T-Mobile 3G Coming Soon?

Could be that T-Mobile will finally be upgrading their network to UMTS soon. Could be, since the justification for that line of reasoning is that T-Mo is releasing a featurephone that's 3G capable. While I can't think of any examples of T-Mobile having a phone with anything better than EDGE on it, releasing this particular phone doesn't necessarily mean 3G is en-route -- it'll still work on EDGE.

Still and all, T-Mo needs to get the 3G rocked soon. When I lambasted reviewed the T-Mobile Wing I noted that it was pretty much the best you were going to get with T-Mobile, as all the powerhouse devices seem to only exist for 3G networks. So they need this.

Barring any unforeseen roadblocks, T-Mobile’s 3G UMTS network might be launching within the month. How do we know this, you might ask? The Samsung t639, that’s how. The t639, set to drop on September 10th, is T-Mobile’s first 3G equipped handset offering. The phone sports a 1700 MHz UMTS radio, allowing it to access the fastest data network ever offered by the boys in Pink

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WC Staff