Surface Duo 2 appears on Geekbench with Snapdragon 888 and 8GB RAM

Surface Duo 2 Unofficial Render
Surface Duo 2 Unofficial Render (Image credit: WindowsUnited)

What you need to know

  • Geekbench results have revealed some specs on the upcoming Surface Duo 2.
  • They confirm a Snapdragon 888 and 8GB RAM are present.
  • The device also runs Android 11, as expected.

Microsoft is just about ready to announce its next generation Surface Duo, so it should come as no surprise to hear that the device has now shown up on Geekbench (via MySmartPrice) confirming earlier reports around what kind of processor and RAM it will have. The Geekbench result confirms that Surface Duo 2 has a Snapdragon 888 processor paired with 8GB RAM, a nice upgrade over the Snapdragon 855 and 6GB RAM found in the first Surface Duo.

The Geekbench results don't reveal much apart from Android 11 being onboard and the performance scores, earning a modest 1091 in single-core and 3517 in multi-core matching other Snapdragon 888 devices on the market. Earlier this year, images of a near-final Surface Duo 2 prototype leaked which revealed a new triple camera lens setup on the exterior of the device.

Surface duo 2 Leak

Source: YouTube: Tech Rat (Image credit: Source: YouTube: Tech Rat)

Windows Central understands that camera design and layout is final, and is what customers should expect to see ship when Surface Duo 2 is announced in the coming weeks. The camera array consists of a 12MP standard lens, a telephoto lens, and an ultrawide lens bringing it in-line with other flagship phones on the market.

With Surface Duo 2, Microsoft plans to highlight key features and enhancemens that make it a better phone. This includes things like NFC, lift to wake, bigger displays with higher-refresh rate, a larger battery, and the new cameras. Microsoft is expected to unveil the new Surface Duo in the coming weeks, likely towards the end of September into early October.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Surface Duo 2 so far? Wil you be upgrading from a Surface Duo 1 or buying into Duo for the first time with Duo 2? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Camera's a deal-breaker for me... It's gonna be too thick to pocket carry the Duo folded with the screens outward, which has been my preference with the current phone.
  • I think it's a bit unwise to judge size/how it feels based on photos alone. In my long experience in covering hardware, images are quite deceiving from the actual experience.
  • But still it is unlikely to close completely in that posture right?
  • If you use the bumper case, it doesn't completely close now. There is a gap. I wonder how it will lay flat on a table. I put my Duo down constantly and would be annoyed if it's wobbly. Personally, I rarely fold my Duo into the 180 posture ...but that's just me.
  • Right now it doesn't completely close (open?) if you use the bumper, but it does have bumper contact all the way around. With this configuration the top will be stopped by the camera bump, but the bottom will have a gap the height of the camera bump. That would seem to result in some leverage if you squeezed at the non-bump end. That warping could crack glass it would seem. If a new bumper was the height of the camera bump and was that height the length of the outside edge, that would mitigate that. (hope that made sense).
  • They'll probably bundle it with a bumper that wraps around the camera bump nicely.
  • Perhaps, but given they only have you one color of bumper last time, and the replacements were a little pricey (for what they were), that's not a great solution. I personally don't like the colors they use for the bumpers, so hopefully there would be decent third-party options.
  • Because I'm a self-confessed tech geek...and because I love my Duo...I actually did the following: 1. Assume that the new camera bump is 3mm
    2. A U.S. penny is 1.55mm. Take 4 of them and create two stacks of two pennies each. Tape it together and you now have an object about 3mm thick and about the length of the camera set up on a Galaxy Note 10.
    3. Tape the 4 penny package to the back of your Duo.
    4. Fold the screens all the way back into 'Phone posture' and experiment. My findings: obviously will not fold flat but, not that much thicker than current Duo w/ bumper...the real problem for me is that in this posture, if I type on the screen, the bottom of the screen (where the keyboard is displayed) flexes. It's just plain physics...the camera bump acts as a fulcrum. Now, will that be enough to damage the hinges or flex the screen to crack over time...who knows? If this is the final design it will certainly not be as elegant as SD1 but, personally, I'll probably still buy one as I love the experience...even if it is a little less positive than SD1.
  • Nice research and investigation. You bring up a good point, I would definitely be worried about pressing too hard on the opposite corner breaking this glass build. I don't think typical typing would break it, but accidentally sitting on it, or it gets dropped just wrong and I can see the fulcrum pressure in the hinges possibly breaking the glass. If it was a metal build, I wouldn't be worried at all.
  • If you already have a Duo 1 w/ the bumper case, the cam will probably add 2mm. Technically it's bigger but functionally, not much changes. If 2mm is your deal breaker, okay. For me, it's just simply ugly now. The D1 is very elegant and the D2 loses some aesthetics. But all phones are ugly so it is what it is, I guess.
  • I agree with you on the ugly comment. For me the white phone with a black bump visually magnifies the weird proportions this bump makes. If they had centered it vertically I think it would have been a bit better aesthetically and functionally to prevent breakage when folded back on itself. As it stands now, it looks haphazardly slapped on. It feels like it was engineered, not designed. The black version seems to hide the bump proportions better. Hopefully this phone makes it to version 3 where I've planned to buy it. I've just been burned too many times on version 2 products with Microsoft.
  • Dude, that camera is only 2.3mm thick. That's negligible; like a sunflower seed stuck in your pocket.. It only matters if you wear yoga pants. Now, you don't wear yoga pants, my bro,, do you?
  • mmm yoga pants
  • too thick? when folded, a Surface Duo is barely thicker than any candybar phone. the camera bump is no bigger than any camera bump on any multi-camera phone.
  • Yeah, being able to fold the Duo back flat was part of the appeal and genius of the Duo. This feels like a step back, like a version one of the device and the original feels like a version two of the device. Hopefully the rest of the device will be much improved for those who get it but I will be passing because of the camera design decision.
  • Ditto. The Duo 1 was an elegant device, and I never had a bumper on it precisely because it ruined the aesthetics. So all the people saying 'it won't be that much worse than with the bumper on it' are missing the point. Hopefully, v3 figures out a better solution.
  • I still don't understand why they didn't make that side a tiny bit thicker to set the camera flush. Would have also given them more room for a bigger battery or a stylus slot.
  • It already gets a bigger battery in v2. A much bigger one.
  • Bigger battery is big news!!
  • This is good news, amazed they could squeeze it in...
  • Tiny bit thicker? It would have to be significantly thicker to get rid of that camera bump, and nobody would like that either.
  • Not really. You could add 1mm of thickness and rearrange internals and probably have room to mount flush and still have room for larger battery.
  • Perhaps another part is behind the camera that cannot be moved as easily. Or maybe it would feel off if both sides have different thicknesses.
  • I can definitely live with the camera bump. As it is, I already use the Duo 1 with the bumper case anyway, and it does not fold fully 'flush', but the margin is hardly an issue. Barely noticeable.
    This is a good direction imho, now they can focus all their resources on polishing and perfecting the software, without getting distracted with hardware 'shortcomings', like camera quality.
    Getting Duo 2 day one!
  • DUAL SIM!!! Duo 1 doesn't allow eSIM and physical SIM to operate at same time. I wish they would fix that.
  • Pretty sure that was a limit of the architecture of the older chip platform that 888 doesn't suffer from.
  • Don’t think that’s true actually, google has supported dual sim with physical and embedded since pixel 3a
  • It doesn't matter that it could technically do it with the 888, Microsoft will have the 2nd SIM disabled in the US per request of carriers. Just like every single other Android phone on the market. This continues to be the only reason I cannot use an Android phone in the US.
  • There are plenty of phones with dual SIM functionality in the US. Not sure what you're saying here.
  • GothardJ2 - even OnePlus recently abandoned dual sim JUST in the USA per pressure of carriers. The carriers in the USA have way too much say in the design and functionality of smartphones which constrain the end user's experience in the name of more profit for the carrier. Yes there are dual sim phones in the USA but it is often only the unlocked versions NOT purchased from the carriers that feature dual sim. Here's a great write up from Android Central detailing the issue. Although I disagree greatly with his comment that we don't need dual sim in the USA. I have a dual sim phone. One SIM is my work number, one is my personal number, both use the same carrier. It is indispensable to me to have a dual sim phone. But carriers just care about the bottom line, not so much your daily experience and needs.
  • This. 100%. I purchased a OnePlus solely for the Dual-SIM that was promised in their new phone (then revoked in US phones after the launch). So I purchased a Samsung phone that advertised Dual-SIM... Turns out that doesn't work in the US either... So I ended up porting my work number to Google Voice. It's not ideal. I'm sad.
  • Cannot wait for this phone. Had the Duo 1 for 4-5 months and missed a camera plus "laggyness" on the first... this will fix it all!
  • I like my Duo 1, so mostly I'm waiting to see what Android 11 brings to Duo 1, if anything. After throughly understanding Android 11 on Duo 1 (and Duo 2, if it's different for some unexpected reason), then I'll consider hardware on Duo 2. It's been said, the issue with Duo is software.
  • Have we ever heard anything about stereo speakers on the Duo 2?
  • Seems like a very obvious non-story. The only other SoC that MIGHT have been viable would be an 870 (which some might argue as a better option because it doesn't have the same thermal issues as the 888). I'm much more keen on what its base storage will be and if it'll give us back microSD support and the price.
  • I have been planning to get the Duo 2. I truly wish the bump wasn't there. I've never been that into "phone" photography, though my old Lumia on Verizon did make taking picture more rewarding.
    Hoping that the pricing stays constant and doesn't jump another $200.
  • I really hope they make awesome pureview style cameras and I still miss Windows phone too
  • I'd like to get a Duo 2 but I'm still not sure whether I'm prepared to do without wireless charging or not. NFC is more important but I'm heavily invested in Qi and love the convenience so we'll see. My major concern is not so much the aesthetics of the camera but whether it will be awkward to take photos. I suspect that it will but I'll wait for the reviews, particularly from actual users, before making a final decision.
  • I'm also fond of wireless charging, and also phones under $1000, so this is probably a pass for me. But I have to say the design of the original was brilliant, and I am looking forward to hearing more about this.
  • Does the surface duo use Google Pay or Microsoft Pay?
  • Sounds like a buy to me.
    I'm perfectly fine with the camera bump. Does it look awesome? No, but no camera bump does.
    The fact that it doesn't fold back flat doesn't bug me either, really as I mostly use it in book mode.
    Given that other foldables don't fold back at all, it's still miles ahead, at least I my book.
  • enjoy another 1500 wasted purchase. just because it has an 888 and 8GB ram does not mean android still wont suck.
  • So by your logic, every non-iPhone phone is a "wasted purchase"? What "sucks" about Android? I'm genuinely curious where you're coming from.
  • Well Windows Phone ran smooth on any type of hardware Android can be buggy
  • Really? Windows Phone? You gotta let it go. I've been using Android for the last couple of years. It's been great and no more buggy than Windows Phone was for me over the years. Actually, Android 10/11 runs better than W10M ever did.
  • Some trash tied Android might be buggy, but it isn’t 2012. Most of the flagships are solid. I just switched to iPhone from a One Plus 8 and there really isn’t any stability issues on either side. My last Windows Phone, a 640 on Windows 10M, was a buggy mess. Worst phone I have ever used.
  • Interesting. I loved my 640xl. I don't remember any bugs on that phone. My 640xl was the best phone I have ever had in that time period. Android ain't bad, but in it's day, W10M was way ahead of android.
  • I will, thanks!
    I enjoyed the SD 1 and expect the same from the 2
  • I've been holding out for this. Can't wait for it to be released.
  • I'm in for duo 2! First duo is perfect for me but the bugs, somewhat limited performance, and bad camera can not be upgraded with software. Only V2 hardware can solve most of the issues I have had so far. I hope the bump color will match the color of the phone. Also, the camera performance better be good. But it can not just be a hardware bump in this category. It has to be special just as the lumia photo app was on the 1020 for example. The point is, if having a second screen on when taking a photo with a set of three lenses and a good sensor, there got to be something that makes it enjoyable on the software end. Just like the gaming controls to be more precise...
  • I'd probably upgrade my Duo1 simply just to have. Android OS is growing on me.
  • Everyone, samsung's galaxy fold 3 has a wobble too if you have the case with the s-pen. It's not a big deal everyone.
  • I hate the design. There was a concept with a cut-out on the other side so, even with a camera bump, the device could close with the screens out. Which seems essential for this design to work when you fold it flat (which is now impossible). So no thank you. I would've gotten the first Duo if it had 8gb and better speakers. Now I'm going to forget about getting one.
  • The black Duo 2 looks much better I think than this white one.
  • Hopefully they price this to be competitive. They can’t be more than $1,000 if they want to compete with Samsung. The Galaxy Fold devices are catching on with 800,000 pre-orders! Microsoft’s budget form factor needs to be priced accordingly or will be totally ignored again.
  • I'd be willing to bet that it'll be more expensive than the recent Folds. I will be really surprised if it's not the same or more than the original Duo 1. I will be equally surprised as to why MS will think that's a good idea.
  • If it is in the $1500 range then they should kill it now. Dual screen is the budget foldable form factor, it can’t compete with a true folding screen without being substantially cheaper. If they want this to be adopted, they need to come out very aggressively. $799 or $899 would make it interesting. $100-$200 over the base price of a One Plus 9 is sufficient to cover a second screen and hinge. They aren’t exotic components at all.
  • Other single screen flagship phones cost more than $799. How can MS manufacture two screens for cheaper than a single screen devices? lol.
  • He lives in a fantasy world where he can make up economics while pretending to be a hardware engineer and running his own tech company.
  • No one is making up economics. If Microsoft can't price their budget hardware accordingly, then they shouldn't bother. Dual screen isn't a great form factor and Samsung's folding screen is already catching on. Pre-orders for the Fold 3 have been huge. Microsoft can only compete on price as this phone doesn't have the technology to be priced at $1500.
  • On the other hand it is cheaper than Fold 3 while being much thinner/sleeker and still having great specs and likely a competitive camera this time around, not to mention a bigger screen in a more compact form factor.
  • Except it isn’t a bigger screen, it is two separate small screens. The low rent foldable form factor, which greatly decreases the possible use cases.
  • OP9 is $700 with same specs. Adding another screen and simple hinge shouldn't be more than $200. Less if Microsoft wants any chance of the device selling and the form factor catching on.
  • $1200 is competitive in my mind. $1000 would be awesome. $799? that's a dream world in 2021.
  • Duo 2 is a small (8") Oled tablet braked in two.
    So price can and should be on the range of 700$ to 1100$. I must be substantially cheaper than Z plip hardware cost wise. Surface Dou price in Microsoft store now is 699$. The price of Dou 2 must be and can be below 1000$.
  • Z Fold you mean (which is 1800 $), Z Flip is just a candybar phone when unfolded and not a mini tablet.
  • I'd be willing to bet that it won't be more expensive than the recent Folds. I'd also be willing to bet you (and @bleached) will still complain about price. Finally, I'd be willing to bet ya'll will proclaim that the Duo 2 is a failure.
  • "I'd be willing to bet that it'll be more expensive than the recent Folds. "
    Fold 3 is $1,800. This will be a few hundred cheaper than that. I don't see the comparison to the Z Flip. They have the same CPU, that's about it.
  • The Z Flip is literally a Duo Mini without the low rent gap in the screen. They are doing the same thing just at different sizes. Bigger screen that folds to fit in a pocket. As the Duo is using old technology and not cutting edge like the Folds, it should be priced accordingly. Classic Microsoft, they will likely make the Duo insanely expensive, and as such, reviews and adoption will be poor.
  • I don't mind the addition of the camera bump itself. I just wish it would be the same color as the phone. There's no need to have it stand out so much.
  • The black phone had it the same colour in the leaked pictures.
  • Agreed. I'd buy the black version as it matches the camera bump and looks far more polished. The white phone with a black camera bump is like the greyish plastic bumpers on an entry level Jeep. It just looks unfinished.
  • It's going to need an external screen for that camera to be much use. No one is going to want to have to unfold the device to take a picture. Too many steps in our point and click world. I think an outer screen for notifications and taking pics will be the big reveal.
  • Button to Lauch camera on the lock screen is all I'd need, really.
  • Double click power button.
  • " No one is going to want to have to unfold the device to take a picture."
    Maybe, but the bigger point is it's much easier to use in V2 than it was in V1 and the results are better too. That's progress.
  • It's definitely progress, but without an external screen it's still awkward to use.
  • I do not like the external screens so far, to narrow. I think it might be easier to unfold the device a bit and just use 1 screen only. Maybe a camera button would be helpful (like on new Nokia hmd phones where y0u press the button once to initiate the camera and another time to make a photo).
  • Doesn't an external screen negate the fact that the phone folds 360 degrees for single screen use? Why would it need to do that if you had an external screen for single screen use?
  • I agree with you, but it depends what sort of external display you go with. If it's a large, flashy, 120Hz screen, then yes, there's a high chance that people will not use the internal screens as much. I'm thinking about the Fold 3. The external screen is good enough to the point where users might stop opening the device after the novelty wears off. If, however, they go down the same design route as the Flip 3, with a small screen that's just big enough to act as a decent viewfinder, with a notification centre and quick actions, then it'll be just enough to make the phone useable without always opening it, but too small to do anything meaningful on. A 2" screen across the width of the device would do the trick :)
  • Alright, I agree with you there a small screen for minor notifications, quick actions and such would be a functional addition. I think a 2" screen is a backstep for a cell phone camera viewfinder especially if they follow the flip 3 design. A 2" screen like the flip 3 is horizontal in the portrait position. So the portrait viewfinder will have massive black bars left and right and a rather small image. Turn the phone horizontal to take a landscape picture but now the screen is vertical. Again you have even bigger black bars and an even smaller image. It's sadly makes for a terrible experience. It's always better to omit the option than provide a terrible option.
  • Exact reason I got rid if mine. Not NFC used watch for that but taking pics of my kiddos was cumbersome. And never felt like I could trust my kids with phone without it breaking.
  • as long as one of the physical buttons can act as a camera button
  • Agreed that would be nice, like a 2nd press to make a photo.
  • The power button on version 1 already acts as the camera button. I would think V2 would be the same.
  • Double tap power button to open camera and volume down for the shutter? Is that how it works like on other Androids?
  • Why are you asking how it works? Like, what do you even care? You hate the device, don't you? Why would anyone even comment and ask as many questions as you do about Duo if they thought every aspect of the device is all wrong? Because you're a pathetic troll who has no business here, no life, no friends. Nothing. And, what's even more messed up about you is you've been the same way for years. It's pretty obvious your life is stagnated in complete misery, and it's strange you have a need to express that misery on social media. SMDH 🤦🏿‍♂️ In all honesty, what's your point? 🤔
  • You weren’t clear, you didn’t answer his question. The power button isn’t for the shutter, which is what he was asking about. I was just trying to nicely confirm it. Never said I hated the Duo. It just isn’t viable. Dual screen devices aren’t worth the trade-offs, which is why no one but Microsoft is still pursuing them.
  • Yes but is easy to miss press when in a hurry.
  • Maybe I'm having a dummy moment here, but why would you need "lift to wake" on a surface duo?
  • External screen 😉 I really think Microsoft are holding back for a surprise reveal, and I think an external screen would be it. It would explain the lift to wake feature and also make that big camera a whole lot more useful
  • That would make sense. I remember one guy saying there was a "surprise" that hadn't been revealed.
  • If you fold the phone completely open 360 degrees into single screen mode, and then set the phone down on a table. It then turns off. Lift to wake will wake the phone that is open on the table.
  • Surface Duo 2 won't fold 360 degrees.
  • Correct it will be 355 degrees
  • 355 degrees is nowhere near the 365 degree hinge Panos promised.
  • That's not Duo 2. User feedback was, we'd rather have better camera.
  • 365 degrees is physically not possible, 1 screen would have go through the other.
  • That’s why it was funny!
  • You could have it folded into "phone mode" or have it folded completely open, or even have it sitting on a table, like a laptop. It'd be neat if you could actually do that and have an always-on display that was like a digital clock on a nightstand, as your alarm.
  • I still think making the device a little thicker would potentially solve some of the issues relating to the camera bump, battery, nfc usbc crack etc. For me the thinness of the device was sexy but didn't make up for the practicality issues. I still think the software, screen size/aspect and lack of pen storage are bigger issues for me at least. Here's a thought...make one half detachable so you can take it out for short trips and the whole device bigger but more powerful. Now that would be my dream windows phone.....
  • So you want this phone?
  • That would either be terribly balanced (since the "bigger, more powerful" half would weigh more) or it would collectively bee too heavy to be practical. At that point, you risk making something where the removable side is more forgettable than detachable.
  • Can we please get 16gb of Ram?... Well, I know it's probably not necessary, and it's too late.
  • It's been fine with 6, but I do think 12 is the current set spot for Android.
  • They should have just made both sides thicker with a bigger battery to compensate for the camera hump.
  • Not sure, they would result in a very large device that is possibly not pocketable.
  • I am pretty sure I will be a day 1 order. Camera bump is smaller than perceived as I can see from the comments,. Build quality for me was okay until a month ago when I dropped the phone for the first time. My driveway is not a phone's friend but the USB C had already had the plastic pieces broken off from front pocket wear and tear. Oh, and the phone - my day 1 Duo 1 is a crappy phone but usable. and does most all else comfortably and elegantly. Strangely I still get compliments, well I don't, Surface does. Now I just gotta figure out how I am going to carry and attach a slim pen.
  • My Duo is a dedicated eBook now, mostly only use it for that purpose, i still carry it with me daily, along side a Pixel 5, reading books, was to be honest, my main reason for picking up the Duo, so i will pass on the Duo 2, and wait for the third, currently the software is the main problem with the Duo, still buggy and not fully optimised, and the Microsoft Launcher on the Duo is half baked, with some features simply turned off, options that can be enabled on other devices, which is just plain stupid, i still believe Microsoft is on a winner with this device, just hope they give it time to grow, and give current owners of the first generation some love with Android 11 soon.
  • What is the benefit of reading books on the Duo when you can only read one page at a time? Seriously!
  • Well, you probably only read comics so you might not understand. But, depending on what I'm reading I sometimes glance on the previous page for referance, and this is easier with two pages up. Also, it gives a more old school book like feeling. I also do this on my desktop. I would not say it's a deal breaker for single display devices, but if you own a dual display device then it's better in my opinion, and if you read a lot and have the money, well....
  • This feels more natural (it is a better experience). I would not solely buy a Duo for it but it certainty is a boon for e-readers.
  • Ummm...unless you are some sort of robot, all human beings can only read one page at a time. See every iteration of the Kindle ever produced. That said, the reading experience on a Duo is 100x more natural and 'book feeling' in that it's physical stature is like a book...I ALWAYS have two pages up, one on each screen, and turn those pages with the same motion as a physical book. Maybe you've hurt your brain trying to read to pages at the same time elsewhere ;-)
  • That isn’t anywhere near worthwhile for the trade offs that a dual screen device demands. That is why Duo didn’t catch on and Microsoft is the only OEM still pursuing the form factor.
  • Nice attempt to redirect...your incorrect, trolling statement implied that Duo was not a good eReader because you could only read one page at a time. Obviously false.
  • I am going to ask, maybe, the obvious question...and ask opinions to whey in..
    SD2 has a camera on the outside. OK.
    It will folks less flat, beyond the bumper. Ok
    But...with a camera on the back...this means the whole phone, unfolded, is used to talk a pic? Right?
    Am I wrong to think THAT would be the more "annoying" challenge?
    Not a big phone /camara guy I didn't really mind SD1 mediocre camera...but unfolding it into a tablet for an outside shot...dunno.
  • Can just open it 90 degrees like a book. Use physical button on the right screen for shutter. Likely need two hands. For one handed, probably need to use the inside camera like Duo 1.
  • Oh, oh. I did not ask enough questions of myself. With the new camera on the 'back', will the inside camera lens for Zoom/Teams etc and for photo sign-in still be there??
  • There's no way it isn't. Since there's no way to position the rear camera where you can see it AND the other display, they'll keep the FFC for sure.
  • Hoping for a strong SD 1 trade in offer on the SD 2. That will be the derermining factor if I upgrade. Paid full retail at launch. If they offer more trade in funds for galaxy or iPhone that will be a slap in the face.
  • I can't wait. I love my v1 but everything expected on v2 addresses every minor complaint I've had with v1. Everybody is different... But this is a no brainer for me.
  • You mentioned lift to wake, does the Surface Duo already come with an "open to wake" feature? Because that would be really useful.
  • Hope this means that Android 11 will also be coming to the Duo soon... 😊
  • It will. Of course they have to bring it to V2 first so it ships with a different version than V1.. For marketing purposes.
  • They could have done that by having the latest version of Android on the Duo 2. Version 12 will most probably be ready before the launch of Duo 12. Maybe Microsoft do not get any prelaunch infor from Google or it is to short time but I think the reasoning to hold a older device back on a two year OS to be able to get a more or less one year OS on the next launch is not sound. It will be interesting to see what devices will get Android 12 and when.
  • Duo 2 looks disgustingly thicker and heavier. I'll wait for duo 3. Still enjoying first Gen.
  • Uglier yes (except the black model which looks sweet), thicker not really (as in not really noticeably in your pockets). If you have the Duo 1 you can test that out with some coins (with same dimensions as the Duo'2 camera) put onto it.
  • Huge news coming very soon!
  • I am more interested in Android 11 than Duo v2. I love my duo and I really hope Android 11 will improve the software experience.
  • If windows 11 is going to run android apps why still use Android and not windows with Android phone apps integrated?
  • It looks as if v2 won't be able to fold over flat in phone mode because of the camera bump. Kinda awkward.