T-Mobile reportedly stops selling the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile

Just 5 months after launching on the "Un-Carrier," T-Mobile has reportedly stopped selling its only Windows phone, the Windows 10-powered Alcatel Idol 4S. Spotted by Neowin, the store page for the web-exclusive phone will no longer load{.nofollow}. A T-Mobile online sales assistant seemingly confirmed its departure, stating "it was there yesterday but, it is not available for sale anymore. Hopefully we can get another Alcatel or Windows phone to replace that one."

If the Idol 4S is indeed gone for good from the confines of T-Mobile's store, the move comes after months of discounts on the short-lived handset. While the Idol 4S debuted last November with a $470 price tag, that dropped to as low as $288 with a recent discount.

The Snapdragon 820-powered phone comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB os storage, along with a 3,000mAh battery and a 21MP battery on its rear. One of the Idols 4S's big draws, however, is that it includes a VR headset in the box with content pre-loaded. A solid, premium design, fingerprint reader, and Continuum support led us to call the Idol 4S one of the best Windows Phones to date in our review.

Though T-Mobile may no longer be an option for picking one up, you can still pick up a SIM-unlocked Idol 4S elsewhere. Microsoft currently sells the handset for $400, while Amazon is even cheaper at $285.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • If true, that would be a shame for such a nice handset.
  • It wasn't nice.  It ran a defunct OS.
  • Since dropping the "phone" part of Windows phone central these people love this place to come and act juvenile over a phone operating system
    Do they do the same to Pepsi drinkers in public if they like coke?
    Enjoy your pitiful life that makes you go bash people that like something different from you.
    The best thing is they have to come here because windows phone fans are above such stupidity and aren't on their preferred OS sites
  • >Enjoy your pitiful life that makes you go bash people that like something different from you.
    Take your own advice. Sorry you don't like people reminding you how half-baked W10M is. 
    Truth hurts.
    What'd you want us to do? Go to Android Central to voice how trash W10M is? 
  • And you are here why?
  • Because I unfortunately use Windows and a Windows Phone.
  • Then get rid of it and leave us alone.
  • I have been using Windows Phone since the week the HTC Arrive launched on Sprint.  I have been around for all the horrible mishandling of the platform at every stage, year after year.  I even jumped on the L950 when it launched on AT&T, only to learn that it was running the buggiest, laggiest, crashiest, POS OS ever to grace a consumer electronics device.  I think any of us who gone through the gauntlet of being Windows Phone users have a right to comment on this debacle. And let's be clear: The idea that any Windows Phone could be considered a "nice handset" in 2017 is utterly fallacious on its face.
  • My eyesight's getting really bad. Did you say you like fe//atio on your face?
  • stop projecting your fantasies onto others
  • That's a very broad generalization of an entire platform based on limited experience. I can honestly say that using a Lumia 1520 with Windows 10 Mobile is actually a "nice handset". It runs very good. The same as you I have had some issues with my Lumia 950. A good portion of my issues have been hardware, not software related. At the beginning it was definitely hardware related. No argument there. That said, my other devices including an iPhone 6 and GS6 are not error free. I have had random freezes and app crashes. I will be using even stock apps on them and all of the sudden the app just closes without explanation. My iPad has degraded to the point of being useless. Problems with devices and OS are far from unique to Windows Mobile. Not saying you haven't experienced issues. I have too. I'm just saying the grass isn't quite as greener on the other side.
  • It is based on vast experience.  I own/have owned directly or via my wife, the Arrive, Lumia 920, HTC 8X, Lumia 925, Lumia 635, HTC One M8, Ativ S, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL. These devices ranged from pretty good (all the HTCs at launch, and the Lumia 920) to somewhere in between (Ativ S, Lumia 925, Lumia 950/XL now) to bottom of the barrel (Lumia 635, Lumia 950/XL at launch). And no, a Lumia 1520 with Windows 10 Mobile isn't a "nice handset" because it runs Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 Mobile is bad.  It has a lousy browser, it has a lousy keyboard, it has a lousy app store...it's just...bad.  I know that thinking it's nice is your opinion, but it's wrong.
  • Same.
    I arrived at WP 7.5. Boy that thing was a dream to use.
    And saw it start going downhill as of 8.1.
    Then it just got worse and worse.
    I've noticed many of these fanboys that get mad when you remind them how crap W10M is say 
    "Its fine I don't have any issues"
    Because they never got to use WP8 and below.
    So to them, W10M is fine. They don't know any better.
    Likewise if you fed them a bowl of excrement their whole lives they'd also say
    "Its fine, I don't have a problem with the flavor/smell"
    Because again, they wouldn't know any better.
    But I'm used to steak so I'm obviously going to voice my crappy opinion on how crappy this bowl of crap (W10M) is here. On WINDOWS Central.
    Not Android Central
    Not Crackberry.
    Because THIS is the WINDOWS Central. Where WINDOWS users voice opinions. Both positive and negative. DUH
  • I started out at WP7.0 (HTC HD7) and in my opinion it's only got better. Check my profile & you'll see I've been here a long time. I really don't have any issues with W10M, so I'd like to know why you're having such a polar opposite experience?
  • Yeah I've noticed there's a clash of experience going on. I see a lot of people voice appraisal for W10M but I also see a lot of people trash it.
    And both sides of the fence consist of both low end and flagship device users.
  • I highly doubt you're telling the truth. How is it in 13-14 months of owning my 950 I haven't had any issues? No bugs, no lag, no crashes. I've had it reboot in my pocket maybe 5 times, but it's never actually affected me. I truly don't understand how people can have such drastically different experiences to me. I love my 950 & would recommend it to anyone
  • Probably not the same reason you are. Go bug the Blackberry folk.
  • It really was. Huge letdown not because of its hardware, but because it was hindered by its software.
    Damn thing doesn't even perform like a flagship.
  • Example of nice phone but half baked software, wonder what will happen to a thing called Surface phone. 
  • this is becoming more embarrassing for we windows phone fans
  • Just reality.  
  • This. Five months is about as long as TMo sells a phone, any phone. Even so, too bad they didn't bend the rules and keep the Acatel for awhile longer.
  • Well, the device is no longer exclusive to T-Mobile and maybe the price point is also to low for them to make the profit they want. The phone has recently launched or will launch soon in Europe. Not a bad development, I would say, attainable for more people.
    Go Windows go ;-)
  • Yeah, Alcatel is selling them unlocked for half off. Fire sale 🔥
  • nah, just the reality which I was telling you guys for more then a year...
  • Well, looks like I'll be getting a Galaxy Note 8. I hate that I'm being forced to another OS that I don't want to use. 😤
  • Agreed. I had to jump ship to Android about a month ago. I miss Windows phone but I do enjoy using an OS with first party apps that are consistently updated. I never realized how outdated apps were on Windows and how often apps really are updated.
  • Agreed, I look at my kids and wife android phone and say man I wish we had all those apps that are often updated.
  • Yeah.  It's an amazing contrast.  On Android, most apps I use get updates most weeks.  They just slowly but surely get better and better. On Windows, everything is just slowly but surely getting worse and worse.
  • Yep it was a reason why I went back after the 1520.  Then I saw the enriched apps that I use daily when I got the Note 4 and reality snapped in why I used android in the first place.
  • It is pretty amazing how much better even the supported apps are on Android/iOS.  I have all 3 platform and you don't truly realize the difference untill you spend a month on iOS or Android, and try to go back to WM10.  It's eye opening.
  • Yep.
  • I'm about a month or so in on a Axon 7, while I wait to see which S8 feels better. One thing I noticed is that while yes, the apps are there but now I'm annoyed that there is an APP for everything. We didn't have every single app, but had the apps we needed the most. Having an APP for EVERYTHING feels outdated in a weird way. Now I have to group more like apps together. Outlook app on Android is total garbage. Its nowhere near the w10m version, same goes for Groove.
  • I still prefer Windows Mobile but honestly, Play music if you are on Android is probably a better option. Unlike Groove, they have family sharing. If Play Music or Spotify was universal and on XBox then Groove would have a hard time existing.
  • If you are a Amazon prime user I would try out their Amazon prime music app. Its free for prime users :). I am not sure if others on your prime account get it or not but I thought music was included but not video.  And yes, Groove exists in all the places I am. Play Music will never support windows platforms and spotify made a deal with sony and wont release an xbox one app... I guess they dont want my money. 
  • No one forcing you!
  • When your only options are Android iOS you're kind of are. Especially if you're looking for something to update.  That's why a 3rd option is very vital in today mobile competition and MS is still stuck playing T Ball while the other two are in the Major Leagues.
  • Android isn't really a single option. There are many options and some that do not involve Google at all. It is interesting hearing Microsoft fans complaining that having only 2 supposed options in Mobile is an issue when there is really only one option on desktop.
  • Man go to sleep! We do have our desktops with us 24 hours a day. You can't compare stationary to mobile. There are only two good options genius, mainly because of these stupid developers along with Microsoft. Those are IOS & Android.
  • What are you even talking about?  Who is talking about Desktop here?  And there are three options for Desktop BTW.  Windows, Mac, and Google and Linux if you want to include that.  But all that is irrelevant because we are talking mobile. And I didn't say anything about Android being a single option.  I said when you only options are  Android iOS you are sort of FORCED into.  Please don't reword what I said.
  • I'll pass on tons of preloaded bloatware that you can only disable and not fully uninstall.
    android is just now catching up to MS on how easy it is to uninstall apps on Windows phones
    A simple bing search of "android problems" will give you a few days of laughter at people suffering Droidrage and enough of a reason to steer clear of the headaches involved in all of alphabets ridiculousness
  • Love my iPhone 7 plus! Has never failed me. Has all the MS apps and other apps I need. the best camera. also easy connection to all my devices. iMessage 100% better than Skype! Yeah I dropped WP when Nadulla came and wm 10 came on the seem. More my surface pro 4 is getting boring. Hardly any useful apps. 
  • Just another day in the life of a Windows fan. 😪
  • Windows Phone is diying...
  • Windows 10 mobile is dead. Full Windows on ARM devices is on the corner. The full PC that has phone capabilities is a welcomer!
  • And we're off to the delusional fanboy races!
  • I am not a fanboy but I always wanted a PC in my pocket!
  • Me too! I want a courier! :)
  • Well, you're half right.
  • Rinse wash repeat this statement every 2 years. 7, 7.5 then 8, 8.1, then WM10 and now WMARM. It's the same rhetorical response.  Wait till this, wait till that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • To be fair, it wouldnt be a phone it would be a pc that could make calls every now and then and send texts. And run a ton of extra games like fallout shelter (example) that windows phone will never get. Im not saying it will succeed but Im just saying you cant assume it will fairl in 2 years because its the same as 7, 7.5, 8, 8.1, W10M because its not those things. 
  • Are you really going to sacrifice your phone experience so you can gain an equally poor desktop experience? What is the point when the Surface Pro exists?
  • Yeah, the phrase occasionally send text messages would scare me if coming from MS. 4hr battery life, but hey; it's not a true phone. DOA.
  • I can agree with that. WP7.0 had a lot of issues and we kept saying "it'll get better when Mango launches" and later "it'll get better with Tango", "It'll get better with Nokia", "It'll get better after we all upgrade to 8" etc. I know it's nice to stay positive, but people have left in droves with all this waiting. WMARM devices won't be cheap & won't sell well. The HP Elite x3 is already ridiculous
  • I just switched to the Un-Carrier I picked up the iDol at one of the stores a couple weeks back and it truly was a solid device.  I unfortunately didn't buy one tho.  Still need to see what MSFT has up it's sleeves for their mobile future before I purchase another windows handset.  Still play with my Lumia 950 from time to time tho
  • I am waiting for new Nokia, and then bye, bye Windows.
  • Considering T-Mobile's track record with Windows Phones this should come as no surprise. Let's not forget the T-Mobile Lumia 640. My only concern with this is Firmware support from T-Mobile going forward. It would be nice to hear what kind of support they have planned considering the upcoming Creators Update.
  • Firmware support is the first thing I thought of, being a Idol 4S owner. Especially with the Creators Update on the way, things can go wrong depending on the hardware the CU is installed on. Yes, this type of activity should come to no surprise with any new technology, unfortunately you may not get the support needed after it has been around for a year. The better new thing is always around the corner with new support.
  • Maybe it's getting closer to decision time. I just checked back with this thread, saw your comment and wrote a response....on my Idol 4S. From the Windows Central App, on a Windows Phone, and I couldn't post it. It just sat there. So I have a $470 "State of the Art" device, eligible for the next Insider build, except it doesn't know that, can't participate in a Windows forum on a Windows App. Life is good. Posted from my LG G6 on the Windows Central App for Android, because my Idol 4S can't send a comment. Anyway, I wonder if I sent the 4S to TCL they could flash a DTEK60 rom on it?
  • Lol.... all though the negative experience using Windows Central App, I think overall you would do better utilizing the Windows 10 OS than DTEK60. Besides you will miss out with experiencing the creatures update on the Idol 4S.... I recently had problems on several PC's using the Windows Central App, the app would crash several times after initially opening it up. After uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, I haven't had any further issues. 
  • You caught me in one of my more negative moments. Anyway, as much time, energy and money I have invested in Windows Mobile, not to mention the money I still owe T-Mobile for the Idol, I'm going to hang in there for a while. The idea of flashing a Windows phone over to Android is intriguing, but I doubt I could get it done. At least not without blowing something up. The one thing I realized about a year ago was that Microsoft knows that they're not in the Smartphone business any more. If we think a boatload of new Windows Smartphones are on the way anytime soon we're kidding ourselves. And I bought the Idol knowing that. Why, I really don't know. Guess I just I'm just used to being an Insider and watching Windows 10 Mobile grow. Maybe it's about to outgrow conventional smartphone hardware. If so, then we move on.
  • Support from Microsoft is an even bigger question. Who knows how much effort they are going to put into W10M. So far it has been minimal.
  • Did I miss a news release by MS saying they are done with W10M? That's how it feels -- they should just do it or don't do it and TELL US one way or the other.
  • I think they are telling us. We just refuse to listen.
  • I understand your point -- I guess I'm just wishing they would come right out with it and directly address us as to whether they are going to do it or not. Why drag us through the mud? They'll only piss off more people by leading them on for so long. Crap or get off the pot.
  • You must have missed it. Microsoft did announce they were pulling out of all consumer products, killing wearables, killing off Windows Mobile, replacing Windows with Android, and eventually selling Xbox so that they could focus only on Office 365 and Azure only.
    Here's the announcement you missed: http://windowsitpro.com/paul-thurrotts-wininfo/its-official-microsoft-na...
  • That is all wrong. Microsoft band was always a prototype device. They were experimenting with wearables and then struck a deal recently with cassio or something to use their wearable tech. Windows 10 mobile isnt dead yet. They are still releasing updates and builds but they did turn away from the consumer market and go into the business market. They would never replace windows with android that is just rubbish. And they arent selling xbox either. In fact they doubled down on xbox as of late and bought other services like beam to run along side it. Microsoft wont give up the living room becuase they arent giving up on consumers.  They have focused on Office 365 and Azure because that is the future platforms businesses run on. A company can focus on multiple areas. A lot has changed in 3 years when the article was posted. Dont let the FUD get out of control :). 
  • Prototype devices that obviously failed, otherwise they would have continued them. Microsoft specifically said they are only keeping W10M updated because they need to support LTE and ARM in Windows. The quality of the updates the past year make it obvious W10M is just a placeholder. We will see what happens with XBox. I do not see them getting rid of it.
  • You mf* act like you can't use these phones, eat a 🦆... 🙄 #Windows4life #rideordie 😎💖🗽
  • You like eating ==D ?  TMI 
  • funniest post of the day!!!
  • Microsoft Fans...harsh words, heh. Duck is tasty, but hard to ride without a properly sized saddle.
  • "The Snapdragon 820-powered phone comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB os storage, along with a 3,000mAh battery and a 21MP battery on its rear." It is a nice 21 MP battery that's for sure.
  • These NEWS can't shake us 😎 Loyal MS fans
  • All 10 of you!
  • I would have bought this phone if it supported Glance. Biggest mistake in my opinion.
  • T-Mobile hasn't changed a bit. They did the same thing when they offered the Lumia 640. Sold it for 6 months and pulled it. Make a buck and get out.
  • 6 months is a generous memory, I only recall seeing it for 3 months at the most.
  • Yeah their 640 didn't last more than 3 months as far as I remember.
    It literally just came and went.
    Fast as all hell
  • Lol, more like don't make any money on it and drop it. If you research the profitability of making windows phones you'll find very few successes.
  • Where's the fire sale? I'd pick one up on the cheap to use with DIGITS.
  • It was on sale for $288 for a month and some, maybe that was the sale.
  • I see that Alcatel is selling them unlocked on Amazon for $284.99.
  • Bummer. :(
  • Im ******* tired of waking up to bad news for windows 10 mobile. ******* over it. Literally just ordered the new lg ftw but don't worry ill still use and hold on to my 1520
  • Yep, as soon as this goes a little cheaper, it will be my backup for my 950
  • Alcatel is selling the unlocked IDOL 4S for Win10 on Amazon for $285.
  • For the longest time I told myself if T-Mobile offered a flagship spec'd WM Phone I'd go back to WM(I work in the basement of a hospital and Wifi calling is a must) but when the Idol S came out I just couldn't pull the trigger.   I've never been a big app guy but I looked at my iPhone, looked at my old L930, looked at my iPhone, and looked again at my L930 and realized the app gap is a thing and they make my iPhone so much more capable.  Combined with the lack of attention from MS I just couldn't do it.  In fact in a lot of ways, outside of the Xbox, it's soured me on a lot of MS' services.
  • The Public and the Mobile tech industry will not trust Windows 10 mobile smart phones UNTIL  microsoft maKes and sells and supports it's OWN models of Windows 10 mobile smart phones. Microsoft Exective Personal must realize this and quickly get replacement flagship smart phones for the 950 and 950 XL in the market place. it's been 18 months since a new Microsoft made flagship smart phones debut. NEW Flagship Android and Apple iphones have come and gone while Microsoft itself had nothing NEW to compete with them. if Microsoft gives up now on Windows smart phones. It will be next to impossible for them to reinter the mobile world with a new smart phone in the future because the Public world wide wont trust buying them. Microsoft save your ASS. GET NEW SMART PHONES IN THE MARKET PLACE  ASAP
  • Gregory,  They don't want to be in the mobile business....That was made very clear when they canned the entire mobile devices team/division, let windows 10 mobile just stagnate, trashed the "projects"  and developed their apps for the other OS's.    I don't know how people here just DON'T GET IT!
  • US-Only news .....
  • lol sorry its news and news of this effects all windows fans, oems, ect.....get over it...dont forget we helped your asses in ww2 dont forget it.
  • Mostly helping in supplies
  • If Microsoft Stores are pushing the GS8, why would anyone else bother selling Windows?
  • Does the Alcatel 4S unlocked have software on Microsoft recovery tool?
  • Only makes sense, if MS has given up why should t-mobile keep the faith?
  • I swear, Microsoft should allow every phone manufacture to make a certain number of WP phones free of licensing fees. They would only pay Microsoft a fee if they sold so many phones above a certain level, say 10,000 phones.  Would this spur at least some manufacturers to sell WP phone or at least install WP on some of their older models?
  • W10M is free and has no licensing fees for devices with screen sizes under 7 inches (or maybe 8, don't remember)
  • T-mobile did the to the 810 as well. Kicked to the curb after 6 months. It was a good phone at the time. 
  • Probably my favorite Windows phone EVER
  • So that leaves the Lumia 735 as the only W10M device sold by a major carrier (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T) in the US.  That's all she wrote folks.
  • Isn't the 950 series still at AT&T?
  • This device is embarrassing to say the least IMHO. The OS is not supperted by Devs. I have left this abysmal portion of the platform for a V20. Apps get updated very frequently. 
  • This was not a web exclusive phone. Two T-Mobile stores on my area had them.
  • Ugh...
  • This was expected.
    Although I was hoping they wouldn't pull it until they had a proper replacement for it.
    Oh well. At least its still available unlocked for the time being. Cheers to Alcatel for releasing it.
  • There is a replacement for it,  the multitude of android phones available.  MS has all their services available on them,  and want people to use them.
  • Yeah yeah, big deal. I just purchased myself one of these from Amazon at $284 woohoo!!!!
    Can't wait to get it - will go well with all my other Windows phones.
  • Ha! Just picked this up at Amazon for $284!! Love it; will go well with my HP/950xl/640xl/650xl.....:)
  • I figured. I had to get a warranty replacement about a week ago. It took over a week for the store to get it and when they did, it arrived brand new. The sales people had never a replacement arrive as a brand new device before. This will be my last windows phone and not by choice. Its a shame because when I was using the android replacement, I could not stand it. But the idea of being locked in with iPhone is even harder to stomach. No more dragging and dropping my music, stuck going through itunes.
  • WM doesn't sell. No wonder Cerulean won't make it either.