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Microsoft's new Surface Studio temporarily out of stock, won't ship until early 2017

Surface Studio
Surface Studio (Image credit: Windows Central)

Earlier this week Microsoft impressed many of the professional creative class with the Surface Studio PC. Pre-orders began on October 26 but just three days in and the all-in-one computer is now listed as out of stock (opens in new tab).

All 3 versions of the Surface Studio are listed as 'out of stock'

All 3 versions of the Surface Studio are listed as 'out of stock'

Starting at $2,999 and going up to $4,199 for the highest end model no one will accuse the Surface Studio of being a bargain. Nonetheless, all three types of the biggest Surface yet are now listed as unavailable for pre-order.

Of course, we have seen such shortages in the Store before, and the device will likely be available again once the company adjusts inventory and manufacturing orders. Seeing as we do not know how many Microsoft allocated for production and the high price tag Redmond likely is keeping inventory tight until it gets fully tested in the market.

Interestingly, the Core i5 variant was scheduled for shipment in December with the Core i7 versions for early 2017. However, all models now show an early 2017 delivery, which means many people will likely not have the new device until after Christmas.

We'll keep an eye out if and when the Surface Studio comes back in stock.

Thanks, Dylan C., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Well I guess Microsoft didn't kid around when they talked about the SS' limited quantity.
  • I like that nickname! Kinda reminds me of some type of super sport, or otherwise super item!
  • SS doesn't work well in Europe :S
  • Shouldn't work too well anywhere...!
  • Well, Chevy thought otherwise I guess, with the Camaro SS and other similar type cars selling quite well!
  • I miss my 67 Camero.
  • I miss Yugo!
  • Apparently works well in the US, Trump and his parents should know all about it
  • What should Trump and his parents know all about? Tell us if you know.
  • Yeah I thought the same. I instantly shamed myself.
  • Wow.
  • Super speed USB ports
  • quality or quantity?
  • *quantity, thanks for the correction. I guess my Windows 10 Mobile's WordFlow is not really impressed by the SS lol
  • I wonder if it sold out just to journalists and Microsoft loyalists instead of the general public
  • It isn't really a general public product. :)
  • Actually it could be.  I pre-ordered one yesterday exactly for the family use purpose.  It would serve all family members well for education, work, art, entertainment or general purpose.  That gorgeous disply will excite all. People think that price a little steep.  But that was the price range we paid in the early PC days.  I have paid $3000 plus for a 8086 workstation.  If you want a machine or toy bad enough, it will become affordable.
  • My mom bought a desktop which was an NEC for $1500 back in 1997, in today economy that is more than $3000!
  • Sold out to all the iMac users.
  • Lol
  • Bit off topic, but do you know how to clear the word flow dictionary / what it has learnt? Sure that the release notes for a previous build said that resetting it will make it re-learn better after some updates they made
  • Made in Communist China with Ferrari price!
  • Talking about the iPhone and every other Apple product except the Mac Pro which is assembled in Texas?
  • It is available for pre-order now.
  • More of a Super Saiyan !!
  • Demand & supply......
    Like MS Band
    Like MS Surface Book
    Like MS L950 & L950XL
    Out of stock scenarios continue.....
  • Too bad the sale success doesn't always translate to the continuation of a product *ehm Microsoft Band ehm*
    However, as we see the latest Microsoft's trend in slapping the Surface name to all of their hardware products, I wouldn't be surprised if someday Surface Band came to life.
  • Surface isn't being slapped on all Microsoft's hardware products. It very specifically refers to products with a certain interaction model. I doubt you would ever see a Surface Band (after all, it's too small to have a "surface"). This is also one of the reasons some people think there may not be a Surface Phone -- by name, at least -- because it doesn't quite fit the category.
  • Hmm, I'm intrigued by your point about certain interaction model. Can you elaborate more?
  • I guess it's in the name: Surface. It's about premium interaction with your content on a surface. It's been that way ever since the beginning when they designed smart tables.
  • Surface devices are typically meant to support touch and/or pen input
  • A decent sized phone could arguably offer a premium interaction surface and pen support. Heres hoping to see a 6.4" Surface Phone in the spring!
  • I'd really like something that straddles tablet and phone, especially with Continuum adding Windowed apps (and hopefully snapping when not running on a connected display)
  • This hasn't exactly been some type of secret --- the Surface Brand consists of 2-in-1 devices.... Surface Pro --- Tablet / Laptop
    Surface Book - Laptop / Tablet or Digital Canvas
    Surface Studio - PC / Large Digital Canvas If it doesn't offer TWO functional purposes and accept pen input, don't expect to to become a Surface product.
  • Surface Hub - Presentation / Collaboration & Teleconferencing
  • A surface phone *could* fit into that model though. Thanks to Continuum, it gets to be a phone *and* a PC, and I'm sure they'll include a Galaxy Note style Surface Pen, introducing Windows Ink to mobile.
  • Hoping that when they introduce ink to W10M it uses the same N-trig tech so we can use our existing surface pens with it
  • Ugh I love this idea. One reason I'm so close to getting note series because of writing. So glad note 7 is cancelled. Lol
  • That's where Continuum comes in for Surface Phone
  • Except that this hasn't ever been said by Microsoft. I believe the only unifying characteristic articulated by Microsoft is that Surface defines a new market category. A phone isn't likely to be a 2-in-one, hardware wise. Maybe a big leap in Continuum is coming and it could be virtually 2 or more things, in one.
  • Totally agree Nik, and I personally don't think they should call it a surface phone, not for anything that will come out in 2017, it really needs to innovate and create a new category of Windows devices and I'm not sure that can be achieved with current phone technology. If/when MS release a new phone to succeed the Lumia range I think it'll just be another phone - Sure if it's a flagship it will feel like a premium windows device but just adding inking wouldn't be unique to phones
  • The surprise success of the Band 1 (which was released as a show case with only about 20K units) did result in Microsoft ramping up production and later on releasing the Band 2. However, the Band 2's hardware design has issues (both with charging and band tears). All Band 2 owners I know have replaced their Band 2 at least 2 or 3 times. This means Microsoft was losing money on this product. So it wasn't really that successful Microsoft had two options. They could do a whole redesign or just cancel the product line and considering this wasn't such an important product for Microsoft to begin with, they decided to cancel it.
  • I've had my Band2 for a year now, and play club level sports. I wear it at least four times a week for hours on end during intense arm swinging / movement / short sprints etc. I've also worn it to track sleep. No sign of tearing or charging issues. Perhaps I'm lucky and don't pull at it in the way some others do.
  • I wear mine all the time and only do leisurely activities with it. Occasionally I use it for fitness tracking and almost always wear it to sleep. I've replaced mine three times in the last 6 months...which is a bit ridiculous. I guess it was best they cancelled it. The Arc Touch Mouse uses the same material and I've had mine for a good 2 years now, although the bottom its starting to tear slightly. Surprising when the material is much thinner too.
  • I've had mine for four months and do sports without replacing it once.
  • When did Microsoft announce cancellation? My memory only recalls that there would be no new Band in 2016 & that the team specifically charged with putting Win10 on Band was disbanded. I've never read anything definitive from Microsoft or even someone claiming a source from Microsoft that it had been permanently cancelled.
  • In addition to all the previous replies, Surface also applies to creators. All the Surface products are designed to help people get things done or create new things. As opposed to Apple/Android consumption devices.
  • Microsoft again (to borrow from a developer's addage) Fail Early and Fail Hard.
  • Like the black iPhone 7?
  • Naturally after such an impactful launch. Microsoft will adjust stock soon. Let's see how this thing fold out. It's been good so far.
  • Man am I so hyped by the Surface Studio! Panay really had it when he announced the SS. Too bad my wallet doesn't allow me to buy one lol.
  • I feel your pain. My wallet just laughs when I say "I want that Surface Studio". :)
  • "Buy a Surface Studio" is added to my life goals.
  • This really seemed like a perfect device for their target audience. Creatives have always had drawing pads (and very expensive ones) so it just seems natural to leverage the improved pen support with high quality screens and all the other tech Microsoft invested and improved in with Surface.
  • I really wish they would release a screen only version. The hardware is way too weak in my opinion.
  • I wish the same thing. But part of the reason they don't is to promote Windows, and selling the monitor by itself may mean they end up on Macs, which wouldn't help promote Windows at all.
  • I don't think somone would buy a $1500+ touch screen laptop for an OS that doesn't support touch
  • You do make a good point.   
  • I doubt they will. The value add is how amazing it all works together.  I disagree on the hardware...unless you are a gamer and want a super GPU.
  • I'm not a PC gamer. I'm a 3D artist. The Surface Studio isn't powerful enough to be my main work computer.
  • How so?  What 3D software are using in whiich those specs will not work?  Unless you are working on items that are high poly and requires a Quadro ​level of GPU or work in company that requires render farms, what they have with 4GB GPU should be plenty for most work. You may have a unique situation. All the Adobe CC products will work great in those specs as well as engineering applications like SolidWorks.  Even if I look at Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya, the i7 4GB GPU specs is plenty to run even the Suite packages.
  • I said main work computer. If I'm just fiddling around with stuff or making smaller scenes, or I don't mind the limitations, sure. I never said the software won't run. It would be great for a hobbyist or for personal projects without tight deadlines. But if you're concerned about time and money, and this is the main PC, then this isn't enough for a freelancer doing rendering work. It also won't push really complex rigs in real time. Granted, there are ways to disable things in the viewports to make this easier... but ideally you don't have to.
  • lol. You got owned Reflexx. You are speaking out of your ass.
  • I'd love to see the 'Dial' integrated with SolidWorks
  • Only downfall would be using a spacemouse along with it, unless the Dial could replace the spacemouse too.
  • Nope, as a 3D artist myself everything NutmegState said is correct.
  • You probably mainly work in games? This probably is enough for that.
  • I just wanted to clarify that I did not mean that in a condescending way, but through text that can be confusing. I do some games work also sometimes. I was just commenting on hardware needs. If you're mainly freelance, then you may have a wide variety of work, and this machine isn't fast enough for several aspects of 3D. Honestly, I sooo want this, but the practical part of me knows it would be a bad decision. It could do 80 of what I would want. But I'd regret it. Especially if MS makes a workstation version available next year or if they make one where the monitor is stand-alone. And even if it could handle 100%, what about 3 yrs from now?
  • What are you talking about? If you have a disagreement, please explain it. Right now it sounds like you're trying to live vicariously through three contents of others and imagining conflict where there is none. You're also speaking from ignorance.
  • It is enough for everything up to 8K 3D editing.
  • There is a lot of different kind of work. There's a reason Xeon workstations exist. The Surface Studio looks like a wonderful machine, but it's not practical for all artists/animators.
  • Where can we see some of your work? I'm interested in knowing what kind of art this couldn't handle.
  • I'm a programer and the GPU can't handle my work, unfortunately. of course, I'm workiing on an Oculus Rift app, so my requirements are higher than most. The Studio also lacks the ability to run our 6GB/sec raid card for the external data storage I need as well. The Surface Studio is a beautiful machine, but it certainly isn't for everyone on the high end or the low end.
  • I know what you mean. It is perfect for a small niche of people, and that's fine. It's not supposed to be. It seems some other people have trouble accepting that is not for everyone. I'm not sure why.
  • I get why they're selling this as a all-in-one, but I'd like to see a version that's meant as a companion device (without CPU,GPU, etc.) to a Surface Pro, Book or even a normal desktop.
    Mainly because a screen usually lasts me 2-3 times the lifetime of my other devices.
  • I would easily pay $1500 and maybe up to $2000 for the screen alone. I'd even pay close to $1000 for one that was only 1080p.
  • Yup. That would be ideal. Heck, I wouldn't mind if they still sold it as a complete package and you still had to buy the PC. I just want the ability to take the monitor and hook it up to a workstation.
  • That would be awesome. I'd buy it just for the aspect ratio! I am not a fan of 16:9.
  • well its a touch super color accurate monitor with non standard aspec ratio, rare size, and non standard resolution, "easy" is no where to be found there in terms of manufacturing
  • The device is awesome so it means to be out of stock.....I hope they will adjust the productivity issue and bring it in stock again.....
  • Pathetic
  • Pathetic comment.
  • I'm assuming you got your elite x3 now lol
  • Not yet... meeting HP in November at Autodesk University. .. have a few special questions to sort out first.
  • Oh, ok. So u just removed your signature?
  • So typical. The whole "lets not make enough, so everyone thinks they are selling well" just doesn't work for Microsoft. Everyone knows they are not selling. Great job, once again, Microsoft.
  • Seriously? Playing stock levels safe on a new, expensive and niche product is apparently a stupid thing to do?
  • Yeah, but they do the same stupid thing with every new product. Extremely annoying. When the product sells out immediately, it doesn't make me say "wow... this thing is really popular, I should have ordered immediately". It pissed me the hell off and makes me say "Who's the ******* in charge over there?" and then pushes me further away from Microsoft. I've been a MS fan since 1990, but man, they really know how to annoy the **** out of their loyal customers.
  • I do feel for you or anyone if they missed out, I can get that, happened many times to me. But I don't blame the company, I just take it as a good sign (despite how frustrating it normally is). But from their perspective, you have something highly expensive, complex to make and niche. It is brand new and untested waters. The Surface line only has small market share as is. You wouldn't mass produce loads and invest loads of money when you face a very high risk of not selling them all or many at all. Whoever is in charge made the right call Imo. :)
  • Did you plan to buy one soon?
  • Good question.
  • I did, but now I'm so pissed off, I'm ready to say eff them, once again. It just reminds me of the days when those two idiots Balmer and Elop were in Microsoft. Stephen Elop even said in an interview once "Limiting a products' availability is a great way to generate attention and demand" when talking about the Lumia phones. Ahhh no...?!!!!.. it's a great way to piss off your loyal customers and drive them to your competitors.
  • The most superficial type of anger. If it's a product you wanted that bad, why wait to buy it? Did you look into amazon or best buy? It didn't exist a week ago, you cannot wait two or three months for it?
  • Wait to buy it?! Lol wtf?!. I figured I'd have more than a couple of days?! Some of us do have other things going on in their lives, ya know. We can't all be sitting 24x7 on the computer waiting to order something.
  • Yeah, bite their head off for asking a simple question. Go go go!
  • This is a typical example of the mentality today "I want this product and I want it RIGHT NOW". If you really, desperately want a Surface Studio then you would pre-order one. You don't mass produce new, niche products otherwise you end up in a Surface RT write down situation!!!!
  • Well I wanted to pre-order one but I thought I'd have more than a couple of days to do so. It's total bullshit because they do this nonsense all the time on purpose in a weak attempt to generate attention and excitement... not because it's a "niche" product. (by the way, i didn't realize "all-in-ones" were niche products??) Don't dangle something in front of everyone for the wow factor, then say "Oh sorry.. we didn't make enough."
  • It is a "niche" product - as in it's aimed at a small market.
    You can pre-order one now, so I don't see what your problem is.
  • This isn't a niche product, though. The barrier to the masses is price, not functionality. This is not specialized to the point that it is unusable in many scenarios. Actually, it could be used in most scenarios requiring a computer on a desk or other workspace. Even the marketing target is rather wide to include artists, photographers, filmmakers, architects, engineers, etc. They even demoed unique features in Word on it, showing its prowess to higher end information workers and management.
  • Then maybe they did you a favor. If you didnt really want it enough to wait, maybe it's not worry that much to you. You could spend that money on something that will make got happier.
  • Please, be honest. You were never in the market for this.
  • I'm in the my mind. It's my money that's vetoing the purchase. ☺
  • You do know that you only have to wait a few months, right? Patience is a virtue that many have forgotten how to practice.
  • Yes It is.
  • so when a company runs out of a product, they are not selling well?
    maybe you should sit nearer the front in class
  • No, if they produce 5 pieces per year.
  • if they sell everything they produce, then they are selling at 100%.
    Therefore they are selling well.
  • If they sell 5 and make a profit on those 5, its still a success. Reality is probably closer to at least 500. Like the Surface Hub, this is made according to demand and is a better way of getting profit than blowing loads of money on thousands of units you might not ever be able to shift all of. For something this pricey and niche, this kind of manufacture suits it.
  • You can't make 500 of anything in manufacturing. 500 is protyping, tooling and testing not for resale.
  • We do it in aircraft all the time. But I get that you are really talking about consumer products.
  • You can and they have. Surface Hub has only been sold to 600 individual customers in a year (not units), so initial stock surely must have been in the quite low hundreds of units at the very maximum at time of release. It actually wouldn't surprise me if it was only a two digit number at launch. Slightly different product and scenario here but my point is made.
  • Truth. By the number of downvotes, I guess nobody understands this. We make hydraulic parts for various customers. If MS prices devices like we price prototypes for our customers, then this would be at least 3x the price.
  • Iphone7 was sold out as well. And remember the surface rt write off.
  • Ah... the "everyone knows" argument. Why does it even matter to you?
  • Can't blame them, feel the water first. Remember the 800 million RT loss?
  • Typical MS fail!!!!
  • What? That demand outstrips supply? Which part of that is a fail?
  • Typical comment fail.
  • Typical mouthbreathing comment.
  • I understand healthy criticism on this site, but comments like this make me wonder, why are you even here?
  • They should have made more than 12 for the pre-order test units... ;-)
  • They only made ten and sold them to all the remaining iMac users.
  • The Surface Dial was out of stock the first half of yesterday, as in no preorder option; came back for preorder early in the evening...
    Edit: Surface Studio is also available for preorder.
  • This kind of poor service can affect Microsoft's expectations from this fabulous All in One. Definitely it is powerful and versatile. Still Microsoft have to promote it. A little negligence from Microsoft can push it to anonymity.
  • They haven't done any promotion yet, and they sold their stock. Most people still don't know it exists. They will likely do ads later.
  • When will SS be available elsewhere than US? Still nowhere to be found.
  • Probably when they ramp up the production.
  • 99% of the people calling this a "fail" from Microsoft or bashing them for it would never buy the product in the first place.
  • lol.... U are right. Talk is cheap. They can't afford it but can chat shyte about it lol
  • LOL!!! Bloody well said supazeez
  • If u don't like Microsoft... Become an iSheep. No one is forcing u to stay.
  • Is that the same as being a MS fanboy?  
  • No, the average IQ of a Mac user is comparable to an old beatle.
  • Just how big is the market for this machine? I mean, for every graphics "Pro" out there, they're must be dozens of "Average Joe" consumers, dozens of "Gamers" etc, none of whom will be looking at this machine because (a) it's so expensive, and (b) their spec. needs can be better met elsewhere. As lovely a looking machine as it is, I'm wondering if its just too niche to make a difference to peoples perception of MS and to the bottom line of MS. Maybe I just don't appreciate the numbers of Graphics "Pro's" out there...
  • There are lot of graphics pro's as well as amateur artists out there.  Of course it's a niche but a big enough one to see if it will sell. It is expensive but a top of the range iMac isn't what you'd call cheap either. I'd be tempted except that when it goes for sale in the UK it will likely be even more expensive and not sure I want an all-in-one with laptop parts.
  • This is not niche by any definition of the word.
  • Yes, it's niche, but it's currently the iMac niche.
    Graphic designers, journalists, clothing, architect. Basically anywhere where the professional believes they have to buy an Apple product.
  • Not anymore. MS is the new Apple.