Surviving Mars gets free alien mysteries DLC on Xbox One and PC

Surviving Mars is a colony builder which launched on Xbox One and other platforms on March 15, 2018. Unlike creating sprawling cities on Earth, the game is all about colonizing Mars and surviving its challenges. It's more of a survival builder than a traditional Cities: Skylines-like experience. According to developer Haemimont Games, Surviving Mars is a "focused game about creating interconnected systems and testing them against the threats of a hostile environment."

Today, Paradox Interactive revealed the free "Mysteries Resupply Pack" for Surviving Mars. According to the publisher, the download throws a curveball at your meticulously managed settlements with new enigmas to uncover and exploit. It's coming to PC today and consoles tomorrow.

New mysteries coming to Mars with this add-on are listed below.

  • St. Elmo's Fire: Colonists find it hard to get a good night;s sleep, especially when mysterious lights begin appearing where they have no reason to be.
  • The Philosopher's Stone: Encounter beings that are a far cry from the fleshy bags we call carbon-based life when the colony stumbles upon entirely crystalline entities.
  • Metatron: Colonists look to the sky agape as a great floating monolith has parked itself directly above the fledgling colony.

It's great to see that Surviving Mars is constantly getting updates and becoming a better game as a result. Hopefully this trend will continue into the future. Aven Colony and Planetbase are other colony-building games on Xbox One which focus on other planets. However, neither offer a completely immersive experience due to the unnecessary repetition. Surviving Mars is currently in a league of its own.

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Asher Madan

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