Swappy Colors - a Windows Phone puzzle game with a little zip

Swappy Colors is a Windows Phone game where you have to re-order colored pins into matching groups. You will have to shift the pins around the game board, re-organize them so that only the same styled pins are grouped together. The goal sounds simple but you are racing the clock to see how fast you can solve the puzzle. When the dust settles, your times are compared to others on a worldwide leaderboard.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, Swappy Colors will test your concentration, speed and ability to sort objects. We were tipped on the game and after playing Swappy Colors over the past few days, it comes across as a fun Windows Phone game to pass the time with. I'm just not sure how well it can hold up to marathon gaming sessions.

Swappy Colors Menu

The main menu for Swappy Colors has options to jump into game play, view the online leaderboard, mute the music and sound effects and view the credits. The leaderboard breaks down the scores by time periods that include 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and an overall score. You can also set up your player information (screen name/Country) from the leaderboard view.

The goal of Swappy Colors is to move an assortment of pins into groups of the same styled pin. The playing board has five areas to move the pins into to form these groups and most puzzles that I have seen only have four styles of pins. That fifth slot can be used as temporary holding to free up space as you sort the pins out.

Swappy Colors How-to

Moving the pins around require you to tap/hold on a pin and slide it along the grooves in the game board. I did find that you can push multiple pins along straightaways by sliding the end pin, which saves a little time.

Swappy Colors

Your current time along with your best time is displayed on the game board along with options to pause the game and view the help screen.

Swappy Colors

Once you have all the pins grouped together in their own section of the game board, your time is recorded and the game board flips to reveal a new puzzle to solve. In this respect, Swappy Color is an endless puzzle game making it easy to continue play without having to visit the main menu after each puzzle.

Overall Impression

I have to admit that Swappy Colors wasn't really my cup of tea but the Windows Phone game did begin to grow on me the more I played it. It is not an overly difficult game to play but the pace of game play can make things rather challenging. The game will test your ability to sort and group pins as quickly as possible. It will take a quick touch to get one of the 30 second scores that populate the top of the leaderboard.

While I liked Swappy Colors, I do not know if it could hold up to marathon gaming sessions or qualify as a "go to" game. It just lacks that draw that keeps you pulled into the game for extended periods. Maybe if the gaming board changed patterns after every flip it would have more staying power.

Overall, Swappy Colors is a fun game to pick up from time to time. I can see it being an entertaining option to pass shorter bits of time with, lasting may four or five flips before the game runs its course. At last check, the game is pulling down a 5 star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which is about a star too high in its current state.

If you give Swappy Colors a try, let us know what you think of the Windows Phone game in the comments below and be sure to rate the game in the Store. It is the easiest way to offer a little feedback to the developer.

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