Surface Neo video: take a closer look at Microsoft's dual-screen PC

Microsoft employee with Surface Neo
Microsoft employee with Surface Neo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced the Surface Neo, a dual-screened Windows 10 PC at an event in NYC.
  • A video debuting alongside the Surface Neo gives us a first look at how it works.
  • Surface Neo is expected to launch in the holiday period 2020

The Surface Neo is real and it's awesome. It feels like we've been talking about, dreaming about a device like this for an eternity, and at the big Surface Event in New York today, Microsoft showed it to the world. It's no phone (though there is also one of those!), instead something quite unique.

The Surface Neo will run Windows 10X and should be on sale in the holiday period in 2020. That's about the only disappointing thing about it, the long wait. It uses a custom processor from Intel, has two 9-inch displays, Windows Hello, USB-C, and an incredible keyboard attachment.

It's sad we have to wait so long, but give the sizzle reel a watch to pass two minutes of that wait. It's worth it.

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  • Wonder how the virtual keyboard works here? Because I don't see the point of having a external keyboard on a device like this.
  • If you've seen me use a virtual keyboard, you'd understand the value. I'm an awful touchscreen typist.
  • Agreed. First thing I bought for iPad Pro is a keyboard because virtual keyboards are not my jam.
  • I'm really curious who was asking for this. It is not a phone, it is not a laptop. Reminds me of the old PDA's of days past...I wouldn't touch it with a 10x foot pole unless given for free. Hate to say it but it as surface RT written all over and wouldn't surprise me if they will abandon it in a couple of years.
  • It can function as a laptop or dual screen tablet.
    It has intel inside & can run windows program fine just like any other device.
    Truly unique product imo.
  • Then it is not for you. These products are not for everyone, but I can see it working in the work or office environment.
  • It's definitely not a phone but COULD be used as a laptop. It's not about who's asking for certain form factors, ie no one asked for 2-in-1 form factors but here we are today and I personally love it. Part of the process is experimenting to see what works, you don't always know till you try. I'm personally very interested in this as I use a pen and OneNote a lot.
  • I will worry about it when the device comes closer to reality. 13+ months is a very long time in the Tech World. Plus lets wait to see about pricing. Way to many unanswered questions.
  • I'm really glad the Duo is coming because I was really disappointed in this thing. All I could do during the presentation is notice the glaring flaws. It feels like an endless source of compromise. It's too big to pocket. It's not robust enough as a laptop. It's not seamless like a tablet. It's not as functionality capable as the 2-in-1 market. To get the functionality close, they have to throw a pen magnetized on the back, which makes the back-fold harder. The keyboard makes it not close flush, and would do the same for an entire fold backward. The pen and the keyboard clipped on together? I imagine that'll be a rough go, plus their attaching the pen to the back probably makes it a nightmare to not lose pulling in and out of bags. It's such an odd device to imagine being a new form factor. It looks like a really cool toy, but I'm not sold it can grow the way Surfaces of the past did--where you saw and understood how readily those things could fit into the normal workflows of people.
  • Neo is the best of Microsoft products that announced today.
    Dual screen laptop makes way more sense than dual screen phone.
  • Needs telephony--phone calls and text messages.
  • Why? It has two 9-inch screens. Why does everything have to be a phone?
  • I was left a bit lackluster after watching the Neo video. Not quite what I expected from the courier hero concept device. I'll wait anothter 4 generations and see if microsoft gets it then.