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T-Mobile (US) Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 Mobile gets detailed in new training guide

Earlier this week Zac Bowden and I made our predictions about next week in New York City at Microsoft's event. One of the 'maybes' was the announcement of the Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 Mobile.

It looks like we may be right as the training guide for T-Mobile employees has landed in our lap signaling an imminent launch. While we do not have a firm launch date, we can at least share with you some more details.

Alcatel IDOL 4S

Data4G LTE
T-Mobile Extended Range LTE
CPUSnapdragon 820 | Quad Core CPU @2.15 GHz
Display5.5-inch FHD AMOLED
Dragontrail Glass
180-degree viewing
Memory64GB ROM
Camera21 MP Rear
Battery3,000 mAh
Quick Charge 2.0
Windows HelloYes (Fingerprint)

You'll notice in a few of the training slides that VR goggles are included. In fact, the VR goggles are the packaging for the IDOL 4S, which is interesting.

The good news here is that T-Mobile US should finally have a powerhouse of a phone for Windows 10 Mobile fans. Hopefully, we'll get out hands on it soon to give it a full review. No word if an unbranded version will be available for the rest of the world.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • This definitely looks interesting for the VR alone.
  • Metal body???????
  • Should be glass.
  • Great phone (hardware!), VR - which is cool. Buy let down by a slightly buggy Anniversary Update.
    Poor experience in my 650, 950XL.
    Let's see if HP and Alcatel can turn things around ;)
  • Great for me. Posted from the Windows Central app for Commodore 64
  • Good one...
    Posted from the Windows Central app for Amiga 500.
  • haha love it. posted using  a Semaphore
  • Why are they pushing screen protector if it has Dragontail Glass scratch resistant screen?
  • You put scratch resistant screen on gorilla glass too.
  • Dragontrail glass is a fingerprint magnet, a screen protector solves the problem.
  • People have claimed for years that Gorilla Glass prevents scratches but the truth is you can still scratch it easily if you aren't careful and put your keys in the same pocket. All these glass technologies can still benefit from the screen protector, they are just better than the cheaper materials used in some devices that scratch very easily
  • It was very good for me too =)
    Latest RS2 seems much more stable and.. well.. faster than the first couple of builds
  • My Vic 20 died but I gotta get my SX-64 online again to post here.  YES!
  • Nice! Posted via WIndows Central App for ADAM Computer by Colecovision
  • bezels, bezels, BEZELS everywhere! I hate them wasted space below the display
  • It has less bezels than the s7 and Iphone.
  • Yeah ! I thought so too. :)
  • Also has less apps.... :-S
  • will people like you please shut the fu** up?  I am seriously annoyed that there are actually people that think that because a phone doesn't have the latest revision of the INSERT STORE HERE app actually would dicatate a purchase thusly.  YOu base a $800 purchase on the fact that that item can SELL YOU MORE CRAP.  You realize, every single one of those apps exists soley to get data on you and sell you crap, right?  For real, GTFO with this nonsense.
  • I assume you use a Chromebook since most of them have no apps that are trying to sell you stuff?
  • Everything about Google products is about selling you more crap, so I don't know where your very wrongful assumption comes from.
  • Sure, you keep telling yourself that... Yeah, Windows doesn't need apps. Apps are for sissy's... Right.
  • I don't tell myself that since it is already common knowledge. And i really feel bad for people that need to install an app for every simple function. Poor guys. :-\
  • Millions of people would disagree with you
  • But more functionality built in. Pathetic that you HAVE to install an app for every single company you do business with.
  • But more functionality built in. Pathetic that you HAVE to install an app for every single company you do business with.
  • Funny that you are arguing in defense of Windows Phones greatest, most widely known flaws.
  • Why are you here anyway? You can't let go, can you? If you don't have a certain app, use the website. I'm sure Windows Mobile finds the same websites as any other OS. Better yet, but an Android. It has tons of apps. Some of us here don't care about those apps which is why www are fine with W10M. If you need something you want, go buy it and don't cry about it here.
  • Have you lost it?
  • i laughed
  • Not welcome on WC !
  • Not welcome in USA!
  • Dimension-wise I like this phone already. I'm going to visit a T-Mobile store and get a feel for Android variant when I'm able.
  • Expect crashes and bad performance.
  • Expect crashes and bad performance.
  • If you weren't one of those blind fanboys, you would actually admit how much more Android nowadays stable and faster than WM10.
  • nah
  • Well, working with fixing phones tell a whole other truth. Sorry.
  • I have both, and W10M does just fine. Amazing in fact, given it's on generation 2 versus 6 for my Android.
  • LMAO
  • I must confess, Dusan. I used to think Android is the most laggy OS of all and that WP8.1 was the fastest. I was correct for a while but then came W10M. Android hasn't changed much. It still lags on certain phones (believe me - I'm not a blind fan. I've looked at many Android phones in the last two years and they aren't BUG FREE).
    The reality is, W10M has started slowing down MORE compared to equivalent Android. Android hasn't improved a lot.
  • Yeah, you're right. it probably is..... Sad, because that was one of the few bragging rights we had. Now, pretty much everything that made WP different, and nice, is gone,, and the other platforms are exceling at it.. Makes me sick.
  • Nah, you are wrong. Android and Ios has nothing other than apps. Add lack of choice in hardware for iOS and then the reliability, security and severe privacy issues for android and you will see that w10 is the one choice that makes sense.
  • You live in a fantasy world sir.
  • Let me guess... You don't work with this?
  • Giddora, you really are a fantasist! Android's permission controls along with Kaspersky keep security in check. Never had a virus on Android...and probably never will. What I do have though is an uncompromised app experience. Things that make life easier and save time; I.e., things that make a phone 'smart'. Windows Mobile is irrelevant. It's only on life support because it's built into the core of Windows 10 (which is itself hardly the most bug free/nimble of systems). Android for hardware diversity. iOS for cohesive experience. Windows Mobile for....Giddora ;)
  • We don't need to waste our resources on that, thank you.
  • We don't need to waste our resources on that, thank you.
  • You do know that 86% of all android phone have been or are infected with viruses or malware already not to mention you have to down load a antivirus app to be safe neither ios or windows 10 has that problem so there are no security apps on iOS or windows 10 mobile app store. I mean why do you need them if the os is secure right out the box no apps needed
  • I'd love to see the source of that 86% stat ;) Also, the threat of viruses doesn't seem to stop you buying Windows PC's. Why? Because the benefit of all the software outweighs the added security of something like Linux. I just don't understand why people persist in using Windows Phone for security reasons whilst using Windows 10 computers that are as prone to viruses as Android phones.
  • Maybe because viruses on PC's are almost extinct if you use a legit version... Are you living under a rock?
  • Maybe because viruses on PC's are almost extinct if you use a legit version... Are you living under a rock?
  • Virus problem is simply user fault as most are looking for cracked version on sites other than play store. I've used android for years and never caught virus and never used antivirus
  • Nope.
  • Nope.
  • So, you are basically telling me that I had viruses on my Android phones? Or that downloading malware from unreliable source isn't users fault?
  • No, I am saying that you don't need to go to unreliable sources to get malware and you should use antivirus software since Android is inherently the most insecure os.
  • No, I am saying that you don't need to go to unreliable sources to get malware and you should use antivirus software since Android is inherently the most insecure os.
  • Then how to get it, except than doing some inpropriate actions, other than copying infected files, installing suspicious software? It is updated monthly with security patches as much as I know, so while it is for sure most insecure, that doesn't mean it's insecure on its own.
  • There have been several examples on the store historically. Didn't you know?
  • There have been several examples on the store historically. Didn't you know?
  • Lack of hardware is true for Windows Mobile too.
  • Not as few. By far more models.
  • Not as few. By far more models.
  • So what do you do here than? People come to a windows platform and a win10 phone post to talk about android? Are u afraid that this phone could be good or why are u posting here? Who paid u to waste ur time here?
  • Nobody paid me. I'm just disappointed user who likes the benefits of WM but also hates it's problems that fall solely because of MSFT faults.
  • i went from iphone 4s which was reliable to lumia 930 with windows 8.1 which was the most reliable phone ive ever had, then to 930 with windows 10,  not reliable to a samsung s7 edge runing androdi and touch wiz and yes its a huge surprise to me but its very reliable.  Android on the galaxy range have certainly come to fruitishion.  Though some of the apps on the android store are prolematic, then again they were on the iphone 4s and the lumia 930 sometimes. Still miss live tiles and cortana alot but no apps on windows mobile is a biger issue now than it was last year.  Here maps, paypal, myfitnesspal are all apps thats disaperared this year oh and gestures beta has never worked as claimed in the app store.
  • Why? It hasn't crashed once for me.
  • So Cricket carries the idol 4 and Alcatel the unlocked variant.  I thought T-mobile might have a comparable one on display.  T-mobile does not actually have a current idol model in the store or online from what I have seen. Guess I will have to wait on a review.
  • You and others should understand that the bezel makes the phone usable with one hand. I have a mi5 with small bezels and the lower buttons cannot be reached comfortably.
  • Poor experience on a 950xl? My 950xl ia great with production ring.
  • Well, when it works, it works really GREAT.
    The moment you actually start using a few apps, access notifications quickly, open and close apps fast, it heats up. And it heats up A LOT. It becomes uncomfortable to hold. Needless to say, the heat slows down the CPU. Thus the phone slows down. :(
    . Lovely phone otherwise.
    Same with the 650 too. So its not the hardware, but the OS at fault. Or maybe the firmware. But ive seen many people commenting about Anniversary update issues too.
  • Mine doesn't.  But then, when an item of mine that uses several ghz cores for a lenghtly amount of time in a tiny package gets slightly warm, I don't whine and moan about it as it is to be expected.
  • I am not seeing those issues on my 950XL. In fact I was having some Blutooth connection issues but the last 2 release previews have solved those. Very happy with my device
  • How exactly does heat slow down a processor? That's a new one for me. I know that the heat must be dissipated, and that is the purpose for the liquid cooling, but that is because excessive heat can damage the internals. I have never seen an instance of heat in computers causing slowdowns, except when the heat got to levels where it caused lockups of the system, usually due to components self shutting down to prevent damage. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am sure in some way that heat can possibly effect efficiency . I actually remember there is a formula for it, but would this actually show in sluggishness?
  • It's no formula but exactly what you said. Heat does damage internals of phones and PC's and that's precisely the reason they have temperature sensors built in. Just check the latest BIOS/UEFI settings and you'll see that there are options of notifying the user in case the temp goes above certain number. This is also true for mobile.
    The CPU is slowed down on purpose to generate lesser heat and thus bring temp down to normal levels. Because of the slow clock speeds, the OS feels sluggish for even things like typing, entering the PIN, etc. Hope this helps. :)
  • My 950 came up with a suggestion to turn the screen off after reinstalling everything. It basically said it needed to cool down. It was bloody hot trying to install hundreds of updates in store, download latest production build while I was setting up windows hello. Not a happy phone. Saying that it hasn't had an issue since!
  • Same thing happened to my Note 7.
  • I've had the "Your phone is too hot" message before too. But probably only ever once on my 950
  • Ah thanks.. That makes more sense. I know about bios settings for auto shut downs, but I didn't know that it could actually tell it to slow the clock speed down.
  • That happens only on specific devices, not on the pc masterrace
  • Here's an example on a Surface Pro 3 - Many devices will throttle back performance to avoid high temps (Thermal Throttling) It's one of the issues with mobile GPUs and why some people say that the Nvidia claims about 5-10% performance diff between Mobile and Desktop variants isn't all they claim it to be
  • You must have bad luck neither my 950 or 640 experiences those problems Windows 10 anniversary update works great on both my devices
  • Yup, there's definitely throttling involved if the censors register too high temperatures.
    Haven't run into that problem with my 950XL even when updating 50+ apps while simultaneously charging the device though
  • Bullshit.
  • My 950XL on production release works just fine, my 950XL blows my Icon away.
  • Downvotes for being real? People are weird. If only I could edit videos as good as Daniel, Mark, D2D, MKBHD, etc, i would have loved to show you people the issues that are present.
    W10M is a beautiful looking OS with pretty decent functionality for daily use. It works well on good hardware most of the time but I guess the OS-Firmware combo as of now still isn't a 100%.
    Reviews on sites like WC show the good and very little bad but not the worst. I'm a fan of the OS, but im not a troll like @vhyr, @DGCBS, etc.
  • With the production builds? Or with the development Insider Preview builds?
  • Production. NEVER used the Insider preview on my 950XL. Tried the Release Preview for a while in the 650.
  • Interesting.
  • I'm not sure what to do. Just fed up of doing hard resets.
  • @AbhiWindows10 Really couldn't agree with you more. Not sure why all the downvotes just because you're telling your experience? Do people out there have a good experience with the 950XL? Sure. I'm in your boat though, this is quite honestly one of the worst phones i've ever owned. Just moderate web browsing and the thing heats up to > 130F! Want to switch apps? Resuming... Want to turn it on? Oh no, I'm going to crash instead. Not sure if it's WM10 or the 950XL itself, but my experience with this phone has been so awful that I'm about to leave the platform after being on since the Samsung Focus days. I really miss the days of my WP just WORKING. Along those lines though, just because I have a bad experience, doesn't mean everyone else did. It's really frustrating in this community if you say ANYTHING negative, even if it's the truth based on your own personal experiences, you're tarred and feathered.  
  • Yeah man. It's such a nice phone to use otherwise. But there's definitely 'something' wrong somewhere.
    It could be the firmware, the OS or the hardware itself. Being Snap 810, i can blame the hardware a little bit.
    But the same experience even on my 650? That's weird. I've used a 520, 525, 1020, 535, 720 before. And I know how a phone is supposed to work. .
    The X50 series don't show the same reliability like the predecessors.
  • You could have mentioned a few more trolls while you were at it. Don't mind the down votes, this is the internet and those aren't the people you would invite to your birthday party. Great Comments BTW.
  • Thank you @kingjah. :)
  • those guys get no love from anyone so they are bitter all the
  • Certainly looks interesting. When in India?
  • No, correctly written, it's "wen" in India?
  • Thanx.
  • I know exactly when it will be in India, and I am not going to tell you.
  • I love mysteries. Haha.
  • Phone not gonna sell well. It's name will confuse. There is a high end Android phone by Alcatel in the market with the exact same name.
  • Because it's the same phone, that's available with two OS's, maybe? :D
  • Is it? I'm confused by the specs, what am I missing.  
  • Next time you're on GSMArena search the Fierce XL, you'll find a separate listing for "with Windows". Same thing happening here.
  • Yep
  • Alcatel is releasing a phone called the Idol 4 Pro in Android (or at least there has been leaks).  Its the same as the DTek 60 Blackberry phone (soon to be released) and looks to be the same as this (except for the 32 vs 64 gb).  The Idol 4s Android has significantly lower specs then this- 3/32 gb, SnapDragon 652, 16mp camera.  Not sure why they would name a premium Windows 10 device with the same name as an upper mid range android device- so I agree with you.  The idea might be the Idol series has a good reputation as android phones.
  • No, that could only help!
  • Yeah, but T-Mobile is not carrying the Android version of that phone and most people in the States anyway are mostly still buying branded locked phones from carriers
  • That itself limit its market.
  • I agree. There needs to be an unlocked version as well. And perhaps there will be just as Alcatel did with the Android Version. Selling it unlocked and branded with Cricket. But if the phone doesn't sell decently it won't IMO be because people will be confused over the OS's.
  • I just noticed this.  The Android IDOL 4s is unlocked only. The Android IDOL 4 is on cricket.
  • It will not sell well.  Thanks Rahul, your grasp of the English language convinces me you are indeed a powerful person in the industry and have correctly predicted every item ever regarding its sales potential.
  • Thank you. I admit that my english is not good but you did get me there and that was I supposed to be meant.
  • Moreover, I don't see any numbers there in my comment. So, I did not predict anything. I just talked about the prospects. Same thing, I said about the HP elite x3 and I guess that is proving right. The phone is good, specs are good but that may not be enough unless other aspects of marketing are taken care of nicely.
  • MMX ?
  • Predicting a Windows phone won't sell well isn't exactly a risky statement. Not a single one has ever sold well. The 520/640 did ok, but they didn't drive adoption of higher end devices as Microsoft had hoped.
  • Exactly! First we need to come out of denial mode that if a WP does well in the windows ecosystem (640/520/920) is a success. success of windows mobile should be judged in competition not in isolation. 520/640 were success in isolation not in competition.
  • Just an anecdote, but I gave my w10m updated 640 to my brother ~6months ago and his friend saw it, and the very next day went and bought the 950. Just asked him today and he's never regretted that choice. His previous