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Surfcube 2.0 gets previewed, new UI and tabs demoed

Surfcube wins for one of the most innovative browsers on the Market with its 3D effects, smooth transitions and full-screen browsing.

But one thing that was missing and has been promised for awhile was tabbed browsing. That along with a new way to navigate (the "joystick") looks to be quite the step up for the 3D browser. We especially like the options for tabs (on the left side of the cube or actual tabs) though we are a little unsure about the joystick--but being able to move it around looks petty nifty.

Anyways, we like innovation around here, so nice to see the developer (Kinabalu Innovation) thinking outside...the cube (ba dun dun!). Look for the update in the next few weeks and we'll take another look.

Thanks, Jancsika, for the heads up

Kinabalu Innovation

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  • Looks phenomenal. After version 2, SurfCube will be the unanimous best alternative to stock IE.
  • Thank you - that was our goal. And we are not finished with V2 :)
  • Hi,I am the developer of SurfCube, and thank you very much for this nice article! However, Jancsika is not a developer, he probably is just too enthusiastic (not that there can be such a thing). SurfCube is a Kinabalu Innovation app, and is being developed by us at Thanks!András
  • Fixed! Sorry about that!
  • It also wins for being one of the few programs over the years with cube in its name which isn't completely gimmicky. I'd still prefer a 2D UI, however.Still, with the advent of tabs, it looks like I might finally switch from IE. I just wish we had a way to make this the default browser. Seems like a simple enough hack.
  • Thanks :) The problem is that the WP7 OS does not allow a third party browser to be default, so there is nothing I can do about that. Let's hope for this feature in a future OS update...
  • ba dun dun? Try ba-dum-bum or (rimshot). :D
  • Wow, all the FUNctionality you have here makes the browser look like a pleasure to use.. I already use surfcube as my primary, and agree that it would be really cool to have as a default, but version 2.0 looks AT LEAST 100% better!! (or 2X for those with an eyebrow raised) :)I LOVE the more ways to control the browser, i.e. TABS, JOYSTICK, and even the OPTIONS on tabs AND joystick... I think that the team here is genuinely pioneering and being VERY creative!! Indeed, perhaps setting a precedent (I guess we will just have to see how others feel), but I am really looking forward to the use of version 2.0!!! Setting the bar this high, while risky for some, I find it should be quite rewarding as long as the app/browser can remain stable!!! :) Can't wait to "give it a spin"!! ;)-Siggy
  • Thanks, Siggy... I love your enthusiasm, and we are really close to releasing V2.0. If you don't mind, I will use the word "FUNctionality" from now on - it grabs perfectly what we were aiming to do with SurfCube, and our philosophy with creating user experience.
  • Impressive, and I'm not wont to go browser shopping. This may just tip me in that direction. Bravo.
  • I bought this is week. and even though it's not updated yet it still works really nice and is a joy to use. I can't wait for the update and tab features. it really is a must own puts a little zip into your surfing from your mobile device.