T-Mobile holding Uncarrier 5.0 event in LA

T-Mobile has setup another Uncarrier event for June 18 in Los Angeles. This will be their fifth such event, hence the name Uncarrier 5.0. Previously on the John Legere show, we've seen T-Mobile offer to pay your ETF from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, Introduce their Jump! program, give everyone free international roaming and offer free LTE data for your tablet. It seems to be working for them, as they have seen actual subscriber growth and increased their revenue by almost 28-percent.

We've no idea what to expect in LA next month, but we hope Shakira is involved somehow.

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  • Wish they'd set up better nationwide signal coverage LOL.   Thanx Tho!
  • Where are you at? I get a solid T-Mobile connection anywhere I go.
  • Me too no complaints here from Bronx NY. T-mobile is great.
  • I get voice coverage all over the farmland in north Colorado and 4G(HSPA+)/LTE in the cities.
  • Add yet, in may parts of central Denver, you're lucky to get 2 bars.  I got better service in the camp ground outside of Estes Park in Rocky Mountain National Park than Denver.
  • With more customers comes more revenue, which will allow the company to invest more into coverage improvements.  I want T-Mo to succeed greatly so this country will not be bound by stupid contracts which the rest of the world isn't so accustomed to.  Of course, if they don't adopt more Windows Phone devices that are flagship-worthy then I may never leave AT&T at all.
  • Interstate travel is pretty miserable, especially heading north of Phoenix on I-17. In Scottsdale, coverage where we used to live is spotty. When I visit my parents right outside of Mobile, coverage sucks. New Haven, CT.....I can't be the only one noticing the holes.
  • Heck, I'd settle for statewide at this point.
  • I switched to T-mobile because of the awesome coverage.
  • Said no one ever.
  • Go away. Just go away. All you do is bring your pathetic negativity to any article or forum thread having anything to do with T-Mobile. Are you that sad in your life that you consistently feel this compelling need to do that? -_-
  • Pathetic negativity is attacking someone personally because of some crazy blind loyalty to a company that you can't stand anyone being critical of their faults.
    Well it's pathetic anyway.
  • +Icon. Hence why I will never switch. As for VoLTE? VZW Support will launch it nationwide this year. No other carrier comes even close to that footprint. ;)
  • Shikira is my favorite flavor of ice cream. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Perhaps they've decided to support their Lumia 810 customers who they simply abandoned.
  • This
  • Hahaha! It took three comments (plus three comment replies) before a Lumia 810 related comment! Howdy fellow 810 user!
  • Don't forget their 8x customers... Still on gdr2!
  • They abandoned me, so I abandoned them. My coverage is better for it.
  • Shakira...
  • Tmobile needs to add more high profile Windows Phone!, need more flag ship phones, and better push for software/firmware upgrade (Lumia 810 user) ; ;
  • GIVE US A FREAKING SUPERPHONE ALREADY! How would that be for a T-Mobile annoucement?  I love my Lumia 810, but I so want an Icon-level phone from T-Mobile.
  • Exactly!
  • This a million times. It's time T-Mobile stepped it up with their phones. They've already given us the best plans you can get, it's time for phase 2, bring in the phones!
  • Damb you tmobile!
  • *Shakira
  • Not entirely true about the "give everyone free international calling"... Or at least it comes with another kind of price.
    I have been with TMO for going on 16 years so I am grandfathered into some plans admittedly, but when I first heard about this plan I called and I could only get it if I agreed to cancel my current 5 gigs "unrestricted" a month data plan and switch to a plan where everything past the first 400 megs would be on 2g connection.
  • I thought the lowest of the new plans all had 1 gb of data
  • yeah line gets 1 gig of high speed data then slow down by about 80% decrease of speed. This is a change they have made within in the last 60 days.
    So I was kind of wrong.
  • Lol, I wasn't trying to call you out or anything, I just wanted to make sure my info was right because I have a higher plan, but my parents changed from 500mb to 1gb for free.
  • No worries.. didnt think anything about it.   yeah all customers who were on a .5 plan got upgraded to to next level, so 500 megs went to 1g and 2.5 went up to 3 gigs. The issue is that it is not Free Roaming.. it is .20 cents a minute.. but I am done flogging this horse.. :) .20 is fine and easier than swapping sim chips..
  • Who is "Shikira"?
  • Yeah!
  • Need a high end Windows phone or I'm leaving when the new 8.1s come out
  • +521
  • +unlockedATT1020
  • While the fact that T-Mobile has unbundled their service pricing from their phone pricing allows me to use an unlocked phone without financial penalty, non-T-Mobile phones don't allow WiFi Calling. That feature is critical for me since I don't get very good cellular coverage in some places that I frequent. I wish T-Mobile would figure out a way to make the WiFi Calling app work with unlocked phones.
  • The answer: Use a better provider.
  • Really, that's the answer? So which carrier is it that provides a WiFi Calling app that can be installed and used on unlocked phones? Because, as far as I know, T-Mobile is the only one of the "big four" carriers that supports WiFi Calling whatsoever. When I said, "that feature is critical for me since I don't get very good cellular coverage in some places that I frequent," I wasn't referring to just *T-Mobile* cellular coverage in those places. I meant that I didn't get very good cellular coverage, period. T-Mobile is the only carrier that gives me a viable workaround in such cellular dead zones.
  • Yeah, I always enjoy letting my T-Mobile using friends tether to my ATT serviced phone so they can actually use theirs. Endless amusement.
  • Look, we get it... you hate T-Mobile. However, your replies to me don't even make sense. I made a post about how unlocked phones from other carriers don't support T-Mobile's WiFi Calling feature, and your "answer" was to get a different carrier even though other carriers don't do WiFi Calling at all. Then I respond that the reason I like WiFi Calling is that it allows me to use my cell number even in the places I go that have no good cellular service from any carriers, and you reply that you like letting T-Mobile customers tether off your AT&T service to do WiFi Calling. You can hate T-Mobile all you want, and there are reasons to do so, but the fact that they offer a WiFi Calling feature is a good thing. I wish they offered it as a standalone app, but it's great that they offer it at all and I wish the other carriers would do the same. Dislike the company all you want, but at least make legitimate arguments. Don't just act like everything they do sucks, it makes you look misinformed.
  • I was a T-Mobile customer for over 7 years. If anything I am too informed. I am all too aware of and familiar with their coverage problems.
  • More good deals I hope
  • We can only HOPE they annouce something other then a budget Nokia.  
  • They need to have a bigger coverage map.  If I could jump I would in a heartbeat.  ATT is lousy.
  • This would be great news if I thought for one second they would be revealing a Nokia Lumia 1020 or Icon.  But hell hasn't frozen over just yet.  :/
  • Maybe there big news is that they will only support 2 platforms IOS and Android.
  • Can't wait for them to turn it up to 11. Uncarrier 11.0, we actually have a working network this time, promise.
  • No, 11 will be another status report on their progress towards getting rid of their edge network. Soon... Really...
  • They'll start unlocking AT&T phones for me? They'll carry the same Windows phones as AT&T but with QI? I can dream.....
  • 1020/icon like phone...
  • They're being purchased by.....WalMart!
  • I switched to T-Mobile but their coverage sucks here in san diego.ill switch back to att.
  • Since ATT bought cricket you can now get plans through cricket for phones on the ATT network with prices that are competitive with T-Mobile. There is no longer a need to tolerate T-Mobile just to save a buck or three.
  • Leaving T-mo for att ...signal is cool, but horrible at work and I work 12hr shifts with no signals.. I've done it long enough.. Att signal great at my job.. sorry but it's been a long 11 years with TMOBILE #Yolo
  • Tmo's network....looks like a Dalmatian that just doesn't have the dog attached to it. So spotty! (go pun!) I love my carrier and won't ever switch. #LumiaIconForever
  • That is, til the next awesome WP comes out for VZW ;)
  •  Meh. It not like T-mobile will announce a high end WP8.1 phone.
  • Exactly..best phone I ever got from TMOBILE and felt high end was my HD2 .. felt special having that phone..
  • My T-Mobile site says Nokia Lumia 635 coming soon.  My guess is June.
  • Don't understand all of the T-Mobile angst. Network experience is based on where YOU live. I live in Dallas/Nacogdoches and have no issues with the network. However, T-Mobile has to get better Windows Phone. I don't want to switch to ATT but that 1520 keeps calling me..