Here's how you can pre-order everything Microsoft announced today

Microsoft announced a new and more powerful Surface Book, as well as the new Surface Studio all-in-one PC. We'll be taking a look at how you can pre-order everything that was announced, should you be on the look for a new Surface Book or need to transform your desktop experience into a more creative environment.

Surface Studio

The Surface Studio is Microsoft's answer to the calls for the company to release a new product similar to the original Surface shown off back in 2012. Sporting a 28" PixelSense display with an aspect ratio of 3:2, built into the thinnest LCD ever on an all-in-one, it's quite the product announcement. The Surface Studio itself also sports 32GB DDR4 RAM, an Intel i7 CPU and a 2TB hybrid storage drive. Prices commence at $2999, with the top-spec model being priced at $4199.

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Surface Book

Surface Book

The Surface Book has been refreshed with a new, more powerful variant added to the family. This new configuration sports increased graphics power and battery life, which reportedly lasts up to 16 hours. Pre-orders kick off today at $2,399.

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Microsoft Surface Dial

As well as the two new products, Microsoft has also rolled out some new accessories, including a mouse, keyboard (with fingerprint ID scanner (opens in new tab) variant!) and Surface Dial.

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  • Not everything windows phone is kaput!!!
  • Not so much dead or dying just ignored. Which is a shame because they keep coming up with killer apps but make them available to other platforms so you don't have to buy a windows phone Why???
  • Because it gets more app usage and market share which makes them more money and market penetration.
  • Up coming software for windows 10 looks brill Paint 3D software for Xbox brill. But Hardware No mobile just more things for Enterprise. Things that realistically we will never use until 3rd parties make similar things but cheaper.
  • You missed one very important pre-order, the VR headset! 
  • No they didn't. There isn't any until the Creator Update is coming out.
  • have to wait for the 3rd party announcements.
    And then there's the little matter of Win10 updates....
  • No echo clone today then? Thought that was a weird outlier of a product
  • Sigh, US only as usual...
  • What about UK pre-orders, does that exist yet? Can't see anything on the Ms store about it.
  • Only an big iMac with touch. All others things are in that future that never come. We're almost in 2017 and they're betting in desktops. That's what we see, but and what about we do not saw? Nobody using Bands, not a single mention of Alcatel Idol, Windows Mobile ... Puff. MS is pulling the plugs on consumer market, I wonder when they will have the courage to admit
  • Holy crap that all in one is expensive. I guess the kidney comment wasn't too far off!
  • The ergonomic keyboard .. OMG..i want one..
  • I thought they were going to focus on more mobile stuff for this update but they really didn't anything. Sad. I also wish they would have put a 10 series gpu in the upgraded surface book and the studio. Seems like a major wasted opportunity. They also need to sell the upgraded SB keyboard base by itself for us SB owners that would like the extra gpu power
  • Hoping the student discount will soon kick in for the updated surface book. Can't wait to order one!
  • Any news on availability in the Netherlands? The Dutch online Microsoft store only sells the surface pro. Surface Book is not for sale in the Netherlands. Let’s hop this will change. I hope the surface book and surface studio will be available in the Netherlands soon. 
  • Same in Denmark, dude. While Apple launches ALL their new products in no time at all... One gets the feeling that MS doesn't really want to compete!?!
  • Pre ordered.