This year a lot of new devices — from the iPhone X to the Nintendo Switch — managed to give consumers an enhanced experience. Whether it's a new laptop or a new console, these products have impressed critics and users alike. Below are at Time's top 10 gadgets of 2017.

  1. Nintendo Switch
  2. Apple iPhone X
  3. Microsoft Surface Laptop
  4. DJI Spark Drone
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8
  6. Nintendo SNES Classic
  7. Amazon Echo
  8. Microsoft Xbox One X
  9. Apple Watch 3
  10. Sony Alpha A7R III Camera

It's great to see Microsoft's Surface Laptop and Xbox One X make it to the list because it's an exclusive club. The Surface Laptop is a great premium computer that at the time we called the "best Surface ever" in our review. Its solid construction using metal and Alcantara makes it a joy to behold and use.

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made as it features six teraflops of processing power and 12GB of memory. In addition to that, the Xbox One X also contains a 4K Blu-ray player and offers a faster hard drive. For those looking to make the most of their gaming experience — no matter if it's the desire for higher resolutions or more stable frame rates — the console is the device for you. We called it a "console packed with raw potential" in our review.

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