T-Mobile (US) Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 Mobile gets detailed in new training guide

Earlier this week Zac Bowden and I made our predictions about next week in New York City at Microsoft's event. One of the 'maybes' was the announcement of the Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 Mobile.

It looks like we may be right as the training guide for T-Mobile employees has landed in our lap signaling an imminent launch. While we do not have a firm launch date, we can at least share with you some more details.

Alcatel IDOL 4S

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Data4G LTE
T-Mobile Extended Range LTE
CPUSnapdragon 820 | Quad Core CPU @2.15 GHz
Display5.5-inch FHD AMOLED
Dragontrail Glass
180-degree viewing
Memory64GB ROM
Camera21 MP Rear
Battery3,000 mAh
Quick Charge 2.0
Windows HelloYes (Fingerprint)

You'll notice in a few of the training slides that VR goggles are included. In fact, the VR goggles are the packaging for the IDOL 4S, which is interesting.

The good news here is that T-Mobile US should finally have a powerhouse of a phone for Windows 10 Mobile fans. Hopefully, we'll get out hands on it soon to give it a full review. No word if an unbranded version will be available for the rest of the world.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This definitely looks interesting for the VR alone.
  • Metal body???????
  • Should be glass.
  • Great phone (hardware!), VR - which is cool. Buy let down by a slightly buggy Anniversary Update.
    Poor experience in my 650, 950XL.
    Let's see if HP and Alcatel can turn things around ;)
  • Great for me. Posted from the Windows Central app for Commodore 64
  • Good one...
    Posted from the Windows Central app for Amiga 500.
  • haha love it. posted using  a Semaphore
  • Why are they pushing screen protector if it has Dragontail Glass scratch resistant screen?
  • You put scratch resistant screen on gorilla glass too.
  • Dragontrail glass is a fingerprint magnet, a screen protector solves the problem.
  • People have claimed for years that Gorilla Glass prevents scratches but the truth is you can still scratch it easily if you aren't careful and put your keys in the same pocket. All these glass technologies can still benefit from the screen protector, they are just better than the cheaper materials used in some devices that scratch very easily
  • It was very good for me too =)
    Latest RS2 seems much more stable and.. well.. faster than the first couple of builds
  • My Vic 20 died but I gotta get my SX-64 online again to post here.  YES!
  • Nice! Posted via WIndows Central App for ADAM Computer by Colecovision
  • bezels, bezels, BEZELS everywhere! I hate them wasted space below the display
  • It has less bezels than the s7 and Iphone.
  • Yeah ! I thought so too. :)
  • Also has less apps.... :-S
  • will people like you please shut the fu** up?  I am seriously annoyed that there are actually people that think that because a phone doesn't have the latest revision of the INSERT STORE HERE app actually would dicatate a purchase thusly.  YOu base a $800 purchase on the fact that that item can SELL YOU MORE CRAP.  You realize, every single one of those apps exists soley to get data on you and sell you crap, right?  For real, GTFO with this nonsense.
  • I assume you use a Chromebook since most of them have no apps that are trying to sell you stuff?
  • Everything about Google products is about selling you more crap, so I don't know where your very wrongful assumption comes from.
  • Sure, you keep telling yourself that... Yeah, Windows doesn't need apps. Apps are for sissy's... Right.
  • I don't tell myself that since it is already common knowledge. And i really feel bad for people that need to install an app for every simple function. Poor guys. :-\
  • Millions of people would disagree with you
  • But more functionality built in. Pathetic that you HAVE to install an app for every single company you do business with.
  • But more functionality built in. Pathetic that you HAVE to install an app for every single company you do business with.
  • Funny that you are arguing in defense of Windows Phones greatest, most widely known flaws.
  • Why are you here anyway? You can't let go, can you? If you don't have a certain app, use the website. I'm sure Windows Mobile finds the same websites as any other OS. Better yet, but an Android. It has tons of apps. Some of us here don't care about those apps which is why www are fine with W10M. If you need something you want, go buy it and don't cry about it here.
  • Have you lost it?
  • i laughed
  • Not welcome on WC !
  • Not welcome in USA!
  • Dimension-wise I like this phone already. I'm going to visit a T-Mobile store and get a feel for Android variant when I'm able.
  • Expect crashes and bad performance.
  • Expect crashes and bad performance.
  • If you weren't one of those blind fanboys, you would actually admit how much more Android nowadays stable and faster than WM10.
  • nah
  • Well, working with fixing phones tell a whole other truth. Sorry.
  • I have both, and W10M does just fine. Amazing in fact, given it's on generation 2 versus 6 for my Android.
  • LMAO
  • I must confess, Dusan. I used to think Android is the most laggy OS of all and that WP8.1 was the fastest. I was correct for a while but then came W10M. Android hasn't changed much. It still lags on certain phones (believe me - I'm not a blind fan. I've looked at many Android phones in the last two years and they aren't BUG FREE).
    The reality is, W10M has started slowing down MORE compared to equivalent Android. Android hasn't improved a lot.
  • Yeah, you're right. it probably is..... Sad, because that was one of the few bragging rights we had. Now, pretty much everything that made WP different, and nice, is gone,, and the other platforms are exceling at it.. Makes me sick.
  • Nah, you are wrong. Android and Ios has nothing other than apps. Add lack of choice in hardware for iOS and then the reliability, security and severe privacy issues for android and you will see that w10 is the one choice that makes sense.
  • You live in a fantasy world sir.
  • Let me guess... You don't work with this?
  • Giddora, you really are a fantasist! Android's permission controls along with Kaspersky keep security in check. Never had a virus on Android...and probably never will. What I do have though is an uncompromised app experience. Things that make life easier and save time; I.e., things that make a phone 'smart'. Windows Mobile is irrelevant. It's only on life support because it's built into the core of Windows 10 (which is itself hardly the most bug free/nimble of systems). Android for hardware diversity. iOS for cohesive experience. Windows Mobile for....Giddora ;)
  • We don't need to waste our resources on that, thank you.
  • We don't need to waste our resources on that, thank you.
  • You do know that 86% of all android phone have been or are infected with viruses or malware already not to mention you have to down load a antivirus app to be safe neither ios or windows 10 has that problem so there are no security apps on iOS or windows 10 mobile app store. I mean why do you need them if the os is secure right out the box no apps needed
  • I'd love to see the source of that 86% stat ;) Also, the threat of viruses doesn't seem to stop you buying Windows PC's. Why? Because the benefit of all the software outweighs the added security of something like Linux. I just don't understand why people persist in using Windows Phone for security reasons whilst using Windows 10 computers that are as prone to viruses as Android phones.
  • Maybe because viruses on PC's are almost extinct if you use a legit version... Are you living under a rock?
  • Maybe because viruses on PC's are almost extinct if you use a legit version... Are you living under a rock?
  • Virus problem is simply user fault as most are looking for cracked version on sites other than play store. I've used android for years and never caught virus and never used antivirus
  • Nope.
  • Nope.
  • So, you are basically telling me that I had viruses on my Android phones? Or that downloading malware from unreliable source isn't users fault?
  • No, I am saying that you don't need to go to unreliable sources to get malware and you should use antivirus software since Android is inherently the most insecure os.
  • No, I am saying that you don't need to go to unreliable sources to get malware and you should use antivirus software since Android is inherently the most insecure os.
  • Then how to get it, except than doing some inpropriate actions, other than copying infected files, installing suspicious software? It is updated monthly with security patches as much as I know, so while it is for sure most insecure, that doesn't mean it's insecure on its own.
  • There have been several examples on the store historically. Didn't you know?
  • There have been several examples on the store historically. Didn't you know?
  • Lack of hardware is true for Windows Mobile too.
  • Not as few. By far more models.
  • Not as few. By far more models.
  • So what do you do here than? People come to a windows platform and a win10 phone post to talk about android? Are u afraid that this phone could be good or why are u posting here? Who paid u to waste ur time here?
  • Nobody paid me. I'm just disappointed user who likes the benefits of WM but also hates it's problems that fall solely because of MSFT faults.
  • i went from iphone 4s which was reliable to lumia 930 with windows 8.1 which was the most reliable phone ive ever had, then to 930 with windows 10,  not reliable to a samsung s7 edge runing androdi and touch wiz and yes its a huge surprise to me but its very reliable.  Android on the galaxy range have certainly come to fruitishion.  Though some of the apps on the android store are prolematic, then again they were on the iphone 4s and the lumia 930 sometimes. Still miss live tiles and cortana alot but no apps on windows mobile is a biger issue now than it was last year.  Here maps, paypal, myfitnesspal are all apps thats disaperared this year oh and gestures beta has never worked as claimed in the app store.
  • Why? It hasn't crashed once for me.
  • So Cricket carries the idol 4 and Alcatel the unlocked variant.  I thought T-mobile might have a comparable one on display.  T-mobile does not actually have a current idol model in the store or online from what I have seen. Guess I will have to wait on a review.
  • You and others should understand that the bezel makes the phone usable with one hand. I have a mi5 with small bezels and the lower buttons cannot be reached comfortably.
  • Poor experience on a 950xl? My 950xl ia great with production ring.
  • Well, when it works, it works really GREAT.
    The moment you actually start using a few apps, access notifications quickly, open and close apps fast, it heats up. And it heats up A LOT. It becomes uncomfortable to hold. Needless to say, the heat slows down the CPU. Thus the phone slows down. :(
    . Lovely phone otherwise.
    Same with the 650 too. So its not the hardware, but the OS at fault. Or maybe the firmware. But ive seen many people commenting about Anniversary update issues too.
  • Mine doesn't.  But then, when an item of mine that uses several ghz cores for a lenghtly amount of time in a tiny package gets slightly warm, I don't whine and moan about it as it is to be expected.
  • I am not seeing those issues on my 950XL. In fact I was having some Blutooth connection issues but the last 2 release previews have solved those. Very happy with my device
  • How exactly does heat slow down a processor? That's a new one for me. I know that the heat must be dissipated, and that is the purpose for the liquid cooling, but that is because excessive heat can damage the internals. I have never seen an instance of heat in computers causing slowdowns, except when the heat got to levels where it caused lockups of the system, usually due to components self shutting down to prevent damage. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am sure in some way that heat can possibly effect efficiency . I actually remember there is a formula for it, but would this actually show in sluggishness?
  • It's no formula but exactly what you said. Heat does damage internals of phones and PC's and that's precisely the reason they have temperature sensors built in. Just check the latest BIOS/UEFI settings and you'll see that there are options of notifying the user in case the temp goes above certain number. This is also true for mobile.
    The CPU is slowed down on purpose to generate lesser heat and thus bring temp down to normal levels. Because of the slow clock speeds, the OS feels sluggish for even things like typing, entering the PIN, etc. Hope this helps. :)
  • My 950 came up with a suggestion to turn the screen off after reinstalling everything. It basically said it needed to cool down. It was bloody hot trying to install hundreds of updates in store, download latest production build while I was setting up windows hello. Not a happy phone. Saying that it hasn't had an issue since!
  • Same thing happened to my Note 7.
  • I've had the "Your phone is too hot" message before too. But probably only ever once on my 950
  • Ah thanks.. That makes more sense. I know about bios settings for auto shut downs, but I didn't know that it could actually tell it to slow the clock speed down.
  • That happens only on specific devices, not on the pc masterrace
  • Here's an example on a Surface Pro 3 - Many devices will throttle back performance to avoid high temps (Thermal Throttling) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC8rCeDMqFw It's one of the issues with mobile GPUs and why some people say that the Nvidia claims about 5-10% performance diff between Mobile and Desktop variants isn't all they claim it to be
  • You must have bad luck neither my 950 or 640 experiences those problems Windows 10 anniversary update works great on both my devices
  • Yup, there's definitely throttling involved if the censors register too high temperatures.
    Haven't run into that problem with my 950XL even when updating 50+ apps while simultaneously charging the device though
  • Bullshit.
  • My 950XL on production release works just fine, my 950XL blows my Icon away.
  • Downvotes for being real? People are weird. If only I could edit videos as good as Daniel, Mark, D2D, MKBHD, etc, i would have loved to show you people the issues that are present.
    W10M is a beautiful looking OS with pretty decent functionality for daily use. It works well on good hardware most of the time but I guess the OS-Firmware combo as of now still isn't a 100%.
    Reviews on sites like WC show the good and very little bad but not the worst. I'm a fan of the OS, but im not a troll like @vhyr, @DGCBS, etc.
  • With the production builds? Or with the development Insider Preview builds?
  • Production. NEVER used the Insider preview on my 950XL. Tried the Release Preview for a while in the 650.
  • Interesting.
  • I'm not sure what to do. Just fed up of doing hard resets.
  • @AbhiWindows10 Really couldn't agree with you more. Not sure why all the downvotes just because you're telling your experience? Do people out there have a good experience with the 950XL? Sure. I'm in your boat though, this is quite honestly one of the worst phones i've ever owned. Just moderate web browsing and the thing heats up to > 130F! Want to switch apps? Resuming... Want to turn it on? Oh no, I'm going to crash instead. Not sure if it's WM10 or the 950XL itself, but my experience with this phone has been so awful that I'm about to leave the platform after being on since the Samsung Focus days. I really miss the days of my WP just WORKING. Along those lines though, just because I have a bad experience, doesn't mean everyone else did. It's really frustrating in this community if you say ANYTHING negative, even if it's the truth based on your own personal experiences, you're tarred and feathered.  
  • Yeah man. It's such a nice phone to use otherwise. But there's definitely 'something' wrong somewhere.
    It could be the firmware, the OS or the hardware itself. Being Snap 810, i can blame the hardware a little bit.
    But the same experience even on my 650? That's weird. I've used a 520, 525, 1020, 535, 720 before. And I know how a phone is supposed to work. .
    The X50 series don't show the same reliability like the predecessors.
  • You could have mentioned a few more trolls while you were at it. Don't mind the down votes, this is the internet and those aren't the people you would invite to your birthday party. Great Comments BTW.
  • Thank you @kingjah. :)
  • those guys get no love from anyone so they are bitter all the time..lol
  • Certainly looks interesting. When in India?
  • No, correctly written, it's "wen" in India?
  • Thanx.
  • I know exactly when it will be in India, and I am not going to tell you.
  • I love mysteries. Haha.
  • Phone not gonna sell well. It's name will confuse. There is a high end Android phone by Alcatel in the market with the exact same name.
  • Because it's the same phone, that's available with two OS's, maybe? :D
  • Is it? I'm confused by the specs, what am I missing. http://www.gsmarena.com/alcatel_idol_4s-7896.php  
  • Next time you're on GSMArena search the Fierce XL, you'll find a separate listing for "with Windows". Same thing happening here.
  • Yep
  • Alcatel is releasing a phone called the Idol 4 Pro in Android (or at least there has been leaks).  Its the same as the DTek 60 Blackberry phone (soon to be released) and looks to be the same as this (except for the 32 vs 64 gb).  The Idol 4s Android has significantly lower specs then this- 3/32 gb, SnapDragon 652, 16mp camera.  Not sure why they would name a premium Windows 10 device with the same name as an upper mid range android device- so I agree with you.  The idea might be the Idol series has a good reputation as android phones.
  • No, that could only help!
  • Yeah, but T-Mobile is not carrying the Android version of that phone and most people in the States anyway are mostly still buying branded locked phones from carriers
  • That itself limit its market.
  • I agree. There needs to be an unlocked version as well. And perhaps there will be just as Alcatel did with the Android Version. Selling it unlocked and branded with Cricket. But if the phone doesn't sell decently it won't IMO be because people will be confused over the OS's.
  • I just noticed this.  The Android IDOL 4s is unlocked only. The Android IDOL 4 is on cricket.
  • It will not sell well.  Thanks Rahul, your grasp of the English language convinces me you are indeed a powerful person in the industry and have correctly predicted every item ever regarding its sales potential.
  • Thank you. I admit that my english is not good but you did get me there and that was I supposed to be meant.
  • Moreover, I don't see any numbers there in my comment. So, I did not predict anything. I just talked about the prospects. Same thing, I said about the HP elite x3 and I guess that is proving right. The phone is good, specs are good but that may not be enough unless other aspects of marketing are taken care of nicely.
  • MMX ?
  • Predicting a Windows phone won't sell well isn't exactly a risky statement. Not a single one has ever sold well. The 520/640 did ok, but they didn't drive adoption of higher end devices as Microsoft had hoped.
  • Exactly! First we need to come out of denial mode that if a WP does well in the windows ecosystem (640/520/920) is a success. success of windows mobile should be judged in competition not in isolation. 520/640 were success in isolation not in competition.
  • Just an anecdote, but I gave my w10m updated 640 to my brother ~6months ago and his friend saw it, and the very next day went and bought the 950. Just asked him today and he's never regretted that choice. His previous phone was an android one
  • Granted, we live in Finland where Windows Mobile ecosystem is still pretty widespread. For an example, just a few months ago Helsinki Regional Transport released separate apps for wp8 and w10m to buy single tickets charged to your phone subscription.
  • It feels very nice. But still it is region based. In India, we don't come see many apps coming for windows.
  • Lumias win ez against lagdroids
  • Lumia is dead. Not exactly a win. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Droid users FO !!
  • I am very impressed with your knowledge of industry and reaching to the conclusion that english is mandatory to have a say in the Industry.
  • Shouldn't this be actually a reason to sell WELL ?!! Ha
  • Looks good to me.
  • I've used it on the android version. Very high quality. I'll be buying this phone the day it comes out. 
  • Not very bright days are coming for an average Windows Phone consumer. Not much to choose from. Seems like everybody is targeting pricey Business market with new devices leaving us in shade.
  • lol
  • Its like he didnt read or anything, Daniel! 
  • Look at the profile pic. What did you expect?
  • I suppose we could have expected some rhyming don't you think?
  • Wanna rhyme? But please, don't whine! There was a time, when people were not like a slime from the nose of a swine, they knew when to dime, help others to climb, reach the divine one more time, but it's all fine .. cuz I'm the one caught in vine, and you all stand in line, throwing down votes with no shine, was I wrong? Please define! Or resign, cuz I ain't blind! There's no more average consumer in mind! Just a different costly kind.
  • Word.
  • Actually not bad..
  • Please stop talking.
  • Me?
  • So whats with Eminem? Problem?
  • Android version of same phone sells for $399, and includes VR headset and JBL ear phones in the price. If it's priced same for this (Windows) version it going to be a steal.
  • I don't see any reason it'll be priced more because W10M is free.
  • This phone has significant spec bumps over the android- better processor, more memory, better camera.  It will at least be $100 more.  I would say this has more in common with the expected Blackberry DTEK60 which I imagine is also based on the same reference design.  Alcatel is rumored to have an Idol 4Pro which has similar specs.  I'm surprised they did not use that name.
  • You forgot the TCL 950
  • My thinking exactly. Or hoping
  • The snapdragon 820 isn't.
  • Upvotes and downvotes equal in magnitude but opposite signs. This is interesting !.
  • Is this sarcasm? How is something bundled with VR marketed towards a "pricey business market"?
  • By it's specs maybe? This device is clearly in range of Elite X3. Don't expect it to be cheap.
  • Weirdo
  • He is right. It's not gonna be cheap, per say... It'll be average price for a phone in this class.
  • You can see where they cut some corners though, like the Dragontrail glass (even though it still is pretty good) and FHD resolution.
  • Should have good battery life. I often wish my 950 didn't have such a nice screen.
  • You mean high resolution? Because the panel isn't nice at all
  • Dragontrail is pretty much standard with Alcatel. Fingerprint magnet without a tempered glass screen protector. It will be interesting to see how they price it.
  • Yeah, but that doesn't stop people from buying iphones outright. Besides, TMO has a monthly payment program for their phones. It will probably be on a 15-25 a month program on your bill so price isn't an issue.
  • Does Alcatel do super expensive or aren't they one of those OEM that go for large volume and barely a margin to be seen?
  • They've been doing entry level Android for years. Now trying to break into the midrange and flagship market with the Idol series. The two new BlackBerrys DTEK50 and DTEK60 are both based on the Idol 4. TCL will also have a 950 version. (TCL is the parent company of Alcatel) So we'll have the Alcatel Idol 4 / 4S / 4S Pro Android. The Idol 4S with Windows 10, TCL 950 Android flagship, Blackberry DTEK50 and DTEK60 all based on the Idol.
  • Well for Windows phones have always had low-end hardware, but most of the people using Android and BB made fun of us. Also the average consumer always thinks the newer CPU means better phone.
    So even though this phone would be fine with a Snapdragon 810, 815, or 625; for the average person Alcatel needed to put this high-end SOC.
    It's also to show that Windows phones can compete with premium Android phones from LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.
  • why is this being downvoted.. He's absolutely right!!! It isn't gonna be cheap.. the 640s are gone
  • Alcatel has a budget device already on T-Mo. The Fierce XL!!!
  • The 640s aren't gone yet.  You can still get locked Cricket 640s for $27 at Best Buy (great for testing 10 Mobile and Insider), and you can get unlockable AT&T new 640s for $65 on eBay ($100 new for 640 XL).
  • The Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL on T-Mo US id the budget device. Available for $75-135 depending on where you get it from.
  • Okay, that point is right. It might not be cheap, but that DOESN'T mean its for Business you dumbo!!
    Why can't consumers buy it ?
  • Well the Android version of the phone is $399 with the VR goggles, so that's not bad. This version has a better processor and the Android version has a higher resolution screen. I'm sure it'll be around the same price.
  • If this phone does end up being $400, then it would kinda be the successor to the Lumia 830 a.k.a. The affordable flagship phone! Except this time it actually has flagship specs for the most part. The VR support would be almost non-existant though... W10m support is already small, so a subset of that would be even smaller...
    If it's possible to get this device in Canada for a reasonable price, then I would seriously consider replacing my 2yr old Lumia 830 which was $400 off contract at launch.
  • Alcatel is reportedly going to release VR content to the Windows Store to support this device.
  • Yep
  • Yes, but you can't really expect one company alone to carry VR for a small platform like W10m. Keep in mind that Alcatel is not a well know brand and VR is still in infancy.
    Also, even the tech giant Samsung had problems keeping their own music streaming service viable and their VR wear still is not mainstream to the masses.
  • Should be. It's been around for such a long time.
  • What if you put on the goggles and the VR shows you a desktop.  Boom continuum, productivity on the go. Lol.
  • Who needs HoloLens!?!
  • If it's $400 USD, I'll definitely get it to tide me over to the Xbox Scorpio and its VR support. I'm in Canada too and importing shouldn't be a problem. I've imported many phones from the U.S. and elsewhere in the past, usually without paying too much of a premium. Worst-case Ontario, I'll do an overnight trip to the U.S. and get one that way.
  • But this is a T-Mobile phone and it doesn't come unlocked even if you pay full price. Not all T-Mobile phones are easy to unlock.
  • Alcatel said at the announcement that this would be a global phone. And unlocked through the Microsoft Store... At some point. This could be another Verizon /Moto Z type deal.
  • Damn! A SD820 for $399?????..... I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Yes. With VR and a great build quality.
  • @rodneyej. Android OEM's are already releasing high end phones for cheap.
    Windows can be treated the same way. It'll only help us.
  • Axon 7, One plus 3....
  • SD820 @ low cost in android are already available lenovo zuk z2(z2 plus), lemax2 under 300$, around 300$ mi5, one plus3 400$. These are some of phones available already in medium budget. I Wish any of these option was available in Windows 10 mobile also. One plus 3 with win10m would be the best.
  • Exactly, under $200 price point is a no show for windows 10 phones with decent specs. Aka honor 6x etc. VR is a throw up gimick - a poor man AR.
  • So if you want a high end phone your going to pay a high end price get over it
  • Is the iPhone and Samsung galaxy phones business phone? They are very pricey too. If Windows Mobile is going to succeed like the iPhone and Samsung galaxy, then making cheap phones with low specs is not an option.
  • so true.
  • Go home, you're drunk. Posted from the Windows Central app for Commodore 64
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
  • "Not much to choose from". Have you seen Apple's offerings. Exactly 2 phones to chose from, year on year, with the odd one thrown in.
  • Great, but Microsoft has exactly none, after axing their Lumia line. Let's get Microsoft to have 2 high end devices, then we talk. These OEMs are simply not filling the Lumia void.
  • Yes they are
  • Oh yeah, I keep forgetting how many devices are coming to market that can stand toe to toe with the likes of the Galaxy S7's, iPhones, LG V20, HTC10, Oneplus 3. The partner strategy does not work when you're partners are not bringing their A games.  
  • Yes bundling all different high end phones against w10m phones is really a fair comparison /s
    That's as relevant than saying Samsung only has S7 against your list + 950s, x3 and idol4S
  • You're kind of missing the point, I'm suggesting we've got nothing that can go toe to toe with any ONE of those. Listing a few just shows that it's not a one off unfair comparison.
  • Just because I'm not agreeing with you doesn't mean I don't get the point. I'm saying any of those devices CAN go toe to toe with ANY of those
  • He is right. Do you have a good midrange Windows Phone like Moto G4 Plus from any of the brands? Then please don't thumbs down his comment. We have to accept the truth that Microsoft's Mobile OS have got a big rejection from the masses. But the bigger reality is that even Microsoft (Nadella Specially) is not very interested to Develop and Promote its Mobile Operating System. You all should have the courage to accept the truth.
  • Alcatel released an entry level windows 10 mobile phone almost a year ago. Alcatel fierce xl.
  • Yep
  • Well better get saving then, not everything is Toy phone like IPhone, there are other segments' in the market that need filling
  • iPhone freaking owns the consumer and enterprise market. These constant "toy" comments are brain dead and stupid.
  • I would hazard a guess that 99% of iPhone users have absolutely no idea what their 'toy' is capable of, or what is inside them. Pretty much ALL iPhone users buy them to fit in with the 'beautiful' people, and to feel as if they belong. They haven't exactly been groundbreaking in the market, whilst continuously increasing the prices with gimmicks and compelling people to buy accessories because Apple have removed something. Even the cases have a hole in the back so you can massage your ego when people see the logo! So, yes, they are no more than a fashion toy to the majority of users.
  • 100% correct
  • Learn English.
  • What did you smoke or drink @BataBole.
  • Windows phone fans.  Keep the OS alive!! This is amazing.  I really want the HP Elite, but I am with tmobile and i gotta show them support.
  • I'm hoping this gets released internationally so that I can upgrade my parent's Lumia 830 (which I bought them last year) with this.
    Also I wonder if this has Dual-SIM support?
  • yeah it would be great if they had unlocked variant, single or dual sim, i don't mind which, just bring an unlocked variant
  • I believe it is dual sim with the option to replace sim 2 with an SD card.
  • In India we need dual sim plus a slot for the sd card.
  • Yess.....n companies like asmausng are screwing us....Bcoz of hybrid sim slots......it's pathetic !! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No you don't.
  • Im liking this trend
  • on the picture, there are 2 different screen sizes?
  • It's just marketing not two different sizes
  • Wishing Alcatel success! The success of these OEM phones is vital for Windows Mobile.
  • U should support it.
  • Don't worry. I support W10 mobile. Cheers.
  • I believe Alcatel OneTouch had made a WP8 device before but this one will be way better!
  • hey, alcatel made a windows 10 mobile device before this. its still available from t-mobile.
  • Yes, look on their site. It's the only WP in their store.
  • T-Mo US has the Alcatel Fierce XL for Windows 10 as well. Still in stores.
  • Yep. Annoying people are just talking and not actually looking at the store. I'm typing on an Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 right now.
  • I'm using one right now. Lol. I'm getting that one next
  • Awesome! That phone seems like a really solid offering. I wonder what type of materials it will be made out of.
  • I may be wrong, but this looks like it could compete with the Elite X3. Curious for pricing.
  • Actually this looks more like a mid tier phone.  And much needed!
  • It is mid-tier phone, actually a goo one as its Android counterpart is one of the most recommended mid-range smartphone this year. W10M seriously needs more OEMs like these. Hoping fir even at least some from the big player like Samsung, HTC, LG and even Huawei.
  • Xiaomi is more likely to build a W10M phone than any of these :D
  • Not true
  • I think it is. They already work closely with Microsoft.
  • I wish Xiaomi brought out a windows phone
  • Me too, bro. Xiaomi makes good hardware :3
  • Well another OEM is OEM. Xiaomi is good too, though the availability isn't as broad as those I mentioned above. Thing is W10M needs more good OEM that makes great hardware for consumers (and businesses while at it). I'm still wishing that at least one of the big players will consider make a W10M from their flagship. Maybe at least by next year.
  • Well another OEM is OEM. Xiaomi is good too, though the availability isn't as broad as those I mentioned above. Thing is W10M needs more good OEM that makes great hardware for consumers (and businesses while at it). I'm still wishing that at least one of the big players will consider make a W10M from their flagship. Maybe at least by next year.
  • Get out of town!!
  • If I get out of town, then where will I go?
  • But..but..I just got here!
  • The phone looks good. Considering the other T-Mobile variant (which I am surprised they even still carry) was a sub par attempt at a mid level market device, this doesn't seem to have the same attitude behind it. Hopefully it ends up being that way, not like it will really change anything.
  • The price, and why the loading screen
  • Did you catch the bit in the guide about suggesting bundling it with continuum accessories. Wonder if they will have a dock or cable of some sort.
  • QC 2.0?
  • Yep. Wonder if it has wireless charging as well
  • It should as Qualcomm makes sure to have Wireless Charging capabilities in all their SOCs since 2014.
  • Yea but it does require additional hardware...
  • It doesn't mention is in the bottom row on the comparison sheet. So probably no.
  • That would be my guess too
  • Finally! I'm banking on an unlocked handset listing on Alcatel's web store next...
  • I'm hoping to use JUMP to get this for cheap as my upgrade from the Fierce XL
  • If you don't use JUMP, you can get a brand new T-Mo Branded device with full warranty on eBay probably almost immediately at a much cheaper price and it's to same as if you bought it directly from T-Mobile. I bought a Fierce XL for $75.00 brand new sealed in the box.
  • I'll check that out! Thanks!
  • Yeah, I don't know if these guys are T-Mobile employees who get em on discount and then resell them or what, but you can usually find a pretty good deal.
  • Guess they are. I work at Vodafone, and this is exactly how it works at us. Great discounts for employees, for every device Vodafone carries :D
  • Acatel seems to have a payment plan for the Android version on their website. One can only hope for the same here.
  • This model looks very interesting. And finally W10M users get some magenta love...
  • Hey nice specs! Thanks for the post. My family is mostly T mobile customers so this will be good for them.
  • Hmm. Impressive specs
  • Wow! Haven't seen a comment or article from you in a while!!!
  • Dude, good to see you again!
  • I hope it has WiFi calling
  • I'm pretty sure it will being anew T-Mobile device. The much cheaper Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL has wifi calling. Not sure why this one wouldn't.
  • That's the only thing I miss using this Lumia 950 XL, though my service is pretty good with this radio.
  • Doesn't unlock iphone can still enjoy wifi calling on T-Mobile?
  • Yeah, but since T mobile cares about iphone users, they actually WORKED on making the service work with those phones. They don't care about WP users, look at T Mobile Tuesdays lack of an app.
  • Sprint needs a Windows Phone 10 ASAP. Come on sprint no love yo
  • Face it, Sprint is dead! Their service is terrible and have left many countries including Canada and UK. What we really need here is for Microsoft to sell it in their stores.
  • I've been with Sprint for long time I'm just waiting for them to get a new windows phone Should I leave or should I stay. My Samsung Ativ S Neo is getting old. yo
  • My opinion...Sprint is worse than VZ in many ways.
  • Go with O2, Telus Mobility, or Wind Mobile
  • Go with Cricket. Their plans are cheap, they have great coverage (AT&T)  and they support Windows phones. Our phones always get updates on the first day they are available from Microsoft.
  • Chirp Chirp says the Cricket...telling you Telus Mobility is better
  • I love my T-Mobile plan, even if their network can still be improved for signal strength.
  • Sprint has always had a love affair with the iPhone. They'll constantly promote it over every other smartphone. Most of their advertising reflects this. It's highly unlikely Sprint will do anything to promote or support any W10M phone. Of the big 4 networks, Sprint has had the least success with WP7 devices and onwards.
  • No Lumia no interested. Im not in the market for a new phone. My 640 xl works fine.
  • Lol So, what will you do the day your phone stops working or you accidentally break it? But, I do understand the feeling. I have a 1520 and I'm still partial to it. Although, I'm considering getting the HP Elite x3.
  • The day I break it I will have to make a hard iPhone choice. Lol
  • Good for you you can afford an expensive phone right after using a cheap phone for so long.
  • I can't afford it. I have an upgrade plan called JUMP with T-Mo which discounts the phone for me.
  • sadly i live in canada. so this phone has yet to be announced here.
  • my phone works great on windows 10 why would i need a new one? its not like i will get new apps.
  • i just bought a ipad for a prezzie and after using it for about 2 days i realised why i left apple iphone.  Its called ios, im just not a fan and now im used to windows and android handsets i need the back button.  Strangly when i left iphone i was very woried about the back button lol.  Seems change is a very fickly thinge.
  • After Lumia I will not pay for any mid/high end W10m without a camera button, I still be on WP but stay in lowend.
  • u know there will be no more lumias right? lol
  • I know im one fan that crys at night.
  • I will miss my Lumia branding as well.
  • I concure
  • Branding isn't everything
  • True but my 1020 made me love the brand. My only regret is breaking it and downsizing to the 640 xl.
  • Downsizing?
  • Then why comment if you not interested???
  • Because I am Swizzlerz. My name is a seal of approval to the writer of this article.
  • Ha, thanks for the laugh
  • Maybe think of this (or another phone, like the Elite x3 or Liquid Jade Primo) as a "Lumia 960" or "Lumia 960 XL"? I'm doing that, and that makes me tempted to get this phone (or a Lumia 950/950 XL)...
  • If there camera is as good as the Lumia I'm buying
  • I really wish Microsoft would license out the Pureview technology to these Windows phones and also encourage them to have a camera button. Otherwise I will stay with my Lumia 950.
  • +950.  Especially the camera button!
  • yes!
  • They should simply offer the complete camera module to any manufacturer looking to market a Win 10 Mobile device--maybe even tablets too. That way, the manufacturer can choose to develop their own, or go with something that has been a key selling point for WP for many years: superior cameras. This would help offset Microsoft's development costs, and help jumpstart the 3rd party Win 10 phone market, which is exactly what Microsoft is trying to do.
  • Yeah this is what I've been advocating. MS is doing nothing with that tech and I'm sure some of the manufacturers  would welcome being free of the development costs whilst being gifted a top end camera soln.
  • These days actually the smartphone camera are pretty competitive especially from big players, the problem is that those OEMs don't release any W10M devices these days so there's that. The most concerns about the smartphone camera Is the speed and consistency of shots. In terms of picture quality, we pretty much safe if its flagships, not all but a least from big OEMs including from Lumia. About the camera button, I highly agree that this should be encouraged for OEM considering W10M, even for their hardware that has Android counterparts too should be acceptable.
  • I hope they're improving the technology, for the surface phone, if it exists.
  • All the imaging intellect has been laid off or has gone elsewhere. MS has no choice now but to use existing hardware, or buy in better hardware from a third party. Nadella never wanted Nokia and from day 1 has done his best to kill it.
  • And glance!
  • I really wish Microsoft would license out the Pureview technology to these Windows phones
    And after a few years, we'll start seeing Pureview cameras on Android phones.  Thats a great plan.   
  • Actually Microsoft is licensing pureview from Nokia (patents stayed at Nokia in the sale of mobile division) so Microsoft can't licens that thec.
  • What? Alcatel has combined with Nokia?? So this is a Nokia phone? Maybe not yet. Looks all Alcatel styling....
  • I think you're confusing their consumer side with the Networking/Communications side of their businesses. Alcatel-Lucent is huge in that market. They sold off their mobile division to TCL (famous in the US for their TVs) but kept the Alcatel branding for the notoriety. It was a similar to Nokia selling off their mobile division to Microsoft.
  • Is the screen really made out of dragon tails? I always heard stories about dragons falling from 6-foot-high skies but their tails always stayed intact. No scratches or shattering. Awesome.
  • LOL.  It is a typo...Dragontrail glass.  Another type of chemically enhanced glass.  Comparable to gorilla glass.  I'm not very familiar with dragontrail glass though except it is out of Japan (hence the "dragon" in the name).  Though dragon tails might be better quality...;)
  • You have a Typo at last line :)
  • L0L
  • The Fierce XL has the same glass. It is a great fingerprint magnet and hard to keep clean.... But a tempered glass screen protector solves the problem.
  • Have you found one that fits properly for that phone? I got one for my 640 that I used for a while, but it covered the proximity and ambient sensors. That led to problems with screen wakeup and glance.
  • The one I'm using came from MetroPCS for their Android variant. My go to people for screen protectors are Supershieldz and Fosmon.
  • The fierce XL does not have the same glass
  • My Fierce XL has Dragontrail glass http://m.gsmarena.com/alcatel_fierce_xl_(windows)-7856.php
  • Yes
  • DragonTrail is just a brand of glass similar to Gorillla Glass, or Plexi Glass.
  • That's not the only mistake. ..."update apps from the windows store as soon as *the* get their device"
  • Let's hope that is just the rough draft...
  • My guess is that this is a Windows variant of the Idol 4s for Android. They have upped the processor spec a bit, but I've read that the camera on that device was pretty decent, so hoping this is a winner. If it's the same, that phone has gotten pretty decent reviews, although it was a bit overpriced in it's segment. I would expect this to be in the $399 to $499 area.
  • Ya, looks great so far...hopefully it is priced right.
  • If you consider that the Idol 4 came bundled with the VR Headset, JBL earphones and a case, the unlocked price isn't too unreasonable.
  • Agreed
  • It would be nice if they offered without all of the add ins for cheaper.
  • Yeah, I wished so too. I can live without the VR stuff and I already have earphones and headphones. But I guess the VR angle is what Alcatel is really pushing with the new Idol devices
  • VR is heavy pushed for its added value especially against Gear VR. On Android world this make sense as VR apps over there I quite plentiful, especially with recent push with Daydream API or something like that. On W10M unfortunately isn't that much of a benefit as we have few but not much and not as high-quality ones. If Microsoft were at least encourage developers to developed VR apps and ecosystem around W10M and maybe even share some of the HoloLens tech that would be great.
  • There's never really been a Windows Phone Device that touted VR, so this being the first, maybe it will be the start of something new.
  • Indeed, so hopefully Microsoft will see this opportunity and actually make W10M great for mobile VR, maybe even more than Google is trying to do since MS already have a technology and expertise from HoloLens that can be utilized for VR. It is a matter of execution and support from MS rather than just a tech. The VR from Alcatel is rather a plus to the W10M platform that hopefully will make a dent.
  • Vr is a gimick that makes you throw up. AR It's where it is at. Wish this 2nd failed VR wave would crash soon so we can move on to reality.
  • I would have loved having this VR back in the early 90's when the gear was bigger than my head at the time. =P
  • LOL
  • Yes, this is the Windows variant from its Android version, so the hardware should be pretty much the same. Micheal Fisher the Mr. Mobile did discuss this phone on one of his latest videos.
  • I have seen this movie before. Gone are those days where Daniel or Richard posts an article about a possible Windows Mobile device and there are over 300 comments. Now, it's like mehhhh. IMO, it's a little too late. Stop the foreplay with orgasm Microsoft. Apps getting pulled left and right and yet a new phone is being announced.
  • Microsoft is not releasing the phone. Alcatel is. And what skin off of your back is it if "yet another phone is announced" Nobody said you had to buy it
  • Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. Read my comment again and you'll notice I made no such claims. Besides, no one said you had to comment on my comment. You all ought to start living in reality and see beyond your brand loyalty. Even the bloggers here know it deep down that this mobile platform is sinking. Get real with your alter self.
  • Apps getting pulled left and right. You forgot to mention apps appearing on the platform, or is that selective posting?
  • My reading comprehension is fine. But thank you and have a great day.
  • Reading comprehension is inconsequential in the face of a lack of writing skills... Your comment makes little sense; his answer is based on a best guess, and as such is a fine one.
  • If it sinks it sinks...so what ? Will you lose sleep over it? Will you not be able to eat tomorrow ? Relax. As long as Microsoft and OEMs continue with this platform, we the fans will stick around.
  • Damn you sound salty LOL TRIGGERED. get off your ******* high horse. Some of us, still prefer windows OS, literally over those two, and we can live with or without certain apps. The same way we don't use google products on our windows 10 PC. you must be a Chromebook user. Lol.
  • As someone who has been with the platform from wm days and still using my 920, you sounded worse that Android and Apple diehards. Some of you guys here are even comparable to those crazy BB fans and their brand loyalty.
  • Brand loyalty is sticking to a 5 year old phone because the manufacturer no longer makes phones.   What you're looking at is ecosystem involvement, and it's a good thing.
  • Are you sure you aren't Thurrott or Allison over at MsPoweruser? LOl Other guys who seems to have a personal problem with people making choices that are in conflict with their own choices.
  • I will leave that up to your imagination. Your choice is yours. My opinion is mine.
  • There's 390 comments at time of reading this article. Happy now? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Would love to see those T-Mobile TV commercials where the actors jump, stand or run around in front of brick walls (you know what I'm talking about) with this W10M Alcatel bad boy in their hands. Also, CEO John Legere is a pretty hip guy. Would like to see him talking about the phone during the many interviews he gives. Marketing is a must.
  • That probably is not going to happen. When it comes to promotion, T-Mobile is basically all about the iPhone and the Galaxy
  • I'm using L950, how can I use VR in L950??. Is there any apps?? Plz help me!
  • There are some VR apps in the Windows Store. All you need to add is a generic VR headset.
  • Can you suggest an APP??
  • Keep an eye on "Adaplect".  Starting November my company will turn it into a great VR game (can't say more)
  • Not a gamer, or VR user...but this is great to see, and that folks are taking Microsoft's and other OEMs resources out there and putting them to use.
  • Nice! Hopefully it is priced decently so more people can get into continuum and VR (which is yet to take centre stage on Windows Mobile).
    On a side note, my first thought was whether the camera will be good, but I realize if it performs above average (I assume it will going by the numbers), then people will be okay with it as the overall package should perform good, specially with the given chipset. Let's see if this takes off!
  • Price wise, considering the Android 32GB Idol 4S is $399, I wouldn't be surprised if the phone is $499, should certainly be under $550. https://www.amazon.com/Alcatel-Unlocked-Smartphone-Goggles-Headset/dp/B0...
  • That sounds like a fair offering
  • If the unlocked Android version is $399, then they HAVE to come in at the same price or lower. If they sell it for the same price, there's nothing to capture people's attention. They'll go right to the Android version. Especially, when you consider the lack of ANY other mentions of any Windows device and VR compatibility. Sadly, a little more ROM and a better processor isn't going to sway people to Windows Phone.
  • Nothing huh? Perhaps the better specs
  • As I said in my previous comment, that's not going to do it... The sales people at T-Mobile are not going to pitch this to your average buyer unless it's an more affordable option over other smartphones, even then, it's a stretch. I hope this does spark some more interest up for Win10Mobile again though.
  • Interestingly here in India we had really good sales personnel for the 950XL, and they did a fine job
  • They are not going to pitch it to customers regardless of how affordable an option it is. Have you been to a T-Mobile store lately? All they will pitch are iPhones and The high end Galaxies. And if you don't want one of those, good luck getting any questions answered.
  • I hate going into a T-Mobile store anymore. There is nothing there that interests me in the least. Just an endless sea of android devices and overpriced iphones. Yet I will stay with TMO because of my plan and I have been with them 16 years now. Hope this new Alcatel will sell well when it hits the sales floor. Though with the history between windows and TMO I seriously doubt it.
    One can only hope for the best.
  • The sales people at Tmo won't pitch it at all. All they do is try to bully you into buying an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. It's been that way for years and I don't see much chance of that changing. It's the same with all of the carriers. When I don't buy unlocked, I just go in, tell them the phone I want and tell them I'm not interested in iPhone or Galaxy junk.
  • That's a probability. I hope the sales people will spread better awareness about Windows 10 Mobile
  • Don't count on that happening LOL When the Alcatel Fierce Xl was first released, I dropped by the local T-Mobile store to check it out. The only information the guy could tell me is that there wasn't a Snapchat App for it. That's it! LOL That was the extent of his knowledge. And then he immediately started pitching the iPhone to me. I understand that you heavy pitch what sell's the most, but not to be able to at least give a little information about other products is weak.
  • Most of the time, the lack of Snapchat is all he needs to tell people. If you want this phone then the salesman isn't going to tell you anything you did not already know. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sorry. I don't buy that. If you sell a variety of products and you can only answer questions on one or two of them, I'll personally take my business elsewhere. Doesn't matter if it's T-Mobile or the Chevy Dealer
  • That's probably the most correct statement ever said on this site. It's very sad that the failure of a platform is decided by something so trivial like Snap Crap to most people.
  • Well at least they may have this pamphlet for this one! =P
  • If it's anything like the Android version in terms of performance, it would be a keeper for those of us left who are Windows Phone fans. A buddy of mine has the Android version and it's a really solid device. The sound quality is what jumped out for me. Very good quality sound for a phone.
  • Probably $400, that's what the Android version of the Idol 4S is going for.
  • I hope so but this has a updated camera and processor
  • Still doesn't beat my 1020 camera. The wait continues.
  • I dont think there will ever be another phone that will, but at the same time MP isn't the only thing that makes a good camera.
  • I'm pretty sure cuz I own L1020 too...
  • I know if it hasn't been mentioned it likely won't be but any word on it being waterproof?
  • too good of a feature for a $400 phone
  • My only question is, will Tmobile actually promote and support this phone?  I've been burnt too many times by them. (Radar, Lumia 710, Lumia 810, Lumia 925)
  • Don't forget the 640 too. A very good device that T-Mobile let twist in the wind. But now, updates are coming directly from Microsoft, so it's different. I've gotten the Anniversary Update as well as at least 4 or 5 cumulative updates in the less than 5 months I have had the Alcatel Fierce Xl. Not bad for a $75 phone LOL
  • I agree they don't promote them, but I have a L925 and I can't say they didn't support it. They provided the updates.
  • Only every forced one update on T-Mo and that was for WP7.8.
  • that was such a disappointment. I wanted a Radar so bad..
  • It will probably go to the back of the store like its cousin. I did love my 925 though, even if I did over pay them for it.
  • Totally agree about the 810. That phone I don't believe lasted 6 months before they EOL'D it. That was my first Lumia phone and was a very good device for the time.
  • it still is you can install rs1 on it and it runs great Bluetooth is the only thing u get issues on
  • As far as support goes, the Fierce XL has been getting all the updates about a week or two behind release. The phone is actually on display in their stores. And the rep I bought mine from actually knew how to set it up... with a little help from me. Consider this. John Legere isn't happy with Microsoft after the 950. Probably part of the reason the 640 hasn't gotten the W10M update. But... He's brought the Fierce XL in to complete with the 650 and now the Idol 4S "with Windows" that can (or should) go toe to toe with the 950. John's the kind of guy to shove this phone in Microsoft's face and show them how to sell Windows Mobile. Remember where the first Android phone landed?
  • The Idol Pro 4 looks pretty sweet - and more consumer-oriented than the Elite X3. If MS decides not to go ahead with Surface Phone, I'll definitely keep an eye on this product. Those are some monster specs, and the VR headset looks interesting.
  • The surface phone is at least 1 year away, so if you're gonna wait till it comes out or is called off, you'll be looking at this phone's successor instead of this.
  • It's funny that the first Windows 10 mobile device to feature VR will have a 1080 HD screen instead of 1440 QHD, as on the 950/XL and X3 Elite. I wonder, is there even any content to display on VR? What will it be used for?
  • I think the 1080 is used to cut cost.
  • I honestly think 1080 makes more sense for phones. It uses less battery, and requires less processing power. The irony is that the only way to tell the difference between 1080 and 1440 is to hold the phone really closely, such as in a VR mask. Another irony is that Win 10 mobile is a 32-bit OS, so having any more than 3GB may not be detected. This phone has 4GB--though that is likely a holdover from the Android version. I remember with the x86 desktop OS, there was some debatability about how useful the RAM over 3GB was, so I am assuming this is the same for mobile.
  • When I am seeing 4gb of RAM on these new windows phones, I see them laying the tracks for the 64bit release which is obviously immenent. Which is a good sign.
  • Redstone 2 or may be 3 is rumored to enable 64 bit support for W10M. The Elite X3 and this phone will probably get the update but may need a full firmware wipe.
  • 32-bit OS can take upto 4GB, but it allocates some RAM for address tables and other Info.. So, it utilize around 3.5GB of RAM..
  • There are actual apps already in the store for vr.
    There is also a rumor Alcatel will have some exclusive stuff for vr.
  • There are no good VR apps in the Windows Store, period.
  • The dev Xbox streaming app for 10 Mobile would be interesting on it.  The Xbox interface is optimized for 1080P output, and the 10 Mobile version of the phone is 1080P. It's rumored they will announce about Windows Holographic Shell this month (that works with VR gear), and this phone is being released with VR headgear at exactly the same time.
  • I hear the vr headset displays the screen a little further away because of it. So it looks more like you're in a dark room looking at a big screen. We'll see how it goes. This really only matters with vr. From a handheld phone perspective...
    I doubt you can tell the difference
  • Ok. You need that resolution? Fact is, Im using 920 with 720, 1520 with 1080 and 950 with 1440. 950 with qhd makes no sense, just battery lasts less than 1520. 1080 is plenty enough for such size. And then you sit at notebook with 720 and 15" screen? Or with stationary and 27" 1080? QHD on 5" makes almost no sense at all.
  • 1080p is more than adequate for most things apart from VR. once you need to support 2 views a couple of inches away from tour face then I do literally see the need for 1440p.
  • It makes a difference when you put VR into the equation. you can resolve pixels when a 350ppi device is literally on your face.
  • I can hardly tell the difference between 1080 and 4k sometimes on my 55" TV screen, I doubt I could see it on a 5.5"!
  • This is going to be my next phone. No complaints with the 640 but it's time to move on to the new OS. Stopped looking for the 640 to get updated with W10 long time ago waiting on the IDOL4S. Even if got the update today on the 640, the experience would be nothing like having W10 on the IDOL4S with a Quad Core CPU and 4GB of Ram with Windows Hello. Oh yeah and with continuum features with the VR throw in.
  • And don't forget wifi calling that comes with all T-Mobile phones.
  • You can install w10 on your phone today and it runs just fine. You have to download an app from Microsoft first to be able to do this. Only the name of the app has slipped my mind. Anyone?
  • Upgrade Advisor.
  • T-Mobile USA hasn't accepted W10 yet for the 640. Using Upgrade Advisor on a 640 will not update the phone. You would have to be an insider and get the W10 build if you want it on the 640 or 640XL for T-mobile USA customers.
  • Exactly. I got tired of waiting for my wife's phone to get the update. Did release preview and opted out when production became the same build. We are now both on the production and got updates at the same time.
  • Looks pretty decent good specs too. I will stick to my 950 XL and AT&T though. T-Mobile is as bad as Sprint in my area. And thats not good. I will wait for a Surface phone next fall when I upgrade.
  • Ok, I'm on t-mobile...I'm listening...
  • Try the Alcatel Fierce XL for Windows 10 also on T-Mo. Budget device.
  • I have a 950 and Blu Win HD LTE, no desire to go backwards...
  • How is the Win HD LTE, I saw a couple on sale on Craigslist, but I haven't Owned a Blu phone before.
  • this rumoured phone been hearing about for quite sometime, finally it's coming, release it soon and bring unlocked variant also.
  • A little off topic. I've had the Fierce XL with Windows ever since it came out. And I've been following the Idol 4S/Pro/with Windows ever since it was announced. But I check in here on my Fierce XL with a brand new Redstone build installed. Open the Windows Central app....reopen the Windows Central app....reopen the Windows Central app and try to comment on this post. It's now sitting next to me while I write this on my 640 (Release Preview). Yes folks, we need a good solid option. As Windows 10 develops, 1G RAM and Snapdragon 2xx's aren't going to do it. I got high expectations for the Idol 4S, I'll let you know when I get it.
  • Same here. Had it since a couple days after release. But No issue with the WCapp here on my phone
  • It's probably the new build. Up until now the Redstone builds have been great. We'll see what the next one brings.
  • Get a solid case and premium screen protector. I have had not so good luck with dragontail glass on my previous idol 3 5.5
  • This is probably Alcatel's weak point. A good tempered glass screen protector should be included. Or....use Gorilla Glass.
  • I hope you guys give them warm support in the US. Then may be Alcatel can consider releasing it to the test if the world.
  • I keep thinking back to the announcement. I seem to remember that they have multiple outlets lined up for this. Including unlocked from the Microsoft Store.
  • Amen!
  • Was it an announcement or an article? If able to share I'd like to read up on it. If I get this phone I'll need an unlocked version being on ATandT.
  • Just got a 950 with the free dock. Even so though I can always finance the Alcatel if it has Lumia features like glance and double tap to wake/sleep.
    If not ? Lumias will still be available for a little while longer. Just going to have to get used to it. Here is hoping Microsoft and it's partners do well in the mobile space in the future. I wish them all the best.
  • I hope they have a crazy good deal on it with a low down payment...
  • Windows 10 mobile is dead. I'm waiting for the idol 4 pro with snapdragon 821 running android. I can get microsoft services on it anyways along with google and amazon. 
  • Go tweet it to Thurrott LOL
  • It's not over, until It's over. It may not have the market Android or iPhone have, but it's still alive. As long as MS continues to develop and evolve the Windows 10 ecosystem, to include the Mobile space, it's not dead...yet. I will admit, I've been considering going iPhone to save money on cellular service. I have an Android phone with T-Mobile, because it has apps that I need for business purposes. On the other hand, I have a 1520 on my family plan with ATT. If it wasn't for that, I would continue to be just fine living with Windows Mobile. Despite some apps not being available, I don't have any issues with it.
  • I'm pretty sure windows brand will outlive you. They've been calling it dead since windows phone 7. It's still here.
  • get out of here idiot
  • You should refrain from calling names.
  • Windows mobile lives forever
  • I've seen allot of changes over the last year. W10 mobile is alive, and getting better, but you need to.look at the big picture MS has laid out. Oh there just like Xbox live had grown to be what it is, same will happen worth Windows 10 Mobile.
  • So Alcatel's plan is working.
  • Windows 10 mobile is dead when Microsoft says it's dead and pulls the plug. Doesn't look like that's the case.
  • Hahaha.... Posted from my tape drive on my VIC 20.
  • I'm definitely gonna check it out.
  • While there is no hint of enterprise here, compared to most Lumias these devices do not have: 1) interesting unique designs, 2) color options, 3) good cameras. Camera is the key. After good pictures in low light, and a camera button, I cannot imagine going back to crappy midrange Android level cameras.
  • Sadly, most of the features you mention we stripped away in the latest generations of Lumias. They weren't selling Windows Phones with those designs, bringing them back won't save it. Also, you have no clue about this camera's performance, so I don't know you're trashing it already.
  • Easiest way to get color....get a colored TPU case.
  • This has a variant of the Boom button. Multifunction including audio and camera. We'll have to see about camera performance.
  • I expect the cost will be about $500, since the the Android version of this phone [unlocked] is on sale at Amazon for $400 dollars.  The Andriod veriosn is slighly less powerful with a Snapdragon 652 and an Adreno 510 GPU and 3GB RAM in it.  It has received a 4.75 out 5 rating. Case also converts to VR Googles.
  • This appears to be a Windows version of the DTek 60 that Blackberry will soon be releasing.  Are they really calling it a Idol 4s?  The specs are much upgraded.  Wonder if they will keep the Boom Key
  • The Android version also has a QHD though. Odd decision making in these specs. Maybe it was all for battery life.
  • and an extra gig of ram
  • Yes Quad HD takes a big hit on the battery
  • I was wondering the same thing tbh but it looks like its still there on the right side
  • It's also the TCL 950, and probably the Idol 4 Pro. Both Android.
  • hmmm, I'm dying to see what VR software they pack in, or if they expect microsoft to do that, they are working on some native VR-AR w10 features, which should be on mobile too, very promising
  • Any idea what the VR offerings will be?
  • Apparently some are already in the Store.
  • Good sign more OEM are making wm phones as Lumia line comes to an end. WartonBrooks next?
  • I'm excited more Windows Mobile OEMs are adopting fingerprint reader capabilities!
  • Can I get ATT LTE with this?
  • There's a possibility.
  • After you get an unlock code from TMO.
  • When this phone was announced Alcatel said it would be available unlocked through the Microsoft Store at some point.
  • Alcatel wants to go global with this. They've said they have multiple outlets set up including unlocked from the Microsoft Store.
  • Thanks for the info.  Was their a source you can share on that?  If not we may end up finding out this Wednesday...
  • That loading though.
  • Nice device. although I'm always a bit worried about the support from these relative new oems. They give windows mobile a try and then abandon their devices once they find out there are not enough buyers. Lets see what other new hw is presented on the MS hw event.
  • For the second time, they're using an existing device and changing a few internals to make it a Windows 10 device. The Idol 3 impressed a lot of people last year and the Android Idol 4 and 4S have gotten hood reviews this year. Blackberry is having Alcatel build their DTEK50 and DTEK60 based on the Idol 4 /4S. So It's not like they've invested in building a stand alone Windows Device. All of these can be built "on demand". I hope other OEM's look at what Alcatel is doing and think about Windows variants of their devices.
  • Exciting
  • If Alcatel markets it well, it'll sell. There aren't many Windows Phone makers out there yet
  • I just hope they price it right.
  • My first smartphone was an Alcatel OT 918, with android gingerbread. So this seems to be interesting for me, because I loved that phone back in the days :D
  • DOA.
  • I'm confused. Do 'some' of you not get it that if the previous Alcatel offering, on W10M, was so poor and with poor take up, they would bother with another one? They must have hit quotas' somewhere to even entertain this model?
  • Exactly. I don't know what the sales figures for the Fierce Xl are, but the fact that it's still being offered on the T-Mobile Site 6 months after it's release is encouraging. How long was the Lumia 640 there? 3 weeks? LOL The Fierce XL has been on the site longer than HTC's last Android Flagship
  • When the Fierce XL came out I talked with Alcatel Support about an Idol 4 "with Windows" and the comment was "We'll see how things go with this one". I guess they're happy.
  • I guess so
  • The Fierce XL did great for them from what I understand
  • Nice to see alcatel actually market their phone.. Hope to see more of this with different vendors!
  • Looks pretty good. But they should have named it differently to their android offering. As for the resolution talk, I notice the difference when taking pictures, they appear much sharper on the screen, although for the majority of the time, you could easily get away with 1080p. From the looks of other pictures, the back looks similar to the Samsung S6, is that right?
  • In a way you're right. But this is simple. If I want an Alcatel Idol I have choices. The 4 or 4S with Android or the 4S "with Windows 10". It will really help Alcatel build the Idol as competitor. Not to mention it also will have two other names. Blackberry DTEK60 and the TCL 950.
  • Looks quite nice. looking forward to the reviews.  
  • Just hope this one has glance screen or something like that and also a good camera and double tap to wake and sleep.
  • Could be
  • Glance is Lumia only.
  • And it shouldn't be. If Microsoft wants to let third party OEM's handle the hardware, then features we're used to on Lumia devices need to be part of Windows 10 Mobile. "Lumia Extras" are an important part of the Windows Mobile experience. Glance and Double Tap to Wake should be on every new Windows Mobile device.
  • True, but it should never be that or too easy.  It does not inspire in my opinion. Take HP for example, where right now they are at grinds to push FW/SW updates of their own to make the HP x3 eperience what people are starting to want (Dbl Tap/HP display settings/etc.). This is a good way to see OEMs own it. I believe it will show how serious they are for the Windows product they sell.  Android exploded in much the same way in to the rainbow (could not think of a better word) of android versioned OSs we see today. Because OEM/ODM companies owned it, but I think ultimately it was only becuase they saw what it would do for themselves. Apple is closed source, has a monopoly surrounding them and will always be stuck trying to control it. Microsoft/Windows 10/Mobile is different though, and I can see why some may have a hard time investing. Windows 10 Mobile got off to a rough start but I think it will finish this year in a good place.
  • Any chance that the ending availability of this phone will spur Warton Brooks to "raise the kimono" to share the specs and announce availability of their upcoming phone? I want another mid range alternative to consider in addition to the 950 and 950 xl.
  • What is love to see is the Snapdragon 652 variant of the Idol 4/4S (Android) with Windows 10. That would be our ideal midrange.
  • The same like google right? They have the new pixel and the last nexus was released years ago. So in the end there is no bigger difference there... There is the 950/xl which was release about a year ago and if they release a surface phone in future... Something in the one year range it is the same... The difference are the oems but all in all it is neigther the strategy of apple nor google but if u combine both u get ms strategy...
  • I'm on T-Mobile now, but Metro is having a 8gb of LTE for $50 a month promotion, so I hope this device gets released so I can buy it, unlock it and switch to Metro before the promotion is over LOL
  • Well, who said we won't have 300 comments for a new potential Windows Phone/ mobile?
    We're still strong!
  • So true
  • And/or stubborn
  • Gone are those days!
  • YES, Gone! Now we have 400 comments! LOL~
  • Since my first unlocked phone last November I have only been buying unlocked phones since, but now that T-Mobile will be getting it's first high end windows phone since the 925 I think I just may finance if the phone is worth it. I miss the wifi calling my 925 had. Need that in some of the places I go to.
  • Yeah, that WIFI calling definitely does come in handy sometimes
  • Especially when you are in a hospital ER waiting for gall bladder surgery and no signal. LOL.
  • I miss mine too.. I wish TMO would support it on unlocked phones.
  • I guess that is why Verizon customers pay more for their service.
    I will take the slight tradeoffs for a lower monthly bill any day over whatever Verizon has. I was burned by them once and it will never happen again.
  • Does it really have fingerprint? *.*
  • I hope so! I think the Android version if the Idol 4 (their midrange phone) has a fingerprint reader, so hopefully this does as well?
  • Yes. :)
  • What's the software/firmware experience like on the fierce xl? We can probably expect these same features and more...
  • The Fierce XL is a good budget phone. Even though it has 2G RAM / 16 ROM the Snapdragon 210 just isn't enough. Mine's been on the Fast Ring since it joined the Insider Program. It's having a hard time with the new build. What I have found with it is that It's still a good value for the money. Up until now It's been a reliable daily driver. Almost equal to the 640. I'm beginning to think that to get the performance we expect from our phones, both Windows and Android, we really need midrange specs as a minimum. This new Idol 4S should be a solid phone. The Idol platform is being used by Android, Blackberry and now Windows 10. All midrange to flagship performers. So yes, the Fierce XL will get replaced by the Idol 4S in my collection.
  • Good! Plain vanilla Windows 10 Mobile. Only thing is you can't uninstall the stock T-Mobile apps (TV etc). Works great on production builds. No issues whatsoever. My wife is running production builds and I'm on RS2 Fast Ring.
  • I gave my dad my fierce XL and it runs stock windows. It is pretty good for what it is though. Just a basic get it done kind of phone with no extras like glance. DDTW/sleep or hey Cortana.
  • Who on Earth would buy Alcatel seriously? Also these VR bullsh*t are so useless. How many people actually use them more than twice? Pfff
  • I'll take a shot....Who would by a Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE or anything else not called iPhone or Galaxy? Maybe someone who doesn't want to spend $750 on a phone.
  • Amen to that !
  • I can't believe people are buying the iPhone 7, the simple inability to charge and listen to the music at the same time should put people off, but it doesn't. More money than sense. If I didn't already have a 950 I'd probably look at this phone. Not fussed on VR though as it makes me feel sick, but the rest looks good.
  • If this supports AT&T bands, I may have to consider this phone! Specs are looking quite nice!
  • Same boat.
  • If you can get it unlocked it'll work with Att
  • I'm on T Mobile looking forward to getting this phone
  • Same here.
  • I've been waiting for this phone to be released since the first images were leaked! I will definitely be buying one of these, even though wireless charging isn't mentioned anywhere.
  • Price?
  • Wondering if this will have the same reversible screen like the idol 4s Android version.
  • So they should have the phone set up as continuum in the t-mobile stores. So when people walk in they can be shocked that a phone is a computer and plus a vr headset. There's no phone on the market pushing that. Could be a big lift if they market it right. But I think Microsoft should always present continuum first for all their phones at any store. Seeing is believing. That's really what they have over the other phones right now. So they should push hard
  • Would be cool!
  • They would fly off the shelves.
  • I agree. Give it maybe 12 more months or so, things have already been shifting for some time now. The clunky old pc box on your desk will begin stages into becoming obsolete.
  • Hardly. I there are still many uses for a PC. But, I agree, continuum could be the solution for many people.
  • I will always have a a couple pc boxes around, just the way I am...its just that it is just the rule with technology and how it transforms over time.
  • Agreed. I will have one because I edit video professionally and I dont' see a phone handling that task anytime soon. But I would never say never about what could happen in the future.
  • While typing that last comment the one in our family room just crashed..bad drive I think.The good thing about them is you can atleast open them up and find what broke ;)
  • My HTC M8 for Windows battery is dying and I was going to get a new phone on Monday, but I might hold out a little longer for this phone if it comes soon.
  • Sucks to be on AT&T unless I can buy it outright and use it on there after my 950 is paid for.
  • Shouldn't this be in phones section for Windowscentral app?
  • Nice specs, vr, continuum, w10, frame?, ...now price it to outsell freaking everything!
  • Would love to see T-Mobile have prominent placement of this phone. I was a T-Mobile store manager for 7 years. The phone placement is mostly based on the highest bidder. They have agreements with T-Mobile and build phone placement into the contracts.
  • I have been doing mostly  unlocked phones with Tmo because sales people try so hard to get you to switch to an iPhone or Galaxy. Not that I ever give in, but it makes the retail experience very unpleasant. Saying no once should be enough, but it never is with these people. It's the same reason I quit going ot Best Buy for anything. Pushy sales people that won't take no for an anwer. If brick and mortar stores wnat to know why they are losing out to online, this is one of the main reasons for me.
  • It's about time we had a full fledged Windows power house on TMO. Even though I just got a 950 I will still be looking forward to when this hits the stores. The hype is getting to me now. Lolol. Maybe this idol 4 will have some Lumia features under license? Man I hope so. Will just have to wait and see what happens in the coming days.
  • Looking forward to getting this phone.  It's not clear to me whether the battery is removable.  Does anyone have any idea about this? 
  • I doubt it.  All of the idol series phones have non-removables I believe.
  • ,
  • I just may hold out for a little while longer just to see what they have to offer. Hope this isn't just another "good on paper" phone. Wondering if the high megapixel count camera was something they really put some effort into as well. Should be interesting. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i wish the samsung s7 edge had a windows varient.  Uevery time i pick up my lumia 930 i miss it,  love it but the s7 edge is just so god dam sexy as a phone.  Unlike the 950 it also feels very premium like my lumia 930 does.
  • by them way a galaxy s7 has a 3000 mah battery not a 3600 like in the pic.  kinda worrying comparison.
  • You're correct. Ya this training guide here has all kinds of errors.  The s7 edge has the 3600 mAh battery...No wonder T-Mobile reps always want to try to sell the Android hw to folks...
  • I want to get this phone, but I can't stand dragontail, I rather it be gorilla glass. I had the idol 3 4.5 and 5.5. I loved them, but when the screen cracked ( on my 5.5 twice ) even though the screen came on, it was like it lost its sensitivity. Unlike my moto 2nd gen, lg vigor and galaxy s6 all have cracked screens but still function. That will be the only W10 phone with dual front speakers. Man that sucks.
  • Why are you cracking your phone? You should take care of your phones better. 
  • Wireless charging?
  • Looks like a nice device with flagship specs. I hope it will be a new option with a midrange device to with the Snapdragon 400 or 600 series to.
    A device like that is missing in the market with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • too bad it runs a mediocre OS.
  • I was hoping for a better resolution screen. What's up with that?
  • Its 1080 LOL why would you want higher in a 5.5" screen? It's a mid range+ device.
  • Specs leaked but I see no mention of wireless charging?
  • Interesting how the box transforms into a VR headset
  • Hopefully somehow we'll be able to download the VR apps (or somebody will leak the appx for it) and use it with something like Google Cardboard or other similar VR headsets
  • I actually like the branding of "IDOL" from Alcatel. Similar to the "Elite" branding from HP. Windows Mobile needs strong and punchy hardware branding from other OEMs after effectively euthanizing the "Lumia" brand though they do have "Surface". "Cerulean" sounds too science fiction in my opinion. And whatever the brands are going to be called, they need to be advertised all over the place.
  • I can't wait