Surface Duo's October 2021 Android security update has arrived

Surface Duo March2021 Update
Surface Duo March2021 Update (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The October 2021 Surface Duo security update is here.
  • It's 51MB in size.
  • It brings the version number up to 2021.913.25 for those in North America, 2021.913.26 for Europeans, and 2021.913.27 for locked AT&T device users.

Another month, another Surface Duo update. This time around, it's an extremely lightweight 51MB update that "addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin - October 2021." That's the entirety of Microsoft's update log (opens in new tab) for the month.

Here are the new version numbers:

  • 2021.913.25 (North America)
  • 2021.913.26 (Europe)
  • 2021.913.27 (AT&T Locked Device)

In short, it's not a grand update. What is a grand update is the Surface Duo 2, which will be getting the lion's share of Microsoft's attention from now on. It has a new camera setup and other improvements custom-built to improve upon the original Duo, which is still doing its thing and giving us a reason to post these monthly update logs.

Stay tuned for any major Android updates that may befall the original Surface Duo in the near future, be that in November or December. Or, if not by the end of 2021, then January or February. Basically, expect a big update at some point soon.

Thanks, Andrew R., for the tip!

Robert Carnevale

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  • Seems faster. /s
  • I agree. :D
  • Thanks Microsoft for committing to this device... but come on we should have gotten android 11 long time ago!!! This is also a reflection of the duo2 on how their updates will happen, and hopefully the issues and bugs have been addressed for the duo 2.
  • One of the problems with android is that its not owned by Microsoft... they cant really "own" something that they don't really "own" so they are just "borrowing" someone else's finished product and trying hope they can have a market with it by "tweaking" it to cater Windows consumer needs. the problem is while android isn't bad, its not so great for a company like Microsoft(an OS producer) to place their hopes with, cause looking at this huge display, anyone with some sense would realize that with Windows 10 reaching ARM compatibility and the existence of Windows ARM PC's that can run more than a day on a single charge, being a sign of a full windows experience and mobility in-between, plus Windows 11's UI flexibility being another hit in the right spot, Microsoft could just combine the UI of Windows 11, the ARM capability of Windows Core, PWA functionality of Edge browser, and the experience would get far more closer to a mobile platform with better app support and less of a third party engine that they'd have to work harder to add "security fixes" since they won't really do much beyond it... cause of costs when dealing with an OS that they don't exactly own. Its true WM/WP were failures but its main reason was indeed due to the existence of other markets and google being a monopolistic a...*cough* anyhow we'd run to that previous conclusion and assume "nah this will fail" but if progressive web apps are actively pursued by all platforms, I'd say that this is the way forward.. but it all depends on how invested Microsoft will be for this to succeed.
  • I think besides PWAs / W11 android apps there is also the big difference that WP could not tap in the strong points of Windows (vast library of programs, especially also for being productive and browser plugins). Phones now can have good cpu's and we are getting tablet sized screens through foldable screen tech (or with a small gap if Duo-like form factor). Combine that with pen support and I think Windows 11 on such a phone could make sense. I suspect if MS wants to go down that road they do want to have their Arm chip (with Amd) released.
  • This is what worries me about the Duo 2. The Duo has several problems that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, bug fixes and general improvements are few and far between. Usually, we get a security update and nothing else. Now, security updates are incredible important so kudos to Microsoft. But if the Duo 2 has all the software problems of the 1 then I foresee a lot of mediocre review scores in it's future.
  • I'm going to see if Duo 1 get the major update before I buy the Duo 2 lol. I still can't stomach $1500 based on past performance of the Duo 1.
  • The 10 or 12 people who own a Duo will be pleased. I'm surprised Microsoft remembered they still had the Duo on its books.
  • I'm actually friends with a few folks in a support group for Duo owners who can't quite come to terms with how the first one panned out.
  • I was thinking of getting the Duo2 but a common question on many android forums i why get version 2 when Microsoft have not proven reliable in updating version 1? Sorry, barebone security updates do not count. I will wait an see, I may get a Duo2 if this is fixed by early soring next year.
  • "Why buy from a company tomorrow that hates me today?" Sound logic.
  • This is actually a reason why I want to see full Windows 11 on a 'phone' (with android support etc is patched in as well as a skin for the start menu of course, so no limited windows phone OS or such). At least that way the device can piggy back other windows Pc's for feature updates and long update support. MS should also think about releasing cheaper Duo phones I think, not many people want to pay 1500$ for a phone anyway.
  • They don't have to sell many of them to make a decent profit at that price, however. They know this is quite a niche device and wouldn't sell high volume even if it was perfect :) The deals (like the one i snapped up) are great though!
  • Posted is deleted/modified due to the 👈 author's graphic and inflammatory response. He is no longer a member of this community.
  • Say it ain't so, Chad. Not the Micro$haft. Anything but that.
  • #1 how do you seriously miss that the ENTIRE tonality of this post is about the lack of support for the Duo? Like literally starting from the subtitle... #2 yes, direct your anger at the author for writing an observation that has been written all over the internet by the users and those familiar with the zeta product since features for Android 10 stopped coming 6 months ago. That will certainly show Microsoft. #3 even if, since you clearly missed the literary lesson of contextual writing, an author was stroking the ego of the site's source of focus, why would you go to THAT site expecting more? You didn't NEED any author to tell you updates for the duo this month is only the security update if you use the device. #4 Microsoft literally doesn't care about people who won't spend their money on their products and services. It's a business. They only have two customers bases to be concerned with; current customers and potential new customers. Old customers who they can't retain are no longer customers at all so why would any logical entity use resources to entertain them. If you're done using Microsoft products and services, then just be done. They would even tell you to use what works for you. I guess being a macro$haft constitutes being the authority of micro$hafts. Such a Chad 😂
  • Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • I've blocked him on the site. All his recent posts are just angst-ridden and inflammatory postings that try to bypass our swearing filter. He's a very bitter ex-WP fan and obviously feels burned by Duo (which is fine), but he's getting too emotional for this site and clearly has some anger issues that he needs to work out.
  • Block Bleached as well, and do us all a favor.
  • Not that I dislike android, honestly I like the apps/games and all that support that it has BUT if this was a device running Full Windows ARM, being specific as I'd like to mention, IF IT DID SO.. I would have invested in it. Though Microsoft could have given their consumers the option of OS selection so that they'd be able to get insight on if the device is "PC" worthy for users or not.. considering that PWA support exists on just about any PC regardless of platform, it would have been an overall better experience than before.
  • Same, and also Windows 11 android Amazon / Apk support can greatly improve it. We also have Signal and Teams now. What is missing is a good camera app, start menu skin for phone usage (easy to implement) and MS's (/Amd's) Arm chip (wip).
  • @Daniel Rubino, have you had a hands on experience with a v1 Duo running Android 11?
  • I doubt he has, but that's a good question. I know somebody outside of Microsoft has.
  • I wouldn't expect any huge advances, though. A little less buggy at most. Maybe a few new features.