Surviving Mars is a challenging colony-building game which requires you to painstakingly gather resources to construct elaborate structures. Unfortunately, this level of difficulty doesn't appeal to everyone and limits the title's customer base. Luckily, Haemimont Games realized this problem and are working to address it very soon.

In a new forum post, community manager "candyalien" shared details about an upcoming "Creative Mode" in the "Da Vinci" update. Creative Mode is a relaxed game experience with a focus on city-building and aesthetics instead of survival. Sometimes you may want to quickly create a huge colony to experiment with different base setups or just experience the mysteries without constantly worrying about survival. The mode features easy maintenance, easy research, fast rockets, fast scanning, free construction, healthy colonists, and $100 billion of additional funding.

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It's safe to say that it just lets you build and build, without having to worry about annihilation. This was a much-requested feature and it's great to see Haemimont Games listen to the community. However, the Da Vinci update brings a lot more improvements. Changes to storage management, power connectivity, and the camera are also in the works.

Tweaks to storage management will allow you to set a custom "Desired Amount" for resources. Drones and shuttles will try to maintain that, thereby increasing a colony's efficiency. Power grids will be easier to manage too because individual connections won't be required for each structure. Lastly, the new "Follow Camera" tracks the movement of a selected unit so you can see it go in even more detail.

It's unclear when this free update will hit Xbox One and other platforms, but we'll keep you posted as soon as it does. Haemimont Games also promised changes to pacing, survival, and quality of life. Surviving Mars is just getting started, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this fantastic game. Surviving Mars is also getting a free "Sagan" update in September which makes the game even harder.

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