Surface Pro 2 firmware fix to be delivered "as soon as possible"

Last week Microsoft pulled their latest firmware update for their Surface Pro 2 tablet. The update itself had caused issues on the devices of users who initially grabbed the update and Microsoft promised that a new update would be posted “after the holidays”. To our surprise (and delight), the update will actually be right around the corner instead of early 2014.

For those unaware of the issue, the initial firmware update that was released for the Surface Pro 2 caused battery issues with the devices it was loaded upon. Users reported that their units were experiencing extremely low battery times after they had downloaded and installed the update.

The update being delivered so quickly is a surprise as WinSuperSite’s Paul Thurrott has pointed out. At Microsoft, a majority of the company takes most of December off for some personal downtime. This had created a large worry that Surface Pro 2 users would be stuck with the broken update until sometime in January, but alas – that is not true.

Surface Pro 2

Microsoft issued a statement stating that the new firmware update would be pushed through Windows Update as soon as they could:

"To ensure the best experience for our customers, we have taken steps to remove the update for Surface Pro 2 that was previously published through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013, we are working to release an alternative update package as soon as possible."

Sure, Microsoft has not given us an exact date, but they have updated their press comments from the original “after the holidays” to the much better “as soon as possible”. Either way, the folks at Microsoft are working hard to fix the original issue that should have never occurred in the first place.

Stay tuned to WPCentral to learn when the update is released.

Did you download the bad firmware to your Surface Pro 2 – how are you managing?

Source: WinSuperSite

Michael Archambault
  • Just bought my Surface Pro 2 on Saturday after they pulled the update, so I'm good. I'm glad they are responding to feedback on the matter.
  • I downloaded the has firmware, then MBytes from the forums helped me with my issue. :)
  • +1020
  • +1520   (mine is bigger than yours) :D
  • Smaller camera sensor...LOL
  • Something is very wrong with my battery lately. Hopefully this will fix it
  • Looking forward to the battery holding a charge overnight.
  • Maybe that's what's been up with mine. When using it the battery is strong. Over night it'll drain out.   Same thing happens to my L925 from time to time.  :-/
  • When placing the SP2 into sleep it wakes up if you change the market power settings to default to hibernate that should help until the update hits.
  • OT - Why is that picture showing old Windows 8 on the Surface :(
  • Indeed, to lazy to make a new picture? :p
  • Accidental post...  
  • Mine sp2 say firmware update failed and glad it did lol.. So no battery issue here
  • For a second, I thought SPs (Service Packs) are back! :O   SPs R.I.P
  • I installed the update but I don't have any problems. btw, the picture shows the wireless adapter for the Surface Cover, any information on when that will be available? I need that!
  • I live in Germany and I cant find a single reseller in whole Europe where this is available.
  • You don't need the one from Microsoft. It is way over priced. I got one at Best Buy ... A Rocketfish brand, that works marvelously. It is part of my every day kit, and extremely useful at our data center for work.
  • Again, I can't find any European retailer
  • Any place that sells electronics. I'm sure someone sells a USB to Ethernet dongle. It is a very common piece of kit. You don't have to get a specific brand.
  • USB to Ethernet? U get that I want this thing that clicks on my Type Cover and connects over Bluetooth to my Surface? Makes my Type Cover wireless?
  • Oh wait I'm retarded. Lol. Sorry.
  • The word "alas" typically implies a negative connotation, doesn't it? Maybe substituting "thankfully" or another positive word would work better.
  • or "Hurray!"   (I know; thats soo last century..)
  • Thank goodness! I was frazzled when I noticed a dramatic reduction in battery life after the update. I followed the advice of someone on this site's very forums to help address the issue. While it did help some (no idea how, but it did), my battery life still isn't back to where it was. Hope MS fixes it soon, because it doesn't matter how powerful my SP2 is if it can't hold a charge. And it's also making me the laughing stock of my MBA friends... >_<
  • Talked to MS today via chat, they confirmed firmware issue but said the fix wont be until january most likely so ill take this new "as soon as possible" with a grain of salt...
  • Exactly! Reminds me of Mr. Alfredo James Pacino (aka Al Pacino); "ASAP means NOW!"
  • As soon as possible.......after the holidays. But seriously, if most their staff are off for Dec, then as soon as possible could well be after the holidays... I don't understand how "as soon as possible" is any more optimistic outcome than "after the holidays". If i'm fixing something and someone asks me how long it will take, surprise surprise I'd say i'd get it done "as soon as possible" also.......doesnt mean it'll be done anytime soon...
  • Yah, I'm also looking forward to this. My battery is a mess at the moment. The sooner the better.
  • Mine stays at 100% for hours and then discharges pretty quickly after that. Although I think the issue is mainly the charge being misreported by the OS. I don't think were losing any time in straight usage. But it doesn't seem to sleep properly anymore thus burning out the battery overnight for example. Sucks though as many are away or travelling for the holidays. Not cool to have unreliable battery when on a plane or when you really need it.
  • Will the Update fix the dimming screen?
  • ?
  • He asked if the update will fix the dimming screen :P
  • I thought his question was in proper English, following proper sentence structure, and directly worded. Easy to understand. He is asking if this update will fix the dimming screen. Updates can fix multiple things no?
  • Thank god, the update has been a real pain in the ass. Hopefully we'll get the fix soon.
  • I don't have any problems with this firmware in regards to battery. Going out of sleep mode however is s game of Russian roulette. I hope this will be fixed as well.
  • This totally sounds like a firmware will be released in January, lol I didn't read anything that made me think otherwise. Other than maybe them not saying early in the new year. I hope to be surprised, but It sure does seem like we will see an update by middle of January, I will be happy with anything before that :)
  • "As soon as possible" can still mean "after the holidays" though.
  • I thought my battery broke after that update. The battery indicator didn't increase (the percentage didn't move) during charge, but the fact is that it actually does charge... So when it gets to last point it was correct, it starts do decrease, It just doesn't increase. The only way around, as far as I've figured out, is to completely shut it down and then charge, giving me a full charge again, but it won't charge the meter once its on or in hibernation.
  •  Wait. Is there no way to restore to an earlier version of Windows or uninstall updates on W8?
  • The sooner the better. No battery life issues with it, but waking up from sleep is a mess ... and that unknown device for the cover telemetry is sort of irritating.
  • I downloaded the update right when it came out....and now I see why I can barely get three hours battery time out of my Surface Pro 2!!! I used to get 6 or more hours continuous use and now barely get over 3. I am so glad i saw this article.....
  • My Pro2 has gone from rather decent battery performance to rubbish like the the pro1, this update can't come quick enough. Hate it when an update breaks something or hinders performance... Who tests these updates anyway? Lift your game MS