With all of the news this morning we let this one fall through the cracks: T-Mobile has picked up the Lumia 520, but as a 521 variant (they always have to be different). There’s no official date or pricing for the device, but we don’t believe it will be too long before the carrier picks it up, probably for $0 on contract or below $200 off contract.

The Lumia 521 fits in with T-Mobile’s plan to move towards non-subsidized phones, where the users buys their own flat out and then pays monthly for the service. In order to do that though they presumably need some good, but affordable deices: enter Nokia.

The Lumia 521 features a 4-inch ClearBlack, SuperSensitive Touch 800x480 display, wireless charging (covers), 8GB storage (expandable via MicroSD), 1430mAh and 1GHz dual-core CPU. This could be a nice break out phone for the carrier to get into consumer hands, especially those not keen on dropping too much on a device.

Below is the official press statement on the Lumia 521:

“T-Mobile will partner with Nokia to bring customers the Lumia 521 – an exclusive to T-Mobile.  Powered by Windows Phone 8, the Lumia 521, which will run on T-Mobile’s fast nationwide 4G network, is a perfect, everyday smartphone that will embody a range of high-end features at an affordable price.  Additional details, including device availability and specifics on pricing, will be shared at a later date.”