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What we expect from Microsoft's Windows 10 event on October 26

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MS logo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Next week on October 26 Microsoft is holding what now seems to be its yearly Windows 10 press event. Unlike last year's momentous shindig, we expect the 2016 event is going to be toned down substantially with fewer announcements and a lot less hardware.

So, what do we expect to be announced? What rumors can we shoot down? Zac Bowden and I round up the sure bets for next week to keep everyone's expectations in check.

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What we expect

Here are the top things we have high confidence in Microsoft announcing next week. While we may miss on some details, expect these categories to be addressed.

Windows 10 2017 Features

Microsoft has been testing its next major update — codenamed "Redstone 2" — for Windows 10 for a few months now, issuing Insiders a number of preview builds that so far, include only small tweaks and enhancements. Microsoft should hopefully be ready to detail some of the major new features planned for Windows 10 in 2017, similarly to the Windows 10 event held in January back in 2015.

Some of those features may or may not include an Office Hub, which we exclusively revealed a few weeks ago, HomeHub, HoloShell, UWP File Explorer and much more.

We may also find out when exactly Redstone 2 will arrive for the public, as recent Insider builds have started referencing a Version 1703. Windows Central can confirm that Microsoft is aiming for a March 2017 launch for its next major Windows 10 update, and next week's event would be a very good time to announce that.

Microsoft has a second major update for 2017 planned for Windows 10, codenamed Redstone 3, targeted for launch later in the summer. We doubt Microsoft will announce or showcase any planned features for this update, but you never know.

Surface All-in-One

Although there is not much this year regarding new hardware, a Surface All-in-One desktop (AIO) keeps popping up on our radar. Back in June, Digitimes initially reported the rumor, but through our sources we were able to corroborate the information.

Update: As of Monday, October 24 some new information suggests the device could be called Suface Studio, which seems apropos

According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, the device goes by the codename "Cardinal" and that it "could be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into 'a studio.' "

Our sources point to a home/living room focus as well, which could tie into reports of Microsoft Home Hub (more on that below).

Image from a Microsoft patent application for a modular PC could be related to the Surface AIO

Image from a Microsoft patent application for a modular PC could be related to the Surface AIO

Details are still very scarce, but the device could likely have a detachable display, inking support, and be modular in nature with add-on components. We heard 4K resolution batted around along with various screen sizes with 27 inches being the most likely (21- and 24-inch versions were also reportedly tested).

The Verge's Tom Warren hinted that the unique PC could also have a GTX-1080 video card, which would be massive for gaming. Indeed, we have heard Microsoft is recruiting "media influencers" in the gaming industry to attend next week's event suggesting a gaming tie-in.

In fact, a high-end video card will also make this VR- and AR-ready. Combined with Windows Holographic being put into Windows 10 plus some Project C games to the Windows Store and perhaps the Surface AIO will be a lot more than what we thought. Just imagine a Surface powering a 3D holographic experience...

Earlier this year Microsoft and Wacom entered into an agreement to share technology and make 'dual protocol pens.' Those new pens are supposed to launch 'later this year' so now seems like a good time to bring those to market.

Update: References for a 'Surface Dial' may be related to a handheld device for graphic artists similar to Wacom's Express Remote.

Finally, officially co-branded Surface Keyboards and a Surface Mouse will likely be shown with the PC. After all, you need something to type on. One keyboard is small and minimalist while the other is ergonomic. However, these are merely re-branded Designer Keyboard, Designer Mouse, and Sculpt Keyboard designs updated with some new tech and gray color scheme.

Redesigned Surface Keyboard seen at the FCC

Redesigned Surface Keyboard seen at the FCC

Like all Surface products we have a feeling that whatever this device is it will be something unique, a little mind-blowing, and likely very expensive.

HomeHub – Amazon Echo competitor?

We're also hearing that Microsoft has some "smart connected" device, possibly similar to the Amazon Echo lined up for an unveiling at its October 26th event. Details are still pretty scarce, but according to our sources this device is related to a Windows 10 feature called "HomeHub."

Microsoft's potential Amazon Echo competitor is just that, but would be powered by Cortana instead of Amazon's Alexa. It's essentially a smart voice-activated speaker for the home. Ask it questions, set reminders, and give it commands for household appliances. Microsoft is positioning Cortana in the center of your life, and having her available in a dedicated device would make perfect sense.

Other touted features is the ability to store files directly on the device, such as music, video, and documents, allowing them to be streamed to any other devices in the house. Similar to how a personal cloud server would work, like those WD My Cloud hard drives.

Many have been waiting for Microsoft to enter the "smart assistant" market with a dedicated appliance; perhaps Microsoft will be willing to play a bigger part in the likes of the smart home market now, too. They're going up against some steep competition from Amazon, who has been refining and expanding the Echo's abilities with connections to hundreds of web services and smart home devices over the past two years. Plus Google's getting into smart home speaker game and Apple's rumored to be making their own Siri-powered home hub (for whatever that's worth).


What about products and features we have heard about but are not entirely confident will be announced? These could happen next week, but we wouldn't be surprised if they didn't either.

Surface Refresh – Bring on Kaby Lake?

We do not expect a Surface Pro 5 or Surface Book 2 this year. While we have heard of a Surface Book 2 hinge redesign, we do not expect to know more about that device until Spring 2017.

Nonetheless, we have heard some reports of a Kaby Lake refresh for the Surface line.

Kaby Lake is the codename for Intel's 7th generation Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, which bring reduced heat, a double-digit bump in integer performance, improved Speed Shift technology, and native hardware support for 4K HEVC encoding/decoding at 10-bit depths and VP9 decoding. It has the same but improved 14nm process as its Skylake predecessor and precedes next year's 10nm shift to Cannonlake.

So if there are no new Surface redesigns what about Microsoft updating the processors? There is a possibility of this happening as Dell recently "refreshed" the XPS 13 with Kaby Lake and a few modest changes.

Microsoft would not make a big deal about this as it is routine in the industry, just not something that Microsoft has done before with the Surface line. Since there would be no other significant changes, "Surface Pro 4" and "Surface Book" would remain as their names.

Then again, if a Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 are destined for a spring launch, Microsoft may want to keep its product line lean and give even more incentive for users to upgrade then by not updating the current models. A tough call.

For now, we'll have to put this under Maybe as we won't be surprised either way.

Project Centennial push for older Win32 games and apps

Although we know this is happening, we're not exactly sure if this will be a big talking point at the October 26th event. Microsoft is working with developers on bringing many Win32 games to the Windows Store with its Project Centennial app-bridge, and if the Surface AiO is powerful enough to play games, will be a good demonstration of what developers can achieve with the Windows Store.

Apps like the new Microsoft Paint with Inking and 3D support and Adobe XD design app are likely candidates to be announced as available too.

We may also finally see some big name Win32 programs show up in the Windows Store from the likes of Adobe and Slack. As of right now, there are few Centennial apps in the Store, most of which aren't exactly huge names.

Alcatel Idol 4 Pro

For months we have heard about the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro, a prosumer level Windows 10 Mobile device that could even feature a VR add-on. Not only have photos emerged of the phone, and it passing Wi-Fi certification, but recent packaging and its VR companion too.

See more

The T-Mobile Alcatel Idol 4 Pro reportedly features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage with a 5.5-inch display and a 1920x1080 resolution

So where is it?

Update: More info about T-Mobile (US) and the Alcatel IDOL 4S were leaked to us on Friday revealing new information and hinting at an imminent launch

If there were ever a time to give a little lifeblood back to the consumer side of Windows 10 Mobile announcing that phone next Wednesday would help a smidge. Otherwise, we have no idea what they are waiting for.

Skype Teams

Microsoft may also be planning to unveil its new team collaboration service "Skype Teams," a competitor to the hugely popular Slack. Skype Teams will be an online service with the option of a downloadable client.

It's likely that Skype Teams will also at some point find itself being integrated with Windows 10, although we're not entirely sure if that will be announced on October 26. We believe that's a feature planned later down the line but never say never. For what it's worth, there is an Office event scheduled for a week later that might be a much better fit for such a work-focused product like Skype Teams.

No way

Time to throw the wet tile on any hot rumors. Here is what we do not expect at this event. Sorry!

  • Surface Phone - There is no way Microsoft is going to announce any new hardware in Mobile. As much as we'd love to hear something, anything, about their plans, there is just little to no chance here. Even for next spring, it is not looking too good. Maybe go and get that HP Elite x3 in the meantime?
  • Band 3 - Oh sure, we now know a Band 3 was in the works complete with waterproofing and an EKG. Too bad all our intelligence tells us it was recently canceled. As much as I would love to be wrong about this, don't get your hopes up by expecting a replacement to your Band 2 this year…or likely ever.
  • Project Scorpio - Microsoft's next-gen Xbox was teased earlier this year at E3 for a Holiday 2017 launch. While we have heard of "influencers" from the gaming industry being present on Wednesday's event, it may be tied to Windows 10 announcements and even the Surface All in One. Microsoft keeps its Xbox stuff siloed to E3, and we expect the same here.

To recap: expect a smaller event compared to last year's Surface bonanza. However, what does come out should still be big for Microsoft and Windows fans. What's exciting is how much we don't know! Assuming this pattern holds, when we tune in next week there is a good chance we will all be legitimately surprised, and that's always fun.

We'll be on the ground in New York City to cover the event live, so stay tuned for our live blog, analysis, and hands-on! You can also watch the live stream of the announcements (opens in new tab) as well.

Updated: Added additional information to HomeHub.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Man I hope they announce the Alcatel I've been waiting for it. Want something a bit more higher end than my 640 XL
  • Same here. We need to support these third party so they know we care. I have tye other Alcatel onetouch fierce xl and its pretty solid for a low end.
  • I'm getting it asap tired of the low - midrange phones I've been stuck with since switching to tmo (635, 640)
  • i still like my lumia 810
  • Wow. That's cool. That was my first smartphone in 2012. Was a good phone.
  • i try L820 & L830 for me very good devices, now i still with L830 more than one year .
  • Have you tried a 950 ? This is my second try with the 950 and it is much more stable now. Got mine at the Windows store for $399 with the dock thrown in also. Not a bad price for the whole system.
  • I currently have the Microsoft Lumia 950 and HP Elite x3 - both very capable and useful phones :-)
    By the way, I bought my Lumia 950 (phone only) back in Jan 2016 for $800 CAD
  • I'm jealous
  • Supporting a corporation?? Lol you either like a product or not who cares about a multimillionaire corp. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
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    A largely stubborn, but loyally optimistic,, rather curiously naive, bunch of savage fools we tend to be... I ponder, from time to time, about our insolence, and can't help but imagine that the term for our type of "loyalistic steadfastness" would be coined "calculated tomfoolery"... Lol
  • Yeah, we are ignorant fools.
  • Sad but true.
  • How does the Facebook app work on there since its 2gb of ram? I almost bought it but I held on to my 640 at the time. But now since Lumia is done for I'm trying to get off of it soon
  • My only thing is Lumia is done for after this year and they are on the 808 processor the 820 should be better battery life with no heating up
  • I was hoping for more new partner hardware announcements and highlights of recent announcements. Alcatel would be cool, but it might be good to highlight the HP Elite x3 Lap Dock too.
  • I'm expecting them to show off the hp as it just came out and probably the acer jade primo since it just became available in the U.S. recently. They also have the new wharton brooks device(s) Either way they have at least 3 phones they can show and at least 2 that arent for sale yet
  • I'd be shocked if they even acknowledged the Primo. It sort of competes with the HP they just released, plus the price has been slashed in the US & UK (usually a sign theyre getting rid of inventory)
  • You do know that the HP is not a MS phone?
  • I'm aware of that but that doesn't mean they can't show off the phone
    they showed off the old HTC 8x and other OEMs before . It's all about partnering manufacturers
  • Is HP elite coming tö Tmobile? I want the acatel because of the vr headset
  • If they ever announce a new Windows device on Verizon, it would shock the world.
  • False.... It wouldn't shock the world.... That's what Windows needs, but that wouldn't happen... It would shock the 700 thousand WM/WP fans left in existence. That's all.
  • Whoever comes out with a flagship Windows Phone on Verizon has can count at least me as one instant customer. From a note Daniel posted earlier, it sounds like Microsoft needs to make some changes to the OS before a new device will be certified though. I don't understand this, however, because my Lumia Icon runs on Verizon and runs Windows 10, both quite well.
  • Yeah, because your radio firmware is already worked out fine..
  • There's 10k left?
  • Need Surface Phone or 5.2" elite x3 or just refresh my Lumia 950. Otherwise I'm going to be extremely disappointed especially if manufacturing has stopped with the 950. They are basically saying we don't care about what our customers want.
  • The Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows looks like your upgrade path. After switching from a 959XL to the Elite X3, it's clear that OEMs will be making the best Windows Phones going forward. Maybe the X3 is too big for you, but it is the best Windows Phone ever, by far. I'm shocked how well HP did on this phone. Now we just need Redstone 2 to deliver...
  • "it's clear that OEM's will be making the best going forward".... What makes you think that?. I mean, what has changed?
  • One thing no body is talking about is the smaller Surface 4. When the hell is that coming out and may I say it should have an Intel Core m3 or m5.
  • The answer is DO NOT EXPECT. Microsoft will play premium hardware only. if you want a cheap hardware, check OEM's products. How about a  Surface Mini tablet/slate running Windows 10 Mobile?
  • I would love to see a tablet running win10 Mobile! Give developers more reason to bring apps to mobile besides just phones... The original Surface RT had zero apps... Not even Minecraft... A new tablet with mobile would compete better now I think.
  • Surface 3 IS PREMIUM, but its competitor to classic iPad. So there is now nothing, and I have to buy iPad again... I dont want 12" or 14" big plank for thousands of eouros. And also surface pro 4 is still missing LTE. Surface 3 LTE is great, but its old now and the performance is now far behind current iPads. By the way, Surface 3 has better sales than Surface Pro 3. And little smaller than Surface Pro 4, so its nonsense to cancel the Surface base line (non-pro tablets)...
  • Maybe that new startup from Massasuchettes wil be on the stage to anounce their new device since they they said that it'd be ready by the holiday season. What's the name again, whartton Brooks? Who knows
  • Connecticut, not Mass.
  • They will definitely announce something for iOS, and Android.
  • I would like to have this phone too. I just really hope they will offer an unlocked model sold from the MS Store. T-Mobile has been awful with support for WM phones. They carried the 640 for just a couple of months. Did they ever make W10M available for the 640?
  • No, they never did.
  • Do carriers even matter with windows since theres an app you use to update to windows 10?
  • Why not get a Lumia 950? Cheap to have these days.
  • Are you aware that because of Microsoft catastrophic strategy in mobile business, this phone will be like a Ferrari without engine ?
  • Same here.  The No Way stuff is the only stuff I'm excited about.  I guess I'm setting myself up for disappointment....
  • Same here! I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • I'm excited. Fresh things to see. I'm also getting that Alcatel idol for Tmobile. Love windows mobile UI.
  • This is a great post. People can finally bury the idea of a Surface phone coming out this year!
  • Unfortunately I think you are right, although a big surprise it would be;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was just hoping for a bit of news or even a confirmation that it would ever exist. And maybe a bit of info on features - not specs! - that would generate some excitement. Like inking!
  • I'm sorry to say but I believe if that was to happen, it will die after 4 months. Then it will become just more frustration. Next year for sure.
  • Defintely not for sure next year. Unless they have something revolutionary, they won't bother with a Surface Phone. No point if it is just another W10m device. The lack of any mention of W10m rumors about an update that was supposed to be mobile focused isn't a good sign. Surface Phone may already be cancelled. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What would you expect it to do that the $800 HP phone doesn't do?
  • I would expect it to not run Windows 10m. Microsoft said they are waiting for the next big thing, so they must think W10m is not it. If the Surface Phone is released, I would expect it to be running something else. Another reboot to a completely new UI and branding would be the only way they could be successful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The 5th OS in 5-6 years? Sure, why not.
  • Seriously. Scrapping and rebuilding at this point seems like a terrible idea.
  • They said they are waiting for the next evolution in mobile. That obviously means they don't think W10m is it. Rebooting is basically a given at this point, if they do anything at all. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If they thought Continuum was the next big evolution of mobile they would be saying that and would be pushing it heavily. They obviously don't see it as the future unless they think downplaying it and waiting for other platforms to push it is the right choice. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think they do push it...cautiously. Again, none of these guesses are "obvious".
  • No, not obviously. That could mean anything. Surface was a hardware design shift. A paradigm shift in mobile could be something hardware related or with Nadella, something AI or bot related. It could be some feature that we mere consumers haven't even considered. It's certainly not "obvious" that it won't be running Win10m, unless one has on the blinders of obsessive hate.
  • NO, NO, NO, NO MORE REBOOTS! Stop the madness.  Just stick with what they have and improve it.  Stop the scrapping and rebooting that is the problem with WM10 is that is lost all its developers with all the #$*&^@&$ reboots.  NO.
  • I disagree. I tried going back to W8.1.... Couldn't stand it compared to W10.
  • Regarding the HomeHub. Check out Ralf Groenes box (image posted on his private twitter). Especially the writing on it ;-) So, you'll see "Asset # e969" When you then take a look into the font "Segoe MDL2 Assets" and search for this icon, you'll see a vertically standing device with some kind of radio waves. Since I don't think a Microsoft router is coming; this might be a hint for the rumored HomeHub or any other streaming device. What do you think?  
  • Yup, interesting. Definitely a clue.
  • You say that like you know more... hmmm
  • With UWP on XB1 do you think the XB1 is part of or will interact with the Homehub scenario if it this device is announced, I imagine the XB1 is a big factor and player in MS smart home strategy, it's sort of a Trojan horse when you think about the whole Windows 10 ecosystem.
  • E969 is a wireless storage device icon. I don't think they'll use that for the HomeHub, although if it also is a "private cloud machine" they could be using it...
  • How about a Windows Phone from Xiaomi? ​Or a wearable device from Xiaomi that is compatible with W10(M) ?
  • Oh yeah. Out of the "big names" in the mobile industry, Xiaomi is the one that'll most likely release a W10M phone. I'm looking forward to it.
  • Huawei might try, actually any of the big chinese companies might try it.
  • HTC and LG is below Xiaomi in term of market share..HTC and LG only have big font in their names. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, where is that mi5 rom again? But in general, a couple of roms for mid and high range androids would be more than welcome.
  • Yes. A Windows phone from Xiaomi (or Huawei even) would be interesting.
  • Hoping for Surface phone or Surface wear (band 3) surprises!
  • 99.9% chance that neither will be announced or mentioned this year. However, they may announce a Microsoft Health enabled/powered device, with a 3rd party partner. 
  • Too bad.  My Band2 just split this morning. 
  • I'm hoping for a Surface branded washing machine! Magnesium alloy chassis, and think of the hinge! Fingers crossed!
  • Amazing.
  • If this is mostly an event for the all-in-one, I think it's a waste. Why have that event for a fairly niché product, and and Echo competitor (which I feel is another of those too-late copycats MS might fail at getting traction with). I don't get why they wouldn't just put the all-in-one with the rest of the stuff in March, if that's entirely the centerpiece of this. That's why I think Kaby refreshes make sense here. An event for a high-dollar, first-try product and a home accessory? Seems weird.
  • Isn't most of the Surface line fairly niche anyway? (A $1700 laptop with a funky hinge?) I agree it sounds pretty meh. An expensive AIO, an echo clone, some software updates coming sometime next year, maybe some processor refreshes... Meh. This honestly doesn't seem like enough to hold an actual event
  • The meat of the Surface line isn't the Book you just referenced. It is the Surface Pro, which is a pricey convertible with good sales and reviews. The Book wasn't announced in its own event, either. It was part of the SP4 event.
  • Again, a fairly niche product. It's an expensive, powerful tablet with a keyboard that can attach to it. Good reviews don't mean it's not a niche product or line. Panasonic Toughbook's get good reviews & sell well to the target market too, but again, niche product.
  • No, it really isn't niche. You are basically saying that not being the #1 product is being niche, in that scenario. I know a lot of people who use Surfaces, more than any specific model line of PC, in fact. They're not a niche product. They cover prices from about $500 (Surface 3) to $1,500 (high-end Surface Pro 4). They're not niche at all. In fact, the Surface thinking of fitting a more flexible set of use cases is what helped create convertibles, which slowed the bleeding in PC sales. If oyu think that "Surface" is expensive and niche, then you really need to rthink the word or the brand, because Surface (unlike a Toughbook) offers a wide range of ways to provide products to different types of consumers.
  • Yes, I guess when I think of the Surface line I think of the Pro, the Book and that $20,000 80 inch thing that may or may not have actually shipped that I'm too lazy to look up. All relatively expensive products that are not geared towards the average consumer. Perhaps like when someone thinks of Toughbooks they think of ruggedized laptops, when Panasonic also make a slew of products in the line ranging from handhelds on up. I understand the toughbook line is more niche, but I thought it was a decent comparison to make. I think MS is moving more towards the niche space, like an $800 phone that kind of half works like a desktop if you plug in a bunch of things to it (HP, not MS, I know) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Isn't this a Windows event? Where do android and ios fit into discussion about the future of Windows?
  • Cerulean phone WC been promoting heavily is promised to be no less revolutionary and paradigm shifting than Surface phone. Could it be the star of the event?
  • lol "promoting heavily" yes, three articles (really just one, in three parts). We promote Lenovo and Dell more. And no.
  • It's going to be a badge engineering device. Paradigm shifting? Mmm. What could that mean? Sorry Dan. I like the idea of another OEM, but these guys should be on stage with Trump and Clinton with the spin they produce. I hope they deliver, I really do. It would be good for the mid range desert.
  • "The innovations we are bringing to our devices will be the most disruptive since the advent of the smartphone in 2000." WC has written countless articles of them and none of those has said that those promises are unreal.
  • "Countless"?
    Can you count to three?
  • Yeah but they were like 37,000 words each, so... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And that was just one series. Many articles before that.
  • "Many" as in possibly another one.
  • There will be no Cerulean phone, and if it will be, it will certainly not be what you are hoping. This thing is obviously a scam, don't you see it?
  • It's a rebadged Chinese device. Not a bad one either, but.....I get the feeling it won't be around long though.
  • Media streamers?
  • Microsoft Mobile really dead
  • Now if only the people here in comments would go away and move on!
  • Hey Dan, is it possible that when the naysayers log in, their comments can prefill to allow them even more time to wallow in their self loathing Emo lifestyles, or even go back to the bridge they live under and start taking tolls again?? Just a thought
  • Or you could just ban them.
  • Or, better yet, Windows Central could switch to Disqus, which allows user-blocking, and then everyone here could just block everyone here and then everyone here would be happier.
  • Nah, WC is a part of a community service. If the iDroids weren't here they'd be out licking the nearest McDonalds windows.
  • Are they strawberry this week? ;-)
  • Ha, the only reason I'm here is because the site used to be called "Windows Phone Central". I've stuck around because I like you & the other writers. I can't help it that I'm always going to root for WP/W10 mobile. I think a lot of us here always will. I truly hope you don't really want us to go away.
  • I think he meant the commenters that have nothing to say but "Windows Mobile is dead". If they really thought so, it's kinda weird that they feel the need to keep coming round just to convince everyone else.
  • If only people here in comments go away and move on, what will you eat?
  • Three OEM's left... (for products sold in the U.S. anyway)
  • You'll be very busy the next 10 years or so to keep repeating this. -
  • Coming Soon (tm)
  • Lol made my day. So true.
  • Man, I wish I could write a whole article based on rumours, supposition and hearsay. Lol ;-) This is where the other tech heavy weights excel. They drop a few truths, confirm devices are happening, and generate interest, create hype and lemming frenzies!! Why do MS always get this wrong? It's always rumours and possibilities and if it wasn't for this site, and sharp eyed people in the know, digging through FCC approvals / submissions, or indeed the patent office, we would know very little indeed, or for that matter, bother turning up to their poorly publicised events outside of the tech realm. Another OS manage to get both tech and 'beautiful people' journos to report for tech and fashion blogs. Until MS drop ( probably too late now ) the 'grown up' way of trying to excite consumers, with tech that is typically aimed at top end clients, they will, IMHO, continually flounder and bypass consumer interest. Most people use windows because their dell etc. come with it. If Apple can flog top shelf tech to the masses, why the hell cant MS? MS isn't cool. In the not to distant future, they will get their A$$ handed to them! I love the W10 thinking, but people aren't going to suddenly buy lots of MS stuff because it is all integrated. My office PC's run W10, but I have a dirty secret. My laptop runs Linux Red Hat ;-) Shhhh Frustrated rant over....
  • I don't know about you but that Surface Book announcement was awesome last year!
  • But again, it was, for most, out of the realms of possibility. Like the x3, Surface Book and x3 are out of reach for the masses. Unlike Apple products, which are still expensive to most, have that 'shazam' or the promise to make your world much happier and elevate your standing amongst your peers. Most fares I carry still run iPhone 5s or the SE. The other plus for Apple and Samsung etc is that they have carrier support, and can be bought on contract. I'd have an x3 tomorrow if the networks took it on. The only way W10M will make any difference is if MS start their own network! Then again, they probably wouldn't support their own devices.....
  • The 1520 is still getting updated to latest windows 10 build, 3 years later. Not sure when they will stop but that is better than google's own pixel line with 2 years support.
  • I feel like the home hub would be some sort of picture frame. Mount Cortana to the wall, she's always listening. You see her come up and respond. Apps could play on it.
    I say this because I did this with an old tablet I had. It runs my Insteon hub and insteon Homelinc software. I made it look like a digital picture frame on the wall.
  • I'd like to see Cortana have the option to load celebrity voices.
  • MIcrosoft is (again) late to this party, and will have a hard time catching up, just as with mobile.   
  • Google launched few days back n apple yet to. How late is microsoft?
  • Do you think I could sway a jury into thinking I was "justified", if I busted into Nadella's office, smacked him in the face, and yelled, "STOP F#*KING UP!"?  Minion: Hey boss, we finally got the band right, and added in waterproofing and some other great features! Nadella:  That's great! I'm cancelling it! Minion: Oh... okay.. well, we bought Swiftkey, so we're going to integrate it into W10M so our loyal customers can enjoy the same great keyboard that Android users have! Nadella:  No, I just bought that so I could say it's mine, and mine data from users of other systems.  We're not going to do anything useful with that data, but it sounds like fun. Minion: Okay, great idea boss...  Hey, Samsung really screwed up their last Note, maybe we should put a few more people on getting the Surface Phone up to par, so we can release it, and own the stylus productivity phone market! Nadella:  Sorry, no, I laid off any extra staff I felt we didn't need, then a few more for good measure. Gotta make those shareholders happy!  And besides, since Apple and Samsung bring out refreshed flagships every year, we need to differentiate ourselves!  We'll just take two years developing it, wait until it's done, then cancel it because...well, just because. Minion:  Um..ok.  Gee boss, where do you get all these great ideas? Nadella:  I pull out my iPhone, and say, "Siri, how do you run a company into the ground while building your own personal wealth?" and she tells me everything I need to know!  I wish we had something like that, too bad we don't make any phones or a mobile OS! Minion:  But we do have that sir, it's called Cortana.  She's available on Windows Mobile, PC and Xbox. Nadella:  Oh yeah... I forgot.  Oh well.  By the way, here's your severance package, I'm laying off everyone but myself and what's remaining of our pathetic ad department.  See ya! There, I just predicted the future, not so distant.
  • Lol!! One issue with your Act 1 Scene 1. The band 3. Nadella " I've cancelled due to firing the whole R&D department when I cut the durability test team at band 1 development. Had to lay more staff off due to the sh*t products that fell apart if they got anywhere near flesh ". Minion " Jeez you are a complete and utter mug. It's true what people say, they threw the best bit of you away!!"
    ( my opinion, not W/C)
  • Hilarious haha, keep writing....
  • I might turn it into a screenplay, see if I can get the guy from Harold and Kumar to play Nadella in the movie.  And paint a random nerd yellow and put him in denim coveralls...
  • And a finale where Ninja Cat kicks off at him. I know, let's get Michael Bay to direct it so that we can have gratuitous explosions, just for the hell of it!!
  • I'm trying to avoid fictional characters, so Bay is out.  I'll work on the Ninja Cat, but I hear he has a hectic schedule.
  • Haha, nicely done!
  • immature phantasies  
  • I have some "mature" fantasies, but this is a family site... I almost included a scene with the minion under a desk, but I'm trying to avoid an R rating from the censors.
  • LOL ok this was genuinely funny. Not remotely close to the truth since both shareholders and Microsoft employees like Nadella a lot more than Ballmer but still hilarious. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Of course shareholders like him in the short term. Laying a bunch of people off is great for the next quarter's profit. Of course, the employees that are left love him...they work in the areas he cares about and lots of them are also shareholders. It's also still his honeymoon phase. He's getting a pass, and that survey was perfectly timed. In two years, those numbers will drop.
  • My first "smart" phone was a Windows 7 Mobile device, and I really liked it.  But I went Android after my old Samsung Focus, because they were missing a few key features, that I thought should be a basic thing.  And they've definitely improved it greatly in that time, and I think W10M can really be great.  "Can" being the key word.  But they just can't seem to get that little details make or break things.  Swiftkey is above and beyond their keyboard.  It's one thing not to let 3rd party keyboards into your system for reliability, but c'mon, they own it now!  Hopefully they implement it soon.  And I've said a million times, lack of repeating notifications and custom calendar reminder intervals really cut into the base experience.  I tinker with a 640, as a backup to my S5A, because the dialer app always just works, where my S5A freezes up sometimes.  And I try not to judge the OS based on things that may be related to cheap hardware, but the little nuances, they just can't get right.  They think that "focusing on enterprise" will turn things around.  Wrong.  It's called BYOD, and pretty much every company supports that now.  If an employee can bring their own phone (that they actually like), get reimbursed for usage, and not have to carry around a second device (that IT has to support and maintain), that's what they're going to do.  And if they have to carry around a "lapdock", they might as well carry around a "laptop" for similar money and have more computing power.  The market MS is trying to hit with this is smaller than they think.  Is Nadella (or any exec in their company) going to carry around ONLY their HP phone and a lapdock?  No.  The only thing the X3 brings to the table is LED notifications, which should've been available years ago.  If they were really focusing on business, they would have paid attention to the fact that Samsung was the only one serving the stylus/phablet market (not counting the underpowered crap out there), and had a Surface phone on the market NOW.  And when Samsung had their recent Note 7 debacle, MS would have cleaned up!  It would have doubled market share overnight.  Missed opportunity all over the place. AS for W10 in general, my Xbox One may have better graphics than my 360, but I far prefer the UI on the 360, and it was RELIABLE.  I always have an issue with some app or another not working, and even games will freeze up and shut down on the loading stage.  I have to restart it a few times a week.  Perhaps that's a hard drive issue, but I shouldn't have that issue on a later production, <6 month old machine.  I feel like Kinect is really undersold, but I don't think that's completely their fault.   For my PC, it's not a powerhouse by any means, but it's definitely slower on W10.  It took me AN HOUR to start it up, get Outlook 2007 to open, and print off an attachment.  On W7, that took 10 minutes.  Yeah, it said "We just installed an update", but it seems every time I start the thing, it's doing an update.  Very frustrating.  And I can understand wanting to tweak the UI a little, but was it really necessary to change how File Explorer is setup?  Again? I'm just beyond frustrated with how good MS could be, and they just don't seem to have the proper leadership to pull it all together.
  • I've played with other people's iPhones, I didn't like them, and I find their lack of removable storage... disturbing.  lol.  I also prefer removeable batteries.  I'll stick with Android unless MS finds a cure for their rectal-cranial inversion. I've thought about switching back to Sony, I had a PS2, and was going to get a 3, but my brother and cousins were already running 360s and playing Halo.  Now I'm kind of entrenched in the Xbox ecosystem.  But I'm highly tempted to get a PS4 and either sell the One or keep both, just for Halo.
  • Keep sipping that Kool-Aid...
  • ...and you're here just to keep telling us you hate everything Microsoft? Seems strange.
  • So does this mean no band 3 ever? What happened?
  • Canceled
  • Nadella doesn't want anything unless it runs in the cloud and requires a monthly subscription. 
  • Throw a wet towel, not tile. ;)
  • They are going to announce Wet Tiles for WM lol
  • Why have an event?
  • Why not. You busy next Wednesday or something? lol
  • The only company that thinks they make magical announcements is Apple!!!
  • Marketing 101, news and products announced at events with much fanfare earns headlines.
  • Exactly. An event for Skype, some features coming (if not cancelled in 2017) and an Echo competitor. For what ? Google did the same with their boring and stupid Pixel event.
  • Please share with us all the inside information you have on the event, because what this article really tells us is that Microsoft is much better in hiding their secrets than Google and Apple, both of which had their event details almost completely leaked before they happened and we have almost nothing with the little WC is sure will be announced there.
  • The other 2 aren't afraid to send out teasers as they probably won't CANCEL them just before the event
  • Some software updates, an AIO with some accessories and an Echo clone. Maybe some minor updates to the current hardware. I think the article is well written with what to expect.... Why would you assume there's information WC is holding back? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Move along people, there is nothing to see .....
  • Isn't Nadella canceling this event? Strange ......
  • Regarding the Home initiative, I wonder if they'll stick with it a year or two from now
  • I refuse to believe that there won't be even a hint at the Surface phone. I've seen too many things from reliable sources that suggest otherwise.
  • Honestly, all they have to do is provide a 1-secon teaser, even if it's just flashing the words "Surface Phone" together on a white background--just something to reassure everyone.
  • And that would reassure us? ;-/
  • It would reassure us that it exists yes
  • It would probably read "Surface phonograph". Or at least be spelt wrongly to put us off the scent. Or "Surface Phone...Book" which is an MS branded Yellow Pages...
  • People would lose their freaking minds
  • Link dump, all shortened up. Couldn't find all them but here's why i expect a Surface Phone:
  • When there isn't mention of it, will that change your opinion on the platform? I am genuinely curious. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Most certainly not. I absolutely love the platform, I just want to get my hands on it, and to show it off to everyone I know
  • NO they will reveal the phone too.
  • Microsoft wants other OEMs to step in and make Windows mobile. That's the "master" plan of Nadella. Unfortunately, Windows phone users who are used to Lumia like devices wont be satisfied with anything other than iPhone running Windows 10 mobile but at an affordable price. That's what Nokia gave us. I am seriously thinking of buying Lumia 1520 from ebay. Last few devices are left.
  • Good phone, mine is almost three years old and runs as smooth as when I bought it.
  • 1520 is a great device. Then again, I still have a soft spot for my 1320!! Not the best spec'd but W8.1 is very, very good on it.
  • I'd be satisfied with Galexy 6+ edge running WM 10 :)
  • What I would like to see is MS seriously getting into the wearable market with a smartwatch. The Band line, as cool as it was, was juts a glorified fitness tracker. We need a true smartwatch running some form of W10 that is powerful and beautiful and able to compete in the market.
  • It would have to be Android or iPhone based though. With Microsoft dropping support for consumer Windows Mobile devices, they really wouldn't have an audience for a smartwatch. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm hoping they announce: Microsoft Wallet tap-to-pay for countries other than the US, and hopefully for more older Windows phones too. And also hoping to see a new Surface (non-pro) and (wishful thinking) that they finally announce Windows 10 Mobile ROMs for select popular Android phones. That will surely put W10M back in the game.  
  • Microsoft strategy to catch the next bend on the curb and totally ignore the apps is dead wrong. You can not use voice command everywhere, therefore apps are here to stay much longer then Microsoft wishing.
  • Bots can accept keystrokes.
  • Surface toothbrush please. So Cortana can tell me when my teeth have been properly cleaned.
  • I would actually get one of these :)
  • Aha! We have discovered where Microsoft will be branching out to next! Waiting for them to buy Oral B so that they can incorporate Cortana :)
  • Was hoping Wharton Brooks might partner with Microsoft to launch their Cerulean Mobile device at this event.
  • I wonder if MS have spun us a yarn?? Maybe Cerulian is Surface ;-) lol. They seem as guarded about their device, which no one has seen yet.....
  • Most likely because it doesn't exist lol. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Expensive? With a gtx 1080 this will be more than expensive
  • It'd probably be only a few models that'd come with a GTX 1080, the same way Surface Books have both integrated and dedicated GPU options.
  • Damn Surface Book's top configuration puts us Canadians well over $3000. I can't imagine a GTX 1080 model being under $4k.
  • so apple's mac pro has a 1080 in it? oh wait they are still selling 2013 hardware for today's price, maybe thats why
  • We make fun of Apple devices because they are 2013 hardware sold for 2016 premium prices. The latest Surface Book has 2015 hardware in it so the price is justified!!!
  • A co-branded Bose/Microsoft speaker could be interesting. Powered by Cortana. Would know everything about football and maybe customizable with NFL teams. Bose's portable speaker business is under direct attack and this could be a way to quickly enter a crowded market with a differentiated product. Also, a way for Microsoft to highlight how it's a technology partner, not a rival like Amazon and Google.
  • Too expensive. Products like Alexa are quite nice,
    ​but at the end of the day you need to equip 
    ​your whole home respectively several rooms
    ​with an array of microphones and speakers. ​     
  • Please no Bose!!!!
  • Friends don't let friends buy Bose
  • Daniel, didn't Sam Sabri leave WC to become a softy? Is he telling you more than you're telling us?
  • EXACTLY what I keep thinking whenever Dan says "our sources" !!!
  • As far as I know, it was only the project to get Windows 10 on the Band 3 that was cancelled, with the dev team dismantled.  If there's other information about cancelling the Band 3 itself, I'm not currently aware of it.  (However, if there is a Band 3, they're going to need to redesign that splitting rubber strap!)
  • Remember when RS2 was going to be mobile focused? Sounds like that went out the windows. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ah ahhhh I see what you did there lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've actually got some info on this, will try to get a story up about that sometime next week.
  • Well done Bleached!! You have cracked me up today! Cheers :-)
  • All this talk about WhartonBrooks, I don't see them ever releasing a device and if they do... It will probably be underwhelming at most.
  • Starting to sound like political spin about the 'cerulian'. Not seen anything yet. As for mind blowing, well..... Disruptive? Is that like when it rains real heavy and your sat tv box loses signal??
  • They'll probably tell people during the even that Windows Phone is dead
  • And they have a new 'book' for us to read.
  • Oh yeah! And it will be hard bound with a premium flip cover.
  • No, Nadella cancelled that...
  • Hopefully Microsoft adds a screen to their version of the Amazon Echo.  I think a screen would add another of usability.  
  • A 27" "Wacom Cintiq killer" AIO with pen support would be amazing.  Especially if it came with a GTX 1080.  That would be a day one buy for me.
  • Will threre be a carrier unlocked Idol 4 S???
  • If they would shed more light on centennial advancements, that would be great. They need to flip the script in a big way, like make Visual studio a UWA or something. Just to show the power
  • Even though i agree that it probably won't happen, announcing even the slightest chance of a Surface Phone would do them more good than seemingly letting Windows Mobile die, imagine the fuss and wonder that would carry on until the release, it would even make developing for the platform not seem so risky as you would be sure that Windows Mobile would last at least a little while longer
  • And kill off any OEM chances at the same time.
  • Not if they are as brave as HP, lots of mid range phones get sold too despite the higher grade options, just look at iPhones
  • I suppose it didn't stop anyone producing a phone while MS were releasing Lumias. Still not so sure though, hopefully we won't have too long to wait.
  • So you would class a well built feature phone high end if it was fast and had great support? Since specs don't matter and those are the criteria that you gauge your rating on, whatever your answer, high end to me means top of the range specs, same as with PCs, TVs, consoles, smart watches, fridges, cookers, kettles, cars etc etc etc
  • The iPhone is a mid range spec'd phone that delivers a very high quality user experience, but high end phone it is not
  • Exactly and performance isn't the same between the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus either, turns out that the iPhone 7 is far slower than the 7 Plus.
  • They just finally released that $800 HP phone, why would they tease another phone on the heels of that one? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bring Skype Teams​ now!  And please make it easy to integrate into a CI/CD pipeline so my team can get rid of HipChat.
  • Tell us what the F is going on with the Phone.  
  • Is it your job to hang out in Microsoft focused blogs and bash or is this just weirdly fun for you?
  • What's going on with HoloLens? Almost 2 years since HoloLens was announced. Is there a version 2.0 or consumer version coming? They should add Surface dock support and let HoloLens work as a regular PC while charging.
  • I have heard, from very good/reliable sources, that MS is "studiously" pre-training their MS store staff before October 26th and that they are not allowed to mention what kind of training, but one staff member said "for their new devices" and then he quickly covered his mouth after saying that... not joking... so if here in northern New England staff are being trained for "new devices" I'm sure hoping for more than 1 device release... even if it's an announcement of a future device months off it'll be good. after that staff member said that I am definitely tuning into the stream. But perhaps the training here is due more for the influx of Canadian visitors since they sadly lack in quantity of MS stores. Still... I'm excited!
  • The AIO & the Echo clone... Those would be new devices. Though I don't see how the Echo clone meshes with dropping out of the consumer market... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft hasn't dropped out of the consumer market, unless XBox is for the cubicle. They have stated a desire to "focus" on enterprise. The rest is everyone else's extrapolations.
  • Here we go, fantasy time! Recently a tv company demo'd a completely clear TV/Monitor.  What if the AIO had a clear screen that would operate as a normal screen, or you could turn on Windows Holographic and essentially look through it all by rotating/moving the screen?  That thing
  • Excited by HomeHub. I just started playing with Window IoT to see if such a thing is possible on a Pi3. Now I can move on to other projects. Hoping for a better name than "HomeHub" though. Sounds kind of boring to me. Also hoping for a prominent glowing Cortana circle on it somewhere.
  • I am not at all convinced by the AiO and home hub rumors, they seem to crash into the area that the XBox one S and project scropio ocupy.  Also an AiO is hardly revolutionary, there are all manner of AiO on the market with all sorts of extra features.  I would be very suprised if there was a AiO.  If there is a home hub I think it will only be around until Project Scorpio takes off as it sounds like too much overlap to me.
  • I keep hearing there is one big surprise coming from the event, but can't get any indication on what it is. Could be something on the office side (or something else that boring), but the last time I heard this much chatter, it was the surface pro. Of course, these guys may still think the AIO is going to be a surprise
  • No way?  Remember last year and how no one anticipated Surface Book, at all?
  • I really hope they kept all the things so secret that they will surprise us with new surfaces and a phone... A man can dream, right? ;)
  • Any news on Project Europe? What is is? Is it still on? Cancelled? Anything? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Final Countdown
  • Sorry to say, I have no choice but to go the android route now :( After 6 years odd using exclusively windows phone...
  • They need an echo competitor as well as a firestick competitor if you ask me.  we ditched cable and got the voice firesticks and Alexa understands everyone (even my 3yr old) better than my 950xl.  
  • If they let slip about a surface phone, and Nutella gets booted, we can be safe in the knowledge it's on its way!! ;-)
  • That all in one patent looks ****. You can't turn the screen. It should have one arm, not two. Oh and let's hope it's not 16:9 and has a little more height.
  • Yeah I personally am hoping for a 17:10 or a 5:4./s
  • Sarcasm?
  • Mhmm ^-^
  • Turn it around to show something to a person who sits at another angle.. I see ppl do it all the time at the office
  • Interesting. A Surface AIO with a 1080, and possibly a Surface Pro 4 "Ti". Maybe this will push Microsoft to make some games for PC natively, with DX12 using that CPU and that GPU, then ported and toned down for console. Could be quite interesting....
  • Forgive my ignorance, but could Microsoft place Xbox One S architecture in an AIO, thereby creating a complete desktop pc that can play all xbox one games? And if they could do this, would it be a good idea or bad?
  • Would seem a bit redundant to have the whole Play Anywhere feature, then, I suppose. But who knows! :)
  • They should surprise us the a successor to the Lumia 650. 5.5" 1080p display, 32GB storage, 11 MP tri-Led flash, with pure view and Z zeiss lens. 2GB ram 401 ppi. Sp 820. 2750MAH. Isaiah Heart
  • another xbox so quickly, i felt sony already destroyed my console future because the 5-6 year sycle has been destroyed.  Pc from now on then for me.  I really like the surface book and hope the hindle and gap stay as its prety unique but still would like to see the device be a more affordable price with a gpu.  Also can we get a plain cheap surface 5 tablet only without the nesesary expence.
  • Something tells me that the Band 3 hasn't been cancelled but is undergoing a redesign, either by the Surface team or a third party like Fitbit. There are two things that make me think the above is true, one is that you send your Band to the Surface repair centre and the other is that MJF stated there would be no Band 3 this year.
  • I would love it if your prediction was true neo :) ​I read a rumour that MS were interesting in buying Fitbit.  Imagine if all that had been done on the sly and they announced something like that too.
  • I had read that as well, it may be that as Microsoft were working on the Band 3 that they reached an agreement with Fitbit to design the hardware instead.
  • and the other is that MJF stated there would be no Band 3 this year.
    Is it weird that reading this statement had me imagining Michael J. Fox commenting on the future of the Band 3?
  • The would Mary Jo Foley
  • So no surface phone?
  • basically a yawn fest....
  • Because THEY (Microsoft) didn't make the elite X3 and therefore only profit from the licencing of the OS, whereas a Surface Phone would be theirs and theirs alone to profit from
  • LinkedIn app supporting continuum?
  • The Surface Phone is real... In my dreams. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't wait! I also ordered an HP Elite X3 earlier, excited to get that soon.
  • The part about a rumoured GTX 1080 for the Surface AIO has me excited. It makes sense, too. Why would they offer a low- to mid-range AIO (in terms of specs) when you can already achieve the same using a Surface, dock, and monitor? They have the ultra portable/powerful/flexible tablet/laptop hybrid. They have the ultra portable/powerful/flexible laptop/tablet hybrid. Time for an ultra portable/powerful/flexible desktop/tablet hybrid! I, for one, would love to be able to get rid of my clunky old custom-built gaming/work PC in favour of a modern and sleek device, without giving up any of the power.
  • Based on the images it would be the mobile version of the GTX 1080. I know nVidia have dropped the "M" from the name but it's still a mobile version of the chip. Even if it was though it's MORE than good enough for current games like GoW 4 and Forza etc. so would be fantastic. The base part could contain the GPU similarly to how the Surface Book does, with the essentials being built into the screen itself - It's the only reason I can think to have that base unit at all v.s the iMac style where everything is in the screen itself.
  • Perhaps! But it's not unthinkable that they have a custom version of the full 1080, and are placing it in one of the rumoured (and optional) modules you can get for the AiO.
  • No talks on cloud to make every individual more productive?
  • What about Surface 4? (Non-pro) :-(
  • If they just announced Age of Empires 2 coming to the Windows Store I'll be happy haha. They showed it working previously so hopefully it's ready to go. I know I can just buy it from Steam and get the same experience, but I'm hoping it releases with some UWP hooks added like Live Tile and maybe even something with Action Centre. Changing a game that old to run on Mobile as a "full" UWP app isn't going to happen for obvious reasons but I'd like to support the MS Store by buying it from them, especially if it has any Windows 10 specific features like I mentioned
  • They will introduce all new Joe Belfiore which will be demoed during keynote.
  • If Intel and AMD do not have any mobile CPU's capable of using in smart phones then Microsoft's best bet in fact the only thing it can do is to to inhance the capablitites CPU. Chipsets and ECT of it's 950 XL and put them in a new case and Brand it as a Surface smart phone. it will work just like the HP Elite X3 and have advanced software to allow it to access and use Win32  Desktop PC Legacy programs. it wont be what  some Windows  smart phone Fans want but will be Awesome just the same. If the chipsets and CPU used in the Surface 3-4G  model can be modified and combined with cell phone components and all put in the same case of an 8 inch tablet there could be a new Surface tablet/cell phone hybrid that woud do almost everything  a Intel CPU Surface smart phone could do. it may be too big for some folks to want to use however I am positive enough folks would buy them to make a profit manufacturing them and selling them. I would buy one and use it's built in cell phone with a blue tooth headset. yt
  • Still can't believe they killed the Band. I trained for the NYC marathon with Band 2 and am gonna kick ass in three weeks! It did everything I needed and the notifictions and tying into my GS7 was seamless. Would've loved a Band 3 to train next year. Maybe I could've done some pool running :)
  • The best Windows Phones were either the 830 or 1020 running 8.1 
  • 1020 is the best Windows phone 8 device
  • I wouldnt be surprised if there is some more Scorpio info. I cant see them waiting till E3 before giving an update.
  • I would be very surpised.  No reason to. They have a years worth of work to do.  In the next 10 months (between now and pushing to manufacturing) parts of the Scorpio hardware design/software may change drastically.  Besides, this event is not the audience for that type of info release.  Just recently there has been a lot of the backlash towards Nintendo when they  showed a reveal video of the Switch. The video left more questions then answers.  Alot of people are excited the device for sure but, there are  also so many questions (specs, design, full capaabilities) that have caused many to write it off purely because it lacks info. And the Switch release is less than 5 months not a year. As for Scorpio, there will be plenty of time for (planned) leaks when Microsoft truly has their ducks lined up. Even though E3 is the place that it will be showcased/revealed I suspect you will see possible mentions of Scorpio at other events early next year.  Each building upon what will be coming.  Events that are specifically designed for the gaming industry.  There several big events prior to E3 (plus dozens of little).  GDC, PAX West come to mind, even tidbits at their own Build 2017. But, I wouldn't hold my breadth for anything other than crumbs until E3.
  • after i put my laptop slept once, my laptop aspire-14 (quad core processor n3700, 2gb ddr3, 500 gb hdd) will restart though i pressed shut down. can anyone help me?  
  • sad if it is true for the cancelation of the band 3 cuz I was wating for the water proofing... 
  • Can anyone tell me how long the Surface Phone has been in development?  I would have to think it has been close to 2 years or so?  Right?  Any way, if they are not ready now and from the things I have read on line it won't be ready or even announced until 2018 some time.  Well, at that time I can see that Windows on anything you can call a phone will be long gone and Microsoft will have completely abandoned the idea of having a mobile version of Windows anywhere at any time from now ​until the end of time.  You'll have to go to a museum to see what a Windows Phone looks like.  It will be a big case of too little too late and this includes any 3rd party phones from anyone out there.  RIP Windows Phone.  I'll hold on to my Icon as long as I can. 
  • Was it really necessary to post the same thing about 10000 GOD DAMN TIMES!!!!!!
  • Report to have it removed (I did), nothing but needless noise that ruins the readability of the thread.
  • Not sure what happened there, but we fixed it :)
  • eGPU dock for surface book/pro! MS, make it happen!
  • This would be cool!
  • What about a non-pro Surface 4?
  • You know what Windows Mobile could use... Android Apps on Windows Mobile...
  • Nope. It can use ported Android apps but no androids apps. They are full with bugs and viruses. That's my thinking
  • It's been explained a millions time (& in great detail), why they dropped the Android compat. layer. Had little to do with Android apps being littered with bugs/viruses, though no doubt that was "a factor". Haven't heard anything about the iOS compat. layer in ages, by all accounts Apple 'locked the gate' on that. There's a porting system for iOS, that's all that remains actively/visibly developed...  
  • Yet you still see so many articles saying Surface Phone reveal in a few days. And also some people are claiming that SnapChat UWP is in development and almost releasing....
  • Yet you still see so many articles saying Surface Phone reveal in a few days.
    Yeah & all notorious click-bait sites, to get the clicks up in search engines, they copy/paste snippets from all over the shop, & paint some BS narrative. It's all pure hearsay & conjecture, it's their 'bread & butter', they're not real journalists with any sort of integrity. Notice how they rarely say "I have direct internal sources, & my source has said this", except in the occasional jurisdiction where one can do that w.o. fear. All the credible journos with a solid track-record & real connections, have said nothing like what the latinotimes, christiantimes, & similar have made-up. Wait till the day comes & it isn't announced, they'll start spinning new stories to cover for their made-up ones, or radio silence & on to the next BS stories. There's a very remote possibility that MS has been feeding misinfo. to the credible journalists, but I highly doubt that. Given everything we know, MS's just not ready yet, plus it wouldn't be good for the trust relationship if they did that. Stick to the credible sties, it's easy to work that out over time, & that isn't always the ones that appear at the top of searches. MS want to manage expectations, that's why their links with credible journos is important, they do leak genuine hints to them from time to time, this is to let the wider community know what MS's thinking/planning. It's usually in very vague terms (except if it's close to an official reveal), but just enough so that expectations can be properly managed. Alas the SPAM sites throw all of that hard work 'out of whack', as people take it on face value, & don't use critical reasoning.
  • I beleive that the new AIO has already been outed. Watch the Amazon Prime show Goliath. Every lawyer has a Micrtosoft desktop that is unlike anything I have ever seen. My guess is that it's the new AIO.
  • Damn, pretty sure I can't get Prime TV in Oz (Australia), even if we can, not sure I wanna sign-up just to watch that show, so that I can see what "may" be the Surface Studio. Thanks for the heads-up, if you're able to do some sort of screen grab or vid capture, it'd be very much appreciated, but otherwise no "biggy". BR.
  • No surface phone eh? It's gonna be a long wait.
  • Surface Studio... FANTASTIC NAME. HomeHub?.... wat? ugh awful. Surface Hub I get. but HomeHub just sounds meh.
  • How many of tech press predicted the Surface Book last year?
  • None. But it's clear the sw story isn't ready yet for a fabled "Surface phone", far more must be fleshed-out on the Mobile side, for them to make a truly stand-out device. Compelling hw alone isn't enough, especially when the sw's not ready to fully realise that hw's abilities. Read WC's countless write-ups outlining this in more detail. It's possible they haven't revealed to the WIP, a large chunk of what they've done sw-wise, but everything the best informed journos are getting, is that's not the case. We shall see.
  • Looking forward more to a Surface Book 2 or update. Surface Phone is likely 2017 but might not even be made.
  • A minor refresh of the Surface Book 1 is possible but unlikely IMO, would alienate existing Surface Book 1 owners*, who paid a small fortune for their unit. But if they make a compelling case for why, perhaps even offer some modest compensation to existing owners, they might get away with it. SB2's not coming this year, it'll be ~April next year. Yes, SP is now probably later than ~April, more like ~Oct/Nov, possibly even early 2018, or maybe even cancelled (but unlikely at this point). *who are their captive audience, & most likely to buy a SB2 or SB3
  • Dan, is there any word of an after party like we had last year? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Anyone else (insiders) going to this, it starts at 7:45am, which is tough, but I'm gonna try to make it cause they usually give out some cool stuff to people that attend these events. I we t to the special Insiders event for the Windows 10 launch last year, and out of the 40 or so people in the room, like 10-15 people walked away with laptops........decent odds - of course, I didn't get one though.
  • Finally a high end Windows Phone coming to T-Mobile. Wonder if I should give Windows 10 Mobile first place in my pocket and get a device like the LG X Power to use for certain missing apps like Uber Partner(the one where you log in to actually make money) in particular. I just really hope that Alcatel gave everything considerable thought and paid attention to detail and not just throw a bunch of high end specs together and hope the phone sells itself. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So, probably no reveal of Surface Pro 5 or Surface Book 2, but what about Surface 4? *keep fingers and toes crossed*
  • I'm holding off on buying an Echo until I see what Microsoft has to offer.  It would be nice if MS could release and Echo like device with a screen on it for displaying visual reminders and messages.
  • *Every single tech news site reporting on Microsoft besides Windowscentral* SURFACE PHONE, SURFACE BOOK 2, AND SURFACE PRO 5 ALL WILL BE ANNOUNCED BY MICROSOFT ON THE 26TH!!!, our rumor sources have told us that there is at least a 100% chance Microsoft will announce all their rumored products for us! Heres a list of the rumored specs of every rumored device for the one thousandth time even though they haven't changed! Stay tuned for more bait titled articles! Dont forget to disable your Adblocker!!!!! -Crappy Web Article Writer
  • LOL, 4AM here, quickly skimmed & thought you were being deadly serious at first... I wrote a lengthy post ~14 posts above, explaining why many sites out there are pure click-bait. And why it's best to seek-out & stick with 'tried & tested' sites, not necessarily ones that appear at the top of searches.