Microsoft Lumia 640 now available through T-Mobile

T-Mobile now has the Lumia 640 available on the US carrier's website, ready to start shipping. As previously covered, this Windows Phone will be available on 'Ship to (direct fulfillment)' system, meaning you'll need to order the handset online or through telesales. The product will then be shipped to a supplied address or local T-Mobile store.

T-Mobile Lumia 640

If you're interested in the Lumia 640, the Windows Phone will set you back by $55 per month on a 24-month plan (cost of phone and plan together). This option will bag you the Lumia 640 directly with $0 down. Full retail price through T-Mobile is $129.84, which will need to be settled should you cancel the service prior to the contract coming to a close.

T-Mobile is also offering free overnight shipping in time for Father's Day, ending June 17. If you'd rather not order directly through T-Mobile, Walmart is set to stock the Lumia 640 too.

Source: T-Mobile{.nofollow}; thanks, Jon M., for the heads up!

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  • $55 per month?!?
  • 40$/month for the service and 15$/month for the phone probably
  • Price of the plan + financing of the phone
  • I know! That's a steal at that price... It's a typo and the actual price is $5.41 per month.
  • But it's $55.41 when taken out with the accompanied plan, correct? $5.41 + $50/month. (Could well just be me having a British moment, getting all confused with the American wireless pricing.)
  • In my country that devices is Around 100 US$ and 8$ is enogh to get 5GB semi unlimitied data on with LTE speed
  • For 60 totaly will get you unlimited call/sms/5gb of data (unlimited still), including all the simple choice stuff as well.
  • There's a decimal missing. $5.50 / month.
  • The article notes that this is for both service and repaying the device in installments.
  • My Dad was trying to upgrade his TMo phone recently and I was confused of their plan prices.  It wasn't the typical $199 on contract for the phone if we're talking flagship pricing.  It seems like just another way to get extra money by confusing consumers. I've had a company phone for almost 10 years now so I could be out of touch with how it works currently.  
  • Lately,  the carriers have been moving away from the subsidized phone business model. Now, instead of paying $200 up front and paying for the rest of the cost of the phone in "hidden" fees, things are more transparent. In this case, T-Mobile charges $50 for a plan with unlimited voice, text, and data (although only 3GB of data is at full speed). The $130 Lumia 640 can be paid for over two months, i.e., $130 / 24 = $5.41. As such, for the first two years, you'd pay $50+$5.41 per month; once the phone was paid for, your monthly bill would drop to $50. It's that last part -- the lowering of the monthly cost once the device was fully paid for -- that was and is missing on the "traditional" two-year contracts.
  • Wait for WalMart and save 30$ lol
  • Yep. Got mine yesterday from WalMart.
  • Does the L640 from Walmart have WiFi Calling?
  • It sure does.
  • Good to know. Thanks!
  • More than likely. All T-Mobile phones come with Wi-Fi calling.
  • How is your first 24 hours of L640 experience? I am considering to get one as a secondary phone. I have read mixed reviews so far from users, some are good some are not that good. And i did hold it in T-Mobile Macedonia shop, it fits great in hand. :)
  • Does it have dual SIM slots or just one? (I strongly suspect that's it's 1, but can hope for 2! ;)
  • Let's go AT&T... But seriously, the more I see no capacitive buttons or dedicated camera button, the more I dislike these midrange Lumias.
  • I'm liking the onscreen buttons. You can hide them at will.
  • Well if you put them on the screen there should be some awesome speakers or a sensor of some sort on the front. Or just use it for more screen real estate. Why the empty space MSFT?
  • I've noticed that having the ability to hide the onscreen buttons and having that empty space makes it easier to hold. My baby sister would always be pressing the home button when I gave her the phone to watch movies. Now not so much. Oh and it's cheaper lol
  • I am getting the 640 XL. I'm going to have to adjust to those onscreen buttons.
  • These aren't midrange phones. These are low end phones. The Lumia 830 is midrange, and it comes with physical capacitive keys and a dedicated camera button.
  • They are midrange phones. They have nearly the same specs as the Lumia 830 except pureview. A camera button or not doesn't make it low, mid or high end
  • Good going T-Mobile
  • Yes. Time to outsell the m8.
  • Good grief!  You're a broken record.  You're talking about apples and oranges.  Also T-Mobile sold the M8 as a limited edition.
  • Go to your m8 article ;)
    Yes that's what you label a phone that doesn't sell. Limited special edition
  • Do you own either the Lumia 640 or HTC One M8 on T-Mobile?  Do you own any handset on T-Mobile?  I will likely buy the Lumia 640 for a family member within a month, since it is sadly the best WP that T-Mobile currently offers. Your lack of grasping basic logic is astounding.  Yes, T-Mobile labeled their variant of the M8 as a Limited Edition.  This WILL limit how many units are sold.  But go ahead and flip this into some sort of negative. Why do you care what other people buy?  Why do you care how many handsets are sold?  In the grand scheme of things, Windows Phone as a whole is VASTLY outsold by competing platforms.  When market share is measured, they don't designate it by Windows Phone-Lumia, and Windows Phone-Other; it's all Windows Phone.  We're (supposedly) on the same team, and yet you continue to try and divide the incredibly small team we have.  Give it a rest.  
  • Why would you expect anything else? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Aw how cute. You guys are flooding an article about a phone that you don't own lol. Irony since you get on my case about it. Seems anytime someone mentions m8, you guys show up.
  • Father's Day ends June 17?
  • Heh, edited slightly to better reflect it as the deal ending.
  • Free overnight shipping
  •   I will probably get one when they come to AT&T, I just hope it is as good as my 820 has been. But for the price I find it will be hard to disappoint.
  • Hope AT&T offers the Lumia 640 through GoPhone
  • AT&T offers the 640 through Cricket. AT&T owns Cricket.
  • But GoPhone is better :'(
  • True, but you'd probably still need an unlock code, if you plan on buying the phone from Cricket and switch to AT&T or vice-versa.
  • I'm sure they will.
  • So why is GoPhone better than Cricket?
  • Rumor has it that AT&T will release this phone next week.. Hope it's true
  • The price is not bad at all. Last year I've paid $150 for my Lumia 521 which is not LTE.
  • Ouch. Sorry to hear that. I picked up the 521 for $20 and recently my coworker got the$20 deal from best buy for the 635.
  • Definitely a steal. Definitely going to be also on the look out for it near my Walmart. Posted via the Windows Central App on my Lumia 640 XL
  • Well even if it's not released on gophone but on at&t proper it can still be used on gophone. It probably would have a better price in a gophone bubble pak from Walmart though. Either way bring it on before some emergency happens and my money flies out the door.
  • Why, oh why is the speaker on the back instead of the bottom? I barely heard my alarms this morning. I'll have to lay my phone screen down when I use this phone. I'll get over it.
  • AT&T can go to hell!!!!!
  • And they're sold out. Just got off the phone with customer care, they said they should have more Monday, June 22
  • Totally a PR stunt on T-Mobile part!
  • I called at 9 am CST and got one
  • I can confirm they are sold out online. Been trying since 8:30am CST.
  • Lookslike they sold out. Still showing coming soon.  Any comments?  
  • Weird, because it just let me add it to my cart. Try using incognito mode and see if it still says coming soon. Also, per "customer care", the free overnight shipping is only for new orders. Those of us with a JUMP! upgrade aren't eligible. Irritating.
  • What is irritating for me is that choosing to upgrade my 635 on my existing line doesn't show the 640 at all. Only 2 Lumias available, both certified pre-owned. However, if I want to add a line...the 640 shows up for purchase. Maddening. T-Mobile's web ordering is always this painful. Always.
  • I had the same problem with the upgrade process.  Called customer care, and she had to dig deep to even see the phone, and then it wasn't showing as available.  It was early in the a.m., and she thought the system would get smoothed out within 24-48 hours. I really don't care for Walmart, but may have to grit my teeth and go there to get the 640.
  • Does anyone think that when it goes on sale at Walmart in 3 days that it will be $30 cheaper as the leaks showed?
  • It will be. I went to my local Walmart and saw the price as such.
  • Tmobile is overnight shipping it to me so for free so the $30 extra is worth it to me
  • Im really trying to decide if I should go ahead and get this phone or just wait for the FLAGSHIP LUMIA.
  • Both
  • Just called T-Mo to order and rep told me it wasn't released yet. She took a while looking for a way to purchase for me.. All she said was it shows "Coming soon"
  • Call again, you got a bad rep. It's there
  • Just picked one up from my local Walmart for $99.76+tax. Try calling Walmarts and see if they have them in. Mine did not have them on the shelf, but behind the counter. Pretty cool phone so far, just setting it up. Reminds me of my old Lumia 810.
  • So you have to ask someone in Electronics to look for one?
  • What color is the backplate from Walmart?
  • Yes, I called and asked the guy at the electronics desk. They had 1 in and he held it for me. It is the white back plate. Good luck.
  • Just bought mine. Turns out the web site having problems this morning so I had to call. Purchase needed a new line but they told me they will cancel the new line and refund any costs immediately
  • I know certain Walmarts already have the Lumia 640 on their shelves, but do they carry all 4 colors or do they only carry Black/White? I was playing around on T-Mobile's website, and when I proceed to choose and "buy" the phone, they only have one color (White). I haven't been to the store yet, as I heard rumors about it not being directly at their stores, but personally I'd prefer the Cyan or the Orange color phone.
  • Wonder when the Microsoft Store will be selling them unlocked and will they price match Walmart?
  • I called my local MS store and they said they didn't have a date yet as to when they would be receiving it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Had problems ordering from the web and in the store like others. Eventually called via phone and T-mobile was able to order plus free overnight shipping....
  • Ordered a 640 from T-mobile online last night, now to play the waiting game...
  • What the hell is going on with this phone? I have talked to people in two t-mobile stores and two people at t-mobile customer service and they do not show that the phone exists nor have they ever even heard of this model!
  • I was able to order online and got overnight shipping (after a rep over the phone told me she couldn't order for me). Next day I called back to check the status of the order and they told me it's on back order and could take 5-10 days or even sooner. I just had the rep cancel the order for me... will probably try to hunt it down at Walmart. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Walmart now has it online for in store pickup. I managed to snag the only one they had at a Northen Virginia Walmart