Audio hounds will be glad to know that support for Dolby Atmos surround sound is headed to the Xbox One. With bitstream audio passthrough, users will be able to hear all of the sound from whatever they're watching or playing in what is essentially super surround sound via Dolby Atmos is they have an Atmos capable setup.

Dolby Atmos support for Blu-Rays coming to Xbox One with Creators Update

For those unfamiliar, Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology announced and released by Dolby in 2012. Atmos is a step above traditional surround sound, immersing you in the action so that "sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you're inside the action," according to Dolby.

Support for Dolby Atmos will arrive alongside the Windows 10 Creators Update when it lands for Xbox One. Lastly, according to Xbox's Mike Ybarra, Dolby Atmos and bitstreaming will work with any game or movie that supports it on all Xbox One consoles — not just Xbox One S.