Lumia 521

The wait is over: you can now order up a brand new Nokia Lumia 521 direct from T-Mobile. The cost of the device is of course exceptionally low, coming in at just $29 down payment and just $5 a month for your two-year…errr…non-contract with T-Mobile. Feeling lavish? Then you can just buy the phone outright for a mere $150, which last we checked is damn low for a brand new smartphone in 2013.

The Lumia 521 from Nokia is a custom variant of the Lumia 520, comes in white and sports a dual-core 1GHz CPU, 4” LCD display, 512MB of RAM and a 5MP rear shooter. While you give up things like NFC, wireless charging, a front-facing camera and the ability to play a handful of games, you do get a solid smartphone running Windows Phone 8 and Nokia’s excellent navigation software and app selection.

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Nokia told us that devices like the Lumia 505 (South America) and the Lumia 520 are selling exceptionally well and we’ve seen the Lumia 521 sell out on HSN and Walmart in their exclusive pre-sale deal,, which evidently ends today. Will the trend continue? We think so.

And yes, our Lumia 521 is due today or tomorrow, so if you want a quick video tour of the device, stay tuned. In the meantime, who’s picking one up?

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, corepc, for the tip!