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Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 receive stability improvements for Type Cover, touchpad and typing

If you are using a new Surface Book, or Surface Pro 4 make sure you go and check Windows Update. Each device is now receiving a System hardware update: 12/17/15 to help make their keyboards work better.

Unfortunately, neither of these updates appear to address the battery drainage issue associated with Connected Standby. However, there are some brief changelogs for each, and they seem to fix issues when removing the Type Cover and typing on the Surface Book.

Here is what is new:

Surface Book

  • Surface Base Firmware Update (v1.1.421.0) improves touchpad and keyboard experience.

Surface Pro 4

  • Surface Pro 4 Firmware Update (v1.1.420.0) enhances stability with Surface Pro 4 Type Cover.

The Surface Pro 4 has had some issues in the past where removing the Type Cover and re-attaching causing problems with the mouse cursors and other modes for Continuum. Hopefully, this update addresses that issue.

Regarding the Surface Book, obviously the description is a little vague, but there have been similar reports when detaching the Clipboard and re-attaching as well.

If you get the update, let us know in comments if it fixes your issues with either device.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Doesn't fix the issue where booting the SP4 with the type cover folded back takes several minutes. :(
  • Odd, they finally fixed that for sp3 a couple of months ago.
  • I read about that, but SP4 is somehow different enough. Or maybe it's the new Type Covers. Never had any issues on SP2.
  • i have this issue on sp2. fold back the cover and the screen goes black and it takes 15-20 secomds for the the device to resond to the power button to turn the screen on. doesn't happen every time but very annoying.
  • Wow, really!? Never knew about such problem existed...then again, I'm using a SP2.
  • Seems faster. Do I win a prize? ;)
  • Unfortunately not. We have prizes just for "when in India". Maybe later bro :)
  • Lol
  • Soon.
  • Yes I can confirm that a 'I Love windows Server 2008' tee shirt will be winging it's way to you
  • Wow is there ANYTHING released by Msoft that isnt half baked ?
  • I don't consider my Surface Pro 2 half-baked...hardware is still running good as new booting up in meh 8 seconds, supports most of the latest Windows 10 features and continues to get security updates for various applications.
  • Yeah, any company that ever updates a product is just saying they did it wrong the first time. I totally respect you for not touching anything of this sort ever. So very brave of you.
  • Call it "not optimized", sounds better ;)
    Anyway it s better than a never updated phone (Samsung) or a toy (apple).
  • As a current WP enthusiast Im just really past the boiling point waiting for Msoft to release THAT update that fixes this and that CONSTANTLY. Let me emphasize, you purchase a WP device putting yourself against the odds with a huge vote of confidence towards the ecosystem only to find yourself 2/3 years down the road reading about how Msoft keeps promising what they cant deliver with each new device being released. To me that is half baked.
  • I have yet to encounter a modern tech product that just works perfectly out of the box. Modern machines are incredibly complicated and these bugs are part of the normal manufacturing cycle. Over time, they will get sorted out but new devices will definitely have certain apparent deficiencies. Would you rather own a device that's has few flaws but is seldom updated or one with more flaws but gets more updates? Also. You're not making a sacrifice. You buy a product because it fits your needs. You're not supporting a multi-billion dollar corporation by buying a $2000 product. Buy what works for you, not for anyone else.
  •   Thanks for bringing sanity to this discussion. SP3 was chided for having been released at the tail end of the processor's life ... MS probably could have done the same here and provided a more stable product, but instead they jumped in with both feet and used the latest and greatest processors, knowing there would be issues to address. I think they mad the right choice. In the past I bought computers from a number of major companies that were full of bugs that were NEVER addressed, even though the companies were totally aware of the issues. MS fixes their bugs. Sure, it doesn't happen as quickly as we'd like, but they release regular updates, fixing things over time. My SP3 is rock solid. Fast. Furious. And fun. And it even works with the new accessories, so I'm a really happy camper. And though it's over a year and a half old, they're still providing fixes. I know who I'm buying my next computer from.  
  • I wish they can software fix light bleeding too.
  • That won't happen it's the assembly :(
  • I change my settings to turn off Wi-Fi in standby and hibernate the SP4 after cover has been closed 15min while on battery. I'm now happy my battery is not draining in standby. Of course it is no longer connected but that is ok for my computer. I only need connected standby on my phone.
  • Hoping they fix the excessive fan on issue
  • Dust maybe?
  • Turn on passive cooling, the fan will only kick on when it's needed.
  • ? Are you refering to any special option? My fan is on a bit too much as well. The computer is not even very hot but the fan is running.
  • sorta off topic but is anyone having issues with wifi / download speeds on their sp4? i tested my internet speeds and i get 150Mb/s with but then when i go to download games off Steam, my speed is always dropping to 0kb/s every 2-3 seconds.
  • That should help Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • thank you so much. i thought there mightve been something wrong with the wifi card
  • Love my SP4m3 no issues fan, better processor for the device..wonderful.
  • Same here!  My experience with my SP4 the past few weeks has been nothing short of fantastic.  And it's only getting better.  /futuresobrightIgottawearshades
  • Anyone notice restarts take longer now, There are now 3 separate "progress rings" on warm reboots. Cold boots dont do this