Fly the friendly skies with the endless runner SWOOOP

SWOOOP is an endless runner game for Windows 10 where you pilot a biplane across the friendly skies for as far as you can before the plane's fuel runs out. Gems can be collected for points and collecting stars replenishes the plane's fuel slightly.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, SWOOOP has simple controls, colorful graphics and challenging gameplay. The free game is cloud hosted, requiring a data connection to play. It's an easy game to pick up and learn to play, but not as easy to master. Overall, SWOOOP is a fun time killer of a Windows 10 game.

The primary menu for SWOOOP is bare bones with respect to design. One option is available to jump into gameplay. The game lacks any settings or help screens that are accessible from the primary menu. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can, however, access sound and music controls if you pause gameplay.

Just keep in mind that when you jump into gameplay, the bi-plane you control is already in flight, requiring you to immediately take control of the plane. Otherwise, gravity wins out and the game ends.


Controlling the plane is simple. Tap and hold the screen to raise your plane's nose upwards. Release your hold on the screen to allow the plane to dive. If you continue your hold on the screen long enough, the plane performs a mid-air loop. SWOOOP does support keyboard controls with the spacebar or left mouse/touchpad button controlling the plane's elevation.

The plane's fuel levels are displayed at the bottom of the screen. As the plane rises in elevation, fuel is consumed at a quicker rate with less fuel used to dive. Stars are suspended in the air along your flight path that can be collected to replenish a little fuel. Larger purple gems are also available that when collected sends the plane into a bonus mode where you can collect extra gems and completely replenish the plane's fuel tank.

While one of the goals with SWOOOP is to travel the furthest, there are also gems scattered about the sky that can be collected for extra points. There are the smaller green and gold gems that take on a roller-coaster type design and larger gems that rest closer to the ground.

The larger gems are more difficult to collect due to the changing landscape the plane faces. One minute you are flying across the open plains and the next you find yourself facing a mountain range. This narrow field of view adds to the challenge of SWOOP and keeps you on your toes as you fly the friendly skies.

Along with the challenge of managing the plane's fuel, collecting gems and basically keeping the plane airborne, SWOOOP also includes a few dangers to avoid. For example, you need to avoid hitting clouds. Hitting a cloud substantially drains the plane's fuel level.

The game is cloud-based and does require a data connection to play. This lessens the footprint on your Windows 10 device to ease the burden on memory. I saw no decline in performance with gameplay and load times running smoothly.

Overall, SWOOOP is a fun time waster of a game. There is not much to SWOOOP, but what is in place is entertaining. The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Download SWOOOP from the Windows Store


George Ponder

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