Surface Pro 3 gets new firmware update to improve Surface Pen drivers

Microsoft has quietly released a new firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, which centers on adding some improvements to the driver for the included Surface Pen.

According to the update history for the 12-inch tablet, the new firmware download has the following feature: "Surface Pen Driver (v2.0.1145.0) enables additional upcoming configuration options for Surface Pro 3." There are no specifics as to what these new configuration options are for the pen. However, it might be due to Microsoft and Adobe's new partnership to improve how Adobe's desktop applications work on Windows 8.1 touchscreen devices.

Microsoft normally releases firmware updates on the second Tuesday of every month, also known as "Patch Tuesday", so this new download is out of its normal schedule. If you own a Surface Pro 3, what new pen configurations have you noticed after you have installed the update? Thanks to LCGrzy for the tip!

Source: Surface Pro 3 history (opens in new tab)

  • Nice
  • Used it in OneNote desktop for class notes. Seems the same to me. Maybe you're right in that it has to do with Adobe products.
  • My Surface Pro 3 is rocking Windows 10 tech preview and so far everything works great except that it doesn't respond to the click of the pen anymore. I'm not overly bothered by this but I will check this update out when I get off from work tonight to. I'm not too sure if those of us with Tech Preview will get this update.
  • Yup, just adds to all the reasons I hate Windows 10.  As for AWESOME Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3, I have noticed the handwriting recognition has improved.
  • Why hate? Is pre beta.
  • It doesn't matter if it's beta.  It drastically changes--and ruins--the Windows 8 UI.
  • You can configure it to look identical to Windows 8 if you want.
  • They expressely said that the Tech Preview's UI was not finished and that they'll be working on tablet optimized things for the final product. The TP is expressly targetted at desktops and laptops. Continuum and the updates to Modern and the Charms bar aren't in the build yet, so the hybrid device experience isn't anywhere near where it will be. Hold off getting pissed til after they've got a completed tablet interface that you can appropriately judge.
  • To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up having 2 versions of windows (similar to what they hoped to achieve with RT) except that was never going to work.   Windows users love windows because of its customisability and trying to push an apple strategy onto a windows userbase was bound to cause some laughs.   Until I brought my tablet I thought badly of windows 8.1. Now I love it when using my surface pro 3.   However I still REALLY Dislike using it on a laptop and still prefer windows 7.   So I think from this it would be nice to hope for a windows operating system that allows people to switch from one shell to another allowing the user to choose the experience that they wish to have on their machine.    
  • Why do people always hate change ;)?
  • Right?
  • BC haters gonnna hate
  • Ahh just shut up then
  • You do get the the preview is focused on keyboard/mouse users at this point right? There will be improvements coming for tablet and hybrid devices in the future. Using the preview on a non touch device is excellent. I actually use some of the modern apps now which I didn't do before.
  • Downvote for ScubaDog for not reading anything we have written about Windows 10 and how it is not yet-optimized for touch, including not Tablet Mode, which is coming.
  • Don't hate on a beta product plus it was clear that W10 was for Experts and should be placed on your 2nd device so you may've been out your league downloading the update... just saying...
  • It's a tech preview for Enterprise! It's geared at the gazillion enterprises who had a meltdown and shunned Windows 8 and 8.1. You're also going to be able to do a direct upgrade from Windows 7. If you want the Start screen just right click on the taskbar and choose that as an option. It will require a log out to make the change.
  • Microsoft: "Windows 10 Technical Preview is not optimized for touch ui, it is targeted towards enterprise desktop's and laptops" Idiots: "I hate Winodws 10 because it took away my 8.1 touch ui"............... You deserve all the bugs and issues in the world for installing it if you expected anything other than what Microsoft told you. 
  • A pen is mightier than the sword. Surface pen is mightier than _____??
  • A diamond Minecraft sword?
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  • Even if you could could I have a patent!!! Okay, I'll stop with the Tobuscus quoting ;D
  • Will wireless speed still suck?
  • This is for the pen, so yes.
  • Man, I want one of these things but my surface pro 1 is still flying around the place, so I don't really have a glaring NEED for it! Maybe ill just get the power keyboard and that'll be that. Shrugs
  • I'm stuck with a Nexus 7 and I'd be more than happy to have a Surface Pro 1..... trade??? Just kidding :P lol
  • I'm still using my EP121. And it has gotten old and slow now. But I still can't push myself to get a new computer. Specially since I still have my 4 year old and still extremely powerful self-built desktop. But I do love the SP3 and can't wait to get one. Now if only my EP121 just somehow die, then I can totally justify buying a new tablet.
  • Is this a Surface 3 contest? #lightenmyload #contest #Surface3
  • Its for the upcoming drivers that will enable custom pressure curves. That utility that was promised months ago. Supposedly packaged with the ntrig drivers, so not sure if that will all be pushed out via Windows Update or it'll be a manual download like it is right now to get wintab support.
  • Well, I had been experiencing intermittent glitches in the pen performance when using the handwriting recognition mode, and the update seems to have--for the moment--reduced the glitches.  It's faster in responding.
  • So it.. *puts on shades* ..seems faster?
  • Epic..... Lol
  • custom pressure curves is very welcome.  Maybe we will also be able to configure the top button to act as an eraser in certain drawing applications...
  • so thats what it was.  just got mine updated.
  • Check out this cool Lumia 930 ad by Nokia Russia :)
  • Haven't noticed much difference but updates always nice. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android on a BlackBerry Z30
  • Same here, I've never had any issues with the pen (only had my SP3 for a couple of weeks though) but I do use it from time to time to draw in Fresh Paint. As you said, updates are always a good thing!
  • hhmmm maybe I missed it? It hasn't come through yet. But yep my SP3 is great anyway :)
  • Too bad, haven't hot a surface yet o.O
  • Hopefully it's related to the pen pressure curve stuff they're supposed to make available someday...
  • I just made the upgrade but I can see that there is a problem : nothing is showing on the screen (just black screen) BUT the tablet is on because the cover is light on...
    Can you help me PLEASE !!! 
  • Battery life is really bad after my update. I get less than 2 hours and the fan turns on immediately and the back gets really hot.
  • Same.
  • I just bought this for my husband and he is having the same problem - less than 2 hours of battery life and very hot. Have you found a solution for this yet?
  • How to get this firmware update? Windows update doesn't give any updates on my SP3
  • The connectivity / detection has deffinitely improved.   Before there were some issues when I went to write with the pen or use it, especially with the typecover connected. Now it seems to pick up the pen every time and no random disconnects whilst using it since the update.   I haven't noticed any improvements in handwriting recognition although i read someone had thought this   hope that helps folks