Microsoft's Windows 10 Event, Creators Update, and Surface Studio FAQ

Microsoft October Event

On October 26 Microsoft held its annual media event where the company announced new products, revealed some more about what's coming next to Windows 10 and its growing ecosystem. We'll be running through everything that was unveiled so you won't miss out on anything.

An update for creators

The big Windows update, codenamed Redstone 2, is now officially known as Creators Update. It's a cool name, we agree. There are a bunch of improvements and new functionality Microsoft has been working to add to its popular operating system, including new and more advanced 3D support, Beam integration to allow everyone to become the next big game streamer, as well as some social enhancements.

Microsoft is all about 3D

A big part of the Creators Update is 3D and Holographic virtual reality. The company demonstrated how it'll be possible to use a Windows 10 Mobile handset to capture an object in reality, send it to a Windows 10 PC for editing to take place in the revamped Paint 3D application. It's some advanced stuff and we bet professionals will be able to work some magic with the added functionality.

Microsoft is working to improve 3D support in a number of areas, including apps, Office, Edge, HoloLens, and more.

Beam all the games

The company is pushing gaming on Windows 10 with the addition of some neat new Beam enhancements. The streaming platform is now baked into Windows and can be quickly accessed, not to mention the addition of Xbox Arena.

New Surface Book

Microsoft announced a new and more powerful Surface Book, which offers improved graphics and better battery life. Of course, like anything labelled as an improvement, the new 2-in-1 starts at a premium price point. If you're more than happy with your current Surface Book, you'll be okay by sticking to what you already own.

Read more about the new Surface Book

New Surface Studio

Surface Studio

The Studio is a new all-in-one that is part of the Surface family. You've got a 28" PixelSense display with an aspect ratio of 3:2, built into the thinnest LCD ever on an all-in-one, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, an Intel i7 CPU and a 2TB hybrid storage drive. It's a little pricey, starting at $2999, with the high-end model being priced at $4199, but this product is clearly aimed at professionals and creatives.

There's also a cool new Surface Dial that can be used with the Studio and Surface tablets.

Read more about the new Surface Studio

Where can I buy all of the things?

You can pre-order the new Surface Book, Surface Studio or accessories by hitting the link below:

Pre-order everything from Microsoft's event

What we didn't see

There was no phone, no mention of mobile at all really. As well as that, Home Hub was also absent. It was an interesting Microsoft event, and one that contained much fluff, numerous stories and numerous explanations surrounding the new Surface Studio. We couldn't help but feel slightly underwhelmed after it was over, especially for Windows 10.

As the name of the update suggests, this was an event for creatives.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Any chance this thing is broadcast on the Xbox Live Events app?
  • Have you checked community calendar?
  • I'm at work.
  • It is on the Xbox Live Stream app! Just checked 3pm UK time.
  • 2PM UK time. It'll be interesting to see what they have to say - and what they don't. I wonder whether we'll see Mr Belfiore, I like him.
  • 3PM UK time. We're on BST until this Sunday. I hope he makes an appearance also. He's a good guy with great hair :D
  • Yes I think so the site says you can watch it on your computer or xbox
  • Looking after the kids all day tomorrow, but my evening will be fully stocked ready. Gonna go all Johnny 5! Can't wait.
  • They'll love it!
  • My son might.... My daughter wouldn't, unless there is a big Peter Rabbit reveal. She is more Octonauts than octocore, so I would be peeing in the wind.
  • Same here. Lol
  • Might be good for nap time though. =P
  • I'll be in Keflavik airport when the event will begin, shame I'm travelling :(
  • Excitement level is rising! Hopefully they'll announce the new pay via wallet in the UK. I doubt it but you never know. Or at least announce who's going to support it in the UK... The. We can look forward to side-loading it.
  • I have a feeling there won't be anything UK specific like this and it'll just come to Insiders in the UK at some point first (if ever) I'm going to take a later lunch so I can watch this at my desk at 2pm
  • There won't be a Surface Phone announcement, but there still is a chance that someone might be able to get MS to hint at something... If MS does have something at this point it will be hard for them to keep completely quite.. I'm sure tomorrow will be the day that everyone listens super close to MS's wording when confronted about mobile questions... And, there will be questions no doubt. I got a feeling something is going to happen.
  • I bet you ten pounds that there is no surface phone and never will be
  • I'm a big WP fan, owned them for many years.....but WP is fkd.
    Won't matter what they do now, its fkd.
    WP was on life support and had a looooooong recovery in front if it, Nutella snuck in one night, pulled the plug and she flat lined.
    Only the nervous twitches of a fresh corpse now.
  • These negative comments just happens to come from two random dudes with the same character as a picture?
  • Lmao
  • And that's what they call "constructive criticism" that "only blind fanbois" downvote
  • Yeah, schools should focus more on the "constructive" part for the coming generations.
  • Well, it's not exactly constructive criticism.. They offer no suggestion to help, or ideas MS should implement.. They just say that WP is dead, when that's not true at all. We still have devices coming out. Hey, I remember a time when Apple was a joke. Nuff said.
  • Lol
  • Dude, why do you come here to  be negative?  Just post somewhere else, like Android Superiority Complex Forum or I Love to Give Apple Money Fansite...
  • Ok if you say so ill believe you but your wrong it is just fine and will be just fine think of windows 10 mobile and windows phone like Nintendo they never have the number one consoles and alot of there products would be considered flops but they have been making game consoles and games since the late 70 and ain't slowing down same here yeah people like you will leave but loyal fans like me will stay with then cuz hell what alternative have I got cold day in hell before I ever us ios/android I would rather use a flip phone and that's exactly what ill do if windows 10 mobile was ever to go away I would get a flip phone and a surface tablet problem solved
  • Lol. I agree, but I'll just get an iPhone, or something. Life is too short.
  • Maybe a few surprises are in store tomorrow. I doubt it and key word above "maybe".
  • I wonder if we should still hope for the Surface Phone if there won't be any hint for it tomorrow...
  • No hope in hell.
  • Zero chances of any surface phone at all.  Maybe they show the alcatel one that everybody knows everything about, and that's it about phones.
  • <p>i believed accroding <a href=''>slovak</a> portal that it will be there :(</p>
  • Unfortunately Windows Phone is dead. w10m was garbage for most of the year (it still doesn't completely work). It makes me sad.
  • It actually does work..
  • He's just going by what he's been told on other forums ;-)
  • Yeah. He probably goes to a Toyota shop to see what their opinion of Seat before deciding which car to get. :P
  • No, he goes to the Toyota dealership to look at used Fords then complains that the Chevy Impala doesn't have the same options as the Lexus.
  • Of course there is. They've already referenced it on previous events so obviously it is planned.
  • Come on Microsoft, you have been dormant on us ever since Scorpio announcement. Blow us away!
  • At the moment, I'm kind of jealous of WC staff that get to attend such a cool event.  Tomorrow, I will be grateful that they share everything they know with us!
  • Thank you for providing the time in different time zones and a link to!
  • Agreed! Nice to see GMT as well for that quick global reference.
  • Yeah. I really loved the IST from WC team
    Thanks WC
  • .
  • I'm going to be at school like always
  • No way they can spend 90 minutes on just an all-in-one and peripherals, right? IDK why they want to start at 10 ET, though. I was hoping 11 because I get to work at 10 CT and would like to watch.
  • They can probably spend an hour on w10 features alone.
  • Well, windows doesn't have just one feature and doesn't have just one new feature planned either, so... It's not like a Google event where you go "Wait... Where have I seen this before? Oh, right. Every other product."
  • Well, windows doesn't have just one feature and doesn't have just one new feature planned either, so... It's not like a Google event where you go "Wait... Where have I seen this before? Oh, right. Every other product."
  • They? It is a bug in the wc app.
  • You see were google copied Microsoft with the version of the hub but only a ****** version running ****** android everyone thinks google is the innovates but in reality they copy and steal look at all the patients they got in trouble for stealing of Microsoft
  • Yeah, they have no innovative power at all. Take whatever everybody else is doing, slap android on it and try to undercut the price. They don't care about features or performance.
  • But Googles device can run Hangouts OOTB, while Microsoft forces us to use Skype for business and no Skype. And the Hub throws away all advantages it could have by using a dumbed down OS, where few apps are available.
  • They are just android devices. Have you even tried a hub so you know anything about its capabilities?
  • I think you should go back to your cave.
  • They will be able to show upcoming features too. I'm hoping for a Brian Roper presentation on the new Continuum features like windows
  • Me too. He's always awesome. :)
  • If it's really going to be "Surface Studio", it might be pretty crazy. An AIO with an nVidia 1080 gpu, making it a good home 3D graphics workstation and gaming computer at the same time. The 27" Cintiq monitor for artists is almost $3000 alone. A Surface screen with similar capability would excite me to embarrassingly giddy levels. I could sit and listen to details about it for 90 minutes easy.
  • Let me guess, you're an artist? ;)
  • Travelling for a meeting tomorrow, have to catch up tomorrow night. Hope it is enough awesomeness to be overwhelmed reading through it all.
  • I am actually most excited about whatever MSFT's answer to Amazon Echo will be. I thought about buying echo, but now I'll see what Cortana has in store
  • I am excited for this as well. More improvements to Cortana in general. More conversational like Alexa.
  • Any idea how Echo handles multiple users? How does it know if it's my wife asking about HER calendar, or me asking about mine? That's something Cortana has never been designed to do, it always knows who the person is based on who is signed into the device.
  • Its nice to see IST included in the article
  • Yeah I loved that too
  • Exactly....7:30 pm. perfect time.
  • Hey Dan, is that an officially released event photo? I can't zoom in but what are the two smaller devices on the left beside the IoT board?
  • nah, old MS photo.
  • Ah crap.. I'm back to sitting in suspense like everyone else. Have a great day tomorrow and we look forward to WC live coverage.
  • The actual event photo is here:
  • Thanks Jessicator.
  • The GMT is much appreciated. Desperate to know what's in store tomorrow!
  • Looking forward to seeing the launch of the Surface band. Is it true the Companies name change will also be announced tomorrow? MicroSurface has a nice ring to it.
  • Great to see the consumer (non-"Enterprise") excitement for a Microsoft self-hosted event. This is where you make a real impact and gain an aspirational halo and maybe some mindshare along the way. MS really upped their game with last year's Surface and Hololens announcements. The tech world will actually be tuning it with anticipation this time. Make us proud guys!
  • Good point.
  • I am sure they will talk about hololens and that you can now buy the consumer version of it for 10,000$ why is it so difficult to have services all around the world at release date. not sure what is the point of redstone 2 when most of the features of redstone 1 do not work in other countries. still cannot use insight in australia, Cortana doesnt work on xbox .... etc.  
  • No service is available around the world at release. Most services arent available around within five years from release.
  • Hey, we are still waiting for Cortana improvements in long-supported regions (UK, where development has all but stopped), so get back to the back of the queue with your requests for new regions ;-) lol
  • Get inline, I am still waiting for bing reward here in Canada after all these years.
  • Get ready for some "slideware"...
  • What is about that? Last time I was so excited that now I am stock with 4 phones which I can not update to Win 10!    
  • Obsess over Bush much?  You realize that your avatar should be a picture of Obama with the same wording, right?
  • I don't understand the echo clone thing. It feels like a product they thought up like 2 years ago, now ready for release, but doesn't make sense with the abandonment/cancellation of consumer mobile and Band wearables...
  • I'm in Melbourne. I'll be asleep. Reluctantly.
  • Ouch, that's 1am on 27th here in Australia, will be a late night :)
  • call me lazy but I really hope MS does in fact reveal an Echo competitor and that it connects to my Xbox and turns it on since I dont have the kinect anymore
  • Unless they've been working on it for a while I don't know how Cortana will work in a multi user environment (on demand). On any other device Cortana knows who you are because you're signed in....A device that sits in a communual area of the home can't necessarily work like that. I'd love to see something like this announced but I accept it's going to be US first like the Echo was
  • Don't think anything announced will be too exciting.
  • You called it, lol
  • Yeah I have a feeling this will be one of the most lack luster ones yet.
  • First, let me say I am a die hard to the end Windows phone fan, even coworkers try to convincing me switch to no avail.
    My sarcastic remark, the big announcement will be the CEO telling us mobile will all be IOS driven and MS will now be a part of Apple and new corp will be "MicroApples"..... Software and Systems you can bite into!!
  • I hope they announce a Surface Phone!
  • They will not. Donțt get too excited :D
  • If you hoping for a Surface Phone you gonna have a bad time
  • The calm before the Storm. Excited!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow!!! I may sound a bit stupid but i feel so special since daniel mentioned my country India! !! That means we do have some importance in Windows world! !! Thannnk ooooo chooo muchhhh!!!!
  • There seems to be very little reason to watch. Most everything I would be interested in is dead or dying... mobile, band, a surface 3 replacement.
  • Excited!
  • What about Project Europe? That came and went without a clue.
  • If there is no Surface phone or Windows phone, starting USD 150 to whatever, it seems to be end of Microsoft as we know it. I am a Win10 mobile user & I love the platform but angry at lack of so many apps, getting depleted by the day. Windows phone is central to Microsoft's survival & if they still don't get it, God knows what will.
  • Sadly it's very much evident that mobile is definitely not on high priority of their agenda, as sadly it is to admit, Lumia was sentenced to a slow death by MS, as much as I still love my Lumia 950XL, I do miss the Nokia days. I too am shocked at how they still couldn't take care of the app gap after so many years, and the fact that some core apps like Facebook, Messenger, Spotify finally are on-board but usability of them are pitiful. The only acceptable one is Instagram (thank goodness) and the always pretty-good Twitter. Anyways I think I will 100% give Surface Phone a shot if it comes out eventually, but if nothing much changes in the next year or two, I think I will have to jump the ship (never in million years did I think I would say that)
  • Spotify's been on board for years
  • Yes, but the app is still very much behind even after the UI refresh... I wish it was great but it just isn't.
  • My goodness you drama queens companies grow and wither away who cares.
  • There's so many things wrong with that mini rant it's difficult to know where to start
  • What flippin' apps do you whiners want?  Apps are made *SOLEY* to sell you more stuff.  That's it.  Do you like being pitched to constantly, or giving every single company on earth access to your phone to run in the background constantly to use up battery, while SELLING YOU STUFF AND TRADING YOUR INFORMATION? Quit whining.
  • Vanguard. SlingTV. Local grocery store chains (Safeway). CVS. BestBuy. Uber (driver app, not ride app). PIA VPN. Woot. There are many more. Companies sell things, consumers buy things. This was true before apps and will be true after them. Your personal information is bought and sold regardless of your app usage. Kind of silly to argue against apps for smartphones...
  • Surface Phone please!
  • "We'll be posting photos and live commentary from Daniel Rubino (in NYC at the event)" Who's Daniel Rubino?
  • He's your father Luke
  • Yeah, the father.. ahem, editor in chief, of Windows Central.
  • Europe time sombody ???
  • why not click on the link yourself?
  • Anyone this update 14955 work with mobile data connection
  • What the hell does that have to do with anything in this post?
  • Ask on the forum
  • I hope Nadella will admit the truth behind the failure of Windows Phone and How brutally he killed the Platform.
  • What failure?  He just got paid $4.4m US in bonus. 
  • I'm actually excited about this event. Maybe the Alcatel device will show up and give us all the information we've been waiting to find out. Pricing, release date, camera tech etc.
  • I hope Mr. Nadella will admit that how brutally he behaved with and finally killed the Windows Mobile platform, in the upcoming Windows Event. I know, it needs courage to accept that Microsoft acquired NOKIA for just to get its patents, copyrights and licensing powers.
  • You have to earn the right to be called "Mr". Nutella hasn't even come close to that.
  • Any chance Nutella resigns?
  • i hope it will be a fun exciting event to watch thats all.
  • Panos will announce the Surface Phone, spend fifteen minutes talking it up while knocking it out of the park. And then Nutella will step up on stage and announce he is killing the Surface Phone.... But please support Windows on all.
  • At what time event starts in India . And how can i watch live from my windows phone.
  • The answer to both those questions are in the article
  • In other news....I'm finally on the new!
  • Me too. I was surprised they were actually "migrating accounts". I thought my linked calendars were broken.
  • lumia 950XLS
  • I'm already rolling my eyes at the "heavy" intro
  • Windows 10 "Creators Update"... Next spring
  • So... When is the next Microsoft event? Next October?
  • "what's coming next for Windows 10 and it's growing ecosystem". Well, all the ecosystem except mobile. Screw mobile said Nadella.
  • Exactly, for how thick it was laid on, and all this "redefining" of segments, there was no single mention of a mobile strategy, I was all but excited at first but the entire event was a snooze fest, nothing concrete enough to energize the core populace that aren't the "artsy" crowd
  • So Microsoft wants to be the Toys R Us of software and hardware.  It's interesting how the company that acquired it's billions building a solid platform for small and large businesses, and had the ability to create really useful products for consumers, has totally ignored those who funded them throughout.  Maybe there is money in games, but at the cost of quality control, support, and a stable OS for those who depend on it every day.  It's not surprising that productivity developers are looking elsewhere.  The "event" was a huge disappointment.  The target was clearly the gaming community, and Satya made a clear statement ( literally ) that the focus is on the current generation.  Fine ... so now everone else can start searching for an alternative to run their businesses and real world scenarios.  Having your head in the clouds is fine, but the vast majority of our society actually has to do more than have fun and get a rush on with doodling.  
  • I soooo wanted a replacement for the regular Surface 3... :-/
  • Not the same price point, not the same audience as target, not the same format, I could go on and on. Surface Pro 4 (5?) could be closer.
  • Well, if you're the creative type, which the majority are not, you should be pumped. Although, as a traditional business owner, nothing today I found useful. I'm surprised Microsoft would target a niche crowd for a major OS update. Underwhelming for sure.
  • Can't wait to get my hand on a surface studio. On another note, ms really made the point of women in tech. A full cast of women presenters. And did Terry loose weight? He looks much healthier.
  • My personal usage of Microsoft products is everything but Windows 10 and HoloLens... I have a Windows Phone (not even anything mentioned) and an Xbox (again not the focus) why did they create UWP if they won't treat it like a Universal platform?
  • I am Windows 10 - Desktop, Laptop, Mobile for Business, Home and Entertainment. Today I saw that change for me - where is the future for every day users, not everyone has time to play games or doodle. I think they took the lid off the coffin today ready for a body that is in terminal decline?