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What you need to know

  • SwiftKey is now called Microsoft SwiftKey.
  • The name change rolled out to SwiftKey Beta last week and is now in the public version of the app.
  • The update that brings the name change also brings support for Emoji 12.
  • Microsoft purchased SwiftKey in 2016.

SwiftKey is now known as Microsoft SwiftKey, adding Microsoft's name to the app after being purchased by Microsoft four years ago. The name change appears on the Google Play listing for SwiftKey but hasn't rolled out to the iOS version yet. The name change appeared on the beta version of SwiftKey last week, and is now on the public version of the app.

In addition to adding Microsoft to the app's name, SwiftKey now supports Emoji 12.0 and has a new icon. Vishnu Nath, partner director of PM Microsoft Mobile & X-Device experiences, shared the news of the name change and update on Twitter.

Microsoft purchased SwiftKey in 2016 and its userbase has grown since the purchase. SwiftKey hit 500 million users toward the end of 2019.

Microsoft SwiftKey

SwiftKey provides a variety of input methods for your Android device's keyboard. You can swipe to type, dictate text, and share emojis and GIFs through SwiftKey.

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