Surface Duo 2 receives first major update, 'improves system stability'

Surface Duo 2 Yelp Googlemaps
Surface Duo 2 Yelp Googlemaps (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new system update is rolling out to Surface Duo 2.
  • The update is 228MB in size and addresses "system stability."
  • The patch bumps the build from 2021.824.206 to 2021.827.34.

After being out for just a day, Microsoft is already pushing out a new system update for Surface Duo 2. The update is strictly bug fixes as the Android security patch is still dated for September 5 and not the latest from October.

The update is around 228MB in size, which is substantial. The official release notes are vague, only noting it "improves device stability" and bumps the build from 2021.824.206 to 2021.827.34.

The update is rolling out in waves, meaning not all Surface Duo 2s are getting right now, including our loaner unit, which is still on the older 2021.824.206 build used for the review. Microsoft notes "Surface updates are release in stages—not every Surface will receive the update at the same time, but it'll be delivered to all devices."

It's too early to tell just how much has been fixed or what has improved. Some of the early comments, so far, on reddit have been positive.

Unlike last year, there was no "day one" patch for Surface Duo 2. During the out-of-box experience, the latest update (dated back from August) is applied, making today's update technically the second one. Microsoft hasn't yet pushed out any updates to the inboard apps, including Microsoft Launcher, Camera, or Photos.

Surface Duo 2 received many negative to mixed reviews this week, praising the updated hardware but lamenting ongoing software issues, which we detailed in our lengthy review.

Sources have told Windows Central that the Duo team is planning to be more aggressive with updates for the second edition of the $1,500 dual-screen device, though that remains to be seen. Owners of Surface Duo 1 are still awaiting Android 11.

We'll be following the journey of Surface Duo 2 in the coming year to see if (and how) it improves over time.

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