Surface Pro 2 firmware fix to be delivered "as soon as possible"

Last week Microsoft pulled their latest firmware update for their Surface Pro 2 tablet. The update itself had caused issues on the devices of users who initially grabbed the update and Microsoft promised that a new update would be posted “after the holidays”. To our surprise (and delight), the update will actually be right around the corner instead of early 2014.

For those unaware of the issue, the initial firmware update that was released for the Surface Pro 2 caused battery issues with the devices it was loaded upon. Users reported that their units were experiencing extremely low battery times after they had downloaded and installed the update.

The update being delivered so quickly is a surprise as WinSuperSite’s Paul Thurrott has pointed out. At Microsoft, a majority of the company takes most of December off for some personal downtime. This had created a large worry that Surface Pro 2 users would be stuck with the broken update until sometime in January, but alas – that is not true.

Surface Pro 2

Microsoft issued a statement stating that the new firmware update would be pushed through Windows Update as soon as they could:

"To ensure the best experience for our customers, we have taken steps to remove the update for Surface Pro 2 that was previously published through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013, we are working to release an alternative update package as soon as possible."

Sure, Microsoft has not given us an exact date, but they have updated their press comments from the original “after the holidays” to the much better “as soon as possible”. Either way, the folks at Microsoft are working hard to fix the original issue that should have never occurred in the first place.

Stay tuned to WPCentral to learn when the update is released.

Did you download the bad firmware to your Surface Pro 2 – how are you managing?

Source: WinSuperSite

Michael Archambault