T-Mobile ends online sales of its Lumia 640 two months after launch

On June 17, sales of Microsoft's Lumia 640 smartphone started at T-Mobile's website. Now, the wireless carrier has confirmed to Windows Central that it is no longer directly selling the Lumia 640, just over two months after it started.

After receiving a tip that the Lumia 640 was no longer available on T-Mobile's website, we contacted the company for more information. We received this response from T-Mobile's Twitter support account:

"We are no longer selling the Microsoft Lumia 640. Our stock/inventory changes based on the demands for particular phones."

While the T-Mobile Lumia 640 is no longer available from the carrier itself, the phone can still be bought via Walmart's website for $99.76. In addition, the phone can also be bought at MetroPCS for just $39 after a mail-in rebate, on AT&T for $79.99 and on Cricket Wireless for $99.99.

Update: A T-Mobile spokesperson has sent us this statement with additional information:

"We work closely with phone manufacturers, including Microsoft, to continually adjust our device portfolio based on supply and customer demand. As a result of this, we no longer have inventory to support taking online orders for the Lumia 640 – and Microsoft will not be providing us with additional inventory. We do have limited quantities of the Lumia 640 still available in select T-Mobile stores – customers can call their local store to check availability."

Check out the T-Mobile Lumia 640 at Walmart (opens in new tab) ($99.76)

Check out the MetroPCS Lumia 640 ($39 after mail-in rebate)

Check out the AT&T Lumia 640 (opens in new tab) ($79.99)

Check out the Cricket Wireless Lumia 640 (opens in new tab) ($99.99)

Thanks to Marek for the tip!

  • As long as they carry the rumored City/Talkman...
  • They won't, iPhone being announced in sept.... That's what going on and it's not a coincidence!
  • As if this phone was any kind of competition for an iphone. Guess next thing will be to find some way to blame google for this as well.....
  • Who said anything about it competing against the iPhone? It's for the budget conscious stupid!
  • So whats the correlation between this being cancelled and the iphone announcement in September, genuis? You're the one who claims its not a coincidence.
  • You'll see the advertising and special offers on commercials. Oh yeah, I guess you're not aware of the deal T-Mobile made with Apple a couple of years ago..... That's the correlation.... They're getting ready
  • Money. Apple has been paying these carriers for a few years now. Remember a couple years ago Verizon had to pay a penalty to Apple for not selling enough iPhones. I think it was Verizon. So how do you make sure you sell enough iPhones, you only push that phone to people. Based on recent stats, the 640 is doing pretty well. Should not be a lack of demand issue.
  • Thats really stretching it. Are we realy to believe that with Galaxy S6's, Note 5's and LG G4's available the lowly Lumia 640 that was only sold online is the one seen as an impediment to selling iphones? Really?
  • Theefman, You are missing the big picture. Apple is trying to stop Microsoft from gaining any ground, because once Microsoft starts gaining ground it will only be a matter of time before they start to cur into profits for Apple along with several other reasons.
  • Every time WP fails you fanboys blame Google or Apple. 
  • Um, no.  The carriers are the ones the fanboys blame, and totally legitimately too.
  • Is it the phone or is it really the carrier?
  • 640 is an awesome phone for the price and it should come as no surprise that it's selling well to those who do not need high end gaming and 4K video. iPhone is 5-10x more.
  • Apple isn't paying the carriers. They are requiring a minimum sales quota for the privilege of carrying the iphone.
  • The correlation is that T-Mobile made an idiiotic deal to get the iPhone a few years ago and now they have to push and push and push the iPhone just to make their money back. If people start buying Windows phones, they won't be buying iPhones. Get it?
  • If that's the case, shouldn't we be seeing lower-end Android phones being dropped as well?
  • If people start buying Windows phones, they won't be buying iPhones. Get it?
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The Lumia 640 is going to stop iPhone users from buying iPhones?! LOL Not the Galaxy, not the HTC One, not even an LG. The Lumia 640?! What is sad is some people here genuinely believe this is why T-Mobile is pulling it.
  • POOP is better than iJUNK. FYI 640 for being a budget phn, still way better than overrated, garbage iJUNK6/6+, with horrible battery, crap camera, limited NFC, 720 screen res, Bends in your pockets, NO MicroSD slot, NO 4K video, NO Wireless charging,............you have to be an absolute moron/idiot to buy this overprice piece of trash and fall for CrApple's marketing BS. I guess Tim Cook's poop in aluminum foil for $1200+, is a trendy thing to have for bunch of brainless iSHEEP. Even Nokia 520 is better than iJUNK. People, there are mental hospitals, check yourself in, and find out what's wrong with your dumb brain that only sees EVIL CrApple's logo, like this idiot lady(typical iSHEEP buying iJUNK, what do you expect).   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4q7mL5rLFs
  • He was talking about the 940/940XL..
  • Well, John Legere is the kind of guy who would straight up say "I really don't give a f*** about Windows Phones. Nobody uses those." Just like how he made fun of Blackberry. I have very low expectations for T-Mobile, as usual since the Windows Phone 7 days.
  • They'll crash and burn like sprint soon, especially with Verizon getting ready to abandon contracts. ATT will follow suit and people will migrate back to ATT or Verizon from whence they came.
  • Exactly. ATT is probably the best bet so far. Verizon seems to be on and off with Windows Phones.
  • Saying that AT&T is the best is not saying much. They're all poor supporters of WP. AT&T and Verizon go in spurts.
  • Uhhhh Tmo isn't going anywhere. Verizon has done away with contracts but they're still sky high. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • After they pulled this crap with the 640, about a month ago I said goodbye to T-mobile and went to cricket. I got a dual sim 640 XL from Amazon and me and my family couldn't be happier. Coverage is better, we're paying less, and I got a great phone. Bite me LeGuiere.
  • Tmobile is currently seeing explosive growth, and they are now the 3rd largest US carrier. Your "they're going to crash and burn" comment is stupid. 
  • call me back when another carrier gains 1M+ subs for 9 quarters consecutively. LOL. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Which is why I went with Cricket for their service instead. I was with tmo for a bit but they didnt sell the 640 fast enough so I switched.
  • I do not give a f*** about Aple and Iphone!!! the components and manufacturing cost of a 16GB iPhone 6 cost Apple $200.10. The device is selling for $649 in the U.S.  without a contract with a wireless carrier. That gives the device a profit margin of about 69% The $349 Apple Watch costs just $84 to make      
  • Yeh, they should sell it ai $199 free of contract. Because you know, engeenears, designers, testers, workers, importers all work for free. I am not justifing the price of the iPhone (expecially charging $100 more for every memory increase), but I'm saying that it doesn't make much sense saying that the components costs $200.
  • This is pretty funny a TMO salesman was just trying to get my job to switch to them. They didn't have any Lumia XL phones though, so I renewed the contract with AT&T and ordered 20 640 XL black devices to replace iPhone 4s because people were locking them to their apple ID which encrypts the handset T-Mobile's loss. This is why AT&T stays near the top they have the largest variety of handsets than any other carrier.
  • I could do the same for T-Mobile. Suck, they do.
  • Wait, they're releasing ANOTHER iPhone?
  • Yes, every September is the beginning of iPhone season. And this is the "S" model year. It's like a freaking holiday.
  • Lol!.... Positive
  • Even if they do these sort of moves just hurt the windows phone eco. We need there to be a good choice of Low, Mid and High end phones to help expand. I think the 640 was a great low end phone for people on a budget and is the one I suggest now. This sort of sell it for 2 month and then stop with windows phones lately is getting crappy.
  • The 640 is a midrange phone at lowend phone prices.
  • What do expect? Do one was buying it. If it was selling they would keep it.
  • Let's see the lumia 640 for $100 or the lg Leon for $50 Spec wise they are about the same. App wise the Leon wins. Price wise Leon wins. So which one would you recommend to your customer. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A phone which won't self destruct 3 months from now. So .. The 640.
  • Completely wrong. First, spec wise 640 is way superior than Leon - which does not even have an HD screen, 640 does. Also, $50 for Leon is a promotional offer after coupon - you can't compare the lumia at full price with a temporary sale on leon. You are just biased
  • It's not bias.  Any phone running Android is better than any phone running Windows Phone.  The reason is that Android is a powerful and flexible OS with a thriving ecosystem and Windows Phones are featurephones with no support from anyone!  Just because the 640 has decent hardware for the price doesn't make it desirable. Think about it: Would you rather get a free $300 laptop running Windows 10 or a $3000 laptop running OS/2 (assuming you could never change the OS)?  It's like that...
  • I'd rather have the $300 laptop running Windows 10.
  • I disagree. Especially for your reasoning. Basically, the phone that works with what you own, and what you like, is the better phone. Period. I have an HTC m8, a phone that actually has an android counterpart, and yeah, mines better because its windows. Maybe the world disagrees but some of us are not sheep, and could care less.
  • Please tell me what your M8 windows phone can do that the android M8 can't?  Your WP M8 is a sheep with about 2.5 legs that just got shaved. Most of Microsofts services are available for Android and Android has significantly more apps that people use.  When you can periscope, snapchat, buy a cup of Starbucks, and bank on your WP M8 you let me know. Take the blinders off, WP is great and I would prefer it if the app issue was equal between Android. It's not, wish people here would just accept that.
  • Periscope, Snapchat and Starbucks aren't apps that are integral to my business which pays for my technology expenses so I'm quite satisfied with the availability of more substantial apps on WP. But if that's what is most important to Android users, it definitely explains why they are so satisfied with their phones.
  • Any computer running windows is better than a chromebook theoretically. But there are people who prefer a chromebook to windows because despite a more powerful laptop they want a fluid and consistent experience. Your logic is screwed
  • That is a retarded analogy. A better analogy would be saying to have a $3,000 laptop loaded with Ubuntu or suse Linux. Similarly the same market share percentage as Linux is to desktops thereabouts. You picked os2 which doesn't really exist anymore. The wp8 is is not but a few years old. ​
  • I am sorry, but what? Anny phoe running android is better then any phone with wp? :))). The only phones that are good enough to keep in your pocket with android, are the ones that costs the most. The mid rage and low end ones are pieces of junk, garbage, crapp, disposible!!! Just looking at Xperia aqua m4 makes me wanna puke. And is the new hype in mid rage devices. 640 crushes that crap in everyway posible. Battery, stability, reliability build quality. If you buy a phone just for apps, you got to be a bit of am "dungy". But well, with people like this i can create a mobile company that makes cheep crapp androids to sell to them. Hey, it has apps!!!
  • Gimme OS/2.
  • That's the problems right there. I can't recommend WP. Sad as it is. I helped two people buy phones and apps they needed were not in WP and wasn't going to be. So Android it was. :(
  • If they are selling it for $50, they are, most likely, losing money.
  • No one is buying it because the punks that work at T-mobile stores do everything they can to discourage people from buying Windows phones. When  I bought my 925 I had to ask for a manager and threaten to leave to get them to sell me the 925. They have a bunch of kids working for them that know nothing about technology.
  • And its been this way for years and STILL Microsoft doesnt do anything about it so if they cant make carriers treat theier phones equally isnt it time they went at it solo? That seems to be whats been hinted as the way they are going in the future but it remains to be seen, but at some point Microsoft is going to have to step up and fix this themselves.
  • Make crap products that don't sell. Why should any carrier waste their time and money. Cityman and talkman are cheap looking plastics that are DOA. I'll give them six months at least until EOL status. Lumias are now seen as crap, even to the fanboys. Continuing this line will just make MS look bad. Give it back to Nokia. The world is ready for the surface phone or frankly surface mobile .
  • I call bs... but sales people will recommend what they typically use themselves. There's no high end windows phone that can compete with the 6plus, note 5, edge plus or g4. If you upset at least focus it on Microsoft. How long has it been since there was a real high end phone? What's sad is the leaked photos of their new ones are ugly. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They reccomend whatever they get a spiv (kickback) for.  I was in the phone retail game for a couple of years (well before smartphones) and all the staff from my store and the others in my city pretty much sold ONLY the handsets that generated an additional $5-$10 per sale being added to our paychecks. The phones might change, but human nature and greed will always stay the same and trump customer needed every time.
  • Thanks for bringing that up my mother is a blackberry user and we went in the store to ask about the classic the negative vibe we got from that almost made me flip on them but I was already expecting it since im on Windows phone something else they cold careless about so when the guy went into the why do want a blackberry speech I told my mom lets go I know I seem like a bitch but I hate people trying to tell us what phone we should have because "bb Is dead" and "wp doesn't sell "
  • I couldn’t agree more to this.
  • This is exactly the reason. I am in tech support and people at my call center bash Windows phones whenever they can. I mention the low prices of the Windows phones when someone needs to replace their broken phone with no insurance and no upgrade and other reps don't even offer them. They tell the customer to buy a Galaxy S4 for $400 full retail as if that's reasonable. People are addicted to Google (as a brand) and only want Android. The thing I don't get is why they are unwilling to try Windows phones at all without ever trying them and why they also bash Windows 10 over "privacy concerns" when the brand they love (Google) mines the hell out of their data far and away worse than Microsoft ever could dream of with all settings set to ON. I don't get it, but I'll keep on keeping on. Until my Lumia quits. I really think it comes down to Americans and our want for "premium" everything. People like Samsung because they are told they are "the next big thing" as well as the anti-iPhone, and people want iPhones and Macs because they are told that they are "special" and part of the upper crust for using them. Windows phones don't say that.
  • Unfortunately Microsoft does a piss poor job of creating sexy drool worthy phones. They also can't seem to figure out that not everyone wants their home screen cluttered with flipping tiles in only three sizes. The big problem is still the lack of app support and current apps found on the other two platforms. That had always been the problem and Microsoft isn't making much headway in narrowing that gap. Oh and plastic phones aren't helping their cause either. They just don't seem to know how to design premium looking hardware outside of the Surface group.
  • So remind me how many icon sizes the apple phones (under 15% marketshare, but close to 90% of smartphone profits/revenue) offer...   Oh, thats right.
  • Tmobile all but claims lack of sales. Let's count the ways TMobile itself contributed to lack of sales:
    1. WP displays in carrier stores very minimal (completely gone now)
    2. Zero WP advertising in carrier stores
    3. L640 (and others) never available in stores
    4. L640 (and others) hard to find on web site
    5. Only iPhone and Android phones promoted I really can't imagine why the L640 (and other WP phones) didn't sell at TMobile. I truly do not expect either Lumia 950 to be sold by TMobile. This longtime customer (since Aerial) may be jumping ship in a few weeks.
  • I jumped ship from T-Mobile after the Lumia 710 debacle and have enjoyed the 920, 1020, 635, 1520, 640 and One M8 for Windows on AT&T and I have better AT&T coverage, 15GBs of rollover data and more than I ever had on T-Mobile and thats after being a T-Mobile evangelist for 7 years, even leaking/providing some of the first hands on of the HD2 in video, the Nuron and other devices working with several TMo stores to get info, passing the info, pics and videos on to TMonews. T-Mobile has never cared about Windows Phone and they will probably take the same crummy attitude with Windows 10 Mobile. US carriers and their biased reps (along with selfish and biased media) will forever doom Microsoft's efforts with phones.
  • Then again, why would T-Mobile spend millions of dollars advertising a phone that sells for less than $100, when the majority of Americans don't want cheap phones? T-Mobile makes more money if it sells flagship devices. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They also showed very little attention to their 925 and m8 windows.
  • Which brings up the point that it seems that most Android and Apple users are adamant about the status of owning the latest flagship device. Personally I enjoy paying $100 or less for a phone that has the ability to seamlessly integrate with the majority of work environments while being enjoyable to use without having to be tied to any single provider. It pays for itself over the first month of ownership.
  • Why waist money on a crap plastic that doesn't sell?
  • Except from the stats it appears that it does sell and has been selling well.
  • Or english classes where idiots don't learn the difference between waste and waist...
  • When I went into the Tmo store the sales people tried to flip me to an iphone. I asked the person do you know anything about a Windows phone? It was like a deer in headlights. Since they where clueless, they just went got the phone. Anyway, I have been with Tmo for over 10 years and it is time to move on as it is clear they don't care or want Window Phones. They try like hell to make me happy, however, poor coverage in areas that I need, makes strike two. I will be jumping after the W10 announcement if Tmo doesn't step up.
  • Sooooooo, why is it not selling boatloads in AT&T or Verizon?  Could it be that people just don't like WP as much as we always make ourselves believe here in windowscentral?
  • Unfortunately, I have to agree. If there was demand, I doubt they'd stop seeking it.
  • "No one was buying it?" It was hard as hell to even find one. Many got snapped up by wannabe scalpers to sell at 300% profit on eBay, and when that didn't work, I guess some of them got returned? Took me weeks to find one at Walmart at a reasonable price, to give to my wife.
  • I don't think att is having any problems selling theirs.
  • It is a midrange phone from two years ago, maybe. It is definitely low end these days. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No it isn't, I replaced a 928 with a 640 and lack for almost nothing, it is a mid-range phone right now. Two years ago it was practically high end.
  • It has a Snapdragon 400 a 720p display, it's kind of hard to call that midrange.
  • On Android it would be. But for WP that will run better than "midrange" devices on Android any day.
  • I blame gangster rap.
  • LOL
  • LOL!!!
  • I love my 640xl it's a great phone. I would go back to a dumb phone before I even consider an iPhone. YUK I hate Apple. Never Never Never.
  • I'm starting to think they should simply give up on phones. They've failed to bring any innovation to the field for two straight years, and the next models look to be little more than a spec bump and an OS mod that's more like an Android knockoff than modern Windows.
  • Screw T-Mobile, just in time for the iPhone announcement...... Typical.
  • Lol.
    Sep 9, the world will see another half eaten work.
  • What does the iPhone have to do with this? Windows Phones don't sell. End of story. They always get axed early because of slow sales. That is why carriers do not usually bother selling them in the first place. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • exactly. nobody uses or buys windows phones, and somehow that's apples fault? 
  • What about all of the low end Android that don't sell? And there definitely plenty of them out there
  • How can they sell it if they didn't even carry it in stores nor even advertise it.
  • Your right windows phone currently is know as a budget phone which is why the two flagship devices should have been something else instead they look low budget even though the specs are good. I think T-mo will carry 5 2 but then they also could be exclusive right now I'm sitting back hoping HTC brings something good but overall Windows phone problem is solely Microsoft fault
  • nobody is going to buy the flagships either. they're DOA, just like the 930, 920, icon, 1520, etc. 
  • I bought two L920 flagships. I then bought two L1520 flagships. So, people DO buy and ARE going to buy the Microsoft Flagships.
  • Hmm... While I don't blame Apple, I still don't agree it's due to solely low sales.
    It is a lack of marketing, and a lack of equal treatment by sales reps. End of story.
    You can't tell me that anything Pantech does in Android sells in high volumes compared to Apple, Samsung and probably Microsoft.
    Hell, even HTC sells low volume Android devices(not referring to HTC One) and probably costs the carrier lots more money to keep in stock when they don't sell. Why are those still around?
  • They are still around because they do meet their sales expectations. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android buys space in the Sprint stores.  I don't know about Apple.  At least my local Sprint store had the Lumia 635 displayed like every other phone.
  • Due to marketing? LOL Microsoft spent billions marketing the initial Lumias. They did not sell. Equal treatment by sales reps? LOL You should go work as a salesperson in one of those cellphone shops, you will come back here and apologize. You will hesitate to recommend windows phones too when you realize that the return rates for them are very high. A user that has researched and walks into a store seeking a windows phone is more likely to keep it than one that is talked into buying one by a sales rep. When he/she gets home and realizes he cannot get certain apps that his peers have, that phone would be returned with a quickness and you, the sales rep, would take the hit.    
  • Pantech is bankrupt. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Week this got no support from tmob from the get go. None in store, only online. Hell WalMart supports it better by actually stocking the tmob prepaid in store. How does it hurt them to leave the website page up and still some more? The MS store near me had the att go phone but not the tmob version when they previously had the 521 and 635s
  • Exactly. And by the looks of things, Microsoft is doing next to nothing to change this. The rumored new models, if accurate, are an underwhelming spec bump at best, and if the final version of Windows 10 mobile is anything like the preview, it'll be a usability nightmare and a major step backwards.
  • Fanboys, meet reality.
  • Had nothing to do with fan boys because Tech Data companies pointed to the 640 as selling very well. Speaking of fan boys, let me guess your an iPhone or Android fan: Hence your comment! And oh yeah how about t mobiles Apple fan companyism ( new word)
  • Agree with omg55
  • It was selling well in regards to other Windows phones
  • No, the reality is that beyond the little fanboy parties thrown on this site WP has a real issue appealing to users. Tmo has seemingly been ok with their WP sales previously so for them to stop selling this phone after just 2 months signals something is seriously wrong. But reality seems to be completely absent from any discussion here and everyone just nods and praises Microsoft when events like this tell a completely different story.
    And again, your patented response calling someone an iphone/android fan because their view doesnt follow the yes-man template employed on this site amply demonstrates my point about being out of touch with reality.
  • Plus Nadella probably told them TMO is not of their "productive relationships" and MS would pull out. Mastermind. ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As I said in another comment, Tmo employees do their best to keep from selling you a Windows phone. After I bout my L925, I recommended it to several other people and they all went to different Tmo stores but encountered the same problem I did. They actually harass you about buying the phone. I've been with them for eleven years, but I actually considered leaveing because of their stupidity. IKt's hard to get sales when the carrier is actually fighting it.
  • And we all know this is nothing new, so really we have to see if MS is true to their word and stops dealing with carriers detrimental to the platform and take on sales themselves.
  • Considering Tmobile employees trying to sell you iphones and Galaxy phones, I wouldn't be suprised. I haven't seen any marketing for this phone from Microsoft. Other than that, this phone gets good reviews from consumers.
  • Tmo employee's try to sell you phones that are popular, phones that they know won't get returned. They want to get you in and out the door as soon as possible, and that's all there is to it.
  • Exactly.  Retail employees on commission don't want customers returning Windows phones because, "....Hey!  There's no Snapchat, or Instagram or Hangouts, or Youtube on this!  And Facebook sucks on it!"
  • What is the return rate for WP? I am calling BS on that. You dont know the actual return rates of phones.
  • Daniel Rubino has said more than once that WP has a high return rate, and that this fact affects sales. 
  • There is Instagram on WP. Have you even used WP? Instagram is Instagram Beta or popular third party app 6tag, and for youtube you have TubeCast, Metrotube, myTube... And don't get me even started with Snapchat and their stupid CEO and the stupid developer of SnapSaved(Android app) from which server data got leaked.
  • If they wanted to get you in and out of the door fast, they wouldn't stand there and argue with you and then get another sales rep to do the same. The last thing I need is some know-nothing pimple faced kid telling me what phone I should buy and what is the best. I'm a high school technology teacher and most teens know nothing about tech. They just want what their friends have. Then they come asking me if I can fix it, or how to get something to work. If Tmo wants their kids selling iPhones and Galaxys, they need to quit pretending to even carry Windows phone. Unfortunately, MS isn't in a position to dictate to carriers the way Apple is.
  • Or could it be something as simple as getting higher commissions expensive phones?
  • Former Tmo employee here. I never told people what phone to buy. We were trained to ask what people wanted out of a phone and then give reccomendations. The majority of people wanted things in a phone that WP didnt offer. (snapchat, google services, popular fad games, etc) I wouldnt reccomend a WP to someone i know wouldnt be happy with it. If i did, it would most likely be returned, and employees dont get the sales commision if a device is returned. If a customer didnt need a lot of first party apps, or tons of games, i would certainly reccommend WP. In addition, samsung, LG, and a couple other manufacturers offered sales incentives to sell their devices. Gift cards, free phones, clothing, even offering a higher commision on occasion. While i worked at Tmo, Microsoft/Nokia never had any incentive programs (neither did Apple to be fair). In my experience, most employees i worked with at Tmo were sales driven. They dont care what they sell, they sell what can earn them the most money or what they know will have a low rate of return. 
  • Thank you. 
  • Well, I wish I and my friends had encountered sales reps like you. When a sales rep starts arguing with me and telling me what I need and want, when I know what I need and want, it makes me angry. I know a lot of Windows Phone owners who've had a very similar experience at T-mobile.
  • I feel lucky (now). When I went to a local TMO store to buy a 925 (Nov. 2013) it was hassle-free. I walked in: "How may I help you".  ... "I have a 521 and like it so well I'd like to buy the 925." ... "Sure, let me see if I have any in stock." ... They had 3 in stock, I bought it ... easy peasy. No attempt to lure me to anything else, no "You don't need that one, here let me show you blah blah blah" ... They had a 521 and 925 on display there.
  • I use all devices and you have to be blind not to see the difference carries display when advertising, salespeople's lack of knowledge of devices outside of Apple and Android. I can sell any phone to anybody because I talk to them to find out several things: 1. There use case
    2. Knowledge level
    3. Do they want to be locked into a multi year contract These simple questions would help me determine what device I should be offering, budget, etc.
  • Same here. Galaxy S5, S6 Edge, Lumia Icon and iPhone 5 all in my stable of work phones and I recommend what I think best for the user based on what they tell me. The ones that use Windows phones tend to love them. The only people that give me negative comments about it are those that haven't used it at all, they've just spoken to other people who heard that you can't install apps or other such nonsense. I don't go around punishing myself every day by using this Lumia, I genuinely prefer it. I consider myself a "power user"... Mist people that think they are power users assume that means downloading and installing a ton of apps. I think it means maximizing the usage of the device at your disposal as efficiently as possible... You know.. USING it. It's frustrating that having 12 apps for 8 tasks is the new normal. I would rather have 3 apps for those 8 apps, and would prefer the OS do it on its own. That hurts adoption though, hence Microsoft pulling stuff from the OS and letting apps do it instead.
  • ^^this^^ +925 :)
  • I could have not said it better myself. I see people all the time with bogged down phones, hundreds of apps, that never used and these people think they are guru's. I change phones all the time and have a core of small apps I install, and that's it. Because like you, I am the master of my device, not the other way around.
  • I was a wp user, and an android user, and an iphone user. I have dropped wp for many reasons: lack of quality in apps, no quality in service from customer support calls: called in uk, answer was from India,  MS's crappy policy over their own apps which get removed leaving users with a beta horrible experience: lumia camera in win10 for most models case, lack of proper quality control for devices before releasing them:930,830,1520 had all of them with issues such as screen popping off the frame, scroll issue, overheating. aand on a mobile phone I want an OS for mobiles not a replica of a desktop OS as win10 is now.
  • @OMG55 - Do you know if the data was for the US or global? I'm wondering if the phone is selling considerably well everywhere else but not in the US. Wouldn't be the first time this happens with Windows Phone if that was the case.
  • Tell him!
  • The 640 sells well relative to other Windows phones. And for what it is, it's decent at the $79 at&t price, but I wouldn't pay any more than that.
  • Hmmm... Thought all signs pointed to it selling very well?
  • Relative to other Windows phones. If one is extremely generous there may be about 5 million Windows phones in circulation in the US. 5% of that is 250,000 between several 3rd tier carriers, MS and T Mo... not exactly setting the world on fire. OK performance in Windows world perhaps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If 9 million Lumiaa are sold each quarter then that is 5 million Lumiaa each quarter for the us. Might wan