Today, developer Haemimont Games and publisher Paradox Interactive launched the free "Sagan" update for Surviving Mars. Surviving Mars is a colony simulator set on the red planet. The download adds more hardcore gameplay options and a new logo that looks like Pac-Man. However, the biggest news has to be the permanent price drop to $29.99 across all platforms.

The update features the following major additions.

  • All Outta Luck: Face 24 new challenges in separate playthroughs.
  • Not All Wins are Created Equal: Each challenge has a rating and it'll take a lot of skill to an "Excellent".
  • How Time Flies: All challenges will now have a time requirement.

Haemimont Games Producer Bisser Dyankov added, "Our players were calling to be able to increase the difficulty for Surviving Mars, so we decided to take it to the next level with a free update for everyone that focuses on challenges. We're also announcing a new look and price for the Surviving Mars brand to better represent the game it has become and reinforce our commitment to responding to the ways that players old and new enjoy playing it."

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Surviving Mars is a very challenging game, but once you master the mechanics it can be quite rewarding. There's another patch in the works which adds a creative mode and other features to make the game easier. Right now the issue with Surviving Mars has to be its steep learning curve and lack of creative freedom.

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