Report: T-Mobile testing GDR2 update for not-yet-forgotten Nokia Lumia 810

While everyone focuses in on the Lumia 1020, 925 and 928 these days, T-Mobile once had an interesting Windows Phone 8 device dubbed the Lumia 810. Exclusive to the T-Mobile, the phone was an off-shoot of the Lumia 820 but it was more blocky and it only came in black. The phone never received much support, evidently not selling well, and it was recently discontinued, leaving many current owners wondering about future updates.

Indeed, the Lumia 810 is missing things like Wi-Fi calling and with it being EOL (end of life), there was no word if it would see the combo GDR2 and Amber update.

What we can tell you is that the T-Mobile is testing GDR2 right now on the Lumia 810 (see image below). What we can’t say is if this update is definitely coming. That’s because there’s a difference between testing a software update for a phone and actually signing off on it for distribution.

Having said that, it should be evident that if T-Mobile is testing this in the field, then it is looking likely that T-Mobile (and Nokia) are looking to release it to the public.

For those of you curious, GDR2 aka build 10327, is a “now shipping” OS update from Microsoft for Windows Phone—their second this year—that enables a lot of behind the scenes plumbing, including FM Radio, Data Sense, ability to set default camera app and improved Xbox Music.

Likewise, Nokia has their “Amber” firmware update, which is thought to be included here, which allows things like the Glance screen (always on clock) and more:

  • Double tap to wake
  • Glance setting – Lockscreen clock feature
  • Flip to silence
  • New wallpapers (grab them here on SkyDrive)
  • Smart Camera app
  • Ability to set color profile for your screen

From our personal experience, the Lumia 810 could use that color profile option, as we’ve found the 810’s AMOLED display too saturated at times.

We’ll of course keep you posted if we hear more about this update. No word on the HTC 8X, though we have heard one murmur that it is real close to release, though we have not verified that information.

Daniel Rubino

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