Surviving Mars 'Green Planet' DLC is now available, adds space farming for good measure

Surviving Mars is an addictive and satisfying sci-fi city builder, set on the eponymous red planet. Players are encouraged to land upon and colonize the surface of Mars, managing the everyday survival problems faced by the budding space pioneers. You'll have to provide adequate oxygen to your habitats, ensure citizens are adequately provided for in terms of food and entertainment. You'll also make sure your population stays within manageable levels, lest you produce a famine, and thus, the death of your colony.

Surviving Mars has enjoyed a range of small DLC to flesh out some of the game's features, but the latest one, titled "Green Planet" feels far more ambitious. The update is now available, adding a range of new features.

Once you have broken through the initial phases of surviving on Mars, including resource gathering, population stabilization, and economy balancing, you will be able to begin turning your attention to the terraforming of Mars, making it suitable for permanent human life. In order to achieve this aim, the update will introduce a plethora of new facilities, including a magnetosphere generator and vegetation-producing outdoor farms.

Alongside the Green Planet DLC, there will be a smaller Project Laika DLC pack (referring to Laika the dog), which will add animals and farming systems to the game.

With all of the new facilities and features, the game also adds an all-new tech tree, new breakthrough technologies, new disasters associated with terraforming, and more.

The updates will drop on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 16, 2019, priced at $19.99 and $5.99 respectively. You'll also be able to buy a bundle dubbed Green Planet Plus that includes both Green Planet and Project Laika pack for $23.90.

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