I'm a Missing Sync man myself, but there's another piece of sync software out there that may be worth a look: SyncMate (We've covered it before). It comes in both free and a $39.95 paid version. Free will get you basic PIM sharing (and internet connection sharing!), while the paid version will add media and notes sync to the mix. The new update adds a 'Mail Plugin' which will apparently add in the ability to sync Mail account settings. SyncMate also supports WiFi Sync

Day-to-day, though, I'm not plugging in to sync most of my PIM stuff. Instead I'm syncing calendars and contacts to gmail via Address book's built in support and Spanning Sync for Calendars. Once it's all up on Google, I'm using the free (and excellent) Nuevasync service. It seems to work with everything but contact photos (gmail doesn't support them), but it keeps me in sync with at least 2 PIM categories.