Microsoft steps up its plans to get Surface tablets into more retailers

Microsoft obviously wants more customers to buy its Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 tablets, and today it announced plans to offer both those products to many more retailers by expanding the number of resellers that directly offer those devices to customers.

In a blog post, Microsoft said the expansion is a direct result of its high expectations for a successful launch of Windows 10. Microsoft apparently believes that will help sales of Surface tablets as well. It says:

"We are expanding our channel and will go from having a few hundred partners selling and servicing Surface to a few thousand globally in the coming months. So if you're a reseller or systems integrator with strong hardware capabilities, we're looking forward to welcoming you and we're excited to see how Surface's presence in the commercial space will continue to grow – with your help."

This move will certainly have an impact on overall sales of Surface tablets, and it also shows the commitment that Microsoft has to these hardware products.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham