability with Surface Pro 4 Type Cover.

The Surface Pro 4 has had some issues in the past where removing the Type Cover and re-attaching causing problems with the mouse cursors and other modes for Continuum. Hopefully, this update addresses that issue.

Regarding the Surface Book, obviously the description is a little vague, but there have been similar reports when detaching the Clipboard and re-attaching as well.

If you get the update, let us know in comments if it fixes your issues with either device.

Source: Microsoft

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