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T-Mobile HD2 gets a memory boost

Behold, the HD2 that we'll see on T-Mobile. HTC's product page for the device (opens in new tab) is now live, and we learn that it's getting a memory boost over its European brother (opens in new tab). ROM capacity will be 1GB (up from 512MB); and RAM is up from 448MB to 576MB.

An easy answer for the change could be that's what T-Mobile ordered. But that's no fun, is it? A better guess is that in testing Windows Mobile 7 on it -- remember that we're all assuming it's getting WM7 -- a need for more memory was discovered. Either way, it's not a huge bump up, but we're not the types to turn down free RAM. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

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  • Pffft, what, a "new" HD2, released 2 monts after, thank you HTC, feel upset, what are we for you, beta tester !!!?
  • Where did you get the 2 months? The TmobileUSA version is not coming out until late march/early april.
  • It might not actually be 128MB more RAM. 512MB - 64MB = 448MB
    512MB + 64MB = 576MB The HD2 has an AMD z430 GPU. I'm guessing that it's got 64MB of memory dedicated to it. In the T-Mobile version, they've probably just put in a dedicated 64MB RAM for the GPU (perhaps because the chassis-1 spec demands 512 MB of RAM for OS + Apps). But the point is, if you count the 64MB of video memory in the T-Mo version, you should count the 64MB of memory in the non-T-Mo versions as well -- so the difference becomes 512MB in all non-TMo HD2s and 576MB in the TMo version. Big deal.
  • Just Great, is there a cashback for early adopters?
  • You assume that the additional ROM and RAM will be available in European versions. You'd be wrong.
  • Oh my god that's awesome!!! Can't wait :)
  • I am wondering if the Telstra HD2 has the rom.ram of the European HD2 or the rom/ram of the TMo HD2. I hope the later although the Telstra can only workj on ATT's 850 band.
  • I don't think Telstra has the extra RAM and ROM.
  • I think this site and all others needs to start saying T-Mobile USA or T-Mobile UK or Europe to avoid confusion.
  • What would be really nice is if HTC fix the bugs some time soon. On mine, it seems for every 2 amazing things on it, there's something uttlerly unforgiving wrong with it.
  • Dumb question but I will ask any way. What would happen if I bought a T-Mobile HD2 and put my AT&T SIM card in it? I know that AT&T and T-Mobile use different frequencies but would I still be able to send and recieve telephone calls? And what about text messages? And since the T-Mobile HD2 will still have the radio and software to work on the T-Mobile frequencies (1700MHz and 2100MHz, right?), would I still be able to use T-Mobiles 3G network? Again, perhaps dumb question but I just want to know. I am grateful for any accurate information anyone can give.
  • You will be able to make and receive phone calls and text messages just fine on ATT. You will also be able to use ATT's data service, but NOT on 3G. You will only get EDGE speeds on ATT and you cannot use T-Mobile's 3G network on ATT obviously. Hope that helps.
  • It does help, thanks! So just to be clear, I would NOT be able to use T-Mobile's 3G network if I bought an unlocked HD2 from T-Mobile and put in an AT&T SIM card? That kind of blows ...
  • That's correct unfortunately.
  • Is anyone who has an iPhone thinking of switching to the HD2? Is the screen OLED, AMOLED, or regular LCD? Love the 480x800 hi-resolution! :D