Synology debuts its first mesh router, the MR2200ac

Synology today debuted its first entry in the mesh router space, dubbed the MR2200ac. Like other mesh routers on the market, you can use multiple MR2200ac routers in tandem to form a blanket of Wi-Fi connectivity over your home, bringing coverage to every corner of every room.

The MR2200ac packs support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands and can intelligently switch devices between them based on whatever can provide the strongest connection. Additionally, the router includes a dedicated third band used as a dedicated backhaul, so you shouldn't experience much of a drop in speed as you roam further from the main access point.

The MR2200ac is also one of the first routers to come equipped with WPA3, the latest standard for Wi-Fi security.

On the software side, the MR2200ac is powered by Synology Router Manager (SRM) version 1.2, which includes a few fresh features over prior releases. New in version 1.2 is a couple of kid-focused features that allow parents to set up specific profiles for their children, with options to filter what they're able to see on the web and set how many hours they can use the internet.

Additionally, you can use SRM 1.2 to set policy profiles for IoT devices, and added DNS and IP threat intelligence tools will help to "block access to malicious destinations in real-time," Synology says.

The MR2200ac is available now for $164, and each unit covers 2,000 square feet of space. For more, you can read up on the MR2200ac at Synology.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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