Surface Pro 4 firmware update adds power control slider to the system tray

A new batch of firmware updates is currently rolling out to the Surface Pro 4. And while there's no comprehensive set of release notes from Microsoft on the Surface Update History (opens in new tab) page just yet, there is at least one big change that's immediately noticeable: the addition of a slider control in the power performance pop-up (via Reddit).

Power Control Slider

The slider is available by clicking on the battery icon in the system tray. From there, you can adjust the power mode by sliding between "Best performance" on the right or "Best battery life" on the left, with options in between. This is the same type of slider that is currently available on the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop.

Aside from the power slider, here's a look at the updates that appear as available in Windows Update:

  • Surface driver update for Surface Management Engine
  • Surface driver update for Surface Embedded Controller Firmware
  • Surface driver update for Surface UEFI
  • Surface driver update for Surface Pen Pairing
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface Accessory Device
  • Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. driver update for Marvell AVASTAR Bluetooth Radio Adapter
  • Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics 520,
  • Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. driver update for Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller
  • Intel(R) Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Display Audio and Surface driver update for Surface Integration

Once Microsoft updates the Surface Update History site with full release notes, we'll add them here. For now, if you have a Surface Pro 4, you should be able to grab the latest firmware from Windows Update now.

Thanks to Dn Bianco and Chris K. for the tips!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Let's see if they finally pushed a GPU update that isn't more than 1 year old to this point.
  • What version should be the latest ?
  • So we BARELY got proper RS1 drivers now, after 11 months. These are WDDM 2.1 drivers. RS2 launched April 5th with WDDM 2.2. Intel drivers released on July 11 are the first ones to provide WDDM 2.2 and official RS2 support.
  • We got 4627, dated March 9. The latest are 4729, dated July 11.
  • You can download the standard drivers from the Intel website (in ZIP format) and install the newest drivers manually...  
  • Do you have to be on RS3? I'm on RS2, received the firmware, and don't see the power slider. Odd because the Pro and Laptop are on RS2 as well.
  • Are you sure it installed OK?
  • I saw the firmware screen update, but I just checked Settings > Update and there's another Surface driver update waiting for restart. Maybe that's it.
  • They showed on my SP4 with RS2.
  • I hope this fixes the battery drain issue where it drains while in my backpack every night
  • So, does the Surface Dial finally works on the Surface Pro 4 screen?
  • It will never work.
  • Have had the slider on my SP3 with Insider Fast ring for the last few updates now.
  • The RS3 slider is an OS CPU throttle feature, AFAIK. This is just a fancy firmware battery slider.
  • After the first restart and update install my SP4 required a second restart and update install.
  • I needed two restarts as well to complete the updates. The first reboot installed pretty much everything and the second reboot installed 1 driver which was another firmware update so to speak. On the first reboot there was a blue progress bar followed by a green progress bar, then on the second reboot there was an orange progress bar.
  • I would love to see finally update that would solve the issue with battery icon not showing the correct icon, like now on battery...and it is showing that it is charging and need to reinsert charge to make the change happen. I think this is the basic feature of a laptop/tablet so that I can see how many percent of battery I have and what is the actual status.
  • Why can't we make a slider for the brightness....that would seem a little more obvious like other platforms are doing.
  • FN and "del" and the "backspace" works fine for me :)
  • Microsoft, make the damn slider have a setting for "on battery" and another for "while charging"!
  • When is this update coming to the surface book too? I want ma powerslidah! :(
  • I not only want this on my surface book, I wan the wifi and intel graphics drivers too.
  • and the SP3, does that get some love too?
  • I think this is overriding a Custom Power Plan I've created... Did anyone know how to choose a custom power plan...?